Drag and Drop from Client

Nov 14th, 2018
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  1. [2018-11-14T10:48:18] DEBUG: drag info received, total drag file number: 1
  2. [2018-11-14T10:48:18] DEBUG: dragging file 1 name: Gluecker.xml
  3. [2018-11-14T10:48:18] DEBUG1: recv enter, 1919,428 25 0000
  4. [2018-11-14T10:48:18] INFO: entering screen
  5. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG1: recv mouse up id=1
  6. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG: start receiving Gluecker.xml
  7. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG1: thread 0x00000368 entry
  8. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG: starting write to drop dir thread
  9. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG: dropping file, files=1 target=
  10. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] ERROR: drop file failed: drop target is empty
  11. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG1: thread 0x00000368 exit
  12. [2018-11-14T10:48:19] DEBUG1: recv leave
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