Thungr (AoS)

Sep 5th, 2019
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  1. Name: Thungr of the Mikill
  3. Gender: Male
  5. Race: Minotaur
  7. Racial:Iron Will: instant automatic, recharge 2; You are going to have your way, no matter the cost. You can use this to take 4 hits of damage and make a failed action of yours this turn into a minimum success. This ability cannot be used on Critfails.
  9. War Stomp: passive; Whenever you knock an enemy helpless with a melee action, deal half the damage it dealt to all other nearby enemies.
  11. Class: Tracker
  13. Skills:
  14. Survivalist: passive; A hunter knows the wild better than the animals they track. You are always able to find some source of food and water out in the wild, though the quantity and quality may not be the best. You can forge and create basic supplies like ropes, bandages, torches, even shelters at DC-2. You also are better at noticing minute movements from your time in the wild, giving you +1 on perception/spot checks.
  16. Marksman Shot: recharge 3, requires ranged weapon; You always know the perfect place to shoot. Deals damage and Autocrits.
  18. Hunter Sense: unique, recharge 3; Lock your sights on a target, not letting them leave any of your senses. Once locked on, they cannot hide from you. You can always target them with any action, ignoring effects like stealth and any obstructions that would hinder you unless they make it physically impossible (e.g.If they are in a locked shelter you can’t get inside). You always know their location as well, provided they don’t leave range of sight, scent, and hearing. On Crit you ignore all negative modifiers you would have when making an action on this target.
  20. Marked for Death: recharge 4 after effect ends; Mark a target. All successful rolls against it Autocrit for 2 turns. On Crit Fail you mark yourself, causing your next roll to be a Crit Fail if it fails in any way.
  22. Defense Mastery: passive; You gain 1 additional Max Hit. Can only be taken once.
  24. Special Talent:Reclusive Mountaineer- +2 to any check Survivalist would affect, -2 to any diplomatic check.
  26. Trained Talent: Cursed by She- Upon reaching 3 or fewer wounds, automatically shapeshifts into a massive short-faced bear per Animal Totem, procs Nature Elemental:Earth until the transformation ends, and automatically recovers from helplessness. Can not retreat, and must attack the closest hostile with the intent to kill, even if they turn non-hostile after. Wears off after after all enemies have been killed or manage to flee. Loses all skills, racials, and the ability to use non-natural weapons, and instead gains the below effects.
  28. Race:Bear
  29. Animal: passive; Even the smartest Bear is still just an animal. They cannot communicate with words to the other sentient races, but they can make general gestures to get their point across. Being an animal though allows them to speak to other fauna they may meet.
  31. Bear Hug: passive; Bear hugs are the strongest grip known to ponykind. Your arms are like a vice-grip, anything you grab, unless it’s bigger than you, has no chance of escaping. You also lift, carry and move heavier objects than most other races.
  33. Massive Claws: Recharge 2; Bears can toss their weight around, but they can toss around everything else better. You can roll to knock a stationary object, something that is held, or a being reasonably smaller than yourself a sizable distance away. If used to disarm, the object is knocked far enough away that it cannot be retrieved in one turn.
  35. Class:Druid
  37. -Animal Totem War; +1 bonus to weapon attacks and skills. You gain two racials from either Buffalo, Diamond Dog, Dragon, or Minotaur, chosen when you learn Animal Totem.
  38. -Huge: instant, recharge 4; You do not fall easily, your huge size letting you shrug off blows that would fell any other race. When you would be sent helpless you can use this skill, and on success you instead remain standing with 1 hit remaining.
  39. -Hulking: passive; You naturally know Cleave, allowing you to use it at any time with any weapon.
  41. -Child of Gaia: passive; You gain a +1 bonus to all skills when fighting in natural environments (e.g. Forests, natural caves, etc,).
  43. -Nature Elemental: automatic, self, recharge 4 after effect ends; Your connection to the natural world is complete, allowing your body to reflect the natural cycles. The transformation lasts for the next 4 turns, giving you a boon based on the form you turn into. You choose your form from the following choices when you transform:
  44. -Earth: Your body hardens to stone like the earth, granting +3 Max Hits, +1 Max Wounds, and reduce all damage you take by 2 hits.
  47. Hits/Wounds: 6/5 [8/6]
  49. Weapon and/or Catalyst: Javelin, 3
  50. Ranged: passive; You can target characters in any Zone provided they are targetable normally. Unless your enemy also has a Ranged Weapon or a Prism Catalyst, you will not take counterattack damage (aside from Crit Fails) if you are in a different Zone from your target.
  52. Aimed Shot: weapon; Take aim on an unexpecting target. If this is your first attack on your target this combat or if you have not dealt damage to them in the past 3 turns, then this skill becomes Automatic and deals 3 damage.
  54. Broad head hunting spear [Single. Can be used as ranged at DC+1]
  56. Accurate: passive; A weapon designed to be easy to swing and perfectly balanced. Skills and attacks with this weapon have DC-1.
  58. Restrained Strike: weapon; Stab at an enemy with an aimed strike that doesn’t leave you exposed. This attack doesn’t cause counterattack damage, but can only deal 3 hits at max.
  60. Character Traits:
  61. -Strengths:Tracking, bushcraft, physical strength, hardened fortitude, frugal.
  63. -Weaknesses:Talking with others, communication, stubborn, superstitious, illiterate, short temper, antisocial, and a little greedy.
  65. -Interests:Drinking, 'Shining, hunting (especially interesting trophies), eating, music (Mostly folky stuff. Plays jaw harp).
  67. -Appearence:A gigantic slab of a minotaur, Thungr seems like he'd be as quick to wrestle his prey as hunt them. His thick, stocky frame is covered by a bearskin coat, and his long, messy, greasy hair is usually kept in check beneath the bear head hood. His shaggy beard, on the other hand, freely spills out over his woolen undershirt. Used to living in the cold mountains away from from any major towns and only comes down bi-weekly to resupply and sell his furs and brew.
  69. Inventory:
  70. -Bear skin cloak
  71. -Wool blanket that doubles as rucksack
  72. -Leather bag:Survival rations and mess kit(Hardtack, pemmican, oats, crude wooden bowl)
  73. -Leather bag:Fire kit (Flint and steel, char cloth, tinderfungus)
  74. -Leather flask (Moonshine) and waterskin
  75. -Bushcraft knife
  76. -Nettle fibre cordage (25 feet)
  77. -Iron blanket pin
  78. -Cold iron hewing axe
  79. -Long (6 foot) broad iron head spear
  80. -3 short (4 foot) javelins
  83. Backstory:
  85. The third son of huntsman Griss of the nomadic Mikill minotaur tribe, Thungr was raised a hunter from birth.The males in his tribe had always been large, even by minotaur standards, and Thungr was no exception. By the time he was a young adult, as with both of his brothers, he’d been deemed strong enough to attend his first proper hunt.
  87. On this hunt he learned three things. First was his love for the hunt. Pursuit of prey and its ultimate downfall as exhilarating. Second, not only did he lose himself in it, but he was good at it. Tracking, trapping, and finally moving in for the actual kill all came second nature to him, as it did with most of the males of the Mikill. Third, he learned that beasts were even better at it.
  89. The hunt had a simple goal. Kill a few old and weak members of a migrating herd of mammoth. The first half had gone well. They’d tracked the herd, picked out which animals they planned to pick off, and moved for the kill.
  91. What they hadn’t noticed was they weren’t the only ones after prey. As they moved in, they found themselves between the herd and a massive bear almost as tall as their huntmaster even on all fours. Larger than any bear any of them had ever seen or even heard of, it barrelled out of the woods toward the herd, and, terrified, Thungr threw his spear.
  93. This one action would mark the end of the Mikill tribe. The spear struck the bear in the side and, immediately, it turned its attention from the herd to the hunting party and charged. It barreled into the group, giving a broad swipe with its claws. The bear struck three of them, among which was Griss, and killed them instantly, but the surviving members, including Thungr, quickly regained their composure and surrounded it. After a long, bloody battle, Thungr and half the hunting party remained, and the bear lay on the ground, heaving its final breaths.
  95. Brandishing his spear, Thungr approached to the bear, and she looked up at him with pained, intelligent eyes. “Why have you done this?” he asked. “Why have you killed so many of my tribe?”
  97. Her breath was hollow and wet, and she moved her head just a little more to look him in the eyes. He took a step back as she spoke. “I was defending myself,” she said. “When I saw you I’d intended to let you pass through my land unharmed and allow you to take your spoils. Then you struck me.”
  99. “You were threatening,” Thungr said. “And I am a hunter. It is my job to protect my tribe.”
  101. A breathy, gurgling laugh passed the bear’s muzzle, and she coughed blood. “The storm is threatening, yet you do not toss your spears into the sky. A hunter acts with deliberation. A fool acts in fear.” She closed her eyes. “So be it,” she said. “If fear is what leads your actions, then you shall no longer know great fear. Instead, you will know only bloodthirst and anger.” Finally, she coughed one last time and fell still.
  103. With the herd long gone and half as strong as they had been minutes ago, the hunting party gathered their dead and returned to the tribe empty handed. Days later a nearby tribe descended upon them and, without half of their warriors, Thungr and the other young hunters were forced to try to fight them off. Before the attack the war chief, who wore a bear skin robe, made sure the tribe knew why they were attacking. The bear they had killed, he’d said, was their tribe’s totem animal. Their spirit. Without their spirit, the tribe could no longer live.
  105. As repayment, they were going kill their remaining warriors, take their women and children into their tribe, and, by doing this, would absorb the spirit of the Mikill. Then they descended upon them.
  107. During the battle Thungr was gravely injured and, from his perspective, he’d fallen unconscious. When he’d woken back up, he was tied to a tree, and pieces of corpses from both sides of the battle littered the battlefield, torn apart as if by a wild animal. The rest of the tribe -what remained of it- had packed their tents and belongings and was preparing to leave. Their chief, however, stood in front of him, looking down at him with a mournful expression.
  109. “I do not know what they did to you, but you cannot remain with our tribe,” he said. “You are a bloodthirsty creature, whether inside or outside alone I do not know, and we can count ourselves lucky any remain from either tribe. You are dangerous, but I hold no ill will. Were it not for you, the Mikill would no longer exist, even as the shadow it currently is. From what I understand, however, were it not for you none of this would have happened. I am leaving you a pack with some supplies.” He closed his eyes, ran his fingers across his beard, and turned. Briefly, he glanced back. “I am sorry, Thungr.”
  111. By the time he managed to break free, his tribe was a half day travel away, and even if they were closer he likely wouldn’t have bothered pursuing. Instead, he took the pack, packed some spears, and began to walk.
  113. After years of traveling, surviving alone on the road and only drifting through towns on occasion, he hiked into the mountains to set up a more permanent residence. After a month, he’d built himself a modest hut and has lived there ever since, only coming down to briefly stop in town to trade.
  116. Reason for going after the gem:Thungr heard about the gem while in town, and, while he had made some profit from his furs, he’d never made that much. Most of his money came from the bounties he’d brought back. Beasts terrorizing towns, rare oddities, and the like. He hadn’t had any bounties in several weeks and, upon hearing what it could be worth, took up the job.
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