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  1. [All sounds, voice as well, are blurred and very tenuous, but they get normal within seconds]
  2. [Cardiac Monitor beeping sound (keep it for the whole time in the background)]
  3. …it’s like…who the fuck do you think you are!? Dear Patient 3014, you are the only one who really understands me. All I need is someone who will listen to me, you know? Well, I guess you are kinda oblig…wait... what the… you… YOU ARE AWAKE! IT’S A MIRACLE!
  4. [Excited tone] Oh shit, I shouldn’t be yelling… [Chuckle] Well, not that those other people in here will bother anyway.
  5. I know you can’t move, well, your hands are obviously chained and your legs…I mean are… oh… [caring, kinda depressed tone] I… I think you need some explanation. What do you remember?
  6. [10-15 seconds of silence/nodding]
  7. Oh dear...that…[sigh] that was 12 years ago…
  8. I’m…I’m sorry, but please… don’t freak out… I’m here, okay? I’ll… I’ll tell you everything. I’ve passed… I can’t believe you are actually responding for the first time… [caressing sound]… I’ve been reading about your life for 3 years now and…
  9. [Scared tone]
  10. O…okay okay, I will get to the point, but… please don’t yell at me.
  11. [sigh]
  12. As you said, you, your parents and your older brother were coming back from camping… you were… 12, at the time. You all got involved in a terrible, terrible car accident. Sadly, your parents didn’t survived and you stayed in state of coma ever since… (cheerful tone)… but…but you woke up now… (hugging sound)
  13. I’m… yeah… I know. (Caring tone, caressing sound) I’m… you have all the rights to cry, Do you want me to continue? (short pause) Are you sure? That was a lot to take… (short pause) (sigh) Fine.
  14. That was not all. Your brother kept coming here almost everyday for 5 years, but then he flight overseas for a job. He comes here every Christmas though, and on your birthday. I think that’s very nice of him. But… as you can have imagined by now, there is something else to your condition… I’m afraid you are permanently (sobbing) sorry. I’m afraid you ae permanently disabled. You won’t be able to move anything under your hips.
  15. Well… ALMOST everything. [Chuckle]
  16.  Hey… (cheering tone) hey it’s okay… I’ve been looking after you for a while now, I won’t stop doing that any time soon and… uh? You are right! I’ve passed so much time talking to you that I forgot you couldn’t have been listening. I’m [NAME], and I’ve been your private nurse for the last 3 years. Your brother couldn’t keep up having you in the Hospital after he moved, so he just hired me for staying with you 24/7. I’ve been basically paid for having a rent-free house ahahah!
  17. [Angry  tone] HEY! I don’t like you acting like a brat, I’ve been here feeding you, making sure nothing was wrong, even changing your damn clothes and…
  18. [Chuckle] Yeah, of course I did, do you think you had been wearing the same underwear for the last 12 years? It’s not a big deal anyway, there is no reason to be embarassed, we are both adults and… wait. Come to think of it. You have been in a coma for 12 years… and you were just a middle schooler back then… Uhm… I wonder if…What do you think about me? Do you think I’m cute?
  19. [short pause]
  20. [Excited tone] Oh my God, you are blushing! I was right!
  21. Oh no no no! There’s no reason to be afraid baby bo…ehm… sweetheart. It’s very… normal. I mean, it is kinda weird seeing a 24 years old man with the same behaviour of a 12 years old, buti it couldn’t be otherwise. Your brain has basically been frozen, you never experienced teenage years or adulthood.
  22. [Cheerful Tone] It’s okay though. I’ll help you. I’ve always helped you, ever since we met.
  23. No, I’m sorry, but I can’t unchain you yet. You’ve been spazing a lot during those years, and you seem very nervous right now I don’t want you to do any funny business. Now calm down, I’ll cook you something, you’ve been eating out of a tube for God knows how long. I’ll fill your  tummy with something actually tasty… and maybe I’ll get something… (enphasis on “tasty”) TASTY myself (chuckle)
  24. [Pause, plate sounds, walking sound]
  25. Here I am again, sorry it took me a while; before you ask, no, I’m not gonna unchain you, I’m gonna feed you myself. After all, I’ve been doing it for a while now (chuckle) Come on, open wide, the soup is not too hot, don’t worry! Say “AAAAH” yeah,good boy! Gnam gnam gnam gnam! It’s good, isn’t it? Come on, one more, you gotta get strong! AAAAAM! (chewing sound) Yeah, I’m glad you like it. What do you like the most about it?
  26. (Flirtatious whispers) The way it tastes on your lips? (chuckle) Or the way that it feels on you chest? The warmth giving you the chills? The irony, right? (chuckle)
  28. (Rubbing sound, playful tone, bipping getting stronger) Oh? It’s weird… is your heart okay? Yeah, I can clearly feel with my hand that it’s bumping faster than normal… uhm… I wonder why… and… that’s very curious… if I move my hand around your nipple, your heart beat gets even faster… let me check your flu… don’t move, I need to place my lips on your neck and forehead… (kissing sound) Oopsie, sorry my boobs got in the way, can’t help it, they are way too big. Anyway… nope, it doesn’t seem why you are sick. (bipping sound now going crazy) And yet, that machine won’t stop… uhm… (Fake surprised tone) Aaaah, sure, how could have I not think about it?
  29. Do you remember when I said that ALMOST everything under your hips is blocked? Well, I think that one thing that moves is what is making the machine going nuts… trust me, you won’t need it now, let’s unplug it, okay?
  30. (Bipping sound stops, fabric sound) Here… let me crawl all over you… (chuckle) don’t act like if you haven’t dreamt about this moment… I’ve noticed the way you were looking at me before… and I can feel your little friend enjoying this too through the fabric (chuckle) There is no need of denying it, I immediately understand when some guy likes me. And I like you too. I wouldn’t have been your servant for 3 years otherwise, don’t you think? (chuckle) Come on, I wanna teach you about being an adult… You know… I must say there have been some times I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl… I mean… can you really not forgive me though? A girl in her 20s, alone in a big house… with a cute guy laying so peacefully… it would have been a crime NOT to be abuse of you, don’t you think? (laugh) Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything bad with your body. I would have just lied down next to you, or on you, like I’m doing now… start kissing your chest (kissing sounds) walking my lips on your neck (kissing sounds) biting you ear, (whispering) blowing a little bit of my warm breath… and finally french-kissing you (kiss for how long as you like)
  31. (Cheerful Tone) See? There is nothing to be afraid of. I’m your caregiver, I would never do something that would hurt you (kiss) The fact that you weren’t consensual with your mouth, didn’t mean that your body didn’t respond. I mean, this is not your first kiss, but it’s the first one which you are going to remember, and it wasn’t so bad, right? Good boy (kiss)
  32. Speaking of first tiiiimes… yeah, I’m sorry, you are not a virgin anymore either. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself, your cock is so big and juicy! (Fake sound voice) But talking about taking advantage of you scarred it off and now it’s all floppy, that’s too bad… but I know how to make it smile again.
  33. (Unbuttoning sound) AAAAH! I couldn’t take it anymore! I hate having to find a shirt! Either its’ way too big for my small tummy or it’s insanely small for my huge tits! I felt like they were about to explode and burst out of it! But… look at what you did! Bad boy, you make my nipples go hard! Now it’s your job to take care of them! Come on! Come on! Oh, do you want me to rub my nipple around your lips? Does that make your pee pee go hard? (Chuckle) Come on start sucking my boobs, and you’ll see you won’t dislike it. (Moan) Oooh, yeah, that’s good, baby boy very good (Moan) OUCH! (Sadistic and angry tone) BITE IT AGAIN AND I SWEAR I’M GONNA CHOKE YOU! (Moan, flirtatious tone again) Very, very good… such a good boy…let me exchange the favour, okay? You keep sucking, I’ll remove those useless underwears and… OH FUCK YEAH! Now it’s the big, hard cock that I’ve grown to love! I wanted to give you a Handjob, but I’m way too fucking excited, I can’t wait, I have to get it in my mouth immediately. (Moan) Do you like it? You like it, don’t you (psycho-possessive tone) Your cock belongs to my mouth; look how hard it gets when my tongue fights against it look how.. (moan, give a proper blowjob for how long as you like, he will cum eventually).
  35. (Angerous tone) WHY DID YOU CUM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!? (slap sound) I was saving it for my pussy, and you ruin it! (Slap again) You bastard! Well, I don’t care. I decided I wanted to fuck you tonight, and I will, cry as much as you want! I’m gonna mount you and ride you, I grew up in a ranch, I know how to deal with big horses like you! (Slap sound) Come on, cry some more as I am on top of you, bitch, it actually makes me quite horny, I would say hornier, but I don’t think it would be possible for me to get any wetter (sadistic laughter) Ah yes, oh God yes, here it is, do you have any idea how many times I just took it like I’m doing right now, stroke it a little to get it hard and… oh yes, it’s time, let’s insert it, oh yes, oh God! (Moan, start fucking him and slapping him every once on a while, do it as long as you like)
  36. (Breath heavily, kissing sound, happy and caring tone) Hey… that was quite a ride we had, wasn’t it? I’m gonna keep you safe, don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about anything in the world, as you haven’t done in the last 12 years. The world outside is cruel and full of dangers, but I won’t let your innocent mind be corrupted by it.
  37. You’ll be mine… forever…
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