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Mar 25th, 2014
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  1. {
  2.   "strings": {
  3.     "gives": "Gives ",
  4.     "tipFirstBattle": "Match swords to damage opponent.",
  5.     "tipShopEquipmentMap": "You won't survive here without proper equipment. Visit the shop and get yourself a weapon.",
  6.     "tipShopEquipment": "Select weapons tab and buy a sword.",
  7.     "tipShopWeapons": "Buy this sword.",
  8.     "tipDistributePoints": "Choose stats to increase.",
  9.     "tipShopSpellsMap": "Your next enemy is very dangerous. You should buy a magic spell.",
  10.     "tipShopSpells": "Buy this spell.",
  11.     "tipChests": "You can open a free chest now.",
  12.     "tipGrail": "You have just got a grail. Go to the menu to see it.",
  13.     "tipConsumables": "Using consumable items doesn't end your turn and can be an immense help in battle",
  14.     "tipBuySpell": "This spell will help you stay alive longer. Buy it now!",
  15.     "tipRepair": "Oh no! Your item is almost broken. Select it and repair, or you will not be able to use it.",
  16.     "remainingPoints": "Points:",
  17.     "noRemainingPoints": "Stats:",
  18.     "retryBattle": "Retry",
  19.     "returnToMap": "To map",
  20.     "confirm": "Confirm",
  21.     "decline": "Dismiss",
  22.     "notEnoughGold": "You don't have enough gold. Buy more?",
  23.     "notEnoughJewels": "You don't have enough jewels. Buy more?",
  24.     "notEnoughJewelsSpecial": "You don't have enough jewels. Use our special offer!",
  25.     "noMoves": "No Moves!",
  26.     "nextCue": "Next",
  27.     "skipDialogue": "Skip",
  28.     "fight": "Fight",
  29.     "repair": "Repair ",
  30.     "buy": "Buy ",
  31.     "equip": "Equip",
  32.     "equipped": "Equipped",
  33.     "levelrq": "Need level ",
  34.     "playerLevel": "Level ",
  35.     "chestReady": "Ready",
  36.     "eventDodge": "Dodged",
  37.     "eventCritical": "Critical",
  38.     "eventExtra": "Extra",
  39.     "taunt": "Fool, there is nothing in the world you can do to defeat me.",
  40.     "tauntEquipment": "HA-HA-HA!!! Fool, I can only be beaten by the ",
  41.     "itemOffer": "Need help? Use this wonderful item for free!",
  42.     "continueGame": "Continue",
  43.     "restartGame": "Restart",
  44.     "exitGame": "Exit",
  45.     "continueFightingCost": "Just  ",
  46.     "paused": "Paused",
  47.     "chestConfirmation": "Are you sure you want to open this chest for ",
  48.     "newCircle": "Bloodline ",
  49.     "labelExtraTurn": "Extra turn",
  50.     "labelVictory": "Victory",
  51.     "labelDefeat": "Defeat",
  52.     "awaitingPurchase": "Please wait...",
  53.     "cancelPurchase": "Cancel",
  54.     "continueFighting": "You almost won! Finish him?"
  55.   }
  56. }
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