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  1. Naikon
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  5. rules
  6. Rechercher
  8. Bienvenue au début de la conversation du salon #rules.
  9. chalhoub - 01/05/2018
  10. Structure :
  11. 1:Do not Structure spam around other tribes bases, and around the map. Either you build your base there, or you don't place structures there. You may place foundations around your base to give you enough room for expanding.
  12. 2:Each tribe/player is allowed To Build 1 "base", 1 "Water Base", 1 "Dino Pen".
  13. ---------------------------------------------------
  14. Raiding Rules :
  15. 5:No camping someones base without intention to raid Within 2 hours
  16. 6:Don't spam when you raid, FOB must be cleaned up within 2 hours after your raid is complete. IF NOT CLEANED UP THIS WILL RESULT IN DINO OR STRUCTURE WIPE OF YOUR TRIBES FOB.
  17. 7:you're not allowed to build turrets near a players base to block him in while raiding, IF THIS HAPPEN I WILL HAVE TO WIPE YOUR FOB.
  19. ---------------------------------------------------
  20. Cheating/Exploiting
  21. 8:Do NOT cheat or exploit any Bug. (This Means Undermeshing Is NOT allowed) Jokes about Undermeshing are taken as serious as doing it. So dont go around talking about doing it or joking about it or you may end up banned.
  23. ---------------------------------------------------
  24. Platform Dinosaurs
  25. 9:Do NOT box ANY Platformed dinosaurs. it should be visible and able to be shot by turrets from every side.
  27. ---------------------------------------------------
  28. Jail/Tranquilizing
  29. 10:You Can Only Jail or Tranquilize a player for 30mins Per day.
  31. ---------------------------------------------------
  32. Inside Raiding
  33. 11:Inside Raiding is a Bannable Offense "Proof is Needed".Do NOT expect to be compensated for being inside raided (Choose your members carefully).
  35. ---------------------------------------------------(modifié)
  36. Chat
  37. 12:Do NOT use ANY kind of hate speech or racism ,(There is a certain line you just shouldn't cross. In-Game AND discord. We're a community, keep it respectable.)
  39. ---------------------------------------------------
  40. Generic Rules
  41. 13:No griefing, preventing people from progressing or playing the game.
  42. 14:Do NOT EVER intentionally crash the server, Abuse the point shop, Or do anything that could harm the stability of the server. Anyone caught trying to crash the server, or abuse the point shop will be permanently banned from The server and NEVER Unbanned.
  44. ---------------------------------------------------
  45. Teleporter Rules
  46. 15:No setting teleporters to public if it is intended to kill or trap other players.
  47. 16:Limit 20 Teleporters Per Tribe
  49. ---------------------------------------------------
  50. Loop-Holes
  51. 17:Anyone caught trying to loop hole the rules, will be warned or banned depending on what rule they tried to loop hole.
  52. ---------------------------------------------------
  53. Tribe Rules
  54. 20:No two players can have the same name within a tribe. If this happens you will be asked to change your player name ONCE, if you proceed to not listen, all players in that tribe with the same name will be banned.(modifié)
  55. ---------------------------------------------------
  57. Where NOT to Build
  58. ---------------------------------------------------
  59. (Ragnarok)
  60. Do NOT Block desert and water drop with turret
  61. Do NOT Build on high rich reso area (metal,obbisidan,crystal,etc.....)
  62. Do NOT build on Any obelisk.
  63. Do NOT build/block inside or outside the Lava Elemental Arena.
  64. Do NOT build/block inside or outside the Ice Queen Labyrinth.
  65. Do NOT build/block inside or outside the LifesLabyrinth/ Maze Arena.
  67. ---------------------------------------------------
  68. ToS
  69. Failure to comply the Rules may lead to you getting banned from The server. Have Fun And Good Luck!(modifié)
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