May 28th, 2019
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  1. When, as an organizer, or a DJ, {considering|thinking about} audio visual {rentals|leasings}, there are {several|a number of|numerous} visual additions to your audio {equipment|devices} for the dance {party|celebration} that you can {use|utilize} to {enhance|improve|boost} the experience of the {participants|individuals} and to make the {party|celebration} an even {greater|higher} success. It {is important|is essential|is very important|is necessary} to {consider|think about} these audio visual {equipment|devices} rental {enhancements|improvements}, {especially|particularly|specifically} in the context of {renting|leasing} audio and video {equipment|devices}. The AV {equipment|devices} {rental|leasing} is not {cheap|inexpensive|low-cost}, and you {need|require} to {find|discover} {value|worth} and {justify|validate} the {cost|expense} in each piece of {added|included} AV rental {equipment|devices}.
  3. Sure enough, the audio {component|element|part} to the AV system is of {primary|main} {importance|significance|value}. {However|Nevertheless}, when you {add|include} {simple|easy|basic}, {unexpected|unforeseen|unanticipated}, {powerful|effective}, and {emotion|feeling} {enhancing|improving|boosting} visual {effects|impacts|results}, your dance {party|celebration} will {rise|increase} to the next level.
  5. What visual {effects|impacts|results} {are there|exist} to {add to|contribute to} your dance {party|celebration} setup? We will {go over|review|discuss} laser {illumination|lighting}, pin {spot|area} {illumination|lighting}, black color {illumination|lighting}, {spot|area} {illumination|lighting}, mirror balls, strobe reflectors, {projection|forecast} screens and projector {rental|leasing}, {as well as|in addition to|along with} {introduce|present} a more {modern|contemporary|modern-day} set of LED ribbon {illumination|lighting}, LED moon flower {illumination|lighting}, multi color strip {illumination|lighting}, rope {illumination|lighting}, {rotating|turning} LED moon flowers.
  7. {Traditional|Conventional|Standard} dance {party|celebration} light {effects|impacts|results}
  9. The dance {party|celebration} light {effects|impacts|results} that your {parents|moms and dads} {may|might} have {enjoyed|delighted in|taken pleasure in} thirty years back that are still going strong today are:
  11. Laser Lights {brings on|causes|induces} sharp laser beams {adding to|contributing to} the {unexpected|unforeseen|unanticipated} {perspective|point of view|viewpoint}.
  12. Pin {Spot|Area} Lights serves sharp light rays for {added|included} color.
  13. Blacklight {illuminates|lights up|brightens} white {fabric|material} {only|just}, {bringing up|raising} {a mysterious|a mystical|a strange} view.
  14. {Spot|Area} Light will {provides|offers|supplies} {unexpected|unforeseen|unanticipated}, {powerful|effective}, and audience {engaging|appealing|interesting} colored light {effects|impacts|results}
  15. Mirror Ball such as the {classic|traditional|timeless} disco ball {adds|includes} {unexpected|unforeseen|unanticipated}, {playful|lively|spirited} rays of light and {brings on|causes|induces} the {nostalgia|fond memories}.
  16. Strobe Light {gives|provides|offers} {an unexpected|an unforeseen|an unanticipated} time-lapse {effect|impact|result} that {changes|alters} the {way|method} we {perceive|view} {motion|movement}. {Tough|Difficult|Hard} on the eyes, so {be sure|make sure|make certain} to {use|utilize} in {moderation|small amounts}.
  17. Lighting Truss System brings the {heightened|increased} {place|location} to {affix|attach} {most of|the majority of} the lighting {fixtures|components} {mentioned|discussed|pointed out} here.
  18. {Large|Big} {projection|forecast} screens and DVD projectors can {add|include} {memorable|unforgettable|remarkable} images and clips.
  19. Modern dance {party|celebration} light {effects|impacts|results}.
  21. The {newer|more recent} {technologies|innovations} that {became|ended up being} possible with the {development|advancement} of the {powerful|effective} all-color LED diodes and {especially|particularly|specifically} blue LED diodes {include|consist of}:
  23. Rope Lighting Kits {generates|produces|creates} {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} soft white lights for casual {illumination|lighting}.
  24. LED Mushroom Lighting System will {cause|trigger} a vertigo {effect|impact|result} through {a rotating|a turning} set of multi colored sound {activated|triggered} lights.
  25. LED Ribbons And Lighting Strips {provides|offers|supplies} {powerful|effective} and {amazing|incredible|remarkable|fantastic} LED {illumination|lighting}.
  26. {Rotating|Turning} LED Moonflower Light is {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} for dance clubs.
  27. Sound {Activated|Triggered} Multi Color Strip Light produces live rainbow images.
  28. The visual {effects|impacts|results} {including|consisting of} lights, video lighting, and {projected|forecasted|predicted} videos that you can {include|consist of} in your audio visual systems {rental|leasing} can {truly|really|genuinely} bring the dance {party|celebration} to {a new|a brand-new} level of {enjoyment|pleasure|satisfaction}. The memories that the audience take {home|house} from {an event|an occasion} like this are {priceless|valuable|invaluable}.
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