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  1. You are now Tzilla Morana, a freshly 8 sweep troll. In fact, today is your wiggling day, cementing your eight sweeps above the lower and more immature ones.
  3. You are a ceruleanblood, which sets you nicely in the richer part of the hemospectrum, but still not as high as a deep blue, or indigo. You tend to ignore lowbloods often, rather than being condescending. Less issues, less blood on your gorgeous coat, and more time working on better things to do than mix your beloved genetics with that of the lowblooded scum. In fact, you're one who has rather ridiculous standards in who you will spend your quadrants with, and as a result are currently quadrantless. No, that is not an invitation. In fact, it's doubtful you'll ever find the right ones. Your pride is rather a high stake on your end, and it brings absolute risk of culling come pail day. Which, you wish you could care, but you've long accepted it might as well be impossible anyway. Who could even like you outside of pail lust? Nobody, that's who.
  5. As stated before, you are very prideful. You are very high up on the hemospectrum, and you show it. You wear a bright white coat with little cerulean abstract designs on the hems for flavor, though it's meant to keep you out of sight when hunting during the winter. You do wear normal clothing underneath, but you'd rather not care about what someone thinks of your attire--unless they're higher than you, of course. In which case, you'll gladly take it off. Perhaps it was too hot anyway. Perhaps they just want a choice look at your fairly average rack. Perhaps this line of thinking needs to be terminated immediately.
  7. You are a huntress by trade, and often hunt down many animals and game during the cusp of winter, skinning their hides and furs for selling to many tradesfolk and tailors. You get paid handsomely for any horns or ivory saved from the hunt, and it is your main income as a result. You can track down just about any beast, though trolls themselves aren't considered "a beast" you can track. Otherwise, you can easily identify the tracks, scents, and even territorial markings of just about every game animal in the quadrant territory. You are brilliantly skilled at your job, and you don't let it affect you too much socially. Even though it might as well, since your social skills are rather shit.
  9. You do enjoy various things during the times you aren't out at night in the snow hunting down poor animals to viciously flay alive. You have a little odd obsession with action flicks, and tend to watch them over and over and over again. It would be nauseating for your quadrants...if you had them. You tend to prefer the explosions and thrills and sense of action with adventure they have, that everything else just lacks. This is so much of a case, that you have a home theater system installed that could blow the windows out at full blast. In fact, sometimes you do just because. You keep some of the best earplugs around in case of an event like that. Perfect for keeping any doting lowbloods away from your hive.
  11. You also enjoy the fine art of gun-kata. Troll Chow Yun Fat is your idol, and you wish to be just like him in that one movie whose name you keep forgetting because of all That. Action. You look silly while you practice alone, but you're getting the ropes of it fairly well, since it's all you practice anymore, outside of archery. Oh yes, archery, your absolute bread and butter. To you, it seems as if the arrow is enchanted by your grace, and hits the target most of the time. In truth, you have very good eyes thanks to your glasses, and have precision aim most of the time. It's really more of a lucky streak you think, because you can't give yourself too much ego, right? Never have too much of something. You tend to make your own bows, and as a result are definitely not one of those frail and lithe trolls who like to think of themselves as some kind of amazon. Speaking of which, you did not lop your breasts off like the ones of legend--No, you hold the bow at a certain angle so they aren't an issue. This tends to really hurt your neck a lot if you keep using it, so you only really use it for stealthy kills. If you punched someone, they would not be expecting the strength you have.
  13. Oh yes, suitors. You get them quite often, for reasons you totally cannot fathom. That's a lie, you know full well you have goods they want, and goods they cannot get. Things like flexing or showing off irritates you quickly, and is usually followed by making them dance with your guns. Or threatening an arrow in the face. Most think close range will ruin an archer, but those never had an oathbow fired at them. Those who did, well, let's just say there's a lot less on their minds nowadays. You often get more female suitors than male, for some strange reason, but all of them are usually lowbloods. How terribly dull.
  15. Your lusus, however, is someone without any flaws you can see, and is completely and utterly purrfect. Cougarmother always knows best, and will always be there for you when you need her the most. Your bond is legendary, with you two being able to communicate in ways most would find ridiculous or baffling. Simply looking into her eyes will tell most of what's needed to be said. You both look out for each other, and the mere thought of trading or losing her is enough to cause you to go on a killing spree in a residential neighborhood. You should work on those anger issues, sometime.
  17. Your fetch modus is the Constellation Modus, and you must draw out the images like a constellation in order to take them out. It used to take forever, but you are now good enough to do it in seconds. Your strife specibi is the bowKind and pistolKind, though you tend to use the pistolKind more in public.
  19. Your trolltag is camouflagedArtemis, and you Ωften refer tΩ everything in α superiΩrity heirαrchy.
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