House Kaliaxix Session 2

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  2. Apr 07 14:59:41 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, Lehkurehn and Kerosis had exited the clothier's shop, having finished their shopping run in the town, and were headed to the guardhouse to see about the matter of the bandits that had been apprehended.
  3. Apr 07 15:00:22 <Lehkurehn>     I enter the guard house and greet the guards
  4. Apr 07 15:01:08 <SqueeGM>       There are a few guards seated at a table inside, who seem to be playing some sort of dice game. One of them looks up as Lehkurehn and Kerosis enter and says, "Greetings, of-Kaliaxix."
  5. Apr 07 15:02:18 <Lehkurehn>     "Greetings, I've come to settle the matter from yesterday. Also you wouldn't happen to still have their weapons would you?"
  6. Apr 07 15:03:17 <SqueeGM>       The guarddog looks blankly at Lehkurehn, then blinks. "Oh, you must mean the prisoners. Yes, we have the weapons, and they themselves are locked up in the other room. Would you like me to take you to them?"
  7. Apr 07 15:03:53 <Lehkurehn>     "If you would"
  8. Apr 07 15:04:02 *       Lehkurehn also pockets the weapons
  9. Apr 07 15:04:24 <Lehkurehn>     (Dagger, long dagger and khopesh correct?)
  10. Apr 07 15:04:29 <SqueeGM>       (They aren't just in plain sight.)
  11. Apr 07 15:05:09 <Lehkurehn>     "also could I have the weapons?"
  12. Apr 07 15:07:40 <SqueeGM>       "Ah, you want them?" The guarddog stands up as the others continue their game, grunting cursory greetings as the first dog approaches a cabinet on the wall and takes his keys out from under his mantle, unlocking it and opening it up. "Trade ya a penny for them. I was thinking of getting lunch."
  13. Apr 07 15:08:11 <Lehkurehn>     "sure."
  14. Apr 07 15:08:25 *       Lehkurehn hands him my last penny
  15. Apr 07 15:09:42 <SqueeGM>       The guarddog takes the weapons out and hands them to Lehkurehn. He is now in possession of a Poor Curved dagger, and a Shoddy Long dagger. The guarddog then walks over to the door on the other side of the room and unlocks it, opening it up so Kerosis and Lehkurehn can go inside.
  16. Apr 07 15:12:25 *       Lehkurehn hands kerosis the dagger and slides the long dagger into his skirt.
  17. Apr 07 15:12:45 <Lehkurehn>     "this may be useful to you in the future."
  18. Apr 07 15:12:51 <Kerosis>       "Thank you."
  19. Apr 07 15:13:20 *       Lehkurehn enters the room
  20. Apr 07 15:14:12 <SqueeGM>       The two bandits are in the room. The female dog is leaning against the wall, with her arms crossed over her chest. The other one is sitting on the ground drawing shapes in the dust.
  21. Apr 07 15:16:04 <Bribri>        (Sorry about that. Seems all those errands I needed to do needed to be done NOW instead <3~)
  22. Apr 07 15:17:02 <Lehkurehn>     "Stranger-greetings given, bandits," Lehkurehn says as he tosses the shirt at the female bandits feet. "here is a present."
  23. Apr 07 15:17:28 <Lehkurehn>     (good luck with your errands)
  24. Apr 07 15:17:39 *       Bribri is now known as Lahodin
  25. Apr 07 15:17:47 <Lahodin>       (well I just finished them ;p)
  26. Apr 07 15:18:18 <SqueeGM>       (good~)
  27. Apr 07 15:18:56 <SqueeGM>       The bandits look up as Lehkurehn tosses the shirt on the floor. The girldog hesitantly picks it up and clutches it to her chest, looking at him cautiously.
  28. Apr 07 15:19:24 *       Lehkurehn turns around so she can dress
  29. Apr 07 15:20:25 <SqueeGM>       The girl doesn't seem anxious to change, given that there are two other people in the room as well.
  30. Apr 07 15:22:35 <Lehkurehn>     ""so I said I would let you two go and I am a man of my word." (I assume paper is not hard to come by) Lehkurehn quickly jots down something on two sheets of paper and signs them. "What are your names, perchance?"
  31. Apr 07 15:25:03 <SqueeGM>       The male bandit grunts. "Paroxihr." The girl glances at him and mutters, "My name's Lehxiy."
  32. Apr 07 15:27:20 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn continues to scribble on the sheets. "Well Paroxihr, Lexihy, if you would accompany me let us go about putting you to work." he gestures to the guard to open the gate.
  33. Apr 07 15:27:50 <SqueeGM>       The guarddog raises his eyebrow and holds the door open.
  34. Apr 07 15:28:56 *       Lehkurehn gestures outside
  35. Apr 07 15:29:46 <SqueeGM>       "Perhaps you could say what you want out loud?" the guarddog suggests.
  36. Apr 07 15:30:11 <Lehkurehn>     "pardon. If you would come with me."
  37. Apr 07 15:31:49 <SqueeGM>       "Where are we going?" the female bandit asks.
  38. Apr 07 15:33:26 <Lehkurehn>     "To the docks," Lehkurehn replies. "I intend to provide you with jobs That you might not need to rob the citizenry again."
  39. Apr 07 15:35:27 <SqueeGM>       "Oh... okay."
  40. Apr 07 15:37:42 *       Lehkurehn leads them down to the docks and finds the supervisor on duty. he hands him the papers which have the bandits names and some instructions on what to do with them, keep an eye on them, etc. Lehkurehn tells the worker the order is approved by the House-father.
  41. Apr 07 15:37:56 *       Kerosis meanwhile will just start looking for secret herbs and spices of a medicinal variety.
  42. Apr 07 15:38:18 <SqueeGM>       The supervisor seems surprised to see Lehkurehn. "Ah... yes, of-Kaliaxix. Right away."
  43. Apr 07 15:38:37 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis has some difficulty finding useful herbs in the middle of town. At least without invading people's gardens.
  44. Apr 07 15:38:58 *       Kerosis was thinking more in the surrounding wilderness, really.
  45. Apr 07 15:39:25 <SqueeGM>       (Ah, you're splitting up?)
  46. Apr 07 15:39:28 <Lehkurehn>     "this man will set you both up with suitable jobs under the supervision of House Kaliaxix. The pay should be enough to feed a mouth and rent a room at the stranger_inn, but you could save some cash rooming together. Follow the supervisor and he'll show you the ropes."
  47. Apr 07 15:39:36 <Kerosis>       yeah
  48. Apr 07 15:40:08 <Lehkurehn>     (cool. I think I'm done after the supervisor takes them.)
  49. Apr 07 15:40:13 <SqueeGM>       Ok, roll Craft: Medicine.
  50. Apr 07 15:41:01 <Kerosis>       3d6+1
  51. Apr 07 15:41:10 <SqueeGM>       (oops)
  52. Apr 07 15:41:25 *       Orcu ( has joined #tombdogs
  53. Apr 07 15:41:31 <Hotehkhehn>    -test
  54. Apr 07 15:41:31 *       Orcu performs an action test for Hotehkhehn
  55. Apr 07 15:41:37 <SqueeGM>       (no i have my own thanks)
  56. Apr 07 15:41:38 *       Dicey ( has joined #tombdogs
  57. Apr 07 15:41:42 <Hotehkhehn>    (okies~)
  58. Apr 07 15:41:46 *       Orcu ( has left #tombdogs
  59. Apr 07 15:42:15 <SqueeGM>       (ok, try again, Kerosis)
  60. Apr 07 15:42:33 <Kerosis>       3d6+1
  61. Apr 07 15:42:33 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+1: 14 [3d6=5,6,2]
  62. Apr 07 15:43:13 <SqueeGM>       The supervisor nods at Lehkurehn, and Lehkurehn leaves the bandits with him. He can head home now, or try and see where Kerosis wandered off to.
  63. Apr 07 15:43:54 <SqueeGM>       1d24
  64. Apr 07 15:43:54 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d24: 12 [1d24=12]
  65. Apr 07 15:44:44 *       Lehkurehn wonders where Kerosis went but decides to head home. He's broke again and didn't eat lunch. He figures she can handle herself.
  66. Apr 07 15:45:05 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis, meanwhile, has found some plantago in the plains outside the city.
  67. Apr 07 15:47:24 <Kerosis>       keen
  68. Apr 07 15:48:07 <SqueeGM>       When Lehkurehn arrives back at the House Kaliaxix manor, Hakohlixix is waiting for him. "Greetings, Lehkurehn. Tehdnehr was looking for you. I believe he has a job he wants you to do."
  69. Apr 07 15:49:29 *       Kerosis gathersthat up then head back I suppose
  70. Apr 07 15:49:49 <Lehkurehn>     "Right away, Hakohlixix? Or do I have time for a meal?"
  71. Apr 07 15:50:35 <SqueeGM>       "I think you should see him now, but the job itself may wait."
  72. Apr 07 15:50:42 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis arrives at Lehkurehn's heels while they're talking.
  73. Apr 07 15:51:15 <Lehkurehn>     "Sure thing. Oh- welcome back Kerosis!"
  74. Apr 07 15:51:32 <Kerosis>       "Hello again. Just out gathering more supplies."
  75. Apr 07 15:52:02 <Lehkurehn>     "I'll be right back," lehkurehn says as he hurries off to meet Tehdnehr.
  76. Apr 07 15:52:20 <Lehkurehn>     (who is Tehdnehr?)
  77. Apr 07 15:52:42 <SqueeGM>       (Tehdnehr is a Housedog who's more important than you.)
  78. Apr 07 15:52:55 <Lehkurehn>     (sweet)
  79. Apr 07 15:55:12 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn arrives at Tehdnehr's room and knocks on its door. "Come in!" someone calls out from inside. Lehkurehn opens the door to a room much larger and nicer than his own, where Tehdnehr is working at a desk facing the door. He glances up at Lehkurehn and pushes some papers out of the way. "Ah, Lehkurehn. I have a job that may be befitting of you."
  80. Apr 07 15:55:59 <SqueeGM>       Hakohlixix closes the door behind Kerosis and locks it, then leans against it.
  81. Apr 07 15:57:31 <Lehkurehn>     "Good evening, Tehdnehr," Lehkurehn wander up to him. "what would you have me do?"
  82. Apr 07 15:59:20 <SqueeGM>       "Now..." Tehdnehr takes an unlit lantern off the table and puts it at his feet. "If I know you, I think I know that you are always looking for opportunities to make your way up. Well..." He folds his hands together on the desk in front of him. "I happen to have just such a job for you. It's not without its dangers, but I think you can handle it... and I can give you a little help."
  83. Apr 07 16:00:07 <SqueeGM>       "So..." Hakohlixix asks Kerosis awkwardly, "how are you fitting in?"
  84. Apr 07 16:00:22 <Kerosis>       "So for so good, I'd say."
  85. Apr 07 16:00:41 <Kerosis>       "Well... aside from that business with the bandits... obviously."
  86. Apr 07 16:00:56 <SqueeGM>       "That's good, that's good. Sorry about the bandit thing. Terrible way to welcome newcomers to the city."
  87. Apr 07 16:01:00 <Lehkurehn>     "Tell me more. I would gladly take on a job for the house."
  88. Apr 07 16:02:23 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr's face turns serious and he looks at Lehkurehn with concern. "House Asixhredn has acquired some things that are very important to House Kaliaxix, and we would like them back. I am offering you the chance to get them for us. It would not be easy, but we will turn a blind eye to however you choose to reacquire them. And it would gain you some significant standing."
  89. Apr 07 16:03:59 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn's brow furrows. He leans in and whispers, "What kind on 'things.'"
  90. Apr 07 16:04:53 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr leans in as well, putting him almost nose-to-nose with Lehkurehn. "Things that endanger our reputation. Things that we must have back in our possession as soon as possible."
  91. Apr 07 16:06:26 <Lehkurehn>     "I'll take the job. What kind of aide will you provide?"
  92. Apr 07 16:08:17 <SqueeGM>       "Excellent. Keep in mind that when I say we will turn a blind eye, I mean it. If you are caught, or get in trouble, we will cut all ties with you." Tehdnehr stands up and walks towards the door. "I'll be right back." He disappears out the door for several minutes, before returning and carrying another dog in tow, the stripes on his mantle indicating him as an outsider-under-license. "This is Hotehkhehn. He has experience as a
  93. Apr 07 16:08:17 <SqueeGM>        bodyguard, and he will be accompanying you."
  94. Apr 07 16:09:01 <Lehkurehn>     "Greeting."
  95. Apr 07 16:09:48 <SqueeGM>       "Hotehkhehn, this is Lehkurehn. You will be accompanying him, and... I presume you will be taking the healer with you as well, Lehkurehn?"
  96. Apr 07 16:10:17 <Lehkurehn>     "If she wishes, yes."
  97. Apr 07 16:10:50 <SqueeGM>       "I am sure she will have no shortage of opportunities to practice her craft in your company."
  98. Apr 07 16:11:28 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhehn bows his head in greeting to the others in the room as he follows Tehdnehr "Greetings to you aswell, I shall assist you as best that I am able" the man says, stepping along to the pair and looking to Tehdnehr along with the others.
  99. Apr 07 16:11:35 <Lehkurehn>     "Indeed," Lehkurehn says eyeinf his bandaged foot.
  100. Apr 07 16:12:48 <Lehkurehn>     "Well then, What must we do? Do we know where Asixhredn has our property?"
  101. Apr 07 16:12:56 <Kerosis>       "I'd just as soon hope that isn't needed, but I'll go along in case it is."
  102. Apr 07 16:13:20 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr crosses his arms and taps his finger on his chin. "Ah, one more thing. As you will be heading to Xilhradnehxoxilsis-em for your job, perhaps you could take our errand-girl with you? She has a delivery there and the roads are dangerous this time of year."
  103. Apr 07 16:13:29 <SqueeGM>       (whoa when did Kerosis teleport into the room)
  104. Apr 07 16:14:10 <SqueeGM>       "I would bet dollars to diamonds they are keeping it in their manor. That is the only place that makes sense."
  105. Apr 07 16:14:16 <Lehkurehn>     "Lah? Sure I'll take her."
  106. Apr 07 16:14:39 <Kerosis>       (thought I'd been here this whole time?)
  107. Apr 07 16:14:50 <SqueeGM>       (I thought Lehkurehn abandoned you at the front door to go see Tehdnehr)
  108. Apr 07 16:14:58 <SqueeGM>       (like a buttjerk)
  109. Apr 07 16:15:11 <Kerosis>       (ah)
  110. Apr 07 16:15:15 <Kerosis>       (names are confusing!)
  111. Apr 07 16:15:34 <SqueeGM>       "Excellent. Go fetch her yourself, will you? And if you have no more questions, leave me to my work."
  112. Apr 07 16:15:43 <Kerosis>       (doesn't help that I'm severely multitasking today)
  113. Apr 07 16:16:04 <Lehkurehn>     (I am a big buttjerk)
  114. Apr 07 16:16:16 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr sits down at his desk again and mutters,"and every time of year, too..." before gathering up his papers and starting to examine them again.
  115. Apr 07 16:17:08 *       Lehkurehn leaves the room to look for Lahodin. He'll start in the kitchen :P
  116. Apr 07 16:17:33 <SqueeGM>       (feel free to make your own introduction, Lahodin)
  117. Apr 07 16:18:08 <Hotehkhehn>    "I have just one" Hotehkhehn inquires as he looks to the fellow canine "Will we have access to any tools or equipment for this errand? given this task is of such a sensitve nature"
  118. Apr 07 16:19:18 <SqueeGM>       "Well, Hotehkhehn, you have your own weaponry, do you not? Otherwise, feel free to take a trip down to the armory. I am sure Lohxihrsis will be happy to lend you some equipment."
  119. Apr 07 16:19:21 *       Lehkurehn snags some meat and bread from the kitchen
  120. Apr 07 16:19:43 <SqueeGM>       Careful not to get chased off with a ladel there, Lehkurehn.
  121. Apr 07 16:20:44 <Lahodin>       (Sorry about that minor distraction. Bri is present) Kitchen sounds like a wise place for it. Lahodin is -cleaning- probably as something to do I suspect. Well that and it gives her an excuse to be in a place she can snack on biskets nom nom nom nom. Hey it's a job perk;It's allowed! She gives Lehkurehn a smile as he arrives and a little nod "Hello Sir~" but not TOO much else. Not like she
  122. Apr 07 16:20:45 <Lahodin>       knows he's here for her.
  123. Apr 07 16:21:31 <Hotehkhehn>    "I do not, I am more an escort than a bodyguard, sir, I am more a deterrent that a combatant" the man replies, bowing his head respectfully "Very well, I shall make my way to the armory once I have assisted in finding Lahodin" as with that he bows his head once more as he heads out the room, jogging to catch up with Lehkurehn, offering Lahodin a bow as he sees her aswell.
  124. Apr 07 16:21:38 *       Lehkurehn idly greets Lahodin through a mouth full of bread.
  125. Apr 07 16:22:33 <Lehkurehn>     "Evening, Lah. I hear you're heading to Xilhradnehxoxilsis-em. I would like you to accompany me."
  126. Apr 07 16:25:19 <Lahodin>       KITCHEN IS CROWDED. Well is when Hoteh arrives the girl sort of faux-grumbling "Heh, what? Is everyone planning to ruin their apetite before dinner now? Hmm?" she looks to Leh, maybe a moment of surprise "Oh? Huh, well, I do remeber someone mumbling on about me going to that place, but after going on about how nasty the roads have been it seemed like everyone forgot about it. And here I was
  127. Apr 07 16:25:19 <Lahodin>       just about ready to relax too~" she laughs at herself a bit.
  128. Apr 07 16:26:25 <Hotehkhehn>    "I have permission stop by the armoury before we leave, I will be better able to offer protection with appropriate equipment" Hotehkhehn says to Leh once he has his breathe back, looking to Lahodin "Greetings Lah, I trust you are well?" he inquires with a slightly more cheerful expression.
  129. Apr 07 16:29:11 <Lahodin>       "Well I dare say I was handsom up until I found out I was going to have to make that hike now!" dismissve waves ahoy. Though she's mostly half joking I swear. She puts on a bleh face "Armoury? Has it really gotten that bad we need that for a little walk?" She brushes her hair back some "Should just send out the troops and slaughter all the little devils I say." You're pretty sure she isn't
  130. Apr 07 16:29:11 <Lahodin>       being completely serious. "But yes if you'll be so kind to invite me along that would be lovely." she gives a slight bow.
  131. Apr 07 16:31:16 <Lehkurehn>     "Then it is agreed," Lehkurehn says swallowing the last of his food.
  132. Apr 07 16:32:51 *       Lahodin leans towards Hotehkhehn a little bit as Leh gobbles down his food "So which one is this? And what bad habbit does -he- have that he's making you play babysitter?"
  133. Apr 07 16:33:22 <Lahodin>       whisper whisper~
  134. Apr 07 16:33:26 <Kerosis>       (hmm)
  135. Apr 07 16:33:36 <Kerosis>       (where's the most recent rules revision again?)
  136. Apr 07 16:33:55 <SqueeGM>       ( )
  137. Apr 07 16:34:27 <Hotehkhehn>    "Safety in numbers is always a better option, I doubt travelling the roads alone would be an appealing prospect" Hotehkhehn says with a chuckle before looking to the direction of the armoury, Lahodin getting his attention as he looks to her, giving another soft chuckle "I doubt he will be as troublesome as the master, though the nature of the task we have been given more than makes up for it"
  138. Apr 07 16:34:47 <Kerosis>       (and what was it you said I found earlier?)
  139. Apr 07 16:35:01 <Hotehkhehn>    And of course that be a whisper in return
  140. Apr 07 16:35:04 <SqueeGM>       (Plantago)
  141. Apr 07 16:35:37 <Lahodin>       ".. Huh.. so they're just sending you along to keep him -safe-. That's a first..... -I'm- not having to go out there -armed- to am I" The girl doesn't seem fond of such, or perhaps just not used to the idea of having to go somewhere and GET IN A FIGHT out of all things.
  142. Apr 07 16:37:39 <Kerosis>       (which is good for what?)
  143. Apr 07 16:38:10 <Hotehkhehn>    "I would hope it does not come to that, but as a precaution I would at least grab something" Hotehkhehn replies "I am not what you would call experienced in combat either, but I am bound to my duty, it certainly beats what I had before this job"
  144. Apr 07 16:38:42 <Kerosis>       (AFK a moment for kitten reasons)
  145. Apr 07 16:39:25 <SqueeGM>       (dang kittens)
  146. Apr 07 16:40:13 <SqueeGM>       (Also, the plantago you recovered, also known as plantain, is good for lung problems.)
  147. Apr 07 16:41:23 *       Lahodin flinches at the thought "Really? Ick.. now that's just nasty bussiness that... Just.. well.. I'm not going to be lugging around some big stick, just a little poker.. I -guess-. Honestly if things get nasty I'm probably going to be hiding behind the nearest tree if it's alright with you. I'm not made for -that- sort of bussiness.... be a darling and see if you can't get me a pack and
  148. Apr 07 16:41:23 *       Lahodin snacks, and other little odds and ends will you."
  149. Apr 07 16:42:43 <Lahodin>       "Damn thing won't be much more then the candle I kept near the bed when I was a little thing really."
  150. Apr 07 16:42:54 <Kerosis>       (back)
  151. Apr 07 16:45:49 *       Hotehkhehn gives a nod "I'm sure we'll be able to get packs with appropriate gear for the trip along with our equipment, they would not send us unarmed with naught but our clothes" the man looking to Lehkurehn now "Shall we make our way to the armoury and begin preparations for our journey?"
  152. Apr 07 16:46:11 <Lehkurehn>     "Aye."
  153. Apr 07 16:47:13 *       Lehkurehn makes his way towards the armoury
  154. Apr 07 16:47:37 <Hotehkhehn>    Will follow in tow, tilting his head for Lahodin to follow with a smile.
  155. Apr 07 16:47:59 *       Lahodin did ask them to pick it up for her after all. Which means she can yoink another bisket while they're not looking. And then get kicked out of the kitchen for snacking too much and end up catching up to them anyway.
  156. Apr 07 16:49:13 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis waits patiently with Hakohlixix, who is twiddling his thumbs by the front door, while Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn check out the armory, shortly followed by Lahodin.
  157. Apr 07 16:49:40 <Kerosis>        if it's long enough of a wait, I can always kill time mixing medicine up
  158. Apr 07 16:50:27 <SqueeGM>       Lohxihrsis is taking inventory of the weapons when they arrive. She glances up as the three of them enter. "Greetings, Lehkurehn, Hotehkhehn, Lahodin. What brings you to me today?"
  159. Apr 07 16:51:53 <Lehkurehn>     Depending on what is available I will pick up some combination of bag, flask, water, boots
  160. Apr 07 16:52:44 <Lehkurehn>     also a dagger
  161. Apr 07 16:52:53 <SqueeGM>       Lohxihrsis leans on a spear. "Bags? Flasks? What do you think we are running here, Lehkurehn? You can get water in the kitchen, and we are not a general store. I have armor and weapons if you have need of them. The other things you should purchase yourself. Why do you not own them already?"
  162. Apr 07 16:53:02 *       Hotehkhehn offers a bow "We are being dispatched on a task, that takes us to Xilhradnehxoxilsis-em" the man replies "The task is of great import, or so I am told, as such I have been given permission to seek you out for appropriate equipment for protecting those I travel with"
  163. Apr 07 16:53:19 <Lahodin>       Pfft, Lahodin doesn't need to follow the boys ALLL the way. She can torment Kerosis while they deal with the PACKING. Not to say she's familiar with this particular dog. But hey:She's here! Just stretching her arms near the door while she waits for them and giving a cheerfull "Hello~"
  164. Apr 07 16:53:48 <Lehkurehn>     "because I waste my money on peasants."
  165. Apr 07 16:54:02 <SqueeGM>       "Yes, Lehkurehn. Because you waste your money on peasants."
  166. Apr 07 16:54:22 <Kerosis>       "Oh, hello."
  167. Apr 07 16:54:24 <SqueeGM>       Lohxihrsis walks along the rows of weaponry as she puts the spear back in its place. "I trust you will excuse me if I don't lend you the House's best crafted weaponry for your little escapades, but I'd like it back nonetheless. A dagger I can do. Anything else for you?"
  168. Apr 07 16:55:37 <Hotehkhehn>    "Simple shield and short spear would suffice, any armour you can offer is appreciated but I do not expect you to arm me with the houses finest, naturally, simply enough that I will at least stand a chance of fending off or deterring those that would give us trouble"
  169. Apr 07 16:56:11 <Hotehkhehn>    "You will recieve it all back upon our return in the best condition I can manage, with luck I will have no need of it"
  170. Apr 07 16:56:21 <Lehkurehn>     "perhaps armour although I know nothing about it."
  171. Apr 07 16:58:00 <SqueeGM>       "Alright. Take these." She hands Lehkurehn an Average Curved dagger, and lifts up a Poor Breastplate and some Shoddy Leggings, handing them to Hotehkhehn in a bundle to wear over his clothing, along with a Poor Short spear and a Poor Shield. "I hope these will keep you safe on your travels."
  172. Apr 07 16:58:33 <Lahodin>       "Hello, Hello, I don't think I've seen you much at all. I'm Lahodin~ Though hlf the people here call me Hedgy. The hair and all. Just doesn't stay put no matter how much I try." she laughs at herself again brushing it back as if to prove as much as it returns to its regular shape "Though they might be callig me hedgy -soon- because I'll be full of pins. Sending me off in bandit infested
  173. Apr 07 16:58:33 <Lahodin>       highways. I normally just clean up, and maybe deliver a message or two around town. Terrible aren't they?" her tone is half amused despite the topics.
  174. Apr 07 17:00:48 <SqueeGM>       (Hotehkhehn, I regret to inform you all that puts you at 20.75/20 weight.)
  175. Apr 07 17:00:48 *       TD (~TD@8902D42C.B7447304.7B19A066.IP) has joined #tombdogs
  176. Apr 07 17:03:10 <Hotehkhehn>    (what is the heaviest piece he's got there?)
  177. Apr 07 17:03:21 <SqueeGM>       (leggings are 8 pounds)
  178. Apr 07 17:03:53 <Lehkurehn>     "We should probably pick up someone to act as a messenger too. Anyone to spare a relic?"
  179. Apr 07 17:04:37 <SqueeGM>       "You'll have to go down to the crypt to ask about that. See if anyone's up for it."
  180. Apr 07 17:05:24 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhehn accepts the equipment with a very grateful bow "I have faith that they will" he says before retreating to a corner to shrug on his equipment, strapping the shield to his arm and holding the spear in hands after wriggling into the armour, though cursing a little under his breath "Gah, curse this untrained body" he says before passing the leggings back "I shall have to make do...
  181. Apr 07 17:05:26 <Hotehkhehn>    ...without these, the rest will be enough, thankyou for the generosity" the man remembering before speaking again "Oh and.. Lah is coming too, I would appreciate something small for her to defend herself with, something larger than a dagger but fairly light"
  182. Apr 07 17:06:07 <Lehkurehn>     "I suggest that the crypt be our next course of action then, Hotehkhehn."
  183. Apr 07 17:06:16 <Kerosis>       (oh hey, I hate being accidentally scrolled up, no wonder it was so quiet!)
  184. Apr 07 17:06:22 <Lahodin>       (hahaha)
  185. Apr 07 17:07:28 <SqueeGM>       Lohxihrsis taps her thumbs together as she thinks. "Hrm... Perhaps one of these." She hands Hotehkehn a Poor Long dagger, with a blade nearly as long as his forearm.
  186. Apr 07 17:08:53 <Hotehkhehn>    "That will do nicely!" the man says, accepting the dagger with a grateful bow and looking to Leh once more "Indeed, shall we gather the others and make the trip as one?"
  187. Apr 07 17:09:22 <SqueeGM>       "Good luck," Lohxihrsis says before they leave. "Don't die, I want those back."
  188. Apr 07 17:09:55 *       Hotehkhehn chuckles "With any luck we shall have no use for them"
  189. Apr 07 17:10:05 <Lehkurehn>     "Indeed," lehkurehn says giving a polite nod to Lohxihsis before leaving.
  190. Apr 07 17:10:38 <Lehkurehn>     "yes, let us gather the others."
  191. Apr 07 17:11:11 <Lahodin>       (Can i assume I have some sort of parsel and acompaning satchel to carry it with as well? Given I'm suppose to be sent there on an errand after all)
  192. Apr 07 17:11:17 <Lahodin>       (how long -is- the trip there abouts?)
  193. Apr 07 17:12:17 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin presumably takes a short trip to Tehdnehr's room to retrieve both of said items.
  194. Apr 07 17:14:11 <Lahodin>       (works~ Assume she had them before greeting Kerosis)
  195. Apr 07 17:14:32 <Lahodin>       (And however manys nacks she'd realisticly need for the trip.)
  196. Apr 07 17:14:40 <Kerosis>       (So... just as a refresher, what's everyone's day job at this point?)
  197. Apr 07 17:14:54 *       Hotehkhehn will make haste to find the others, presumably with Leh leading the way, meeting them so Hotehkhehn can hand Lah her long dagger with a smile "I hope you never use this" he says with a chuckle.
  198. Apr 07 17:15:06 <Lahodin>       (Lahodin is an 'errand girl' Esstinally she just cleans up around the house, does odd jobs, is sent to deliver things from one side of town to another, though rarley to other towns.)
  199. Apr 07 17:15:35 <Lahodin>       "You and me both handsom." She sticks it away in the little satchel for now. Not seeming to like even looking at the thing.
  200. Apr 07 17:15:50 <SqueeGM>       Presumably Lahodin has secured about eight travel rations.
  201. Apr 07 17:15:53 <Hotehkhehn>    (Hotehkhen is an escort for one of the Houses more troublemaking sons, aimed to keep him out of trouble and protect him if he manages to get himself into any)
  202. Apr 07 17:16:10 <Lehkurehn>     (Liaison, noble, buttjerk)
  203. Apr 07 17:16:12 <SqueeGM>       They're a half-pound each. Is everyone going to take two?
  204. Apr 07 17:16:32 <Kerosis>       sure
  205. Apr 07 17:17:11 <Lahodin>       (so she has 8 and passes them out so we each have two? sure. Drinkables as well of cours.e Got to pack everyones lunches. Sadly she ate the cookies ;p)
  206. Apr 07 17:17:12 <Lehkurehn>     yes
  207. Apr 07 17:17:26 <SqueeGM>       (A day's worth of water is four pounds each, however.)
  208. Apr 07 17:17:34 <SqueeGM>       (So that may present a problem. Who's carrying?)
  209. Apr 07 17:18:15 *       Kerosis can cover uh... 3 days worth of water it seems
  210. Apr 07 17:18:18 <Lahodin>       (Well I can carry two for myself, and one extra for someone else)
  211. Apr 07 17:18:31 <Lehkurehn>     I'll carry
  212. Apr 07 17:18:45 <Lahodin>       (So I'll carry one of Hotens given he's over burdened with armor already ;p)
  213. Apr 07 17:20:05 <SqueeGM>       The flask itself is an additional .25 pounds
  214. Apr 07 17:20:48 <SqueeGM>       So assuming Lahodin carries Hotehkhehn's...
  215. Apr 07 17:20:52 <Lahodin>       (shouldn't be a problem. That puts me up to 18.75.)
  216. Apr 07 17:21:02 <SqueeGM>       14.25 here.
  217. Apr 07 17:21:23 <Lehkurehn>     9.5
  218. Apr 07 17:21:56 <Hotehkhehn>    I'm currently at 13.75
  219. Apr 07 17:21:59 <Hotehkhehn>    Without water
  220. Apr 07 17:22:05 <Kerosis>       5.25 before water
  221. Apr 07 17:22:08 <SqueeGM>
  222. Apr 07 17:23:01 <Lahodin>       (Sorry I must of misunderstood. One days of water is enough for each of us? I figured we'd need to match them up witht he ration numbers ;p)
  223. Apr 07 17:23:01 <Kerosis>       aha
  224. Apr 07 17:23:17 <SqueeGM>       (Well, I figured you'd want to find more on the way and not carry two flasks per person.)
  225. Apr 07 17:23:39 <SqueeGM>       (Water is a lot less scarce than good food, after all.)
  226. Apr 07 17:23:40 <Kerosis>       eh, doing so is manageable
  227. Apr 07 17:24:08 <Lahodin>       (Ehn I'll keep it just incase. Hardly going to kill me, not overburdend yet, and I'll be drinking it along the way <3~)
  228. Apr 07 17:24:41 <SqueeGM>       Ok, well, Lahodin can carry three flasks, and so can Kerosis, and Lehkurehn can carry his own.
  229. Apr 07 17:25:20 <Lahodin>       Yup. All sorted out. Lahodin, checks her little satchel and nods, half glancing at Kerosis here "Oh? Is this little darling coming too now then?"
  230. Apr 07 17:25:24 <SqueeGM>       Putting Kerosis at 19, Lehkurehn at 13.75, Lahodin at 19.5, and Hotehkhehn at 13.75.
  231. Apr 07 17:25:56 <Kerosis>       "Yes, well, easy enough to find yourself injured on the road."
  232. Apr 07 17:26:42 *       Hotehkhehn gives a chuckle "On the bright side we appear to be well enough equpped to get us to our location, we can seek further instruction upon our arrival"
  233. Apr 07 17:27:31 <Lehkurehn>     "Aye. I suggest we start early tomorrow. Fater breakfast maybe.?"
  234. Apr 07 17:27:43 <SqueeGM>       To refresh: The party is traveling to the House Asixhredn-controlled town of Xilhradnehxoxilsis-em to steal back some important things from the Asixhredn manor.
  235. Apr 07 17:28:28 <SqueeGM>       Also, you are now experiencing the nightmare of carrying large volumes of water long distances.
  236. Apr 07 17:28:37 <Lehkurehn>     (scene?)
  237. Apr 07 17:28:43 *       Hotehkhehn nods "I'd agree, a fresh start in the morning would be wise"
  238. Apr 07 17:28:55 <SqueeGM>       Are you going to check out the crypt?
  239. Apr 07 17:29:00 <SqueeGM>       Or have you abandoned that?
  240. Apr 07 17:29:10 <Lehkurehn>     (I assumed that was next)
  241. Apr 07 17:29:39 <Kerosis>       Sounds like an outing.
  242. Apr 07 17:29:41 <SqueeGM>       (Well, you're all talking about a fresh start in the morning.)
  243. Apr 07 17:30:52 <Lahodin>       "Well that'd be a lovely way to go about it. Heh, maybe they'll take pity on me and let me take the rest of the night off." DOGGIE SMILE. Or maybe not.
  244. Apr 07 17:31:13 <Lehkurehn>     "If we are done I will meet with you all tomorrow."
  245. Apr 07 17:31:26 <SqueeGM>       (It's worth keeping in mind that tombdog smiles are generally seen as threatening and intimidating. The proper way to express happiness is by letting your mouth hang open.)
  246. Apr 07 17:31:39 <Lahodin>       (yes I know, that's what I MEANT she did)
  247. Apr 07 17:31:57 <Lahodin>       (hence why I noted as 'doggie smile' Though really you shoud just let us have anytime we say smile that's what we mean ;p)
  248. Apr 07 17:31:59 <Hotehkhehn>    "We still have one duty to see to beforehand" Hot notes "The crypt, shall we get that out of the way?"
  249. Apr 07 17:32:34 <Lehkurehn>     "Perhaps."
  250. Apr 07 17:34:09 <Hotehkhehn>    "i believe it would be wise, once our duties are seen to we will be able to leave come morning"
  251. Apr 07 17:34:18 <Kerosis>       "I suppose that would be interesting to see."
  252. Apr 07 17:34:55 <Lehkurehn>     "Let's go now then," lehkurehn suggests.
  253. Apr 07 17:35:05 <Lehkurehn>     (to the crypt)
  254. Apr 07 17:35:37 <Lahodin>       "Heh. Nothing personal, but I'll pass on going down there." Lah never much liked that spot. "I'll be around in the morning though~ And probably the evening to of course~ If they're being kind today."
  255. Apr 07 17:37:58 <Lehkurehn>     "See you then."
  256. Apr 07 17:38:16 *       Lehkurehn moves the flask and supplies to his room then heads to the crypt
  257. Apr 07 17:38:52 *       Lahodin will leave her things -in her room- since she has one of those. No reason to lug them about.
  258. Apr 07 17:38:59 <Hotehkhehn>    "It should not take long, and then we may depart until the morning" Hotehkhehn says, as he gives a light stretch "See you soon Lah"he says before following Leh along, he would store his items at home until the following morning, but that could wait, he would be heading there after the crypt anyway.
  259. Apr 07 17:39:10 <SqueeGM>       There's a soldier on guard at the doors to the crypt when Lehkurehn heads around the back to them. He greets Lehkurehn lazily.
  260. Apr 07 17:43:02 *       Hotehkhehn offers a polite bow, letting his tongue loll out if only to seem friendly
  261. Apr 07 17:43:36 *       Lehkurehn greets the guard.
  262. Apr 07 17:43:37 <SqueeGM>       "Can I help you, of-Kaliaxix?" the guarddog asks.
  263. Apr 07 17:44:40 *       Colour has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  264. Apr 07 17:45:37 *       Hotehkhehn lets Lehkurehn speak, it was was his decision to come here after all.
  265. Apr 07 17:45:59 <Lehkurehn>     "Greetings offered Of-Kaliaxix. We are making a journey tomorrow. We have come to collect some relics for the journey."
  266. Apr 07 17:46:27 *       Colour ( has joined #tombdogs
  267. Apr 07 17:47:31 <SqueeGM>       "Ah, I see. You are of course welcome to enter the crypt whenever you like."
  268. Apr 07 17:48:39 <Lehkurehn>     "Thank you."
  269. Apr 07 17:49:15 <SqueeGM>       The guarddog steps aside to welcome Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn inside.
  270. Apr 07 17:49:37 *       Lehkurehn enters
  271. Apr 07 17:50:46 *       Hotehkhehn follows behind, taking a look around quite curiously.
  272. Apr 07 17:50:55 <Lahodin>       Where's Kerosis during all this? Working on potions somewhere?
  273. Apr 07 17:51:01 <Kerosis>       Sure!
  274. Apr 07 17:51:10 <SqueeGM>       (Well, poultices, anyway.)
  275. Apr 07 17:51:13 *       Kerosis was going to tag along, but that makes more sense, yes
  276. Apr 07 17:54:31 <SqueeGM>       The inside of the crypt is lit by torches, and the entrance is a stairwell leading further down into the ground. It's quite grandly decorated, or at least as much as the House can afford. The two dogs can see pots and ornaments on the shelves, and alcoves carved in them where the mummified remains of former Housedogs stand, in full regalia. The hallway at the bottom of the stairs opens into a larger room, where the air is at
  277. Apr 07 17:54:31 <SqueeGM>       least, if not fresher, less claustrophobic. A corpsebound is patrolling in here, rotting and naked, carrying a spear. There are skulls and partial corpses displayed, as well as more full, mummified bodies in clothing.
  278. Apr 07 17:55:03 <SqueeGM>       Some of them were obviously warriors, judging by their battledress. The corpsebound looks at the two dogs silently before continuing her rounds.
  279. Apr 07 17:55:15 *       Lahodin will torment her instead then. Hedgy giving a few curious looks over the girls shoulder who i'm sure is Very busy concentrating heh. "So what are you working on Darling?"
  280. Apr 07 17:57:20 <Kerosis>       "Just some medicine. No need for it just yet, but with no real supplies around here, it's best to prepare what you can in advance."
  281. Apr 07 17:57:50 *       Hotehkhehn offers a respectful bow to the corspebound before looking to Leh "Lead the way, no doubt the relic will be easy enough to locate" the canine says, taking his time to look about the bodies, admiring the regalia
  282. Apr 07 17:59:13 <Lehkurehn>     (I'd presumedly start with someone I/we know)
  283. Apr 07 18:02:03 <Lahodin>       "Well Forgive me for saying so~ But I'm hope that you're completely useless this entire trip." She gives a wink. "So, you're tagging along too is it? Now, I know they aren't sparing fellohs like those two 'ehns for someone like me, just a matter of good timeing hm?. What are you three heading over there for anyway?"
  284. Apr 07 18:02:13 <SqueeGM>       As Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn explore the crypt, a ghost appears out of one of the reliquaries on the wall-shelves. "Hello there! What are you two up to?"
  285. Apr 07 18:03:15 <Kerosis>       "I said the same thing myself... and I didn't quite catch all of he details honestly. Just something about recovering stolen... somethings."
  286. Apr 07 18:04:44 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhehn looks to the ghost and offers a bow, looking to the apparition "Ah, greetings, we have been charged with an important task that will take us to Xilhradnehxoxilsis-em to recover an important item stolen from house Kaliaxix, a risky but necessary duty, Lehkurehn here thought is wise to seek out relics for the journey"
  287. Apr 07 18:04:59 <Hotehkhehn>    it wise*
  288. Apr 07 18:05:33 <Lehkurehn>     (sorry distracted)
  289. Apr 07 18:07:01 <Lehkurehn>     "Indeed, Would you lend us your aide?"
  290. Apr 07 18:07:27 <SqueeGM>       The ghost swirls around Hotehkhehn and pats him on the head between the ears. Despite her incorporeality, he can still kind of feel it, something very faintly nudging the fur on his head. "I'm afraid I don't know practically any of those names. I suspect I died before I had the chance to make the pleasure of your acquantaince. My name is Xisehdn."
  291. Apr 07 18:08:15 <SqueeGM>       The ghost comes all of the way out of the reliquary and steps onto the floor, wearing a ghostly mantle, shirt, and skirt.
  292. Apr 07 18:08:31 <Lahodin>       "So.. they're tracking down thieves? Huh." She shakes her head, and gives a chuckle "I suppose the bland one's going to find them, while the big one's there to deal with them when they do~" another little laugh, doggie smiles and all. "He's not into anything -terrible- now is he? That -is- why they tend to send Hotehkhehn along."
  293. Apr 07 18:08:38 <Lehkurehn>     "Well Xisehdn. Would you like to get some fresh air?"
  294. Apr 07 18:08:54 <SqueeGM>       "That sounds lovely."
  295. Apr 07 18:09:45 <Lehkurehn>     "Excellent!"
  296. Apr 07 18:09:54 *       Hotehkhehn gives a chuckle at the head pat "I'm sure we will have time to make you aquaintance properly on the road" the man says, letting his tongue loll out cheerfully.
  297. Apr 07 18:10:54 <SqueeGM>       The reliquary appears to contain a mummified hand. "I'm scattered all around this crypt," Xisehdn says. "I like to keep an eye out for visitors like you."
  298. Apr 07 18:11:06 <Kerosis>       "I don't think so... Lehkurehn seems nice enough from what I've seen, Hotehkhehn I haven't really been properly introduced to."
  299. Apr 07 18:11:54 *       Lehkurehn nicks three parts, one for Hotehkhen, one for himself, and one for Ted.
  300. Apr 07 18:12:15 <SqueeGM>       Do you have reliquaries for those fingers?
  301. Apr 07 18:12:47 <Lehkurehn>     "I look forward to traveling with you Xisehnd." (No)
  302. Apr 07 18:13:27 <Lahodin>       "Hmm, know him a -little- really. He's mostly a big fellow they stick infront of Drunken house sons and daughters so people think twice about giving them a smack." she gives an exagerated shrug. "Doesn't he? Heh, well I guess I'll figure out a few eventually if he does."
  303. Apr 07 18:13:42 <SqueeGM>       (You should probably get them so you don't end up damaging your ancestor's body parts.)
  304. Apr 07 18:13:43 <Hotehkhehn>    "We would love your company, are there any reliquaries here we may borrow for the journey? we have every intention of returning the items loaned to us upon our return"
  305. Apr 07 18:14:32 <Lehkurehn>     (I'll scrounge around the house for them tonight.)
  306. Apr 07 18:15:01 <SqueeGM>       "I believe there's a spare reliquary room. I'll take you to it."
  307. Apr 07 18:15:42 <Hotehkhehn>    "That would do nicely"
  308. Apr 07 18:16:06 <Lehkurehn>     that works
  309. Apr 07 18:16:40 <SqueeGM>       The reliquaries are half a pound each, and the fingers each weigh 1/4 of a pound.
  310. Apr 07 18:17:19 *       Kerosis nods. "I see."
  311. Apr 07 18:17:28 <Lehkurehn>     (.75 I'm good with that.)
  312. Apr 07 18:18:38 *       Lahodin tilts her head a tad, heh, "Not much to say huh?"
  313. Apr 07 18:19:17 <SqueeGM>       "So, why are we going to this town?" Xisehdn asks.
  314. Apr 07 18:19:59 <Lehkurehn>     "Are we good Hotehkhehn?"
  315. Apr 07 18:21:03 <Hotehkhehn>    Once the reliquaries and fingers have been sorted out, Hotehkhen nods to Leh "Indeed" then back to the ghost, tongue lolling out "Thankyou, we look forward to your company"
  316. Apr 07 18:21:07 <Kerosis>       "Sorry. I'm still settling in around here, and I've never been much for gossip... how long have you been working here by the way?"
  317. Apr 07 18:23:10 *       Lahodin presses a hand on her chest "Oh all my life just about Hun~. Since I was a little five year old munchkin. Wasn't so bad. Wash the dishes and you get a roof over your head, worked out nicely in the long run don't you think" She gives a wink "Heh, oh fine fine, Admitly it's just a bad habbit around here. When most of your day is making up beds, and dusting it helps to have -something-
  318. Apr 07 18:23:10 *       Lahodin to chatter about outside of the weather."
  319. Apr 07 18:24:11 <Kerosis>       "I suppose that makes a lot of sense."
  320. Apr 07 18:24:26 <SqueeGM>       "Me too! It'll be good to get outside the crypt," Xisehdn says earnestly.
  321. Apr 07 18:25:05 <Hotehkhehn>    On that note, shall we assume the necssary reliquaries and relics are dolled out to the proper people and folks will go about the preparations for the next day~?
  322. Apr 07 18:25:28 <SqueeGM>       Sure.
  323. Apr 07 18:26:29 <Hotehkhehn>    (Welp, Hotehkhehn is up yto 16/20 after rounding up~)
  324. Apr 07 18:26:48 <SqueeGM>       (14.5 for me.)
  325. Apr 07 18:27:00 <Lehkurehn>     sure
  326. Apr 07 18:27:01 <Kerosis>       sounds good
  327. Apr 07 18:27:08 <Lahodin>       "Enough for silver or two I'd hope." time to give a sigh and a stretch (And yes moving ahead is fine ;p)
  328. Apr 07 18:27:29 <SqueeGM>       As soon as Lahodin and Kerosis finish up their chat.
  329. Apr 07 18:29:09 *       Kerosis waves and finishes mashing up meds before calling it a night.
  330. Apr 07 18:29:57 <SqueeGM>       The next day, everyone rises at their own pace and, presumably, has breakfast, before gathering in the front room to get ready for the journey.
  331. Apr 07 18:30:00 <Lahodin>       Or not, sure thing ;p
  332. Apr 07 18:30:01 <Lehkurehn>     If Hotehk is done We'll head back.
  333. Apr 07 18:30:27 <Hotehkhehn>    He is, unless any other ghosts wish to offer thei services they have no real reason to hang around
  334. Apr 07 18:32:05 <Lahodin>       Breakfast is extra good yes <3~ Hedgy certainly has her fill. No reason not too. She's still pretty cheery in the morning. Though never to an extreme degree, her satchel within hands reach regularly now as she carries it around with her.
  335. Apr 07 18:33:00 <SqueeGM>       Xisehdn materializes out of one of their reliquaries to greet Lahodin and Kerosis and introduce herself.
  336. Apr 07 18:33:16 <Kerosis>       "Oh! Hello there."
  337. Apr 07 18:34:02 *       Lahodin gives a rather cheerful bow yes. "I see they managed to get someone. Xisehdn Hmm? So what did you do before you took up residence downstairs if you dont mind me asking~"
  338. Apr 07 18:34:03 <Lehkurehn>     If we are ending the day now, Leh goes over the dockworkers changes with the other merchant nobles before bed.
  339. Apr 07 18:34:09 <Lehkurehn>     "good morning."
  340. Apr 07 18:36:40 <SqueeGM>       "Yes, hello! I was a House member a long time ago, I married into the family when it was still fledgling and did, well, you know, ladylike things."
  341. Apr 07 18:36:54 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhehn will have eaten well before leaving, naturally, bidding his mother a fond farewell before metting the others, giving Xisehdn a cheerful look before looking to the others "It seems we are all ready to go" the man letting his tongue loll as he looks to Lahodin "Perhaps this journey will be an enjoyable one"
  342. Apr 07 18:38:00 *       Kerosis double checks that she hasn't left anything out of her bag.
  343. Apr 07 18:38:56 <SqueeGM>       Are you going to walk to the town on foot or take a carriage? The town is further inland, away from the coast.
  344. Apr 07 18:39:24 <Hotehkhehn>    If the carriage is free then yes, if now we may have to walk~
  345. Apr 07 18:39:28 <Hotehkhehn>    not*
  346. Apr 07 18:40:13 *       Lehkurehn fetches his gear and breakfast before meeting with the others. last, of course, as he's terrible at mornings
  347. Apr 07 18:41:10 <Lahodin>       "Heh. Don't worry I'm well aquanted with all of that. Particuarly the amount of work they'd rather us do instead." She says somewhat teasingly. Never too serious this one. Giving a nod to Lehkurehn while she's at it "Morning~"
  348. Apr 07 18:43:27 *       Lehkurehn yawns.
  349. Apr 07 18:43:36 <Lehkurehn>     "mornin Hedgy"
  350. Apr 07 18:45:15 *       Lehkurehn sits and rubs his eyes.
  351. Apr 07 18:45:25 <Lehkurehn>     "we ready to go."
  352. Apr 07 18:46:04 <Kerosis>       "Seem to be."
  353. Apr 07 18:46:14 *       Hotehkhehn gives a nod, giving his spear and shield a quick once over "I am ready" he says with a nod "May our feet be swift and our journey safe"
  354. Apr 07 18:47:30 <Lehkurehn>     "...And our task fullfilled."
  355. Apr 07 18:48:24 <SqueeGM>       "Whee!" Xisehdn cheers.
  356. Apr 07 18:49:30 <Lehkurehn>     "To adventure and possible death!" Lehkurehn cheers before picking up his truck and heading out the door.
  357. Apr 07 18:50:43 <Hotehkhehn>    And so the journey begins, Hotehkhehn following behind, his face bareing that of a man with grim detemination.
  358. Apr 07 18:51:09 <SqueeGM>       The ghostdog follows Lehkurehn out the front door, Hakohlixix holding it open for everyone. Xisehdn points at the tops of buildings over the hills further inland. "Isn't that the town you mentioned? I think I remember it being there. Does House Uxikohlix still own it?"
  359. Apr 07 18:51:30 <Lahodin>       (Hm seems Dad needs help with a few things I must go afks for a bit ;p)
  360. Apr 07 18:52:03 <Lehkurehn>     "Nope. We own it now," Lehkurehn say proudly
  361. Apr 07 18:52:57 <SqueeGM>       (You sure about that? She's referring to the town you're traveling to.)
  362. Apr 07 18:53:27 <Hotehkhehn>    "The house we will be dealing with is House Asixhredn, if the name is familiar to you at all" Hotekhehn replies "Thay have stolen something valuable from the house that we intendt to recover"
  363. Apr 07 18:53:29 <Lehkurehn>     (oh, nvm then)
  364. Apr 07 18:55:08 <SqueeGM>       Xisehdn thinks. "Hm... I think I remember them. They were fledgling just like us. I thought they were further inland, though? I guess they're expanding their reach."
  365. Apr 07 18:56:02 <Lehkurehn>     how much do we know about Asixhredn?
  366. Apr 07 18:58:18 <SqueeGM>       They're the chief rival House to Kaliaxix. The House that Xisehdn referred to as previously owning the town is defunct. Asixhredn has been trying to get a coastal grip, and has essentially targeted Kaliaxix as their best chance to do so. They're a little bit larger and better off than Kaliaxix, but essentially on even ground.
  367. Apr 07 18:59:54 <Hotehkhehn>    "They are a rival city to us now, no doubt our appearance after stealing the possession will sow seeds of distrust as soon as we make ourselves known to the house, subtlety will be our best bet for recovering what has been taken"
  368. Apr 07 19:00:35 <Lehkurehn>     "Agreed."
  369. Apr 07 19:01:02 <Lehkurehn>     "We still need to find what we are to retrieve."
  370. Apr 07 19:01:43 <Hotehkhehn>    "Some knowledge on what it is we seek would also be helpful, no doubt the intention is to tell us upon arrival"
  371. Apr 07 19:02:46 <SqueeGM>       So, you're walking?
  372. Apr 07 19:03:02 <Lehkurehn>     "assumedly. 'Lest we bumble around enemy territory like fools."
  373. Apr 07 19:03:30 <Lehkurehn>     (shrugs)
  374. Apr 07 19:03:59 <Hotehkhehn>    (Well none of us have money so unless the carriage is already paid for we have no choice XD)
  375. Apr 07 19:04:17 <Kerosis>       yup
  376. Apr 07 19:04:43 <Hotehkhehn>    (Unless somebody wants to sweet talk a merchant who might be heading that way into letting us hitch a ride?)
  377. Apr 07 19:05:02 <Lehkurehn>     (the house owns a carriage that we didn't take I believe)
  378. Apr 07 19:05:19 <SqueeGM>       (Yeah.)
  379. Apr 07 19:05:37 <SqueeGM>       (No driver, though.)
  380. Apr 07 19:05:44 <Lehkurehn>     (Yay! trudging)
  381. Apr 07 19:07:29 <SqueeGM>       The party sets out on the road to the town, passing through the sparsely wooded fields.
  382. Apr 07 19:09:04 *       Kerosis tries to keep an eye out for any other useful plants while walking.
  383. Apr 07 19:09:56 <SqueeGM>       (Roll Craft: Medicine?)
  384. Apr 07 19:11:14 <Kerosis>       3d6+1
  385. Apr 07 19:11:14 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+1: 13 [3d6=4,4,4]
  386. Apr 07 19:11:33 <Lahodin>       (And back) Satchel straps are tugged, and spirits are somewhat decent. Hedgy doesn't realy rush to the front, often a few steps behind, but never more then that. Just enjoying the scenery and the weather I suppose.
  387. Apr 07 19:12:25 <SqueeGM>       1d24
  388. Apr 07 19:12:26 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d24: 10 [1d24=10]
  389. Apr 07 19:13:19 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis picks some henbane and hemlock from the plants growing on the sides of the road as they continue.
  390. Apr 07 19:14:04 <Lehkurehn>     "Watcha' doing, Kerosis?" Lehkurehn inquires.
  391. Apr 07 19:14:42 <Kerosis>       "This is good for soothing aches."
  392. Apr 07 19:15:26 <SqueeGM>       They walk for a while, stopping to take a break and consume one of their rations, before they come across a dog sitting at the base of a wagon, seemingly taking a rest. The wagon is covered, but the dog perks his ears up when he sees the party approaching. The colors of his clothing don't belong to any House they know of, but he greets them as they approach.
  393. Apr 07 19:15:42 <SqueeGM>       "Greetings offered, of-Kaliaxix! You are lucky to have found me on your journeys!"
  394. Apr 07 19:16:32 <Lehkurehn>     "Stranger-greeting given."
  395. Apr 07 19:16:52 *       Hotehkhehn sticks close to Lahodin, keeping watch as best he can "How are you feeling now?" he inquires, perking up a bit, though looking up to the canine as he speaks, raising an arm in greeting, letting that tongue loll out as a sign that despite the weaponry he wasn't looking for trouble.
  396. Apr 07 19:17:06 <Lehkurehn>     "how exactly has our luck changed?" Lehkurehn chides.
  397. Apr 07 19:18:23 <Lahodin>       "Oh? Any of those good for anything else~?" Curious curious heh <3~ what she isn't suggesting anything bad I swear. But seems they have company after lunch regardless. She gives a shrug at Hotehkhehn "Heh, oh wonderfull, not a sore on my feet yet." she does quirk a brow at the cart dwelling dog though.
  398. Apr 07 19:18:33 <SqueeGM>       The tombdog reaches under the tarp covering the wagon and rummages about a bit, pulling out what looks a little like a reliquary, a very ornate thing. "This must have been calling you! It is a good luck charm, it will bring you good fortunes, yes? Rub it before you go into battle and you will see good fortune, yes?"
  399. Apr 07 19:19:42 <Lahodin>       Yeah now our Hedgy is just confused. "Heh. Well Sir I'm afraid I dont plan on charging into any battles. I don't suppose it gives more universal luck? It'd be lovely to find a gold piece on the street on the way home some night."
  400. Apr 07 19:19:48 <Kerosis>       "I'm afraid they're rather harmful in large doses, so not especially... and that's an interesting thing to be traveling around with."
  401. Apr 07 19:20:10 <SqueeGM>       "Oh, yes, it is simply a good luck charm, it will bring you luck in whatever you do."
  402. Apr 07 19:20:13 *       Hotehkhehn looks the reliquary over apprehensively "That is... very expensive looking, where did you get that? I see no house colours I recognise upon you" the man looking to Xisehdn "Do you? Or that reliquary, who wod a reliquary of that quality belong to?"
  403. Apr 07 19:20:25 <Hotehkhehn>    would*
  404. Apr 07 19:20:44 <SqueeGM>       "I rescued it from a dying House, yes I did. It has no home to go to, but it could be yours!"
  405. Apr 07 19:22:12 <SqueeGM>       He sets it on top of the wagon as he reaches back under the tarp and pulls out a large jug filled with a strange, blue liquid. "Or perhaps I could interest you in this magical elixir? It comes from overseas, and it is quite potent. I could even let you have a taste!" He takes the cork out of the top, holding it up.
  406. Apr 07 19:23:05 <Lehkurehn>     "It seems very fancy, indeed, traveler. And what is this drink you offer?"
  407. Apr 07 19:23:39 <Lahodin>       ".... heh. Ah so that's what this is. I'm afraid you're out of luck sir. I'm a meer errand girl, unless they tossed more coin to the rest of this little gang that's all to rich for my blood. But I'll gladly steal a bit of luck either way~" which she does may as well give the big-old relec a poke.
  408. Apr 07 19:23:52 <SqueeGM>       "It brings you strength, speed, and vigor. You will need not eat nor drink for days! You will feel faster and lighter!"
  409. Apr 07 19:24:15 <SqueeGM>       He quickly smacks Lahodin's hand away from the relic. "Ah, well, if you have no coin, perhaps a trade is in order, if you have anything of value."
  410. Apr 07 19:24:32 <Kerosis>       "I find that rather hard to believe. What exactly is it made from?"
  411. Apr 07 19:24:52 <SqueeGM>       The tombdog shrugs. "I sell it, I don't make it. It is from lands beyond ours!"
  412. Apr 07 19:25:01 <SqueeGM>       "If you don't believe me, try it yourself! Free!"
  413. Apr 07 19:25:27 <Lehkurehn>     (we are broke fools and it's great!)
  414. Apr 07 19:25:33 <Lahodin>       "Oh come on I was only giving it a poke." she gives a little laugh, hands lightly raised as she backs away. Such a fussy creature hrumph ;p
  415. Apr 07 19:26:08 *       Hotehkhehn tilts his head, wrapping an arm around Lehkurehn and pulling him aside "This man reeks of falsehoods and preys upon dying familys like carrion to a corspe, I do not think we should pursue this further" he whispers.
  416. Apr 07 19:26:51 <SqueeGM>       (To be fair, if a House dies and no one takes care of the relics, so do its ghosts.)
  417. Apr 07 19:27:13 *       Lehkurehn whispers back, "I agree. he has the air of a swindler. We should still part with him on the best of terms though."
  418. Apr 07 19:27:14 <SqueeGM>       He takes out a cheap glass and pours some of the liquid into it, offering it to them. "A free sample, that you may see what I mean."
  419. Apr 07 19:27:19 <Hotehkhehn>    (still, feels a bit low stealing their shit =P)
  420. Apr 07 19:27:58 *       Kerosis sniffs at it, trying to identify what might be in it, but won't taste it in any case.
  421. Apr 07 19:28:22 *       Hotehkhehn nods, offering a bow to the merchant "I shall pass sir, I have no money to give for the potion at any rate, a free sample is wasted upon me"
  422. Apr 07 19:28:30 <Lehkurehn>     "We are not carrying much but I can offer you this fine long dagger."
  423. Apr 07 19:28:49 <Lehkurehn>     3d6+1 mercantilism
  424. Apr 07 19:28:50 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, mercantilism: 9 [3d6=4,2,2]
  425. Apr 07 19:29:14 <Lehkurehn>     (for the reliquary)
  426. Apr 07 19:30:33 <SqueeGM>       The smooth blue liquid smells a little sweet, but otherwise not extraordinary. The peddler considers Lehkurehn's offer. "For the good luck charm? Hmmm, perhaps, perhaps. Yes, I believe I could do that. And you could try the potion, and when others ask where you found something to have such amazing effects on you, you could tell them of me?"
  427. Apr 07 19:31:08 <Lehkurehn>     (this ends poorly)
  428. Apr 07 19:31:31 <Lehkurehn>     "It is a deal then."
  429. Apr 07 19:32:03 <SqueeGM>       "Very good, very good." He holds his hand out expectantly, waiting for Lehkurehn to give him the dagger.
  430. Apr 07 19:33:15 *       Lehkurehn accepts the liquid and leans to Kerosis and whispers "I hope you have an emmetic ready if this is poison." before drinking the liquid
  431. Apr 07 19:33:22 *       Lahodin is honestly a bit surprised. It wasn't -that- fine of a dagger. Perhaps it really is just a piece of junk <3~. Well that or he'd rather Lehkurehn disrmed, but really you'd think he'd be more worried about Hoteh in that respect. "... Yeah not trying it."
  432. Apr 07 19:33:22 *       Lehkurehn trades the dagger
  433. Apr 07 19:33:47 <Lehkurehn>     (leh still has another dagger)
  434. Apr 07 19:34:13 *       Kerosis looks disapprovingly at Lehk.
  435. Apr 07 19:35:00 <SqueeGM>       The peddler takes the dagger and holds the good luck charm out to Lehkurehn as he drinks the potion. It goes down well, and tastes as sweet as it smells, but once he's drank his fill, nothing seems to happen. "It will take effect gradually," the peddler explains. "It must work its way through your body."
  436. Apr 07 19:35:24 *       Hotehkhehn quirks his brow, shaking his head "I would not recomm-" too late, he drank it "This.... is going to be a lot my master, isn't it?" he whispers to Lahodin.
  437. Apr 07 19:35:32 <Hotehkhehn>    lot like*
  438. Apr 07 19:36:05 <SqueeGM>       The peddler tut-tuts at Hotehkhehn. "You will regret your words when he is leaping from treetop to treetop." He goes back to his wagon, poking his head under the tarp to dig about for more things.
  439. Apr 07 19:36:07 <Lehkurehn>     "I see. Well I hope is is as good as you make it out to be. you could be rich with such a wonderful potion as you claim."
  440. Apr 07 19:37:29 *       Lahodin tchs a bit. "It's -probably- just honey water or something. Doesn't seem likely any of this is worth anything if he'd give off his treasured charm for a kitchen knife." she whispers back giving a shrug "But hey, they can buy what they want~ seen them waste it on worse."
  441. Apr 07 19:37:40 <SqueeGM>       He comes out with a small pebble-like orb, holding it up between his thumb and forefinger. "This is a battle-aid, worthy of the warrior among you. Rub it... like this..." He rubs the orb between his fingers. "And your blows will strike true."
  442. Apr 07 19:38:14 <SqueeGM>       He tosses it at Hotehkhehn and nails him on the nose with it. "You see?"
  443. Apr 07 19:39:06 <SqueeGM>       Then he turns to Lehkurehn. "Yes, I plan on it! That is why I am traveling this way, I plan to sell my wares and make a fortune."
  444. Apr 07 19:39:10 *       Hotehkhehn sighs "I hope you are right" he says before shaking his head "I have nothing to trade for your- ow!" the man rubbing his nose and growling "Why you-" the man steadying his temper as he grips his spear tight "My patience wears thin, Merchant"
  445. Apr 07 19:39:36 <SqueeGM>       The peddler scoops up the orb and tosses it from hand to hand. "Oh well, your loss, your loss."
  446. Apr 07 19:39:56 <Lehkurehn>     Have I received the reliquary? If so I suggest we leave.
  447. Apr 07 19:40:00 <SqueeGM>       Yep.
  448. Apr 07 19:40:33 <SqueeGM>       I assume no objections?
  449. Apr 07 19:40:39 <Lehkurehn>     "well we have little left to offer you, Merchant. I wish you well."
  450. Apr 07 19:40:45 <Lahodin>       None~ Lah don't trust anything this guys got ;p
  451. Apr 07 19:40:58 *       Hotehkhehn sets off down the path already "After that last.... demonstration I have seen enough"
  452. Apr 07 19:41:06 <SqueeGM>       "Good luck! I hope you enjoy your sample. Perhaps I will see you again!"
  453. Apr 07 19:41:08 *       Lehkurehn follows
  454. Apr 07 19:41:22 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis?
  455. Apr 07 19:42:30 *       Kerosis is just making sure nobody's looking sick after drinking that and following along.
  456. Apr 07 19:42:35 *       Hotehkhehn wears a rather sour face right now "You would think most men would be wiser than to throw a rock at the most armed man of the group" he mutters "Were we not burning daylight I would have been tempted to return the favour"
  457. Apr 07 19:42:43 <Lehkurehn>     "well we got a reliquary for trash. Worst case scenario it contains a bandit or enemy house spy and we burn them. Best case It's some old dog he looted from a crypt."
  458. Apr 07 19:43:56 <SqueeGM>       The peddler waves goodbye before returning to his wagon as they continue. The walk continues uneventfully, though Lehkurehn does feel a little lighter on his feet.
  459. Apr 07 19:44:33 <Lehkurehn>     "Hmm. maybe that merchant wasn't all talk."
  460. Apr 07 19:44:46 <SqueeGM>       An hour or two later, they come across two tombdogs, in the same colors, but different, again, from anything they've seen before, crouching among the plants. They look up as the party approaches, and one of them taps the other on the shoulder and points to them.
  461. Apr 07 19:45:36 <SqueeGM>       They stand up, and hold their arms in the air to flag the group down. They're wearing hoods and veils, as well as long, flowing robes that cover their feet.
  462. Apr 07 19:46:24 <Lahodin>       "Or you just guped down a potion that gives -all- men bravery and skill beyond measure." She winks, refering to the obvious I hope. And whoop more company. As usual she's a friendly sort, giving a simple wave, and the usual doggie smile "Afternoon Sirs"
  463. Apr 07 19:47:21 <SqueeGM>       "Greetings offered, of-Kaliaxix. Have you heard the word of Iaxihrehn?"
  464. Apr 07 19:48:36 <Lehkurehn>     "No, Is there news?"
  465. Apr 07 19:49:03 *       Hotehkhehn is a bit more apprehensive, raising a hand in greeting, but keeping his distance, sticking close to the members of the group who chose to venture closer to the two canines "Greetings" he says, lettingthe others speak if they wish, resolving to only step in if things got bad.
  466. Apr 07 19:50:55 <SqueeGM>       "He is our shepherd and will be our salvation." One of them walks up to Lehkurehn and places his hands on Lehkurehn's shoulders. Lehkurehn can see the tombdog's eyes over his veil, staring into his. Abruptly, Lehkurehn's legs collapse under him, sprawling him out on the floor. The robed tombdog steps back, holding his hands up curiously.
  467. Apr 07 19:51:37 <Lehkurehn>     "Shit!"
  468. Apr 07 19:51:38 <Lahodin>       (sadly my father needs my help again Bad timing <3~ he's sick as a dog so he'll be doing this alot tonight hahaha)
  469. Apr 07 19:51:48 <Lahodin>       (SHIFTY MERCHANT BETRAYED US NOOOOOOOOOO)
  470. Apr 07 19:51:53 <Lahodin>       (I need to afk again ;p)
  471. Apr 07 19:52:00 <Lehkurehn>     (what a surprise)
  472. Apr 07 19:52:25 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn can only flop around like a fish on the ground, barely able to control his limbs. In fact, he can hardly feel them at all.
  473. Apr 07 19:52:52 *       Hotehkhehn readies his spear and crouches down next to Lehkutehn "What did you do?" he inquires, before looking to Leh "Are you alright, it was that damned drink wasn't it?" the man looking to ther others "Help steady him"
  474. Apr 07 19:53:46 <Lehkurehn>     "it was probably the damned drink, hotehk." "Kerosis!"
  475. Apr 07 19:54:41 *       Kerosis checks him out.
  476. Apr 07 19:55:01 <SqueeGM>       The first robed tombdog crouches down over Lehkurehn, while the other moves over to examine Kerosis carefully. "Have you heard the word of Iaxihrehn, child?" he enquires.
  477. Apr 07 19:55:01 <Kerosis>       3d6+1 heal I'd imagine?
  478. Apr 07 19:55:01 <Dicey> Kerosis, heal I'd imagine?: 14 [3d6=3,6,4]
  479. Apr 07 19:55:41 *       Lehkurehn is too terrified to answer them.
  480. Apr 07 19:55:54 *       Hotehkhehn is currently blocking the robed figures with his shield, preventing him from getting near "Stay back while we attend to him, that is not a request"
  481. Apr 07 19:56:05 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis waves Lehkurehn's arm around, determining that his whole body has pretty much fallen asleep.
  482. Apr 07 19:56:09 <Kerosis>       "I don't think so, no."
  483. Apr 07 19:56:21 *       Kerosis attempts to induce vomiting?
  484. Apr 07 19:59:13 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn can barely feel Kerosis's hand as she forces open his mouth and fumbles around in it, but it probably wouldn't be any good to make him vomit anyway, given that it's been several hours since he ingested anything.
  485. Apr 07 20:00:38 <Kerosis>       "I'm sorry... seems you'll just have to wait it out. Stupid thing to have done..."
  486. Apr 07 20:00:48 <SqueeGM>       Were Kerosis a more modern doctor, she might diagnose him with a case of complete muscle atonia.
  487. Apr 07 20:02:10 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn feels like there is another presence there, something menacing. He feels totally helpless.
  488. Apr 07 20:02:40 <Lehkurehn>     "I excel at stupid things, Kerosis," lehkurehn says. trying to make light of a terrifying situation.
  489. Apr 07 20:03:14 <SqueeGM>       He feels like he is suffocating, as though something were sitting on his chest.
  490. Apr 07 20:03:47 <Lehkurehn>     "get everything off me please"
  491. Apr 07 20:03:57 <Hotehkhehn>    "Both of you stay back" Hotehkhehn states before looking to Leh "Xisehdn! is there anything you can do for him?!"
  492. Apr 07 20:04:10 <Lehkurehn>     (can I bind xisehdn for strength?)
  493. Apr 07 20:04:25 <SqueeGM>       One of the figures peers over Hotehkhehn's shield. "Perhaps we could be of service?" The ghost appears from her relic and looks around, confused. "What's going on?"
  494. Apr 07 20:04:26 *       Kerosis lays Lehk down and removes some gear.
  495. Apr 07 20:05:30 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis takes the flasks off Lehkurehn, as well as the reliquary and his remaining ration, but Hotehkhehn still feels like he is slowly suffocating, and can only breathe shallowly.
  496. Apr 07 20:06:12 <Hotehkhehn>    I think you got my name mixed up there XD
  497. Apr 07 20:06:15 <Lehkurehn>     "can't breathe. do something"
  498. Apr 07 20:06:18 <SqueeGM>       (yeah whoops)
  499. Apr 07 20:06:25 <SqueeGM>       (Lehkurehn*)
  500. Apr 07 20:06:32 <SqueeGM>       (you're both ehns :V)
  501. Apr 07 20:07:10 <Hotehkhehn>    "You will have to forgive my distrust of you, a man dressed in your colours sold us the elixir that did this to our friend" Hotehkhehn states looking to the ghost by his side "He drank something he shouldn't have and his limbs are out of control, he's struggling to breathe, is there anything you can do?"
  502. Apr 07 20:07:39 <SqueeGM>       (No. They're dressed in separate colors.)
  503. Apr 07 20:07:50 <SqueeGM>       (The same as each other, but distinct from anything they've seen before.)
  504. Apr 07 20:08:17 <SqueeGM>       "Um... I've never heard of anything like that. I'm not a doctor. I don't see how I can help."
  505. Apr 07 20:09:06 <Hotehkhehn>    (Ah, my mistake)
  506. Apr 07 20:09:26 <Hotehkhehn>    "What service could you offer? quickly now"
  507. Apr 07 20:10:26 *       Kerosis generally does whatever she can to help Lehk out here.
  508. Apr 07 20:10:35 <SqueeGM>       "We can call upon Iaxihrehn to help your friend."
  509. Apr 07 20:11:31 <Lehkurehn>     "anything. Quick"
  510. Apr 07 20:12:12 *       Hotehkhehn grits his teeth "I.... fine!, one false move and I shall retaliate" he states to the men before stepping aside, keeping his spear pointed towards them.
  511. Apr 07 20:14:18 <SqueeGM>       The robed figure kneels at Lehkurehn's side, while the other watches over him, and places one hand on his chest, the other moving to cover his mouth. "Relax, child. Iaxihrehn will take care of you. He shall banish your demons and treat you as one of his own flock. Relax and allow him to help you."
  512. Apr 07 20:14:54 *       Lehkurehn tries to relax.
  513. Apr 07 20:16:38 <SqueeGM>       The figure murmurs and closes his eyes, summoning Iaxihrehn to lend his strength to Lehkurehn, and the presence in his awareness seems to fade away, a wave of tingling attacking his limbs as feeling starts to flow back into them.
  514. Apr 07 20:17:12 <Lahodin>       (back so what'd I miss <3~?)
  515. Apr 07 20:17:33 <Lahodin>       (Ah he's dieing, well that's bad!)
  516. Apr 07 20:17:34 *       Hotehkhehn growls "Were that merchant not long goen I would say we go back and ensure he does this to no other travellers"
  517. Apr 07 20:18:27 *       Lahodin seems to be taking this remarkably well honestly, though not at all talkative about it. Must resist urge to snark the guy might die after all! Though if he -does- die she'll be sure to tell him as much after the fact. Because she's terrible
  518. Apr 07 20:18:56 <Lehkurehn>     "well," lehkurehn pants, "that's different."
  519. Apr 07 20:18:57 <Lahodin>       "Oh dear, oh dear, this certainly isn't good at all." not really sure if they haven't gone from one swindler to another.
  520. Apr 07 20:19:27 <SqueeGM>       The figure stands up as feeling returns to Lehkurehn, though it feels like he's being pricked by needles all over his body.
  521. Apr 07 20:19:55 <Lehkurehn>     "what did you do, good strangers?"
  522. Apr 07 20:20:45 <SqueeGM>       "We sought upon Iaxihrehn to banish your demons, and it seems he took pity on you. You should accompany us to him and thank him personally for his help."
  523. Apr 07 20:21:18 <Lehkurehn>     "who is this laxihrehn?"
  524. Apr 07 20:21:26 <Kerosis>       "Or what?"
  525. Apr 07 20:21:57 <SqueeGM>       "He is our leader and our savior. He will bring us to salvation, and we will rise to glory with him."
  526. Apr 07 20:23:18 <Lehkurehn>     (who's up for more potentially dangerous ideas?)
  527. Apr 07 20:23:35 *       Hotehkhehn bows his head "Thankyou for your assistance" the man looking to Lehkurehn "We do note have time to keep getting sidetracked, after the merchant I believe, with all due respect, we should be more cautious of what we agree to"
  528. Apr 07 20:24:13 <Lahodin>       "Uh huh. Well I'm afraid I've got other saviors to deal with right now sirs. Nothing personal, but my debts are kindof elsewhere. -Though-. Yeah.... is this Laxihrehn a flesh and blood person really?"
  529. Apr 07 20:24:16 <Lehkurehn>     "we are on a bit of a schedule but you did help me. Perhaps we can give a gift in exchange?"
  530. Apr 07 20:24:30 <SqueeGM>       "It would be rude to spurn him. I would hope no ill favor is cast over your journey for doing so. What would you have us bring to him?"
  531. Apr 07 20:26:32 <Lehkurehn>     "I wish Laxihrehn no ill will. If we meet again in our travels I would gladly see him. I can offer you this Small but ornate reliquary that it might please him."
  532. Apr 07 20:28:12 <Lehkurehn>     "I have been told it brings good fortune, perhaps it was fortune that brought us to you"
  533. Apr 07 20:28:55 <SqueeGM>       The robed figure examines the reliquary and opens it, then looks revulsed. "What is the meaning of such an insult? You trapped a ghost inside this reliquary?"
  534. Apr 07 20:29:33 <Lehkurehn>     "Is there? I have yet to examine it."
  535. Apr 07 20:29:41 *       Lehkurehn opens the reliquary
  536. Apr 07 20:30:56 <SqueeGM>       The reliquary contains a mummified foot. "Did you loot a crypt for that?" the figure asks.
  537. Apr 07 20:31:25 <Lehkurehn>     "Nope, but I have suspiscions I know who did."
  538. Apr 07 20:31:51 <Lehkurehn>     " A swindler gave it to me for a broken sword."
  539. Apr 07 20:32:03 *       Lehkurehn tries to rouse the ghost
  540. Apr 07 20:32:28 <Lahodin>       "You never checked the thing since we got it?" Lah finding that a bit odd, it was hours between here and there after all supposedly. "Long story short sirs:We met  merchant. We didn't really trust the man. Our friend here did. You saw how it turned out for him when we arrived." she gives a wink, half tempted to pat him on the head. But naw.
  541. Apr 07 20:32:51 <Hotehkhehn>    "From the same merchant who poisened my ally" Hotehkhehn shaking his head "We meant no offense"
  542. Apr 07 20:33:54 <Lehkurehn>     "Unfortunately I have few other gifts to give," Lehkurehn sighs. "How about one of my meals?" Lehk says offering a travel ration.
  543. Apr 07 20:33:56 <SqueeGM>       The figure hmphs and hands the reliquary back. "Well, perhaps we will meet again. The least you can do for Iaxihrehn in exchange for his help is to tell no one of this encounter."
  544. Apr 07 20:34:14 <Lehkurehn>     "that we can arrange"
  545. Apr 07 20:36:12 <SqueeGM>       "Good luck in your journey. May Iaxihrehn walk with you."
  546. Apr 07 20:36:14 *       Kerosis just hangs her head in shame at this point.
  547. Apr 07 20:37:25 *       Hotehkhehn sets off down the path once more "No more stops, no more merchants, I am almost wishing it -had- simply been bandits" Hotehkhen says as he walks, looking to Lahodin "You're taking all of this very well"
  548. Apr 07 20:37:35 <Lehkurehn>     " when things are falling apart, kerosis!" lehkurehn proclaims as he rolls on the ground
  549. Apr 07 20:38:06 <Kerosis>       "Feeling well enough to continue?"
  550. Apr 07 20:38:27 *       Lehkurehn dusts himself off and tests his legs before following.
  551. Apr 07 20:38:47 <Lehkurehn>     "well enough to walk."
  552. Apr 07 20:38:49 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn seems to have mostly recovered from his episode, though he's still a little tingly.
  553. Apr 07 20:39:11 <Lehkurehn>     "Xisehdn?"
  554. Apr 07 20:39:36 *       Lehkurehn reequips his gear
  555. Apr 07 20:39:39 <SqueeGM>       The ghost reappears. "Yes?"
  556. Apr 07 20:39:55 <Lahodin>       "Well of course I am Hun, all went well, and if it didn't, well we'd just all have a chat with him in the crypts and tell him we told him so wouldn't we?" so cold under that cheery personality.
  557. Apr 07 20:40:21 <Lehkurehn>     "Send word to Kaliaxix to watch out for that merchant if you'd please."
  558. Apr 07 20:41:20 <Lehkurehn>     "perhaps in the crypt I'd finally get a vacation, Lah."
  559. Apr 07 20:41:52 <SqueeGM>       "Okay!" The ghostdog vanishes again.
  560. Apr 07 20:42:56 <Hotehkhehn>    "I worry about you sometimes Lah" Hotehkhehn says with a quirked brow to the fellow canine before looking to the others "Let us move swiftly, I would rather not stay on the roads for too long with Lehkurehn so vulnerable"
  561. Apr 07 20:43:45 <SqueeGM>       Thankfully, it's an uneventful walk the rest of the way to the town. There are several House Asixhredn guards at the entrance, who inspect the group from afar disinterestedly.
  562. Apr 07 20:45:31 <Lahodin>       How big is this town anywho? I imagin Lah can gather somewhat now from where she is... and where was she even suppose to deliver her little parsel in town?
  563. Apr 07 20:45:55 *       Hotehkhehn offers the guards a bow as they approach, tongue out once more "Greetings" he calls out "We seek passage into the town, if you would grant us it"
  564. Apr 07 20:46:45 <SqueeGM>       The guards greet Hotehkhehn as he approaches. "Greetings offered, of-Kaliaxix."
  565. Apr 07 20:47:56 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin was tasked to deliver her parcel to a Kaliaxix Housedog in the town. She's been here before, so she knows the way to their home, at least.
  566. Apr 07 20:48:42 <Hotehkhehn>    "We come baring a package for delivery" the man states, deciding that would be the best bet for getting them in "The roads are treacherous as of late, hence why so many of us are here"
  567. Apr 07 20:49:30 <SqueeGM>       The guard yawns and beckons them through with his spear. "Enjoy your stay."
  568. Apr 07 20:50:25 *       Hotehkhehn bows and makes his way inside, looking to Lahodin "Well, let us see to your duty first, perhaps there we can rest and learn more of what our job here shall be"
  569. Apr 07 20:50:46 <Hotehkhehn>    He will say this out of the guards earshot, naturally.
  570. Apr 07 20:51:08 *       Lehkurehn finds somewhere to sit and rest
  571. Apr 07 20:51:24 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn sits down under the shade of a tree.
  572. Apr 07 20:51:25 <Lahodin>       "Quicker we get the silly dog its exotic booze the better I think." she says half jokingly as usual, giving the guard dogs her usual HAPPY DOG FACE as she heads on inside with a nod. "Yes, your job will be, chasing down thieves or some such?" being a bit more low toned with that bit. "I'm sure it'll be very enjoyable for you all"
  573. Apr 07 20:52:11 *       Lehkurehn pokes at the foot idly.
  574. Apr 07 20:53:22 <Lehkurehn>     "perhaps I'll just leave you in a communal crypt."
  575. Apr 07 20:54:14 *       Hotehkhehn gives a chuckle "I believe is it your job aswell Lah, they offered more than just my services for this task" the man giving a happy face of his own "or did you think being sent with us was too subtle a hint?" he says teasingly before looking to Leh "That may be wise, I'd suggest we go and rest for a while once we have made this delivery, then use our ghost freind to learn more of our task"
  576. Apr 07 20:55:36 <Lehkurehn>     "indeed." lehkurehn gets up
  577. Apr 07 20:57:02 *       Lahodin gives a helpless shrug, Hoteh is clearly talking NONSENSE AGAIN. "I think that might be a -little- out of my job description sir. No offence. Unless I've got a pay-raise coming I don't know about...." she gives a laugh, her tone still amused despite everything "Not sure if I'd like a promotion like that~"
  578. Apr 07 20:59:21 <Hotehkhehn>    "You do, provided we suceed, failure may well result in the house cutting all ties with us" Hotehkhehn replies "It is out of -all- of our job descriptions, and yet here we are"
  579. Apr 07 21:00:10 *       Colour has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  580. Apr 07 21:00:27 <Kerosis>       "So what exactly is it we're here to retrieve again?"
  581. Apr 07 21:00:39 <Lehkurehn>     "Dunno."
  582. Apr 07 21:00:54 <Hotehkhehn>    "We will know once we are in cover, away from prying ears"
  583. Apr 07 21:01:06 <SqueeGM>       The group can see the manor looming on the other side of town, though. It's three stories high.
  584. Apr 07 21:01:29 *       Lahodin just laughs at Hotens serious. "Hun. I'm sorry, -very- sorry, but that is not a good way to convince me to help you with your little job. We were stuck together because we happeend to be heading in the same direction. Reasons for being here aren't the same. If you mess up I knew nothing about it~" she gives a wink. Might need some coaxing just because. either way yes she's heading to
  585. Apr 07 21:01:29 *       Lahodin bring her tuff back
  586. Apr 07 21:02:34 <Lahodin>       her delivery rather
  587. Apr 07 21:02:53 <Lehkurehn>     "let's get the delivery done first."
  588. Apr 07 21:05:40 <Hotehkhehn>    "Oh? The promise of a higher standing in the house, and great rewards does not tempt you? Are you truly that content with what you have?" Hotehkhehn replies with a smirk, following along "You're already here, and an easier life is but a short step away, I happen to know you wre always a professional at sneaking food from the kitchens, will this be so different?"
  589. Apr 07 21:06:04 <SqueeGM>       Do Kerosis and Lehkurehn follow Hotehkhehn and Lahodin to the house or do their own thing?
  590. Apr 07 21:06:23 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhehn is with Lohodin
  591. Apr 07 21:06:28 <Hotehkhehn>    Lahodin*
  592. Apr 07 21:06:29 <Kerosis>       Tagging along still.
  593. Apr 07 21:06:38 <Lehkurehn>     same
  594. Apr 07 21:09:50 <Lahodin>       "Heh, I suppose that door you're trying to shove me through -might- have that hun, though it might also have a muggers knife in my back, so excuse me if i'm not ethused is all~. I guess -another- question Is hould ask right about now is what use I'm going to be for your little game hm?"
  595. Apr 07 21:10:16 <SqueeGM>       They arrive at the front door of the house. There's a knocker on the side, and it seems to be a simple little hut with a dome roof.
  596. Apr 07 21:11:18 <Lehkurehn>     "games are fun. Why else would all the houses play them?"
  597. Apr 07 21:12:03 <Hotehkhehn>    "Competance for one" He whisper under his breathe to her "And as I said, I happen to know you have a nack for slipping around unseen, you have a reputation from your past you know"
  598. Apr 07 21:13:45 *       Lahodin knocks <3~ Might as well be polite. "Yes. Because I was a street rat when I was -five- I'm a master thief now." she seems UNIMPRESSED. "Exactly what is this little game going to entail, and what will we be doing anyway?"
  599. Apr 07 21:15:53 <Hotehkhehn>    "I shall let you know as soon as I know~, if you would be willing stick around for our ghost friend to give the details"
  600. Apr 07 21:16:52 <Lehkurehn>     "It entails petty larceny most likely else Ted would not of volunteered you," lehkurehn absently grumbles.
  601. Apr 07 21:16:56 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin feels a tingle pass through her when she knocks, noticing the knocker is made of bones. There are footsteps beyond the door, and a chubby female tombdog in Kaliaxix colors opens it, looking surprised at the group. "Oh! Can I help you?"
  602. Apr 07 21:18:41 <Lahodin>       "Hello~" you did say I was familiar with her. "Hedgy brings presents from home." the parcel is brought out as before. "Sorry for the crowd. They're all having panic attacks because of a few thugs on the roads. Mind if we come in~?"
  603. Apr 07 21:19:39 <SqueeGM>       "Ah, thank you, Lah." She takes the package and steps back inside. "You can if you want to."
  604. Apr 07 21:20:59 <SqueeGM>       The inside of the house is cramped. A narrow hallway winds through it, connecting small, tight rooms, leading up to a staircase. The group must walk in single file inside it.
  605. Apr 07 21:21:17 *       Hotehkhehn rolls his eyes at Lah's comment, he'd give her a playful bop on the head if he weren't carrying his spear "Thankyou" the man waiting for Lah to enter first "We had some trouble on the roads but nothing too serious, a conman was our greatest threat"
  606. Apr 07 21:22:02 *       Lehkurehn grumbles
  607. Apr 07 21:22:43 <Lahodin>       "I'm pretty sure lack of common sense was the greatest threat there." Lehkurehn gets patted <3~ she gives a laugh. inside we go. Shes by no means uncomfortable. Servant that she is she's used to cramped quarters at times. What does lah know about this lad anyway?
  608. Apr 07 21:23:00 <SqueeGM>       The tombdog disappears up the steep staircase, leaving the group to themselves politely.
  609. Apr 07 21:24:32 <Hotehkhehn>    Hotehkhen steps on inside too, hell even with it's narrow corridors it is probably a nicer house than his, the man looking around before calling up the parties ghost friend "Do ask what our task entails for us would you? We have arrived and are ready to begin"
  610. Apr 07 21:27:12 <SqueeGM>       The ghost nods and disappears again, before reappearing several minutes later. "He said that you need to break into the manor and find the items marked by the House symbol. He also asked that I please stop bothering him."
  611. Apr 07 21:27:52 *       Hotehkhehn sighs "-what- items would these be? He isn't being very specific for a task of great import"
  612. Apr 07 21:28:06 <Lehkurehn>     "good enough"
  613. Apr 07 21:28:32 <Lehkurehn>     "it's probably something embarrassing hotehk."
  614. Apr 07 21:29:11 <SqueeGM>       "I think he was implying that you're looking for a box or something, or some papers."
  615. Apr 07 21:30:01 *       Lahodin quirks a brow "... Okay... was he friendly enough to tell you what the items are? Or.. even tell you what that manor was like?" she half glances at Leh "Yes we gathered silly~ But well, unluckly for him if he wants us to succeed we're going to find out either now or later hm?" Lahodin gets an 'ick' look on her face. "So we search an entire manor for a box, and -maybe- some papers that
  616. Apr 07 21:30:01 *       Lahodin have a symbol on it. a Mansion. Which is never empty."
  617. Apr 07 21:32:13 *       Hotehkhehn gives a nod "It would be nice to know what these papers -are- exactly but I suppose well just have to figure that part out for ourselves" the man looking to Lahodin "I know that look, and I agree with you, but this job could really use someone with your talents" the man giving a grin "This job must have -some- reawrd for the risks it entails"
  618. Apr 07 21:34:04 <Lehkurehn>     "you only get to come back if you succeed anyways," Lehkurehn offers.
  619. Apr 07 21:34:47 <Lehkurehn>     "you were implicated before you even knew it."
  620. Apr 07 21:35:12 <Lahodin>       "..... it sounds more like you just don't have any the right talents for this to begin with, so even a -little- will do" She gives another laugh shaking her head "Now this is just silly I must say. I was here to deliver a package, this was -your- job. You just -can't- do it."
  621. Apr 07 21:36:44 <Lehkurehn>     "perhaps a little of both."
  622. Apr 07 21:37:52 <Lehkurehn>     "let's go in further than the hallway."
  623. Apr 07 21:38:14 <SqueeGM>       There's a sitting room, but it looks like it could barely accomodate three of you, let alone the whole group.
  624. Apr 07 21:38:19 <Lahodin>       heh <3~
  625. Apr 07 21:39:09 <Hotehkhehn>    "I was sent here to offer protection to the rest of the group as the job was carried out" Hotehkhehn replies "That is as far as my duty goes, hence why am the 'armed one'" the man looking to Lah "I won't lie, we could really use you, we'll have to figure out a plan and put it into action, I can promise to keep you out of trouble, if I can do that, would you help us?"
  626. Apr 07 21:39:51 <Lehkurehn>     good enough. lehkurehn tosses the ornate reliquary in there in case the ghost is alive before returning to the group to talk.
  627. Apr 07 21:40:41 <Kerosis>       (are people talking about robbing someone in front of them?)
  628. Apr 07 21:40:42 <Lehkurehn>     (let's do this without the possibility of spies)
  629. Apr 07 21:41:07 <Lahodin>       (Nope~ And the person who IS in this hosue is sort of one of ours I thought?)
  630. Apr 07 21:41:22 <SqueeGM>       (You're in the home of a Kaliaxix Housedog.)
  631. Apr 07 21:41:27 <Kerosis>       ah
  632. Apr 07 21:42:38 <Lahodin>       ".. well I'll play this game at least through the planning bits." She stretches and steals one of the seats for herself. "Well for one we should ask the local about that mansion and how it's set up. Maybe we'll luck out and they'll be hiring a few new hands for a party or some such."
  633. Apr 07 21:45:16 <Lehkurehn>     "If only we could be so lucky. We might be able to arrange an audience under some pretense."
  634. Apr 07 21:45:20 *       Hotehkhehn gives a nod, taking a seat himself "Potentially, I was also considerng the possibility of disguising ourselves as members of the house, if there is a method of aquiring their colours.... As horrid an insult as it is to them, I believe we are doing that already through our scheming"
  635. Apr 07 21:45:47 <Kerosis>       AFK a bit
  636. Apr 07 21:46:08 <Hotehkhehn>    (will we be pausing soon, it's 6am in the morning for me XD )
  637. Apr 07 21:46:18 <Hotehkhehn>    (near enough XD)
  638. Apr 07 21:46:31 <SqueeGM>       (We can stop now if you want, I should probably go to bed.)
  639. Apr 07 21:46:38 <Lahodin>       "look. I'm okay at sneaking. But there's a big differance between sneaking in the kitchen at night to steal a few extra pickles, heh, or other things peope sneak at night for~ -but- yeah.. differenace between that and sneaking through a mansion, that I know nothing about, and having to -search every room- for a paper I know barely anything about."
  640. Apr 07 21:47:03 <Lehkurehn>     (we can stop. I should sleep as well)
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