CG ten best abilities in my opinion

Arctic_Clasher-PS Jan 28th, 2018 394 Never
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  1. Top Ten abilities
  2. 1 Mold Breaker (same thing as the 2 below it lol)
  3. 2 Tervolt (best name)
  4. 3 Turboblaze (viable)
  5. 4 Magic bounce (good)
  6. 5 Huge power ( chansey and blissey are not as good this is rising to the top)
  7. 6 Pure power (same thing as 5)
  8. 7 Magic Guard (it killed Blissey and Chansey good job)
  9. 9 Wonder Guard ( ezzz switch in oh no tervolt noooooooooooooooo)
  10. 10 This slot ill just give to abilities that work on few pokemon (ex: sap sipper swampert-mega)
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