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  1. [8:39 PM] diceAhh: hows the recruiting d
  2. [8:39 PM] diceAhh: xd
  3. [8:39 PM] Revery: that xd summarizes it pretty well ngl
  4. [8:39 PM] diceAhh: ngl being brutally honest with you ive been thinking of yeeting coz voe sounds miserable
  5. [8:41 PM] diceAhh: and the raid environment sounds p.bad and honestly while i think you should/can kill azshara in 6 raid nights i dont have much confidence :/ and talking to a few dudes my concerns are echoed
  6. [8:43 PM] Revery: Well yeah it might seem like that but yeah we've had some omega-scuffed shit happen the last few weeks. If we had the same roster from pull 1 without any missed days we'd be killing the boss rn
  7. [8:43 PM] Revery: So while I understand the worry I cant quite agree with it
  8. [8:44 PM] Revery: The raid enviroment though has been kinda bad, but again when 90% of the roster hates the boss and then you have bad raid nights due to above reasons obv it wont be good. I feel as though we still have decent fun on it but sure it hasnt been optimal
  9. [8:45 PM] diceAhh: I dunno I mean I'll probs wait it out till u guys kill the boss to see what happens but  i think lucian was right in saying that a few people in the raid think they are better than they actually are
  10. [8:45 PM] diceAhh: dunno how u feel about the roster in terms of skill
  11. [8:46 PM] diceAhh: im not a method tier player but sometimes looking at logs and streams im so confused about missed kicks beam walking and stuff like that
  12. [8:47 PM] Revery: Well yeah its like some people in the roster arent really up to par, but as things are we cant replace all of them especially not on the boss. If I had to like "rate" the roster i'd say there are a few good players that do more than just carry their weight, and a few people that can barely carry their own weight
  13. [8:47 PM] Revery: and then the rest are just mediocre, ppl that can hit the buttons but can never have responsibility etc
  14. [8:48 PM] diceAhh: ya I'd agree and while im not a method level player and wouldnt put myself in the top tier of players I defo feel like I carry my own weight and while carrying 1 or 2 guys a bit is like w/e carrying a decent amount is
  15. [8:49 PM] diceAhh: tbf I feel for you since u seem to be the recruitment guy
  16. [8:50 PM] Revery: Yeah its like looking at the roster rn, there isnt really any ppl weighing us down
  17. [8:51 PM] Revery: exceptn new ret
  18. [8:51 PM] Revery: its just alot of regular andys
  19. [8:52 PM] diceAhh: I mean I'll trust your judgement on that since you know the roster
  20. [8:52 PM] diceAhh: I dunno man I fucking hope you kill the boss soon coz im starting to miss raiding never thought id say that this tier
  21. [8:54 PM] diceAhh: but yea I thought id be honest with  since you guys have been honest with me
  22. [8:54 PM] Revery: yeah its really nice to hear these things tbh
  23. [8:55 PM] Revery: but yeah your concerns are valid its just that situation is kinda meh, rn alot of ppl are looking for a guild they can join to skip azshara so all I can get my hands on are like 5/8 6/8 ppl who still for god knows what reason enjoy this tier
  24. [8:55 PM] diceAhh: tbh for me in a raiding guild my goal isnt to get famed or w/e its called its just to kill bosses in like top 200 range while having a laugh
  25. [8:55 PM] diceAhh: yea I feel ya
  26. [8:55 PM] diceAhh: in our last guild the officers didnt do shit so I ended up helping niblet with a load of that stuff and its giga aids
  27. [8:57 PM] Revery: yeah it sucks
  28. [8:57 PM] Revery: but for now recruitment is mainly for next tier, this roster will most likely be final for azshara
  29. [8:57 PM] Revery: since it is capable of killing it and unless we get like fragnance applying then yeah
  30. [8:58 PM] diceAhh: yea I get ya
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