The Amulet of Graveeda 4

Mar 5th, 2013
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  1. Daring Doo and the Amulet of Graveeda
  2. Part 4
  4. This is a shameless Fetish Story, leave now if you don't want that
  6. Contains: Pregnancy, belly expansion
  8. Daring was doing her best to just walk down the street, but she felt another wave coming on. Without much fuss she disappeared into an alleyway, not wanting to risk the fortune she had in coming across an old unused robe that helped hide her problem. Her 'problem' still managed to sag so low that anypony with a curious enough eye could look under the robe's hanging cloth and see it clearly. It was no small wonder how she managed to get this far without being stopped, her belly was grown so far out that she may as well have been wearing saddle bags under the robe. At the very least there were more ponies on the street, although most were stallions with that weary look in their eyes. Yet there was something deeper in them, some spark, like they heard a story of a rumor from a friend that hope might just be around the corner in the form of a figure that couldn't exist.
  10. Daring had bigger things on her plate, the wave was already starting and she had to find a place out of site. The foals in her gut already began kicking, a strange tickle that began building something else. It was hard trotting with so much weight in her gut, more so as her senses were overwhelmed by the slowly stronger kicks the foals were producing. She barely managed to get out of sight as the next part started.
  12. She groaned as her girth started rocking back and forth of its own accord, throwing so much weight around she had to take a wide stance to keep her balance. It went in many directions but it eventually settled in a forward and back rocking motion. Her entire body eventually swung with it, the robe teasing the sensitive surface as they brushed against each other. She couldn't help a slight gasp as the mass between her legs constantly displaced itself, the feeling of so much weight moving caused no end of fluttering sensations deep within it.
  14. She had to find a seat, quickly, her gut was getting warmer than usual which signaled the final stage. Daring opted to sit where she was, her own plot a little more cushy than she remembered it being. Her thoughts mattered little as the foals within her pushed, hard enough that Daring could see her stomach distend from obvious points of internal prodding. She couldn't help but squirm as she watched her belly be bumped and prodded from the inside, internal pressure moving around in a way that wanted to be released.
  16. They didn't realize how good it felt, her stomach had become different after the spa, and now these little things felt so much greater. Those two in her that fought for more room, rolling around like a couple trying to figure out which side of the bed they enjoyed more. It was almost like they wanted more room, as if her already tremendous girth wasn't enough. She had a need to give it to them, Daring knew that she needed to grow.
  18. She felt something in her gut, like a spark, that grew into a fire. Her girth bloomed immensely with heat, her mind caught off guard as her stomach began pumping much harder; from both internal prodding and her own breathing. Pressure built up quickly behind the heat, her gut slowly becoming firmer as an unseen force grew within her. Without warning she watched her gut grow, the sensitive surface billowing out across the ground in quick throbs of expansion. She couldn't help but stroke herself, the mass growing softer as it ballooned out in front of her.
  20. It stopped just short of looking like triplets, and Daring just gently caressed herself all the while. The sensation of the foals within her moving and kicking sending shivers all over, a soft warm throb occasionally echoing across her girth. She didn't care about her size anymore, she just wanted the foals within her to be happy and healthy, and from how much they rocked her gut about she knew they had to be.
  22. This had happened a few times before, she wasn't sure what it meant. Eventually though it would end, her gut would feel tight and firm once more, and the foals would cease being such a lovely distraction for a while. This time however it seemed it might last a while longer than usual, which was fine with her. It was so wonderful to rub that softened mass between her legs, to coax out the next throb with tender care. It was sad that the strange ghostly hooves had yet to return, they appeared the first time but had stopped ever since. She wondered what that meant.
  24. “Excuse me?”
  26. Daring's thoughts were interrupted by a rather deep voice, she failed to notice the open backdoor, and the stallion now standing within it.
  28. “A-are you?”
  30. Daring stopped him right there, and called him over. She had him sit before her, and gently rub the womb before him. It was good to feel hooves upon her, carefully stoking the fire in her belly. She could only delightfully sigh as a soft throb pressed into the stallion's curious touch, alongside a deliberate kick from one of the foals. The stallion almost seemed dumbstruck, as he continued to massage the living breathing mass before him. Coaxing out warm throbs time and again to feel her precious cargo answer his touch.
  32. She felt the last one coming, his careful slow circling hooves teased her senses constantly. She grunted from the building forces, and slightly pushed herself into him as her belly throbbed hard enough to push the stallion back a little. It stayed that way for a time, large and squashed against the stallion, who only sat bewildered as her warmth bathed over him. It seemed to last some time, the stallion poking at her curiously, but eventually her girth receded. Much to the stallion's confusion.
  34. “So.” Daring started as she finally recovered. “How did you know it was me?”
  36. The stallion got up without a word and went inside his house, he returned with a piece of parchment. It didn't take Daring long to figure it out. There was a picture drawn on it, a rather good profile of her. The message along the bottom was hard to figure out, it sounded more like a missing pony report instead of a bounty. Probably just a ruse to work over the kinder hearts.
  38. “Gonna turn me in?” Daring asked flatly.
  40. The stallion only shook his head in answer.
  42. Daring knew what he was most likely going to ask of her. What else would such a sad stallion need of her? She knew however, that if she accepted it, she wasn't going to be able to do much. Two was a task and a half, three would be almost impossible. Yet what was she supposed to say, no? After what he had seen, after what rumors he had heard? To hear no from the one pony that could help you? Just so she could wander around without a plan, and probably get caught anyway?
  44. No, she told herself, if they get me then they get me after I've helped everypony I can. “Take me to her.”
  46. The stallion of few words seemed surprised to hear her say that, “I-I don't have anything to give.”
  48. Daring just shook her head, “Why would I put a price on a foal?” The stallion seemed unable to answer her. “Now help me up, so we can go get your daughter back.”
  50. He did so eagerly, thankful to not use her wings to get up for once, and after she caught her breath followed him inside.
  52. ()()()()()
  54. “How long?”
  56. The headmaster picked up the amulet again, the light at its center growing dim. “Not very.”
  58. “Is there anything else we can do?”
  60. “Nothing I am willing to do.” He sighed deeply. “The picture Showcase found in the camera will have to do.”
  62. “What if the citizens are hiding her?”
  64. “Then they shall hide her.”
  66. “But sir.”
  68. “No, we are not returning to drive fear into their hearts. We are servant's of the godmother and by extension her people, we are not their keepers.” He looked upon the amulet solemnly. “If we are to fail, then we shall fail keeping to the code.”
  70. The amulet was suddenly whisked out of his grasp.
  72. The headmaster held his silence when he saw who took it.
  74. “If you won't act then I shall.”
  76. “Quick Fix.” The headmaster said back with a voice full of dull fire.
  78. “I will not have us wait as the future of my friends and their families hang in the balance. If we are not their keepers, if we are not their rulers, then we shall treat them as such. The ponies of Prodigal Point deserve to know what is at stake, they deserve to know that there is hope, and I won't stop until she is found.” He left those that had gathered without another word, the sound of his wings the only thing marking his exit as the amulet dangled from his neck.
  80. The headmaster snickered, “Maybe I was wrong about him.”
  82. ()()()()()
  84. “Will this be fine?”
  86. She simply asked him for a place with plenty of room, and he showed her to his home's living room. A rather spacious place that would've looked rather homey had the window's not been shut, and the fireplace unlit.
  88. “Yes, it'll be fine.” She shivered suddenly, a cold chill running down her spine. The foals in her womb leaped fearfully.
  90. “Are you alright?”
  92. Daring shook herself out of the numbness that the cold drove her toward. “Don't worry about it.” She pulled the robe she was wearing closer around herself.
  94. “I could light a fire, it'll only take a minute.”
  96. “No, bring your wife. I'll be alright, it's just a draft that's all.”
  98. The stallion left, but he seemed uneasy about doing so. Daring couldn't blame him, she felt off, something about that cold was just... wrong. She couldn't dwell on it though, she had to find a place to rest, her legs still aching from the earlier trip. There was an oddly shaped couch in the room, one of those things she usually saw in an office of a psychiatrist. It seemed good enough for her, and not to mention it looked rather plush.
  100. Her instincts were proven right as she lay upon it carefully, her gut towering over her as she wrapped herself up in the robe like a blanket. She still couldn't quite shake that cold feeling, but cuddling up with the warmth of her belly so close strengthened her, soothed her. Just in time as she heard hoof-steps getting closer.
  102. What rounded the corner only brought down a heavy hammer unto her heart. Never had she seen a mare so disheveled, so beaten down. It looked as though she hadn't looked after herself in weeks, only the strength of the one she loved keeping her going. Daring didn't care if she was never able to walk again, this mare, this mother, had suffered enough.
  104. Daring tried to call her over, to bring her near, but the mare seemed frozen in fear. A look of total disbelief across her tired and worn features. It wasn't until her husband gave her a slight push that she reacted at all, yet she never took her eyes from the twin filled womb before her.
  106. Daring reached out to her when she was close enough, picked up one of her hooves and said. “It's over.”
  108. The mare teared up, “No... you can't help me. It's been too long.” Her voice hitched as she tried to continue. “I can't even remember her name.” She could no longer stand as the grief resounded in her anew.
  110. “Listen to me,” Her head was still held low, sorrow drenching her features, “Hey, listen to me.”
  112. Her chin was lifted up by Daring until she was looking her in the eyes.
  114. “Do you still want her back?”
  116. The mare weakly nodded her head behind broken sobs.
  118. “Then we’ll bring her back.”
  120. She still didn't look like she believed, but it didn't stop Daring. She was going to bring her child back, no matter what. She guided the mare's hoof to her waiting belly, and let her begin. Like before she could feel the warmth in her womb grow as she began massaging in a small circle, and after a time the mare leaned forward in a slight trance to kiss her stomach. Once more Daring felt a slight spark from her touch, saw a wisp disappear into her mouth, yet heard no name whispered under her breath.
  122. She had no time to contemplate it though, as her gut began to swell with warmth. It slowly pulsed alongside each breath, growing larger with every surge of heat. A pressure began to build up within her, pushing against her stomach's expanding limits. Daring almost couldn't believe how truly large she was becoming, when the first real throb hit her she was lost in the titanic girth's seemingly endless flutter that slowly worked its way through the immense womb within her.
  124. She ached with need as warmth surged up her throat and she leaned back to let it loose. Once again a light left her mouth and floated toward the expectant mother, she looked at it longingly, but no words came. The wisp stayed for a time, but it slowly faded, leaving the mother alone once more. Daring didn't understand what went wrong, and she had little time to figure it out as something in her gut demanded her attention.
  126. She was radiating a warm glow, like before, yet this time it was so much stronger. The forces churning within her left Daring in a state of total bliss as she rolled slightly to reveal the crest of her mountain to the mare. Once more the mare approached, her eyes in a trance, and she did something that left Daring breathless.
  128. The touch of the mare's lips had brought about feelings before, but now with her soft lips wrapped around her sensitive navel Daring was lost to them completely. Her touch left a storm of sensations driven deeply into her through that one point, the smooth texture of the lips making her entire girth flutter and throb. She seemed to play with it in her mouth, teasing the senses to new highs as her navel had no end of it.
  130. Suddenly she started to pull and suck upon her navel, each time making the tremendous girth visibly surge larger as Daring felt warmth building within as pressure grew with it. She tried not to but would occasionally thrust her gut in tandem with the throbs of growth, each time the mare pulled deeply making her gut grow a bit larger, a bit larger, and a bit larger as the pressure grew quicker than she could. Daring could feel it pushing against her navel, each long drag from the mare made a throb pulse deeply through her and the heat try to leave.
  132. She held it back, but suddenly her gut was rocked by a contraction. She groaned deeply as she shoved her swollen navel wholly into the mare's mouth. She could feel the warmth surging out her navel into her, and watched in awe as it traveled down into her unconscious form. Her belly would throb in an immense release, only to grow firm with pressure once again, as the mare's belly began to surge larger from the forces being driven into it.
  134. Daring could feel the life within her beginning to grow as the mare popped off her navel and gently fell to the floor. Her stomach was filled with a strange light, and it would gurgle and rumble with every sudden surge of growth. Daring herself was unable to concentrate as she watched her womb rock about, its size increasing as another weight began to appear within. She groaned as her stomach thrust itself upward, growing with the child fighting for room. Her entire mass quivering with a tingle as it would throb, stretch marks appearing all over its immense surface. It thrust upward again, the peak being pushed outward even farther than it was before, her shape truly growing into a healthy set of triplets. She couldn't contain herself amidst all the throbbing and growth, her belly surging up and down from her hot and bothered breathing. She yelped as a sudden gurgle preceded the last mighty surge of growth, her belly surging upward immensely until her womb could feel a powerful pressure within from the three full grown foals sharing the space within.
  136. Daring could only breathe easily as she watched her new size rise and fall with grace, the warm throbs slowly tapering off as the warm glow left her. It wasn't until she could hear the sounds of a couple happy and crying from the return of their lost foal that Daring realized it was all over. Yet she couldn't join them in their revelry, she felt tired, and cold. All she could do was wrap the robe tighter around her body and slowly close her eyes, as her belly stood tall and unaffected by what she felt.
  138. ()()()()()
  140. He couldn't believe it as he held his wife, his daughter was back, she was really back. Alive and kicking in the womb as he saw his wife smile and laugh for the first time in days. How was he supposed to thank her, what was he supposed to do?
  142. “Godmother, I-” His word's were cut short as he looked upon her. She looked strange with her eyes closed, her face slightly pale.
  144. “Godmother?” He said again as he touched her face, and recoiled instantly as he felt the sting of a powerful hissing coldness from his touch.
  146. “Hun, what's wrong?” His wife said as she got up off the floor, careful to not harm herself.
  148. The godmother arched her head back, an expression of pain on her face as she gently coughed, a small cloud of black smog rising out of her throat. The couple didn't know what to do, as they saw that ancient omen rising from their savior's maw. Suddenly a sliver of light appeared within the cloud, and disappeared back into the godmother's mouth. The smog seemed to gain a life of its own, as it chased it back down. The godmother's eyes shot open, a long painful scratchy breath echoing her awakening.
  150. “Godmother, what's-” He was unable to finish as she reached out and wrapped her hoof around his foreleg to pull him close. The strange sensation of warmth and bitter cold racing through her touch as he finally noticed that there was something different about her eyes, an otherworldly color to them.
  152. “Find him,” She coughed and expelled another cloud of black smog, “Bring him!” Without another word she passed out, the warmth leaving her touch as only coldness remained.
  154. For a moment the stallion was stunned, unable to process what just happened. Her eyes had not been the only thing that changed, her voice sounding like it had come from another pony as well. He didn't understand, how was he supposed to understand? It wasn't until he remembered the note, the pony in the robe who had posted it to his door. Was that what she meant, did 'he' belong to that group?
  156. “What did she mean? Honey, what in the world is going on?”
  158. “Blossom I'll be back.” He began to make for the door. “Just don't touch her, whatever you do don't touch her!”
  160. His wife just watched him leave, a fearful movement rocking her womb. She couldn't help but be just as afraid, all while she watched more smog rise from her daughter's savior.
  162. ()()()()()
  164. There was a meager crowd gathered in the space. A sparse population, but far more than there had been in the prior days had left their homes to hear what this pegasus had to say; a few mares were even in the crowd.
  166. “She is out there, she walks among you, helping any she can find. But she is in danger, she needs your help as much as you need hers, if you find her then tell her.” He held the amulet around his neck up high. “She has nothing to fear from us, we are not her enemy but her ally. With our help she may restore all that has been lost, before we lose her.”
  168. There was murmuring in the crowd, they sounded afraid, unsure.
  170. He spoke over them once more, “I know this is much to ask, a great change that you had no warning of, but I beseech you to act if you find her. Simply tell her what I told you, and if she may find us before it is too late. Thank you all, and may the godmother protect you.”
  172. Quick Fix took the skies without another word, he had many more places to go, more hope to spread. It wasn't until he had cleared the rise of a building that he heard something, a voice crying out from the crowd below. He banked back toward it, until he saw a single stallion practically jumping out of the small throng of ponies trying to get his attention. Shouting out to him until he descended from the air into the small space the ponies gave him. The stallion that grabbed his attention seemed out of breath, as though he had done more than just jump and shout to get his attention.
  174. “What is the matter?” Quick Fix asked plainly.
  176. The stallion finally seemed to catch his breath, “The godmother, something's wrong. I think the curse has her.”
  178. The crowd immediately reacted, but Quick Fix spoke over them. “Where is she?”
  180. “My house, please, she told me to find you. I think you're the only one who can help her.”
  182. He didn't care what the stallion meant by that, he had the amulet and it was the only thing that could save her if she was truly at the end. “Bring me to her, quickly!”
  184. They left in a full gallop, a few ponies from the crowd followed. Just as curious as they were worried, the future of their families resting on what may happen.
  186. ()()()()()
  188. Daring was so cold, it was so dark. There was a voice but it had faded, just like her body, gone and far away now. Yet there was still some warmth, the warm glow that emanated from her womb. No matter how cold she felt that source never died, it stood against this fog, this thing that had stolen the world from her eyes. She could still feel them, those three foals that danced within her, yet they were not the ones beginning to disappear. She could feel it pulling her, dragging her numb form down into the deepest reaches of the darkness, where the cold bit at its deepest. Her body left behind.
  190. All Daring could think of was her life, what it had led to. There was so much about her old life that she loved, the adventure, the discovery, but in all of it she had never done something like this. She thought of them, those three in the womb. Three was good number, three families saved, three lives allowed to live, it was more than most could say. As her world grew colder she couldn't help but smile, the warmth of the far off womb never fading. She knew, deep down, that it couldn't have them. So many had been taken, so many were still lost, but these three. They were safe.
  192. And that was good enough.
  194. ()()()()()
  196. They rounded the corner upon the stallion's home, and stopped at what they saw.
  198. “Blossom?” The stallion spoke up. “What are you doing outside?”
  200. “I tried to stay with her, but...” She said through a shiver, “It's just so cold I couldn't. I'm sorry but I couldn't.”
  202. Quick Fix ignored them, their house was a dreadful sight to say the least. The windows were frosted, icicles hanging from the gutters, and a dreadful smoke rising from their chimney. He took note of the amulet around his neck, the light had faded, leaving only a black mark upon the amulet's womb.
  204. He tried to maintain a sense of hope, “That wouldn't happen to be from a fire would it?” The stallion answered him with a flat no. “Of course it isn't, can't be that lucky.”
  206. This was going to be bad, he knew that, but he had to go on. He touched the door, the handle coated in ice and painful to the touch.
  208. The stallion tried to stop him, “Wait, what are you doing?”
  210. “I have to go,” he said back sternly, “I have to try.”
  212. “Alright...” The stallion spoke one more time. “Last room at the end of the hall.”
  214. He thanked him, and pushed himself through the doorway without a second thought. He was greeted by darkness, the warmth of the outside world left behind as the door slammed shut; there was no going back. He did his best to pull his robe close, but the air was filled with such an intense chill that items that he could make out in the home seemed frozen and brittle to the touch. He had to be fast, this was the curse at its worst and he wouldn't last long in its presence.
  216. He tried to find his way, the hallway before him. Each step caused the floorboards beneath him to groan longingly, the coldness robbing them of any supple property they may have had. All the while he could already feel ice forming on his nose, and his ears, as the smoke hung in the air with a ghostly stillness. Only retreating from the amulet's presence, a sign that there might still be hope.
  218. He made out a doorway, the last room at the end of the hall, where the smoke was thickest. He crossed the threshold, the smoke stinging his eyes with an icy bite. Nothing was going to stop him, not until he found her. He could see something in the smoke, a soft glow, a beacon that brought forth a slight shimmer to the amulet. He followed it, and as he drew close he seemed to enter the eye of the storm. The smoke pulled back as the form of the godmother was given to him, but what he saw brought no elation to him.
  220. She was pale, the color of her fur undone by frost and magic. The air seemed to hang still, far colder than the rest of the home, as an occasional gout of smog would rise from her lips. Just looking upon her brought a sting to his eyes. Yet there was one thing that did give him rest to what he saw. Her womb was still intact, and with a curious touch he found it cold, but a gentle warmth emanated deep within. A weak kick answered his prodding.
  222. Quick Fix looked upon the godmother, the mare he never knew, and smiled. She had done so much, for those unknown. Refused to let the families she met suffer. It wasn't something he wanted to see end in such a way. He felt a need to speak to her, even if she could not hear him. He leaned close to her ear and spoke softly, as if she was only sleeping.
  224. “You've done more for us than you'll ever know.” Quick Fix then pulled himself away from her and let her rest.
  226. He was prepared to stay there with her, until the curse gave up on taking the foals, to see that her body was properly watched over for the rituals that would follow. He still couldn't believe it though. This couldn't be how it ended, he refused to believe it so. One simply mistake, one careless decision was not going to destroy an entire generation.
  228. Then he saw her ear twitch.
  230. ()()()()()
  232. Daring wasn't sure what she just heard, it was a voice, but it was so far away. Yet it's sound filled her with so much pride, and she couldn't remember what it said. Suddenly there was a light, a spark in the distance, for only the briefest of moments. Then she felt something, a hoof press into her body, it was so warm. Before it could stand by her for more than a moment the cold bit deeply into its flesh and the hoof recoiled in pain.
  234. She didn't understand what was happening, why could she still feel her body when it was so far away. Then the warmth returned, this time an entire torso wrapped around her, the cold sinking its fangs into its flesh but it wouldn't release her.
  236. “Listen to me.”
  238. It was so faint, so far away, but she could hear him.
  240. “Take what you need from me, just find the light, find the star.”
  242. She could see it, far off in the distance, back where her body might be. Daring wished to move, yearned to go, but she couldn't. It was a strange numbness that spread through her mind, the warmth removed a layer of it but there was still so much more. Suddenly she felt lips wrap around hers in a strange sensation, as warm air was breathed into her body.
  244. It lit a fire in her belly, and suddenly she could feel herself breath again, the numbness fading away. She could feel him growing cold though, the curse attacking him directly to try and claim her again. She wasted no time, the star racing toward her as she felt herself somehow move through the space. The warmth of the stranger was slowly fading, the darkness growing strong again. No matter how great it became though she could still see it, that star getting closer. The coldness started to wrap around her again, just as the star was within reach. The stranger seemed gone, an echo from her body, the bitter cold crushing her with its presence. She just reached, and threw herself forward in one last effort to contact the star.
  246. She felt herself brush against it, a warmth channeled itself through her, and in an instant she felt the heat explode outward into every corner of the darkness. Light sweeping away the darkness as her skin felt like it was on fire. She could feel her body again, it too burning up as she felt this strange power course through her, and suddenly the world disappeared in a flash of light.
  248. ()()()()()
  250. The first thing she realized is that she could breath of her own will again, and in a fitful gasp she opened her eyes. What she saw though was not the home she had entered, or even a room at all. She was gazing upon a star filled sky, one that extended out in every direction, even below her as she floated in this strange place. She was deeply confused, which only grew to worry as she noticed her body was entirely normal, no womb extended out to greet her. Before she could truly panic a light erupted before her, a strange silver fire that burned brightly. It's warmth felt strangely familiar to her.
  252. “You have done so well Daring Doo.”
  254. That voice, she knew that voice. “Wait, who are you?”
  256. “I am the first.”
  258. Daring was almost rendered speechless, “You're...”
  260. “Graveeda, yes.”
  262. “Wait but... how?”
  264. “In order to combat the curse, to undo the damage that it's master wrought, I cast a spell. One that changed me, and sealed my fate within what some might view as a simple trinket. To act as a conduit and guide to those that would follow me to share in this responsibility.”
  266. Daring saw something in the distance, a shimmer that took shape. Three foals sprang into being, running around a field as they played with one another, one colt and two fillies.
  268. “So... they're safe now?”
  270. “Yes.”
  272. “But...” She couldn't help but think about all the others, the other families that she knew must still be hurt.
  274. “They shall be fine. Although there is one small stipulation that must be observed.”
  276. The fire before her sparked, and suddenly Daring could see them. The countless embers floating freely in the space around them, each one a tiny fire like the one that blazed before her.
  278. “When the godmother has been found, and she is united with me here in the ether. The curse's hold is undone. The lives that it held hostage are set free to stay here with me.”
  280. Daring couldn't help that she sensed an upcoming, “But?”
  282. “But. I am not connected to the physical realm anymore. Without that conduit I cannot find their mothers and they shall stay here with me in peace should they never return.”
  284. “So you need me... you need to become me so you can find them, right?”
  286. “Yes and no.” Daring was slightly confused by her answer. “I do not become you, and you do not become me. While a godmother is awoken, you share in my power, and I rest within you. When your time is done you shall be allowed your due rest. Nothing of you is overwritten or undone, you only gain the power I weaved for myself that long time ago, but only if you choose to do so.”
  288. “I... I have a choice?”
  290. “Yes. In what little time I have known you, when our minds were one for brief instances I saw your old life, what you love to do. I knew that when I made the spell I must make this loophole, for I cannot ask this of you forcefully. Becoming the godmother would mean giving up the life you once knew, and devoting yourself to your subjects. You would not be the first to say no, and none would think less of you.”
  292. Daring contemplated it for a time, she loved adventuring, going out and exploring the world. “What about them?” She spoke of the formless sparks floating around the space. “What about them if I say no?”
  294. “They shall be here with me, as I said. If another godmother can be found before their mothers have gone, and they still wish to bear them, they might still return.”
  296. “But I’m special aren't I? It can't just be any mare.”
  298. “No, it can't.”
  300. “Would the curse come back if I turned you down?”
  302. “No, not for some time. It can sadly never be removed, the last attempt by a deranged ruler to control and take his subjects with him. The power I created with my magic only fools the curse, tricks it into believing there is no foal; when in fact it is merely in two places at once. But this meeting, our joining finally coming this close, has given me strength. If need be I can return to my duty and suppress it for some time, hopefully long enough for another young godmother to appear. Those conceived in your absence would live to see the day, and those here I would raise to the best of my ability. Then let them rest when they so choose.”
  304. Daring could only mull over what she thought, her questions run dry. She knew the mothers would survive, if they knew that the curse was passed for good, if they knew they could always try again without fear. But she kept thinking about their loss, she couldn't bring herself to say she was okay with telling them that she was unable to make the final call to save them. Even if it meant giving up her old life.
  306. “I'll do it.”
  308. “Are you sure? This is not a choice to make lightly.”
  310. Daring could still see them, the three foals she had saved, eventually made real to live their own life. She wanted all of them to have that.
  312. “Yes, I am.”
  314. “Then prepare yourself,” The fire was suddenly very close to her, the heat intense as the voice seemed to lose some of its formal tone. “And just to be frank, it may get a little weird.”
  316. Daring just smiled, “I may like weird.”
  318. ()()()()()
  320. Suddenly Daring was aware of hooves on her shoulders, and legs wrapped around her waist. She realized the fire before her was taking on a form all its own, one of a mare no less.
  322. “Like I said,” Graveeda spoke from her own mouth, “This may get weird.”
  324. Daring pulled her close, “And what did I say?”
  326. Graveeda suddenly locked her lips over Daring's, who simply closed her eyes and went with it. She wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a kiss, but when she felt warmth being fed into her she felt amazing nonetheless. It was like a fire being pumped down into her belly, each breath dragging more of this wonderful sensation out of the goddess and into her womb. She could feel it rising, higher and higher with every long breath, moaning into Graveeda's mouth as she just continued to drag that sensation out her again and again, her gut slowly rising to softly cushion against her lover's soft plot.
  328. She pulled back, much to Daring's delight as she leaned back into Daring's growing paunch, her soft plot pushing into its warm surface. “Thank you again Daring, from me and all you'll help.” Suddenly her form returned to that of pure fire, and Daring gasped as she snaked her way into her mouth. She pushed her way inside her, as Daring felt her belly button pop out of place again. In an instant the power of a goddess firing into her belly broke loose in an immense surge as she witnessed her gut grow threefold from what it had been. Gently throbbing as it processed the growth that had just occurred. Daring could only watch it rise and fall, the soft warmth bathing over her, and sigh deeply.
  330. “If only there were more like her~” She said with a longing moan as she felt her stomach churn with butterflies from the aftereffects of the joining.
  332. Suddenly she felt something tickling her, when she looked she could see three little lights dancing on the crest of her belly, near her navel. They seemed familiar. Without warning they jumped into her belly button, driving a wonderful tickling sensation all the way down as they traveled into her womb. When they landed she felt pressure spike within her, as the strange little lights ignited within her like coals on a fire. She gasped as three sets of legs grew within her, shaking and rumbling her gut with their kicking.
  334. “G-good to see you guys to.” She managed to say weakly, before she felt another tickle on her stomach.
  336. There was another little ember at her navel, seemingly testing it every once in a while. Daring teased it with a curious thrust, without further prodding she gasped. The little thing began thrusting back, forcing itself inside her navel in a storm of sensation as it too traveled down into her womb, another coal that ignited and billowed her gut out higher. The force if it stretching her paunch taut, and firm, as she sensually rubbed it as best she could.
  338. Another tickle, and another thrust drove her mad. A fifth child popped into being within her. Her gut filled with a wonderful ache that was answered as she grew again. Before she had time to recover she felt more pressing against her belly button. This time four pressed into her, testing the size of her navel as they forced themselves inside. They made her grow as well in a fitful yelp as her gut lurched forward in a series of sudden throbs. While she was still growing she felt more trying to force their way in, and when she opened her eyes she was stunned.
  340. There was an immense cloud of them all around her, all lining up to be let inside. They wasted little time after her discovery. Her senses driven mad as she moaned from the force they exerted on her throbbing and sensitive outtie, groups pushing themselves inside her as she grew for them, the passage slowly accommodating more until the stream was almost constant. She would grow in a single immense throb, and then more coals would enter the womb to grow her again in another throb, the time between them slowly lessening.
  342. She let out a long moan when the stream became constant, her gut in a constant state of growth as her navel was a constant funnel for more of the embers. Each one forcibly squeezed themselves inside her, the sensation of them forcing their way in made her feel all manner of butterflies streak through her gut and tingles shiver across her skin as it continued to grow before her. She could feel the end nearing, the last of them making their way within her, many still growing to their full size. Their weight truly monumental as she felt them pushing at her womb to make it grow even more for them.
  344. Her womb was getting tighter, the throbs becoming less gentle as her gut became taut. She was unconsciously thrusting herself forward into a strange ghostly pressure against her navel, coaxing it to go on and on, to grow just a little more with each pulse. Then the pressure began to build, her womb unable to continue, all those foals within her still growing. She groaned as it built up, her stomach refusing to go any farther. She could feel the stress stretching her paunch to its limit, trying to fight for more room that she didn't have. She could feel her gut be rocked by a contraction as it all tried to grow for her, just shy of what she needed. Her muscles a force of iron that bound her gut to its current size.
  346. Suddenly she noticed a small sliver of fire before her face. Is disappeared into her throat without warning, and she felt a long breath of air and warmth surge into her gut. Her womb broke free from the binding muscles as it exploded in size over her, throbbing and shaking from all the hooves rocking her about. All she could do was let loose a deep content groan as she watched it rock about, happy enough that she could do this for them, and for all the mother's back in the real world. Sleep slowly overtaking her as she could still feel them down in her womb, warm and happy as they tickled her from the inside with their little kicks.
  348. ()()()()()
  350. Daring woke up when she realized she couldn't feel them anymore. The warmth still slightly there, but the weight and size gone. She looked down and saw her paunch was almost flat, only slightly distended like she had a big meal. Then she realized she was on a rather fancy bed, the room and ceiling a silvery white color.
  352. “Good morning, Godmother.”
  354. She gasped in surprise and nearly fell off the bed, an old stallion only a few feet from her standing unseen. “What the hay is the big idea!?”
  356. “Excuse me.” He cleared his throat. “Finch, Glory Finch, headmaster of the Graveedan Order.”
  358. “So... you're the guys that wanted me so badly?”
  360. “Yes... and I hope any misunderstanding can be made clear. We do not wish to alarm you.”
  362. Daring noticed something, “Hey, why are you wearing a white robe?”
  364. “It's tradition to wear white so long as a godmother fills the office.”
  366. “So you guys were never trying to stop me?”
  368. “No, it was all a very unfortunate mishap. It shamed us all greatly to think you feared us in any respect.”
  370. “Well fear isn't the word i had in mind for what i thought of you, but maybe if you hadn't been so secretive in the first place I wouldn't of needed to be. Quill didn't even-” She remembered what Brash had done. “Wait a minute, is she okay? Where are the foals?” She asked while slightly brushing her belly.
  372. “She's fine. If I may?” He seemed to be asking permission to sit, she gave it, something she would have a hard time adjusting to. “We went into hiding a long time ago, the last headmaster did some... very deplorable things. Broke almost every code we live by. It was all part of trying to root out the problems within our own order. It's a long story, but let's say that... you're not supposed to lock away the godmother and ration her out like a prize to those with status or enough money to pay the right ponies.”
  374. “Well I don't know if it worked.” She said with a frown as she remembered Brash.
  376. “There are still problems, and we seek to improve ourselves every day. I only hope that Quick Fix will be a fitting example of what all of us should strive to become.”
  378. Why was that name so familiar to her? She may have only heard it once before, but it was more than that. “Wait...” She remembered that voice, that stallion that helped her when the curse had her. “Is he alright?”
  380. “He survived, barely, we've been giving him treatment but don't know if-”
  382. The door to the room suddenly burst open, a rather tired and shaking stallion standing at the threshold. “The Captain of the Guard is to always be at her side, unless ordered otherwise by her majesty!” He said in a rather weak shout.
  384. A somewhat doting nurse came up behind him. “I'm sorry, he stormed off as soon as he was conscious.”
  386. “Well-well, it seems the ether has yet to claim you my boy. That stubborn to see the godmother on her day of apotheosis Quick Fix?”
  388. That word made Daring think of alicorns, she checked her head and found it bare, yet she still had her wings. Only sharing in the power seemed to be true, and she had to admit she was a little sad to not have that unicorn advantage.
  390. “Just doing my duty.” He slumped over onto her bed, “P-permission to...”
  392. He barely finished as he passed out right in front of her, the nurse verbally panicked for a moment before they all noticed he was still breathing.
  394. “So,” Daring began as she grabbed the headmaster’s attention. “You're not bad, and want to help me?”
  396. “It is our sworn duty.”
  398. “Alright then... How soon until I can start helping them, they've gone on like this for too long.”
  400. “In a few hours, during the twilight. It's ceremonial and the time which helps you channel your first true growth best. Until such a time we can teach you to use your magic effectively enough to control yourself.”
  402. Daring wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that, or by magic, she had no horn. He seemed to sense her confusion and tapped a strange metal necklace she wore, it looked familiar, like the amulet she had seen before. Only now it was wrapped around her neck like a far more intricate and personal piece of jewelry.
  404. “Not bad.” She said as it started to glow, her gut growing ever so slightly with a noisy gurgle. She cleared her throat and controlled herself. “So. Is there anything else I should know?”
  406. “We don't want to overly stress you, so we've planned to only take a few mothers a night, so that you might-”
  408. “Oh, no.” She said out loud. “We take every one we can get, they've been through too much to get put on some waiting list now.”
  410. “But-”
  412. “They've been through enough! Now I don't care how much YOU think I can take, because I'm pretty I know how much I can handle. So I don't care. We're going to help as many as we can, as best we can; even if I get a little uncomfortable in the process.”
  414. She got up off the bed, careful enough to not disturb Quick Fix but not so much to not make a racket as she left.
  416. “Now would somepony point me to a kitchen, I got all kinds of weird cravings going on and I haven't eaten in a while.”
  418. Headmaster Finch just shook his head and laughed, “Oh she's gonna be a good one.” He then leaned over to the unconscious Quick Fix on the bed, “And you're going to have your hooves full.”
  420. He then chuckled deeply as he followed her out. Sure that this was going to be a truly great day in Prodigal Point's history.
  422. ()()()()()
  424. The time had arrived, and Daring was escorted to a different part of the palace. A special room at the end of a long hallway, on the other side was a similar door, and a similar hallway. It was a place built with care, with meaning and purpose. It was small, not dreadfully so, but enough to give a feeling of privacy and warmth that radiated through the space. She rested upon something strange, something that she may lay, lean, or even sit upon in great comfort while still not being to far off the ground. They said it was called the mother's cradle, an odd yet fitting name even if it didn't look like a cradle. As she waited for a mother to enter from the room beyond the doorway where they waited.
  426. Even with all of this, the warmth of the room and the comfort of the strange cradle, Daring was uneasy. Most of the knowledge about godmothers was lost, she learned most from Finch and his experience when he was younger; apparently one of the only squires from that day who treated the imprisoned godmother with any respect. The only other knowledge they had was from old books and accounts, much of which Daring didn't understand. There was apparently much more to being what she was than just giving back lost foals. Whatever the future may hold for her though, she was ready, she could worry about what she didn't know later.
  428. She shifted about uneasily in the cradle, sitting upright as she tried to ease her nerves.
  430. “Are you sure you wish to see them all?”
  432. “Yes, I am.” She sighed. “I just thought there would be more than seven... and that you might know more about me than you do.”
  434. “Well, there are still more than a few skeptics. Thinking we are just making promises around an old superstition.”
  436. “Can't blame them, when I woke up with that first foal in me I thought I had gone nuts for a little while.”
  438. “Before or after you remembered how good it felt?”
  440. Daring felt herself blush for a moment, “Did that old godmother really tell you about that?”
  442. “We shared stories... among other things.” He seemed to say with a dreamy haze about his face.
  444. Daring felt she understood now, why he treated this entire thing with such importance.
  446. “But that was another life. We'll figure this out one day at a time.”
  448. “Thanks again for staying for the first, even though you said you shouldn't.” He had been clear about how the ritual was a sacred thing meant only for her and the mother, but sometimes exceptions could be made.
  450. “It is not my place to tell the godmother what is right,” he then shot her a sly smile, “but if she realized she bit off more than she could chew, I would be glad to be there when she had done just that.”
  452. Daring just gave him a meaningless glare, to which he laughed, he was definitely a strange old stallion she would give him that. She heard the door handle on the other side of the room begin to turn, and they grew silent as it opened ever so slowly.
  454. ()()()()()
  456. The mare that walked through the other side looked as though she had tried to clean herself up for the occasion, yet Daring could see the bags under her eyes, the tiredness to her gait. There was a place for her to sit, if she so chose to, yet she could just as well stand and remain at eye level with the godmother in her cradle. This one chose to stand.
  458. “I...” She seemed unsure if she was supposed to speak, but found her voice. “I want him back.”
  460. It must of been what she was told to say, either way Daring just leaned forward and grasped one of her hooves. “Then call to him.”
  462. She placed the mother's hoof upon her slightly pudgy paunch, and before she even began to softly stroke her in a circle the warmth began to build. It was far quicker than before, but Daring still watched in awe as her womb began to glow. When the mother leaned forward to kiss her gently all she could do was prepare to feel her slightly distended stomach bloom anew with life within.
  464. When the light disappeared into the mother's mouth Daring couldn't help but lean back as she let that familiar growth in her gut return. She could feel it brushing out past her legs, the sensitive surface tickled by her fur brushing against itself. The warmth continued to fill her at an even pace as she could feel the pressure building against her stomach's limit until she had a practical ball hanging from her waist, her navel still intact and internal. She leaned back and let the wisp fly from her mouth when she felt it arrive as well.
  466. The mother saw the wisp, and with no small sense of wonder and awe whispered a name under her breath. It vanished into her, and she entered a gentle trance, as a power seemed to lift her ever so slightly and lean her back in a gentle embrace. Her belly was now plainly presented, and it glowed with the same warmth that was within Daring.
  468. Daring could feel something inside her growing, her eyes witness to to the shape of her belly changing as her womb began to fill. A gurgle emanated from her and she groaned as strong legs pushed and distorted her girth, growing in an immense surge that pushed her paunch forward. Slowly strengthening throbs joining it as she began to feel a pressure in her navel pushing with it. The mother before her softly moaned, her gut growling incessantly as it ballooned outward as well.
  470. Daring felt another kick, and then a push. A single immense throb causing the foal to grow suddenly, her gut caught off guard as it became taut from the sudden weight of the healthier inhabitant. She groaned as she felt her belly begin to grow and catch up, her navel a storm of sensations as she felt the soft flesh sliding out of her to present itself once more. The mother seemed to groan, yet her womb did not grow.
  472. In a sudden turn of events Daring watched as the mother was gently floated near to her, belly facing the sky. Daring gasped as she felt lips on her sensitive navel, an immense twitch rocking her gut about as the mother began to suckle upon it. The pressure within her skyrocketed, as she watched her own womb surging in size. Each long drag from the mare only made her larger, and her navel throb as pressure began to build behind it.
  474. Suddenly she felt her belly contract, a wave of warmth pushed out and into the mother. Daring watched as the mother's womb seemed to be filled slightly, and then throb in a single surge of enriched growth. Yet she didn't stop, she kept pulling on her belly button, sometimes moaning in such a way that the vibrations ignited butterflies within Daring.
  476. Daring felt something spark into being within her, and in a sudden surprise felt another foal begin growing. Her stomach churned and groaned in protest as it pushed outward again, the mother teasing her incessantly all the while. She could feel her womb throbbing as well, each pulse making it larger as something built up again.
  478. The second contraction was greater than the first, even more pouring into the mother as her belly ballooned outward immensely from how much she ingested. Her belly quivering and grumbling as it processed the strange magic, as her womb grow anew with another foal kicking and pushing at the growing womb of their mother.
  480. Daring could only breath easily as she popped off, the magic gently floating her into the chair across the way. She seemed to be carelessly sleeping, unaware yet pleased with what had happened. Daring wasn't sure why Finch was so worried, it wasn't that bad, and she knew a thing or two thanks to the books she read. There were no surprises in this for her, although there were more than a few books she had yet to read.
  482. “I've had worse.” She said aloud to the stallion she knew was still there.
  484. “Then I suppose I won't be needed here.”
  486. Daring didn't protest as Finch left, but he said something just as he closed the door to the palace behind him.
  488. “Although I wonder if you'll still be this cocky after number seven.”
  490. It shut before she could hope to question him, and she just sat there. Letting the mother rest as she gently stroked her warm womb. Prepared to service the next waiting mother.
  492. ()()()()()
  494. She was a mess of nerves, her womb a monument to what she had done. Of course it was only as large as one may look with triplets, but Daring knew there were far more in there; somehow. Seven mothers had come that night, but more than seven foals had been returned. The triplets had been an especially trying ordeal, but not one she could complain about. It was harder to maintain her composure as each mother came and went, but she managed. Barely.
  496. Now she just sat there, her belly taut as a drum. The surface slightly blushed and pulled tight with marks that showed as such. Her navel gently throbbing with each wiggle and twitch of her stressed gut. Her womb may have been seen as filled with three, but it was ready to burst with ten. She had no idea why she didn't grow, so the pressure would be eased. She didn't care if she even became gigantic. Yet there she was, a wonderful ache spreading through her, one that needed to be answered as she let herself go with long needy breaths. Yet no matter what she did it didn't matter, the stress just wouldn't release, a constant force that pushed at her limitations.
  498. Something started tickling her at the base of her belly, and it stole her breath. It slowly traveled up her sensitive surface, making her quiver and gasp in quick succession. It was getting closer to the crest of her womb, the navel that ached to be touched one last time. She coaxed it on, whatever was touching her, her belly a storm of nerves as the knot was so close to being released. It was getting so close, stopping just short of its conquest. She groaned in frustration as she felt herself subconsciously thrust forward, trying to tease it to the last stretch. She continued to do so for a time, unsure why it had stopped. Then it ambushed her.
  500. It was warm and smooth, grinding against her exposed navel without remorse. She groaned loudly as the knot was undone in an instant, her womb exploding in size. The ferocity of its sudden growth knocking objects out of the way, her girth pushing and rocking about as it filled out before her. Dozens of hooves kneading her from the inside as her belly was coaxed ever larger, until it had filled the other side of the room, gently pressing against the other door. Her breath gently filling then leaving her diaphragm as it moved to her rhythm, still gently twitching as the pressure was finally released.
  502. When Daring had finally recovered she could hear somepony snicker, she looked about and saw Finch at the door she had used to gain entrance, as well as a guest.
  504. Finch then spoke aloud as he got his chuckling under control, “You'll make a fine royal masseuse Tender Care, consider this your first successful test.”
  506. Daring recognized the stallion even before he was named. “Did he put you up to this Teddy?”
  508. “Well... kinda.” He blushed. “It works on the wife too.”
  510. She just rolled her eyes as Finch spoke up. “I hope you can understand why I wanted you to take it slow initially; even if your heart was in the right place. You have the power to withhold your growth, but only if you can control yourself.”
  512. “So I guess that's the next step then huh?”
  514. “Yes, but for now. I'll let you and Tender Care get reacquainted. The public section of the palace has been sealed off, and once we have you shrunk back down to size we can try to hit the books again before your next session.”
  516. Finch then disappeared as he seemed capable of, impressive to Daring considering that he was an earth pony.
  518. “So,” Daring began, addressing the only other pony in the room. “How do we go about getting me back down to size?”
  520. Teddy brought some supplies out of his bags with his magic, “Oh, there are ways. My grandfather knew his stuff.”
  522. In no time at all Daring was compressed once again, the feeling of so many in a space so tight still giving her no end of ache and need. Yet she could handle it, even if they were cramped inside a womb made no bigger than for a single foal. She thanked Teddy, even as he admonished himself of any rightful doing. Then off she went to find Finch, to learn more of herself and the duties she must uphold.
  524. So began the reign of Daring Doo, a fair and kind godmother to her subjects.
  529. The End
  533. This tale sadly has to come to a close, so that others might grow in its place.
  535. Thank you all for reading, this project took far longer than I initially intended, and I hope you enjoyed it for whatever reason brought you here. Cause I had a very fun time writing it.
  537. See you next time,
  538. Bother
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