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  1. [Intro Roll]
  2. S: Hello everyone, welcome back to the show!
  3. F: Hi guys! Sorry I couldn't stick to the release schedule just as predicted...
  4. S: Kinda expected this to happen...
  5. F: But that is why I had you to help me with the script!
  6. S: ......
  7. S: I am not good at writing scripts okay!
  8. F: Don't know, maybe I will get Euro to replace you on the next episode!
  9. S: Wait what?
  10. F: Alright, lets start with today's topic!
  11. S: Hey! Did you say "Get Euro to replace me on the next episode"!?
  12. F: We will be talking about "How to pick your car" in Initial D Arcade!
  13. S: Don't ignore me! Grrr.
  14. F: Hehehe... I am just teasing ya.
  15. S: Arrgh I am pissed now.
  16. F: Awww. C'mon, I'll buy you some rice later?
  17. S: W-Who do you think I am? Hanayo?
  18. F: ......Yes.
  19. S: Oh......
  20. S: A-Anyway promise to buy me lunch yeah?
  21. F: Can we get on with the topic please? We can talk about it later.
  22. S: Sigh... Okay. What are we talking about again?
  24. S: Oh... Sorry... So car choices yeah?
  25. S: Just choose whatever car you like to start playing right away? Shouldn't be hard.
  26. [Footage of Saf's 180SX in background]
  27. F: Yeah, I get it, you liked the 180SX, you even used it in Maximum Tune, right?
  28. S: Yes, it is my car of choice, despite being in the lower tiers for Arcade Stage 8.
  29. F: That means we can't recommend it though. I was thinking maybe we should recommend...
  30. S: Does it really matter though? Low tier cars are still good for learning the basics.
  31. S: You drove the ER34 and the S14 yourself, so don't be so hypocritical of low tiers!
  32. [Footage of S14Q in the background]
  33. F: The S14 is in the higher tier though.
  34. S: Wait, really?
  35. F: It sure is, recently, I've compiled this tier list for cars in Arcade Stage 8, look!
  36. [Footage of spreadsheets in the background]
  37. S: Meh, you compiled this yourself? Pretty sure you just love the S14 so you gave it top tier.
  38. F: N-No... I worked together with XenMe, a high level Arcade Stage player with multiple records.
  39. [XenMe Youtube channel in background]
  40. F: BTW, check out his channel! He have some really fast time attacks.
  41. F: The performance data is also extracted from the game files, so it is pretty accurate.
  42. S: Fair enough, so we should recommend the cars on the top tiers from that list then?
  43. F: Not really, that still depends on how you drive and what your goals are.
  44. S: Huh? What do you mean by that?
  45. F: All cars have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, check out the R35 GT-R.
  46. [R35 GT-R in the background]
  47. S: Well, that is a car I don't see being used often in Time Attack, is that why it is Tier 2?
  48. F: Yes. But did you know it was extremely popular for high level competitive battles too?
  49. S: Why though? It looks like its strength is Power, but being fast is more than just Power.
  50. F: It is very easy to drive, and the power results in great acceleration on launch.
  51. F: This means that you can get ahead from the start, and use the THICC body to block.
  52. S: Ahh... I see. Touges are already narrow enough, and the R35 is good at blocking.
  53. F: That is why I wouldn't use it for Time Attack, but it will be good for Battles.
  54. S: Are you a Nissan fanboy? S14... ER34... GT-R... There is a pattern you know.
  55. F: B-But you drive a Nissan too though? Isn't 180SX made by Nissan?
  56. S: No it is made by Ford.
  57. F: Wait what?
  58. S: Nah I am just messing with ya. Anyway, the R35 is AWD isn't it? Is that why it's got good launch?
  59. F: Well, yeah. In general, AWD cars in Arcade Stage 8 have better launch.
  60. S: That is pretty cool. What about the other drivetrains?
  61. F: FF cars handle pretty well, but lack the power. While FR cars are just box standard.
  62. S: What about MR cars? Do they do the cool beyblade things like they used to do in 6AA?
  63. F: Beyblade you mean like, snap oversteer? Yeah sure they do, but generally cars in D8 are pretty grippy.
  64. F: MR cars also launches slightly better than some FR cars, which is pretty cool.
  65. S: Actually, I believe the differences in the drivetrain don’t show very well in D8.
  66. F: True. The method to drift an FF car is the same as an FR car here. Just the handling is different.
  67. S: I am more of a Time Attack kind of person though. I'll probably just pick the course car.
  68. F: Course cars ehh... Maybe we should explain them?
  69. S: Yeah... Course cars are just the fastest car for a specific course.
  70. S: Different cars are faster on different tracks. It is sort of like how different cars specializes in different courses.
  71. F: Yeah, a course will even have different course cars for each direction.
  72. S: For example, Myogi's downhill course car is the Celica, and the uphill is Evo X.
  73. F: Wait what? I thought it was the EG6 Civic and the R32 GT-R.
  74. S: Just check idrankings.com, it records all the car model world records on every Initial D version.
  75. [idrankings.com in background]
  76. S: You can see that it says that the D8 Myogi course cars are those.
  77. F: Kinda strange that SEGA didn't make them Shingo and Bakazato's car.
  78. S: You had to use them for SPECIALIST ranking in Time Attack though. D8's SPECIALIST is really tough.
  79. F: Yeah, SPECIALIST rankings are only possible with course cars on some courses.
  80. F: So check the site if you are already a high level player, ready to hunt some SPECIALIST titles.
  81. S: For people who are still learning though, I think it is a hassle to switch cars all the time.
  82. F: That is true, also, in battles, you can't change your car choice after the course has been picked.
  83. F: So in general, you should use a good all-rounder for battles.
  84. S: What are your recommendations for battles other than the R35?
  85. F: I think the AE86s are all pretty good, so are the RX-7s, S2000, and BRZ.
  86. F: The car advantage (with boost on) isn't that great in battles though.
  87. F: Just don't pick the Prius or the AE85 and you should be fine...
  88. S: Isn't boost just rubberbanding but for PvP?
  89. F: Actually, no. It is completely not that. Let's save boost for another time. It is an interesting topic on it's own.
  90. S: Hey! That means we got a topic for next week!
  91. F: Who said I am making another episode next week?
  92. S: Oh right... "Dynamic" upload schedule...
  93. F: It is tough to keep it up you know? I still have to go to work, record D8 story mode videos,
  94. F: Go to the arcade to record DZero, and edit all of them. Also, making this show takes more time than other videos.
  95. S: I am just glad that I am in the show.
  96. F: Who said I am keeping you in the show? I'll get Euro to replace you next episode!
  97. S: Are you for real?
  98. F: Be sure to tune in next time to find out!
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