HYPERACTIVE - You Meet Dash at Her Tent

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >You meet dash at her tent
  2. >"Come on Anon lets have some more of the fun" her raspy voice continues
  3. >God why is it so fucking... raspy?
  4. >You're both in the tents and you get ready for her to jack Ü off.
  5. >Dash pulls out a cigarette
  6. >Holy shit
  7. >That's why her voice was so fucking... raspy...
  8. >"Ya ready for the roughneck bass?" Dash pulls out her hand
  9. >Soldierimg through this, you pull out your cock as dash lights up her cigarette
  10. >Shit these fumes are powerful.
  11. >"Aw yeah you like that don't you" Dash said as she rub-a-dub-dubs your cock.
  12. >Breathe in the tobacco fumes.
  13. >God you're coughing so much
  14. >"Aw yeah we can just pretend you're at the doctors office!" Dash said as she plays with your balls.
  15. >Her voice is just so... fucking raspy...
  16. >Ot soon reached the point where you can't see shit.
  17. "Dash I can't see shit."
  18. >"Close your eyes and imagine dolphins."
  19. >The smoke is so opaque now. You can't even see dash reach for the radio and start playing music.
  20. >...
  21. >Flash Sentry is walking by the tent with his hands in his pockets after getting cockblocked by two twilights, a timber, and a sunset.
  22. >He hears muffled music coming from the tent
  23. >Goes over and unzips the entrance.
  24. >[muffled music becomes un-muffled]
  26. >Gloriosa whips out a lifeboat and a bucket.
  27. >"I got this!"
  28. >She drowns.
  29. >The camp is leveled by the smoky seamen and filthy rich builds his dimmadome shopping mall on top of it.
  30. >The end
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