Vs. severed hand

Dec 21st, 2020
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  1. Victoria had flown out of the blurred formation and smashed into a tall spruce about halfway up the tree. She dropped back to the earth already crouched to spring.
  2. Simultaneously, Edward — all but invisible with speed — had twisted backward and caught the unsuspecting Riley by the arm. It had looked like Edward planted his foot against Riley’s back, and heaved —
  3. The little campsite was filled with Riley’s piercing shriek of agony.
  4. At the same time, Seth leaped to his feet, cutting off most of my view.
  5. But I could still see Victoria. And, though she looked oddly deformed — as if she were unable to straighten up completely — I could see the smile I’d been dreaming of flash across her wild face.
  6. She coiled and sprang.
  7. Something small and white whistled through the air and collided with her mid-flight. The impact sounded like an explosion, and it threw her against another tree — this one snapped in half. She landed on her feet again, crouched and ready, but Edward was already in place. Relief swelled in my heart when I saw that he stood straight and perfect.
  8. Victoria kicked something aside with a flick of her bare foot — the missile that had crippled her attack.
  9. It rolled toward me, and I realized what it was.
  10. My stomach lurched.
  11. The fingers were still twitching; grasping at blades of grass, Riley’s arm began to drag itself mindlessly across the ground.
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