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  1. Rules (subject to change in course of play):
  2. Characters do not record their Corruption Points. Mutations are dispensed by the GM, if at all. Gauging one's degree of Corruption requires a full action and a -20 Psyniscience roll that can, but does not have to be opposed with Willpower or Infamy of the target character, whichever is highest. Success causes the GM to describe the general state of the target character's soul and relatively how close he is to ascension and oblivion. Failure means that nothing can be gauged. The most common vision is that of golden scales on which white stones are balanced against black stones.
  4. At the character creation and during the game, all advances are bought as if the characters were Allied, until or unless said otherwise
  6. Preserving self from death and remaining alive and fit for battle with 1 Wound requires 5 Infamy as opposed to 1d10+8
  8. Preserving self from death and remaining incapacitated for the remainder of the encounter requires 11 Infamy as opposed to 1d10+10
  10. Characters can not make Tech-Use tests untrained. Characters may not buy Tech-Use at character creation unless specified otherwise.
  12. Encumbrance Nazi rules are in effect - calculate the weight of things you carry.
  15. Tribesman:
  16. Roll 1d100 at character creation. At 1-10, receive a mutation from the GM.
  17. Starting Skills: Survival, Common Lore (Alđiz-geard), Linguistics (Dark Tongue)
  18. Starting Talents: Hardy
  19. Starting Traits: Eye of the Gods
  21. Effect 1 - Unnatural Strength (2) and Unnatural Toughness (2). Effects persist only as long as the character has the favor of the Pantheon or chosen God, decided at the start of the game. Changing alignments causes loss of these benefits until character proves his devotion again, as does failing at something after talking a lot of shit or similarly embarrassing oneself. Characters who start with Psyker trait do not receive these benefits, but those who gain Psyker trait in-game retain them.
  23. Effect 2 - Character can clearly proclaim his name, allegiance, past deeds and goal before doing war, challenging someone, attempting a feat, etc. Doing so provides him with an extra Infamy Point, to be spent in pursuit of stated goals as if his Corruption tier was 3 and his Allegiance was Unaligned. Doing so at very least a full day in advance, allowing the news to spread and the enemy, time to prepare, grants three extra Infamy Points to be spent in pursuit of stated goals as if his Corruption tier was 3 and his allegiance was Unaligned. Not doing what the character said he would or failing utterly in spite of the boast causes the loss of 1d5-3 Infamy, to a minimum of 1. Succeeding gloriously carries an additional reward of 1 Infamy in addition to all other rewards.
  25. Tribes:
  26. Skeggi:
  27. Worships Arkhar
  28. +4 WS, Battle Rage
  30. Varg:
  31. Worships Arkhar
  32. +4 S, Counter-Attack
  34. Folkung:
  35. Worships Inneal
  36. +4 PER, Paranoia
  38. Scylding:
  39. Worships Shornaal
  40. +4 INT, Rapid Reaction
  42. Valnir:
  43. Worships Onogal
  44. +4 FEL, Extra Wounds equal to Toughness Bonus (Including Unnatural Toughness and after appointing Passions but before any Advances)
  46. Snaegr:
  47. Worships the Pantheon
  48. +4 T, +4 WP, Jaded
  50. Archetypes:
  51. Einherjar:
  52. Characteristics: +5 WS or +5 BS, +3 AG
  53. Starting Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Parry, Survival +10 or Stealth, Common Lore (War), Command or Intimidate, Trade (Mariner)
  54. Starting Talents: Quick Draw, Sure Strike, Double Team or Disarm or Takedown, Ambidextrous, Frenzy
  55. Starting Gear:  Plague Knife w/Cursed Metal Downgrade (Onogal Worshipper)
  56. Fang Dagger w/Cursed Metal Downgrade (Inneal or Pantheon Worshipper)
  57. Membrane Dagger w/Cursed Metal Downgrade (Shornaal Worshipper)
  58. Good Craftsmanship Chain Hammer (Arkhan Worshipper)
  59. Best Craftsmanship Primary weapon with Mono Upgrade
  60. Large Shield (Defensive, +3 AP to Body and Arm) or Trophy Rack
  61. Common Craftsmanship Plate (All 5, 27 KG)
  62. 3 Vials of War Oils - as Stimm.
  64. Special Abilities: War Master - Einherjar may pick up and use any weapon they find on Alđiz-geard as well as any particular weapon they begin play with without suffering penalties for the lack of training, with exception of artifacts and relics (More on them down below).
  66. Einherjar may enter Frenzy as a free action and receive additional +5 WS, S, T and WP while in Frenzy.
  68. Einherjar may spend two Infamy Points to automatically succeed in a Lore test to discern weaknesses of a monster they encounter, recognize arms and armour of legend and their qualities. The knowledge is more full the more target-relevant Lores or Hatred talents they possess.
  70. Skald:
  71. Characteristics: +5 FEL, +3 INT
  72. Starting Skills: Awareness, Charm, Command, Deceive, Scholastic Lore (any three), Forbidden Lore (any one), Inquiry, Dodge or Parry, Intimidate or Commerce, Charm +10 or Deceive +10, Command +10 or Inquiry +10, Security or Stealth or Logic
  73. Starting Talents: Radiant Presence, Total Recall, Unremarkable or Mimic, Inspire Wrath, Weapon Training (Primary), Peer (any one)
  74. Starting Gear: Best Craftsmanship Chain Coat
  75. Best Craftsmanship Sword with Mono Upgrade
  76. Long Bow (1d10+1+SB, 50m Accurate, Half)
  77. Blasphemous Texts
  78. Many Stories
  79. Special Ability: Serpent's Tongue - as Apostate's.
  81. Vitki:
  82. Characteristics: +5 WP, +3 PER
  83. Starting Skills: Awareness, Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore (Warp), Deceive or Intimidate, Dodge or Parry, Scholastic Lore (Legends, Occult)
  84. Starting Talents: Psy Rating 2, Jaded, Up to 400 XP worth of Psychic Powers chosen from Unaligned or Divination disciplines, Weapon Training (Primary), Meditation or Warp Sense, Child of the Warp
  85. Starting Gear: Primary weapon, furs&leathers (body, arms, legs 2), Psy Focus, Ritual Kit
  86. Special Ability: Vitki possess the Psyker trait, Psy Rating of 2 and cast psychic powers as Unbound psykers. They begin play with one mutation from the following list: Blessed Fits, Cyclops, Warped Appearance, Strange Voice, Warp-Touched or Magnificent Horns. At the GM's discretion, a different mutation may be dispensed. At character creation and in play Vitki may only purchase psychic powers from the Divination and Unaligned disciplines unless otherwise specified.
  88. RELICS:
  89. TBD
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