The Invaders In My Room - 20

Mar 21st, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)


{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Chapter 20 - Merci à Lumagon

Recap: MC leaves the bathroom thinking about not wanting to meet ex-girlfriend.


XGF and MC stare at each other shocked.

MC: Long time no see.
XGF: Yeah, it's been a while; how many years? How are you?
MC: Yeah, thanks to you...

MC: {It's been a while.. It's been a while..}

MC: You said, you wouldn't come back to Korea... what I am looking at is not a ghost, is it?
XGF: You still have so much humor. Yeah, I'm back. Actually, I was planning to come back from the beginning.
MC: YOU..!

MC sees the guy (Blue Hair / Blue) who accompanied XGF heads toward them, he grabs XGF hand and return to the Male Bathroom with her.

They are hiding in a water closet, then blue enter in the bathroom too.

Blue on the phone: Hello? Hello CEO. I was going to contact you, but you're calling me first.

(Don't know there if Blue is the CEO or it's the character on the phone.)

XGF stares at MC and touches his dick through his trousers.

MC: What, what are you doing?
XGF: It does not remind you of our old days? Such a situation.. It amused us a lot, did not it?

Flashback of MC x XGF during their outdoor intercourse.

MC's blushing, XGF oopens his trousers and grabs his erected dick.

XGF: Hey hey, pervert. You're already excited, aren't you?
MC: Ugh!

Blue: Okay. Then let's have a quick meeting next week. I will contact you again tomorrow.

MC repels XGF.

MC: I look funny?! You did that to me and I do not care?!..
XGF: That whats? What did I do to you?

MC is trembling.

MC: YOU, YOU KNOW, YOU LEFT ME LIKE THAT.. You lied to me! How dare you..?!
XGF: Why? Can't I do that? Its common between a man and a woman. And when I said that I'll will throw you away, I did it.
You run away, you didn't even consult me.
MC: No.. I.. It was too hard.. I'm sure you understand.
XGF: Are you still mad at me? Did you miss me a lot?

MC looks away.

MC: Why would i do that?

XGF grabs MC face and she kisses him.


MC grabs her ass and tits and kisses her wildly. XGF rubs his cock.

Scene jumps to Short Hair who stares at her phone.

SH: {Mr.Woo Hyun.. It's late. What's going on? I don't know if anything has happened to him.}
{He lefts his phone.. Do I've to ask the staff to confirm it? No, let's wait a little longer..}

Blue Hair goes down the stairs.

BH: {Thank God. Na-Young aren't come back yet. But isn't she taking too long?}
{No, no, no. Unlike men, women have a lot of work to do in the bathroom.}

Meanwhile in the Bathroom.

MC licks XGF pussy.

XGF: Agh. Ugh. That's enough, isn't it? I can't stand it anymore.
Put it in me. Fuck me like we were used to do!


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