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  1. Commands:
  2.   register:
  3.     exist: '&cAuth &8| &cThis player is already registered.'
  4.     wrong: '&cAuth &8| &cYou used the register command incorrectly, use &e/register pass pass'
  5.     non_captcha: '&cAuth &8| &cYou forgot to put the captcha at the end: %captcha%'
  6.     wrong_captcha: '&cAuth &8| &cCaptcha incorrect your captcha is: %captcha%'
  7.     bannedpw: '&cAuth &8| &cThis password is too easy and/or banned from this server'
  8.     to_short: '&cAuth &8| &cYour password is too short'
  9.     to_long: '&cAuth &8| &cYour password is too long'
  10.     registering: '&cAuth &8| &fВаш аккаунт зарегистрирован.'
  11.     success: '&cAuth &8| &fПриятной игры на сервере &cStreetMine.'
  12.   login:
  13.     already: '&cAuth &8| &cYou are already connected. OmegaLuL'
  14.     wrong_pass: '&cAuth &8| &cIncorrect password. Try again'
  15.     wrong_kick: '&cIncorrect password. Try again'
  16.     correct: '&cAuth &8| &7Вы вошли в аккаунт.'
  17.     wrong_cmd: '&cAuth &8| &cYou used the login command incorrectly, use &e/login pass'
  18.     register_first: '&cAuth &8| &cYou need to register first.'
  19.   cracked:
  20.     already: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is already set as cracked. You can also try /premium'
  21.     successful: '&cAuth &8| &cYour account cache was cleared by an admin, please re-join.'
  22.     exception: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is not registered on the server'
  23.   premium:
  24.     successful: '&cAuth &8| &aYour account has been set to premium please rejoin the server.'
  25.     on_list: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is already on the list please rejoin to apply changes.'
  26.     error: '&cAuth &8| &cSomething weird happened please contact a staff member!'
  27.     already_premium: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is already set to premium, this command will not work!'
  28.     not_registered: '&cAuth &8| &aYou first need to register your account to use /premium'
  29.     not_mojang: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account does not exist on mojangs system'
  30.     deactivated: '&cAuth &8| &cThis command has been disabled'
  31.     only_player: '&cAuth &8| &cThis command only works on players'
  32.     wrong_method: '&cAuth &8| &cThis command does not work with this method'
  33.     require_login: '&cAuth &8| &cThis command only work if y ou are logged. Please use /login pass'
  34.   unregister:
  35.     correct: '&cAuth &8| &aCorrect usage: &c/authadmin forcelogin %player%'
  36.     console: '&cAuth &8| &aThe user %player% was un-registered by %admin%'
  37.     success: '&cAuth &8| &aThe player was un-registered correctly'
  38.   disableshield:
  39.     success: '&cAuth &8| &cThe shield has ben disabled correctly, now all the players can join'
  40.     wrong: '&cAuth &8| &cThis server does not use the protection with shield mode.'
  41.   cacheclear:
  42.     correct: '&cAuth &8| &aCorrect usage: &c/authadmin playercacheclear %player%'
  43.     success: '&cAuth &8| &aThe cache for %player% was cleared from the server'
  44.     player_msg: '&cAuth &8| &cYour player info was removed from the cache by an admin, try join again.'
  45.   changepassword:
  46.     not: '&cAuth &8| &cYou need to register first...'
  47.     wrong: '&cAuth &8| &cCorrect usage is: &a/changepassword current_pass new_pass'
  48.     same: '&cAuth &8| &cYour new password is the same as the old one, please try with a different password.'
  49.     successful: '&cAuth &8| &cYour account password has been updated correctly'
  50.     incorrect: '&cAuth &8| &cYour current password is not the same as the registered password.'
  51.   premium_adm:
  52.     wrong: '&cAuth &8| &cCorrect usage is: /authadmin premium nick'
  53.     already: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is already set to premium'
  54.     sucess: '&cAuth &8| &aThis account  is now is set as premium'
  55.     not_registered: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account does not exist on this server'
  56.   cracked_adm:
  57.     wrong: '&cAuth &8| &cCorrect usage is: /authadmin cracked nick'
  58.     already: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account is already cracked'
  59.     sucess: '&cAuth &8| &aThis account has now been set to cracked'
  60.     not_registered: '&cAuth &8| &cThis account does not exist on this server'
  61.   fetchdata: '&cAuth &8| &aThe command is processing and the result will be displayed on your DATABASE "playerip" Table'
  62.   redis: '&cAuth &8| &aThe command was executed on the player proxy'
  63.   rediserror: '&cAuth &8| &cThe player isn''t online or RedisBungee isn''t installed.'
  64.   playerip:
  65.     ipnotfound: '&cAuth &8| &cThe player ip isn''t registered on the database'
  66.     addaccount: '&cAuth &8| &aAdded 1 account to the ip of the player %player%'
  67.     minusaccount: '&cAuth &8| &aRemoved 1 account to the ip of the player %player%'
  68.     addplaying: '&cAuth &8| &aAdded 1 account to the ip of the player %player%'
  69.     minusplaying: '&cAuth &8| &aRemoved 1 account to the ip of the player %player%'
  70.     delete: '&cAuth &8| &aThe %player% IP was deleted from the database'
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