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Edict on New South Scotland

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Jun 3rd, 2014
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  1. XI Jon. I: New South Scotland (3 June 2014)
  2. When Our Imperial Majesty’s predecessor Flavius Zeno Augustus found it was impossible for practical reasons to directly exercise his authority over Italy, he allowed the general Odoacer to rule Italy as a client king. While recognising the authority of the Emperor, Italy was for all intents and purposes ruled as if it were independent from it.
  3. Due to the recent events in our Crown Dependency of New South Scotland we have decided to put in place a similar arrangement in regards to our land there, wishing to preserve peace with Zealandia and friendship with its Queen.
  4. Mindful of the cultural importance of New South Scotland to the Zealandian people, aware of misunderstandings, mistakes, and misinterpretations by both our Imperial Majesty and the Queen of Zealandia, and conscious that direct control over an area of land on the other side of the world from Wrythe is less valuable to the Empire than the friendship of another nation, we have decided to put in place the following measures: in accordance with our first Imperial Decree, we declare that from henceforth the head of state of Zealandia shall hold ex officio the position Governing Commissioner of New South Scotland; we completely entrust the governance of New South Scotland in all respects to Queen Astrid of Zealandia and her successors as Zealandian head of state, and pledge to not interfere with or give directions in regards to the same; and we relinquish any claim to anything more than de jure sovereignty over New South Scotland.
  5. We are mindful that New South Scotland was originally annexed from Australia as a result of the vainglory and expansionism of the then King of New Wessex, and are loath to be regarded as similarly desiring land for the sake of land. While arrangements in regards to the governance of the Empire have and will never be forced upon us by means of arms, the direct exercise of authority by our Imperial Majesty can for now only bring diplomatic tensions with the nearby nation of Zealandia - with whom we are desirous to cultivate and maintain friendly relations - and we are therefore willing to relinquish all but our titular right to power over New South Scotland.
  6. Finally, we grant our pardon and forgiveness to Her Majesty Queen Astrid of Zealandia for her initially aggressive stance towards our crown dependency and for any other affronts to our Imperial Majesty in connection with the same, and ask in return her forgiveness for the harsh words spoken and the mistakes made by our Imperial Majesty in regards to the matter.
  7. Proclaimed at Wrythe this third day of June during the second year of our reign, in the year of the consulship of Eritoshi Augusta and Imperator Caesar Jonathan Augustus.
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