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May 9th, 2022
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  1. I want to apologize for leaving abruptly. I was going through a difficult time in life and I felt like I was devoting an unhealthy amount of time to this website and discord, and I ignored all the issues and everything else important in my life. I tried taking a break several times but found no success and finally decided to quit using the internet altogether. Since then I feel like my mental health has been much better and I somewhat have my priorities in order, but I've missed a lot of my friends here so I've decided to stick around and be a little active again. Most of my friends and AG players are aware that I haven't cared about playing since USUM days, I have tried playing gen8 but Dynamax gives me brain damage and I cannot pretend like I understand or enjoy playing with this mechanic, so as of now I have no intention of playing in tournaments but I'd still like to be involved in the community.
  5. That aside, I also want to apologize for being rude and blunt to users, many times. Staying at home 24/7 triggered some old insecurities and made me a horrible person, and I didn't realize I was like this until a few months ago. I was too competitive and cared a lot about winning because it gave me joy and I didn't realize how messed up and toxic this was at the time, and I hate that I was like that. I don't dislike anyone and I want to be better and display my best personality in whatever time I spend here, so I hope we can at least be on okay terms - I genuinely don't feel good knowing that people are upset at me because I hurt them.
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