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  1. Update v1.4.53:
  2. Slightly toned down AI aggression on all levels, & reduced AI risk calculation bypassing for overtaking on 1st lap when running MEDIUM AI Aggression setting (HIGH & MAX remain with full bypass)
  3. Adjusted series-specific AI corner radius detection (used to decide whether to try switch lines to overtake) to more conservative values
  4. Added information for connected devices & other minor adjustments to controller UI
  5. Updated Montreal, Campo Grande, Brasilia, Caruaru, Buenos Aires, Guapore, Speedland, Granja, Cordoba, Spielberg & Salvador textures to latest standards
  6. Fixed Stock Car 2017 & Curvelo IDs for VX leaderboards
  7. Small update to billboard shaders, smoke & dust effects
  8. Minor tire wear adjustments to Boxer, SuperV8, StockV8
  9. Goiania: Fixed CTD loading short layouts
  10. Interlagos: Fixed nightlighting on new road sections in 2017 variants
  11. F-Ultimate: Added HALO as a configuration optional
  12. StockV8: Added Lapenna┬┤s car & fixed error causing Valerio┬┤s car not to load; Added missing driver talent files; Added 2017 championship option with correct season order & scoring; Fixed glare in night lighting; Fixed LOD flaw in rear fender
  13. Montana: Small adjustment on engine torque curve
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