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Lady Ice 1.1 patch notes

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Nov 27th, 2016
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  1. Lady Ice 1.1 patch notes:
  3. - Lady Ice doesn't run as often, but can now run even when her spell is inactive.
  4. - Added unlockable extras, made available after completing the game. Play the game to find out ;)
  5. - Nerfed Lady Ice's teleporting power. She also doesn't teleport during her darkness spells anymore.
  6. - Removed some furniture; some players found it frustrating that there was so much furniture that could be in their way.
  7. - Made candles last longer... if you're not standing in them.
  8. - The candle the player holds now has a slightly larger light range.
  9. - Lady Ice run speed is slightly slower.
  10. - Replaced placeholder candle plane with a candle model.
  11. - Added new, more helpful tips.
  12. - Altered some tutorial tips.
  13. - Altered some SFX and music. Optimized for bass-boosting headphones.
  14. - Added new music which plays near game completion.
  15. - Added camera filter to make the game look much better.
  16. - Various performance optimzations.
  19. The following issues in the previous build are now fixed.
  20. - Lady Ice rapidly stutters between Idle and Run, causing performance/sfx/gameplay issues.
  21. - Lady Ice will be in idle pose, but will chase the player with running speed (possibly related to above issue)
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