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Jan 12th, 2018
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  1. PanickedPaladin - Today at 7:53 PM
  2. Rip Scotland I guess
  3. I didn't realize we were giving voting rights to people who aren't citizens now
  4. CreativeRealms - Today at 7:54 PM
  5. That was my exact reaction.
  6. People are just digging themselves deeper. Very sad to see.
  7. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 7:58 PM
  8. Very good to see
  9. seems that they're accepting democracy over discrimination
  10. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:00 PM
  11. It’s not discrimination if they aren’t citizens.
  12. Also what’s the difference between “muh Russia” and non citizens interfering in elections? Nothing. Both are terrible and erode democracy.
  13. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:03 PM
  14. uhh
  15. well
  16. if they dont have a say in politics
  17. their rights could ve undermined
  18. be*
  19. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:04 PM
  20. They should be happy they are there and not in Syria or wherever where they have less rights.
  21. Or be dead.
  22. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:05 PM
  23. Uhh you should think from there position as well
  24. their*
  25. they were fored to leave their home land, and suffer through many things that we have barely any understanding of
  26. shouldn't we be atleast nice to them?
  27. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:06 PM
  28. That’s not the west’s problem.
  29. PanickedPaladin - Today at 8:06 PM
  30. Then they should be grateful that a country was willing to take them in
  31. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:06 PM
  32. They need to be sent back.
  33. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:06 PM
  34. we're beig selfish if you think like that
  35. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:06 PM
  36. Also ISIS is pretty much gone so it’s safer now.
  37. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:07 PM
  38. you're only west because you were born in it, and you didn't choose that
  39. nobody does
  40. PanickedPaladin - Today at 8:07 PM
  41. People who choose to become citizens sure can
  42. You know, through the legal process to become a citizen?
  43. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:08 PM
  44. Hmmm
  45. lemme go read about the scottish or UK rules on that
  46. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:08 PM
  47. Nobody has a right to be a citizen of another country. You can’t just walk into wherever and be able to vote in their elections.
  48. Without those basic safeguards you don’t even have a country.
  49. PanickedPaladin - Today at 8:09 PM
  50. Imagine if a bunch of Westerners moved to Uganda or something and demanded the right to vote without being a citizen
  51. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:10 PM
  52. Their argument would be “but they are western and not from a war torn country so it doesn’t count”.
  53. If westerners did that it would be an invasion yes? Well that’s exactly how we see it but an invasion of refugees/economic migrants.
  54. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:13 PM
  55. back
  56. citizenship for voting is kinda unfair because you are needed 5 years
  57. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:13 PM
  58. Life isn’t fair.
  59. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:13 PM
  60. and secondly did you read the article?
  61. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:14 PM
  62. I did.
  63. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:14 PM
  64. scotland isn't giving voting rights to anyone who arrives there, but to those who have been given asylum and/or have a visa
  65. CreativeRealms - Today at 8:15 PM
  66. They aren’t citizens.
  67. Kenta - Today at 8:16 PM
  68. That’s a bit of a stretch. @Jack_The_Wizard
  69. It’s a privilege for them to be here, not a privilege for us to have them.
  70. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:17 PM
  71. again with the selfish mind set
  72. Kenta - Today at 8:18 PM
  73. We don’t owe them anything, we don’t have to be nice to them, we don’t have to help them, and we shouldn’t have to. The only reason they get helped is out of the kindness of the government.
  74. It’s not selfish.
  75. If I’m comfortable in my house and there’s a homeless person outside, I’m not going to open my door and be like “come on in, you poor poor man.” Why am I obligated to do so and why should a country be obligated to take people they don’t want to take in? It’s a privilege to be a citizen and to even be in the nation. You don’t have a right to assistance.
  76. Jack_The_Wizard - Today at 8:20 PM
  77. you don't
  78. But you don't even deserve such a privilege if you are of this sentiment in my opinion
  79. and you did nothing to get that privilege
  80. you just were born
  81. Kenta - Today at 8:21 PM
  82. I legally became a citizen, as did millions of other people.
  83. PanickedPaladin - Today at 8:21 PM
  84. We, the citizenry are the ones who support, fund, and create the society we live in.
  85. Kenta - Today at 8:21 PM
  86. Countries exist for a reason, society exists for a reason and so do borders.
  87. PanickedPaladin - Today at 8:21 PM
  88. Plus, thr analogy is that we have taken the poor man into our house, and now he's asking for the keys to the front door.
  89. As if he's somehow entitled to them
  90. Kenta - Today at 8:22 PM
  91. No, he’s asking for the front door to be removed entirely.
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