Dadonequus Discord (Anon's Life) A Changeling to the Story

Sep 16th, 2017
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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >The hero colt
  3. >You stood at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a very slowly recovering badlands.
  4. >You have never been. But apparently, if the letters from the princesses are true, Thorax is in need of help. They didn't say why he needed it. But the letter they sent to you said that with your knowledge of changelings, that you were the right pony for the job.
  5. >You had a feeling Thorax had asked them for advice instead. He had before when it came to some rogue changelings. You felt that the princesses just wanted you to do this to learn some sort of lesson or some such.
  6. >"So, that's the changeling hive over there, right?" Scootaloo pointed over to the large natural looking structure in the distance.
  7. >...Ahh right, Scootaloo came along with you. She sort of forced herself in.
  8. "Yeah..."
  9. >You sigh
  10. "Scoots, you didn't have to come with me. I can handle this on my own."
  11. >You had Discord teleport you over, though it seemed he didn't land you exactly where you needed to be. You wanted to use your horn, but you had already used one charge already to hide from Twilight, who wanted to explain to you the importance of your mission. She was the one who had received the note from the princesses. The problem was you teleported right in front of Scootaloo while she was scooting about. She crashed into you as you appeared in front of her. And that led to her wanting to come along despite your protest.
  12. >"Anon, you're not exactly the best when handling things on your own. That's why I'm here with you now. Together, we can do this!" She exclaimed
  13. >.......ugh
  14. "We don't even know what's going on yet.....AND, no offense, but the last time this happened, you became a changeling buffet."
  15. >Scootaloo tensed up, and looked at you with an angry stare "Yeah! W-well, it's gonna be different this time! The changelings are nice now...right?" She seemed a little unsure about that last part.
  16. "Yeah, for the most part. That's what I heard from the princesses anyway"
  18. >"Then..." She looks over at the hive in the distance. "With me at your side, this is gonna be no problem" She then looks back at you with a smug grin "Besides, if I can do this. Not only will it help me get into the Wonderbolts when I'm older. But Rainbow Dash is gonna be super impressed!" She looked so fangirly as she said that.
  19. >......Of course she would do this for that. Never mind the fact that if things went to shit, she'd probably freak out.
  20. ", why couldn't we bring Scrappy along for this again? Because, y'know, he's a changeling"
  21. >"Because Anon, you know how he is. If something that hurts his honor happens, we might not be able to stop him. If it was like, a normal visit. It'd be fine. But this? This could be for the fate of ALL OF EQUESTRIA!" Scootaloo exclaimed, as if it was REALLY that important.
  22. >You doubted it was anything major.
  23. >Why did the princesses have to pull this dumb shit? You weren't the mane 6. You didn't have to write a letter or write in a fucking journal. They could have handled this just fine.
  24. "Yeah yeah, let's just get going already. I kind of want to see what the hive looks like."
  25. >With the way Chrysalis hyped it up, it must be pretty cool looking.
  26. >"Anon...Anon wait!" Scootaloo called out to you as you stepped forward. Was she already scared?
  27. "Scootaloo, we're not going to make any time by just standing here and AGH! AAHHHNG! OOF!"
  28. >You weren't paying attention to the fact that you were overlooking the badlands from a cliff. You fall down and slam your head on your way down the rocky steps before falling face first onto the flat dead earth below.
  29. >Scootaloo looked down from the cliff with great worry "ANON! ANON! ARE YOU OK!"
  30. >You just groaned in pain as you lamented on your misstep.
  32. >Scootaloo expertly hopped down from cliff to cliff until she reached your side and helped you up "Anon, you really really REALLY gotta be careful! Sheesh, this is exactly what I meant. You better stick close to me in case something else happens."
  33. >That...fucking...arrogance
  34. >..your...fucking...face
  35. >You wipe off the dirt and dust from your face and muzzle and let out a displeased snort.
  36. "I wasn't paying attention you know. Besides, considering I have the horn. You should be sticking close to me"
  37. >Scootaloo just kept marching forward "But you only got one charge. That's why I'm telling you to stick close to me. I'll keep a close eye out for any danger. If it looks like it's gonna be too dangerous, I'll say so."
  38. >...but...
  39. "I have eyes..."
  40. >You begin to follow her. Realizing as well that you had to make absolutely sure she'd be ,ok. The reason you brought her was due to her heavy insistence. But perhaps deep down, you felt that you might screw something up if you did this alone.
  41. >"I know, but you gotta be as vigilant as Rainbow Dash to be able to spot any kind of danger from any which way."
  42. >You sigh. Dammit, you weren't going to convince her. If only you hadn't fallen like that.
  43. "...I guess"
  44. >As you both march towards the hive, you notice there are some odd patches of vegetation coming out of the ground. It all looked pretty fresh and lush despite the surrounding wasteland. In fact, the hive itself looked like it had plants and vines growing every which way. It looked rather pretty and yet it made you ponder what was going on with that as it all seemed fairly odd. Chrysalis would probably hate this kind of shit so perhaps the badlands was a wasteland through and through before she disappeared. Perhaps the throne was destroyed. You remember the Everfree forest being dead back in the Flim Flam future. So perhaps the throne itself also prevented plant life from growing in the area.
  46. "So Scoots, you're better at Equestrian history than I am. What do you think about all these plants."
  47. >"Dunno, I thought it'd all look dead and stuff to be honest. I remember learning the badlands was just an awful wasteland that nopony ever really came back from. But it all looks pretty nice though. I bet this place would be a great place to hang out at if it was covered in all these plants."
  48. "Yeah.."
  49. >You had to admit, these plants did look unique and beautiful with the vanilla looking flowers and, bright green leaves, the colorful vegetation, and even the nice looking vines.
  50. "Looks like it might actually happen if this keeps up....mnnnn"
  51. >Something else was bugging you as well. As you both moved further into unknown territory, it made you worry that something awful could actually happen.
  52. "Scoots, I...I dunno. Maybe I should send you back. If you're worried about me, I could get my friend Starlight. She'd be willing to help me out with this, heck, she might even solve it better than the both of us"
  53. >"Oh come on Anon, it's gonna be fine. Besides, there's no water around. You'd have to use your horn to send me back and then you wouldn't even be able to defend yourself. Nope, we're past the point of no return now Anon. It's just you and me! And we're gonna do it together!" Scootaloo said with utmost optimism
  55. >Well actually. She might be right. Behind the cliffs there was nothing but forest. Who knows where there may be a source of water to use for your trusty map.
  56. "Alright, ok. I guess you have a point. Heh.."
  57. >And, it did feel nice to see Scootaloo being optimistic about meeting the changelings. considering what happened last time. Even if she was arrogant about it. You couldn't fault her. You could have done any sort of trickery to get her away from you before the trip. But you didn't. So it was essentially your fault.
  58. "I guess all I can say is "thanks"for getting my back."
  59. >Scootaloo stopped for a moment, and looked back at you with a grin "That's what friends are for. I'm here for you whenever you need me Anon. We're partners."
  60. >....
  61. >....dammit, your heart. That was so heartwarming.
  62. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Heh, I guess I was overthinking things. This isn't like before after all. The changelings aren't dangerous anymore and whatever is going on is probably just a tiny issue about friendship or adjusting to living a new life. That's probably why the princesses left this to me. Yeah, that's it. Just like how I adjusted to Equestria, I'm going to help them adjust to their new life. It suddenly makes sense doesn't it Sco....HUH?!"
  63. >When you looked forward, you could hear the scared muffled screams of Scootaloo as she struggled inside a bag being held by some scary looking changeling with purple eyes and wings; With a red tail and psuedo mane as well. He was just hovering there, holding the bag....looking at you.
  64. >.....who the fuck was this guy?!
  66. >You slowly began to reach for your horn. This guy, this had to be the reason you were sent. A fucking rogue changeling that didn't change into a colorful moose bug. But why you? The princesses could have easily torched this guy. Unless they didn't have the heart to do it. But...
  67. >"Oh hey Anon. I caught that pony you were stalking." He put down the end of the bag and landed in front of you with a rather satisfied as Scootaloo continued to yell for help from inside her flexible prison "She's a screamer huh? I love it when they scream".
  68. >.....wut?
  69. "uhhhhhh"
  70. >Ok, he knew you. But you didn't know him. Well, wait. it'd be obvious that he knew you. He was in the basement, right? How the fuck did you never notice him? He looks edgy as shit! and sounds like it too.
  71. >"Oh..." He looked back, then looked to you with embarrassed surprise "Did you actually want to throw her in the bag? Hmmm" He shrugged "If that was the case, you gotta move a bit faster."
  72. ".....uhhhh"
  73. >"Hm? Oh, you don't remember me. Well, I guess you wouldn't. We never talked to each other. I'm Pharynx...." He stopped for a moment "..Yeah, that's enough of that. I hate pleasant hellos. So what brings you to the badlands?"
  74. >........wut?
  75. >Was he a rogue? Well, he attacked Scootaloo. But...he's not attacking you despite you being an instrument in what happened to Chrysalis. Was he trying to kill Thorax? Was he not? Why did he seem pretty nice yet serious for a changeling? What's his angle?
  76. "Uhm..."
  77. >Do you even tell him the truth? Well, actually. If you do, and he becomes hostile. Then you're pretty much done with the mission and you can go home and tell the princesses not to have you sent to deal with one surly fucking little bug pony.
  78. "I'm here to see Thorax actually"
  79. >Suddenly, Pharynx's enthusiasm left him as he let out an annoyed huff. He didn't become hostile. Just disappointed "Oh....Let me guess, you're going to help him deal with me, right? Get me to change like they have, right?"
  80. >Like them?
  82. "What do you mean "like they have" ?"
  83. >"What do you think?!" Pharynx said with a loud hiss. "They became FUCKING PUSSIES!"
  84. >Ohhhhh...fantastic. He uses human language. That's good....
  85. >Though, that does make his point plain as day as well. Because it instantly let you know that the changelings must have ALL become nancies like their goddamn king.
  86. "Ohhhh, hehe...yeah. I guess that'd be an issue and er, what's up with you using human language by the way? Just curious."
  87. >This was so fucking awkward.
  88. >"Humans had a spirit that was vicious and cruel like the changelings used to be. Their words were filled with power and fierceness our words did not. So, I decided to use it too. But can't use it in the hive, nope, because then..." suddenly his voice becomes mocking of a pleasant voice "they cover up their ears and think wonderful thoughts because those words are baaaaaaad...Ugh" He scoffed "Pathetic, their just words"
  89. "Uh hum. Well ok, I admit. I kinda see your point if that's the thing. But..."
  90. >Or maybe. MAYBE you could get him to reform? He didn't seem that bad. You kind of understood him at a certain level. Pussies sucked. Did they really become "Pussies"?
  91. "Maybe not attacking them would be a good thing? And er, working out your differences? I mean, I'm willing to help you with that if you need to. I was pretty good with it when it came to your queen."
  92. >Pharynx just looked at you as if you were dead wrong. "Actually, if I remember. Chrysalis had you wrapped around her hoof. It was kind of funny. But that was a long time ago. And what do you mean by attacking them? I mean, I kind of want to sometimes. But my brother is the king and I'm loyal to the hive....Even if they are a bunch of pussies" He gagged
  93. >Brother?
  94. "What do you mean by brother? Isn't all the changelings your siblings?"
  96. >He shrugged "Technically. But Thorax and I came from the same brood of eggs. That's what makes him my brother. And let me tell you, he was a pussy long before he became a king. Had to keep him out of trouble because he didn't want to fight anypony. Even the other changelings knew he was weak. And he still is, and it's ruining the entire hive. He destroyed the throne even! Something stupid like "Everypony should feel welcome in the changeling kingdom". Ughhh.." He started to rub his forehead in frustration "He got rid of one of our biggest and best advantages because it was "evil"....."
  97. >You believed Thorax being a pussy all his life. You knew that from the moment you met him.
  98. >As for his brother. He seemed pretty loyal despite being utterly annoyed with the state of the hive. And you had to admit, throwing out the throne seemed like a shit idea. Hell, that solidified your theory that something happened to it to let the flowers bloom.
  99. "Ok, I kinda see your point if it's all true. But why does it bother you so much? Couldn't you just talk to him about it or something and get something done?"
  100. >Pharynx gave you a hard stare "No, because he doesn't listen to me. None of them do! They'd rather just frolic in the flowers. I HATE FLOWERS!" He suddenly hopped on one of the flower patches and stomped on them "FLOWERS DO NOT BRING DOWN OUR ENEMIES! DAMMIT! THEY DON'T EVEN TASTE GOOD! THEY DON'T EVEN SCREAM WHEN THEY GET STOMPED ON!" he yelled as he hissed.
  101. >Screaming....
  104. "hehe..I can see that's a little bit of a touchy subject but you mind letting go of that pony? She's kind of my friend."
  105. >Suddenly Pharynx stopped and looked back at you "Friend?....ugh. I forgot you had "pony" friends. You know Chrysalis is gone, right? You don't have anything to prove"
  106. "Yeah, I know. But I had pony friends before I met your old queen. And she's one of them. So, if you don't mind"
  107. >"Fine." Pharynx rolled his eyes as he untied the bag. Near immediately, Scootaloo rushed out of the bag and hid behind you.
  108. >"BLAST HIM! BLAST HIM! QUICK! BEFORE HE DOES SOMETHING WORSE!" Scootaloo yelled as she shivered in place, looking over you in pure fright.
  109. >Pharynx just points at Scootaloo as if it was proving a point "See! Even she has more lust for destruction than the hive. I mean, sure she wants me destroyed. But at least it's something!"
  110. >...wew...was it that bad that he didn't care that Scootaloo wanted him dead?
  111. >You look back, and turn towards Scootaloo as you put your hoof on her right shoulder. She was shaking pretty bad. So much for that Wonderbolt junior bravery.
  112. "Scoots, Scoots. Calm down. He's not going to hurt us, ok?"
  113. >"HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?! ANON! WHAT IF HE..." You could already tell what she was going to say. And if it's one thing you felt you'd never let happen again. Was let Scootaloo get dangerously hurt.
  114. "Scoots!"
  115. >You shouted at her in one of the most serious tones you ever mustered. It made her curl up, still shivering in fear. Yeah, she was afraid of being drained again. That's for sure. She shouldn't have fucking came...
  116. "It's going to be alright."
  117. >You give her a hug and speak to her in a gentle voice.
  118. "It's gonna be ok, alright? I promise you, I won't let anything EVER hurt you while I'm around. Ok?"
  119. >She looked up at you for a moment, and hid her head under your chin. "...O-ok..I-I believe you..."
  120. >"Gaaaaayyyy" Pharynx commented
  121. >...oh good, he even properly knew how to use words for just the occasion too.
  123. "Do you mind?"
  124. >You gave him a hard glare. But it didn't even phase him.
  125. >"I do mind." He said without much care for what you two were doing. "It's dumb...but whatever, ponies are like that I guess. Anyway, I'm going to take you to see my brother. I want you to see what I mean and then hopefully you can do something about it"
  126. >Pharynx started to march ahead towards the hive. But this unsettled Scootaloo. She moved away from you and called him out in an angry tone. It seems she had gotten some of her nerve back. If only because she was near you. "Hold on! How do we know you're not leading us into a trap!"
  127. >Pharynx didn't even bother turning around "You're a pretty dumb pony, aren't you? The hive is right there. If it was a trap, then I'd be walking over there, or maybe there, or any place that doesn't lead to the giant hive that is our kingdom! Ugh! So annoying! I hate annoying" He grumbled as he continued forward.
  128. >Scootaloo realized that was most likely true, she gawked at him for a moment before narrowing her eyes and looking at him menacingly. "O-oh....but I'm watching you, so don't try anything!"
  129. >"......ok" He shrugged, never stopping once on his march. In fact, it looked like he was keeping his eye out for something.
  130. >Scootaloo didn't seem to really know how to feel.
  131. >You just walked to her side and gave her a gentle pat as you whispered in her ear "Scoots, relax. I think we can trust him"
  132. >"Anon, are you nuts? He still evil. And he put me in a bag!"
  133. "Y-yeah, but he hasn't really attacked us either. Besides, he doesn't seem very evil. Just kinda, I dunno, meanish."
  135. >"Meanish...right" Scootaloo looked at you with a disapproving eyebrow raise "Ok Anon, what about this? What if the other changelings didn't turn into scaredy cats or whatever he said? What if they actually changed back! Did you think about that? What do we do if that happens?"
  136. >You highly doubted that happened. The princesses seemed pretty pleased with Thorax as a whole.
  137. >As for Scootaloo. She was probably already regretting her decision. She was scared, but she also didn't ask to leave. So perhaps she was also scared for you as well.
  138. "Yeah, nah. If that was the case then Twilight and the gang would be here instead of me. Scoots, just relax. Ok?"
  139. >You gave her a confident smile
  140. "If anypony tries to hurt us, I'll just blast them with my horn, ok?"
  141. >Scootaloo didn't say anything at first, she looked about. Unsure how to feel about that. Then she let out a small sigh and looked to you with a weak smile. "O-ok Anon. I trust you...but" Then she looked at you with a authoritative glare "But don't forget I'm here for you too, got it?!"
  142. >You chuckled at that and nodded "Sure, Scoots. Sure"
  143. >Well, the mood was leveled at that point. But looking at Pharynx. He totally seemed unsettled by something. You even thought you heard him say "Damn maulwurf" under his breath. Was that a person? did he say "Moleworth?". That was a little odd. Then again, you didn't expect to run into anyone else that would pick up on human language so. Ya know, just roll with it.
  144. >True to his word. Pharynx led you both to the hive. Often giving unsightly comments about it such as "Look at those window holes. "It let's in sunshine"...gross, who likes sunshine?" Or "This place is covered in so many pretty plants...gotta remember to puke on at least most of them. Stupid shitty plants. I hate them".
  145. >When you all got to the entrance, he stopped just before it and pointed to the large gaping hole that was the entry way.
  147. >The hive itself was nothing you'd expect it to be. At least not the outside. It was very green and full of vegetation. With small patches of beautiful flower gardens just outside of it. It was as if it was the source of life within the badlands.
  148. >"Well, there's the entrance. Have fun..." He had a look of pure disgust as he gave a small glance inside.
  149. >"You're not coming with us?" Scootaloo asked. It wasn't that she wanted him to come. She was just curious as to why.
  150. >"I already said why already. It's too happy go lucky in there. Besides, they don't really like me anyway. Also, I don't like them. Also also? I have stuff to do. Oh and Anon?" He looks to you with an odd sense of concern "If you're going to lose your lunch in there, make sure it hits Thorax. Hopefully that'll send a message to him"
  151. >Wut?
  152. "Uhhhh, ok? But erm..what message?"
  153. >What did puking have to do with anything?
  154. >".......never mind.....but make sure to do it anyway." Pharynx said as he began to hover upwards "Anyway, I got some training to do......." He looked back at the both of you one more time, as if wanting to vocalize a goodbye. But instead, he just flew off.
  155. >".....Hmph, he thinks he's so tough. I could have thrashed him if he didn't sneak attack me with that bag." Scootaloo said as she stuck her tongue out at the vacating changeling.
  156. >Suuuuuuure
  157. "I believe you. But uhh, let's calm down a little huh? We're here and we got business to do"
  158. >Scootaloo took a moment to compose herself, then looked to you "Hey Anon, you're actually being like...really smart about this."
  159. >...Hey...
  160. "Yeah, I am. Aren't I? Pretty good, eh?"
  161. >"Yeah! That fall back at those cliffs must have knocked some good sense into you. Try not to get hit in the head again, ok? You're really on a roll!" She was rather genuine with her words.
  162. >You let out a sheepish and slightly annoyed chuckle
  163. "Y-yeah....I'll do that"
  165. >The only thing left to do now was actually enter the place. Scootaloo looked a little nervous about the whole thing so you stepped in first to give her some reassurance.
  166. >The look of the place inside was cavernous, and yet....pleasant. There was sun shining through to light your way and any signs of what Chrysalis herself may have called home was not present. Hell, the place itself seemed to be leading you two to where you needed to go.
  167. >"Hmmm.." Scootaloo uttered
  168. "What's up Scoots?"
  169. >"Um, I'm just kinda taking it all in. I kinda forget that we're really far away from home and on changeling turf. This place doesn't seem bad at all so far."
  170. "Well they did reform. What, did you expect slime and grime or something?"
  171. >"Sorta"
  172. "Welp, that's what happens when you....hmm? Do you hear that?"
  173. >"Yeah, it's coming from over there! Is" Scootaloo pointed down to where the hall seemed to open up to a large open room. You could hear giggling, chatter, and joyous music coming from the other end.
  174. "Yeah, must be some sort of party. I mean, Thorax is expecting me sooooo..."
  175. >Scootaloo chuckled
  176. "Hmm?"
  177. >"C'mon Anon. did you hear what you just said? If Sweetie Belle was here, she'd be complaining already about how high and mighty you're acting"
  178. >......god you hated the phrase "High and mighty". What? Was that your only descriptor? You were better than that.
  179. "And? It's probably true though. I'm expected after all. There's no other reason to throw a party but for the great hero colt"
  180. >"Ok Anon, ok. I guess, I mean. You're no Rainbow Dash...but you're kinda cool enough to throw a hero party for at least once. I just hope theirs cake!" Scootaloo's nerves seemed to have calmed alright. She seemed eager to see what was going on.
  181. "....hmph...Rainbow Dash...I could beat her any time I want. stupid blue pony...everyone things she's so cool."
  182. >You quietly muttered
  183. >"Huh?" Scootaloo questions
  184. "Oh...erm...nothing. let's just see what's going on over there"
  186. >You and Scoots enter the main chamber of the hive.
  187. >And what you saw.....was horrifying.
  188. "......wut?"
  189. >Colorful changelings of all kinds were gathered about. There was a choir in one corner singing songs while others danced. There was a few in the center working on a large Luna and Celestia statue made out of....whatever that was. Others were eating and conversing in a pleasant manner while others set up all kinds of decorations. You could even smell some good cooking coming from somewhere else.
  190. >And conducting this all was King Thorax himself. "Good job my fellow changelings! Oh a little thinner on Luna's nose Exo, that's it! You're all doing a great job! I'm sure the princesses will feel completely welcome at the moment they see all this! It's beautiful!"
  191. >....oh god. It was like you stepped into G3.
  192. >Scootaloo moved her head closer and started to whisper "Anon, what are they doing?"
  193. "I-I don't know...I think their doing some sort of welcoming ceremony"
  194. >" looks kinda cool. They seem a lot nicer than..ya know..the last time I saw them. Scrappy is still the best though. Erm, that big one there. He's Thorax, right?"
  195. "....yeah..."
  196. >"He's pretty big. Didn't you say he was kinda wimpy? He looks like he could tear right through a castle with those horns of his" Scootaloo simply had no idea how much of a pussy he was. You were sure even Scrappy could slaughter him in a fight.
  197. "He can't. Trust me, I better let him know we're here though. I wanna know what's going on"
  198. >"Ok, I'm right behind though....y'know..just in case"
  199. "Just in case of what?"
  200. >"Y'know..." There was suddenly a bit of worry in her voice "In case...something happens"
  201. >It was obvious she was feeling uncomfortable again.
  202. "Don't worry Scoots, it'll be ok. Anyway....HEY THORAX! YO! WE'RE HERE!"
  203. >"Princess Celest-...Anon?" Thorax turned around, and saw you. But instead of being happy. He looked utterly confused.
  205. "Yep, heya Thorax. Long time no see. Dunno what's going on here but it's looking uhh..pretty nice. Is it for me?"
  206. >You felt confident that the party had to be for someone. And so, you had to be nice about it even if it looked fucking gay.
  207. >But Thorax was looking over you, as if trying to spot someone else. "O-oh, that's erm....umm...Well, it is very nice to see you Anon. But erm..."
  208. "What's up? what are you looking for?"
  209. >"The Princesses, their behind you, right?" He continued to look beyond you. His face having dwindling hope upon not seeing what he wanted to see.
  210. ""
  211. >Suddenly, everything came to a screeching halt. All the changelings looked to eachother when they realized what was going on.
  212. >"It's Anon..wait...did he say the princesses weren't coming?!"
  213. >"'s not what he meant..."
  214. >"but it's what he said. Oh no..we're doomed..aren't we?!"
  215. >"Shhh..shh..relax..relax...oohhh....I feel sick."
  216. >"N-nonsense, the princesses are the embodiment of goodness themselves. They wouldn't let us go extinct."
  217. >"Hey guys! What I miss? I was making soup!..oh hey, it's Anon!"
  218. >"Who's that behind him? Is that a princess?"
  219. >"..n-no..I think that's...Thorax? What's going on?"
  220. >They were all looking to him for answers.
  221. >And he was sweating bullets.
  222. >"D-don't worry everypony! Everything is fine! C-carry on. Anon only meant that they weren't behind him. That's all...t-their probably outside. I'll go and g-greet them!" Thorax's voice was full of lies. He was scared about something. Or maybe he just didn't like you...hmmm.
  223. >The other changelings stopped to wonder. And then shrugged and went about their business. Though a few had noticed Scootaloo, and the ones that have started to gather about her.
  224. >"Uhhhh.....Anon?" Scootaloo gulped "What are they doing?"
  225. >before you could answer, due to your focus on Thorax trying to lead the other changelings back into their preparations while trying to break away from it, the changelings that gathered began to speak.
  227. >"Please, don't be afraid, we aren't going to hurt you."
  228. >"Actually, we kinda remember who you are....and..umm. Well, some..or all of us actually have been feeling bad for what we did back when we were evil. In fact, in all our lives. We never actually, as an entire hive, ganged up on a single filly before."
  229. >"Yeah, and. We were kinda getting over it..but then after realizing're here all of a sudden for some reason. Those bad feelings came back. Big time... We we're really really awful"
  230. >"Truly awful"
  231. >"So, we want to apologize to you. I know we don't deserve it. But we really are sorry"
  232. >"Yeah, we've been talking about it in the last feelings forum actually."
  233. >"Hey, actually. We should invite her to the next one. You probably have a lot of things you want to get off your chest about us. I know you're probably still mad. But we don't want you to be. And so if you want to talk about it, you can come to our next feelings forum"
  234. >"I-in the meantime...if theres anything you need. Don't hesitate to ask, we're at your beck and call"
  235. >"...e-even if you don't forgive us. We're happy to try our best to be your friend and show you that we're good now"
  236. >" you forgive us?"
  237. >Scootaloo stopped, and hell. It caught your attention too. Sheesh, they really changed.
  238. >"Anon, are they serious?" Scootaloo whispered
  239. "I think so..a feelings forum...egh, I think I see what pharynx meant now. That's reminds me of SJWs back home"
  240. >"SJwhatawews? No Anon, I meant. Do you think their really sorry? I-I didn't expect this to happen. I didn't even think they were going to care enough to remember that...I remember it. Princess L-Luna helped me through it but still..." Scootaloo was indeed contemplating her answer.
  242. >You looked around the grouped up changelings. They all looked pretty miserable for what they've done to her. Even you wouldn't tell them to fuck off after everything that's happened. so, you whisper back...
  243. "Oh, well...I guess. If you're feeling ok with it. Just accept their apology. I'm sure even they'll get that you won't forgive them if they do it again. Which shouldn't be a problem given the looks their giving you"
  244. >"They do look really sorry about it. hmmm" Scootaloo gave herself another moment to think. Given they had all reformed, and even she had done some bad things without fully understanding what was going on. She felt that maybe, probably, it'd be ok to forgive them this once. Everyone deserves a second chance. "Ok" She nods with a grin "I forgive everyGYAH!"
  245. >The changelings bumrushed her for a hug, all happily saying how great it is to hear they are forgiven. Each one praising Scootaloo for being so great and kind. Some even saying they were going to collaborate on making a statuette on anything she wanted. Which, of course, she thought it'd be nice to have a one made after Rainbow Dash.
  246. >They obliged, one even changing into her for accurate reference. Seeing that, she actually thought it was pretty cool. They all walked off pleased with themselves while Scootaloo turned to you to make a remark. "Hey, they aren't bad at all. They squeeze a little hard. But they all seem super nice. and did you see that? They can turn into Rainbow Dash! I-I mean, obviously it's not as cool as the real one. But it'd be so awesome to walk in Rainbow Dash's hooves for a day....just'd be the greatest!"
  247. >........
  248. "I mean, sure. She' But imagine being ME for a day, eh? I got a horn, a neat dad, yep. Who wouldn't want to be me for a day?"
  249. >"Well, Snips and Snails would probably want to be you for a day. But me? I just wanna know what it's like to be Rainbow Dash. She's cool, awesome, cool and awesome, great and awesome, and-WOAH!"
  251. >Both you and Scootaloo get sweeped up by Thorax and pushed along back towards the hallway. Part of you didn't mind as your soul sunk when she mentioned the two idiots. But what the fuck was up with him?!
  252. "W-woah Thorax! Thorax! Calm down, what's up! What are you doing?!"
  253. >Thorax stopped, looked back, then looked to you and Scootaloo with ultra nervousness. "A-anon, i-it's not like I'm not happy to see you. I-I am...but what happened to the princesses?!"
  254. >So he didn't really know
  255. >...Damn those princesses, what the fuck were they even thinking?!
  256. "They uh...sent me a letter for me to go in their stead."
  257. >"...oh my...and uhh" Thorax nearly turned another color just from hearing that "W-why is there a filly with you? Erm, by the way, hi. Welcome to my kingdom. I-I hope y-you're having a wonderful t-time"
  258. >Scootaloo raised her hoof and waved. Feeling a little off due to his behavior "Hi,'s pretty cool so far"
  259. >"I-I'm glad to hear it...Anon" He looks back to you "D-did you, p-perhaps meet a changeling out in the badlands? unreformed changeling?".
  260. "You mean your brother? Pharynx? Yeah, why?"
  261. >Thorax nearly fell over hearing that one. "GNGH...YOU DIDN'T BLAST HIM, RIGHT?!"
  262. >Woah, he got super scared about that.
  263. "N-No! Geez, he didn't even seem that bad. Thorax, what's wrong with you?! What's going on?"
  264. >"I...I" He was barely calming down. Then gulped. "Uhm..."
  265. >"Hey, Thorax, right? Come on, relax! We're friends here, right? Your brother is ok and you don't have to worry. Anon thinks he's ok and uhh...I...Well, I don't like him too much but if it bothers you that much. Then I can be ok with him too. So chillll, relax, you're with us now and everything is going to be ok"
  267. >Scootaloo was trying to calm Thorax down the best she could. But as it would turn out. There seemed to be something even worse than his brother's refusal to reform bothering him.
  268. >"You both don't understand. There's a maulwurf skulking around near the hive! It's dangerous! We've been lucky so far but if we don't get any help soon. We'll be doomed! I asked the princesses for help because I didn't know what else to do...About my brother or the maulwurf. It can show up today...tomorrow....ngh. And then there's Pharynx, who doesn't see the value of being good and nice. Some of the other changelings want him gone from the hive but....I don't. He's my brother, and I'd do anything to help him through moment of transition. I think he can get there, he just needs help understanding"
  270. >Scootaloo chuckled "What? Is that all? A scary "Maulwurf"? Did you forget that this is Anon? You were worried about him blasting your brother, but you forgot that he can still blast something." Scootaloo gave Thorax a rather self satisfied smirk "Get what I'm saying?"
  271. >....oh could do that.
  272. >Also, finally. She actually recognizes you are of use.
  273. "Yeah, she's right. I slap on the horn and BAM, no more maulwurf. And you were worried about the princesses"
  274. >You chuckled at that, what a fucking pussy.
  275. "When really, you had the best solution come right to your door."
  276. >Thorax stopped to think, then smiled happily yet sheepishly when he realized his goof. "O-oh, right. I guess I wasn't really thinking. You could just use your chaos magic to stop it."
  277. >"You really weren't thinking. And you still aren't." Said a voice coming from the entrance of the hive.
  278. >You all turned to see Pharynx, who must have overheard the conversation.
  279. >He slowly marched in with a scoff "Using Anon to win your battle? Wow, once a pussy always a pussy, huh?" He said to Thorax as he confronted him
  280. >"H-hey Pharynx, e-erm...c-can you not use that word? It's a bad human word" Thorax said as he gave his brother a weak smile
  281. >Pharynx rolled his eyes at him "Thorax! You're being the worst king we've ever had! Which is...wait" He looked up in wonderment "You're the first king we ever had...BUT YOU'RE THE WORST ANYWAY! And no, I'll say whatever I want. You pussy!"
  282. >"Hey! Leave him alone!" Scootaloo piped up as she ran to Thorax's side. "He's doing his best y'know! Besides, what's wrong with Anon taking care of the problem! We're saving lives here!"
  284. >Pharynx groaned at Scootaloo's words "Ugh, pony logic is dumb. Listen here!" Pharynx lowered his head and gave Scootaloo a hard glare, making her back off with a gulp "We changelings used to be able to handle an entire hoard of those dumb moles by ourselves, and they never even bothered us! now we can't even beat one! So what if Anon beats this one Maulwurf? What then? What happens if some other bad thing attacks? How do we defend ourselves, hmm?" He shifted his eyes to Thorax.
  285. >"W-well, I-I erm. Well, actually" Thorax seems to actually think of something on the spot "It's attracted to the hive because of the plants. S-so, maybe, we can lure it away by making a trail of plants...maybe leaves?"
  286. >"Hey, that sounds like a plan!" Scootaloo looks back at Pharynx with an arrogant smile "what do you think of that!"
  287. >"Stupid! It'll probably work! But it's still stupid! We can lure all our problems away with just leaves! I remember the beginning of Goodfellas, a movie Anon showed. Being weak gets you nowhere. And the way things are now proves it! We need to FIGHT!"
  288. >"Well...err.." Thorax looks down at Scootaloo, who gives him a confident nod. Which makes Thorax look back at his brother with a little more confidence "Well, for now. That's the plan! The safety of the hive and my subjects, including you, is the most important thing about this. Any situation can be solved through proper planning. Just like this one. We don't have to be nasty and violent Pharynx."
  289. "...but he's right"
  290. >You say, making all three of them look at you.
  291. >Scootaloo brings her hoof to her face and groans "Oh no, you hit your head. Right?"
  292. "No, but I think I know why I've been pretty compe-"
  293. >Don't say that, it'd make you sound like you were dumb every other time. Which you aren't!
  295. "I mean, I think I know why I got a good handle on the situation. This isn't my first time around the block with changelings. They changed for the better, that much is true. But Pharynx is right. I mean, even ponies have a fighting force. They have police, the royal guard, the Wonderbolts, and I don't even need to mention the elements, and then there's yours truly and..."
  296. >You notice Scootaloo narrowing her eyes at you with that one
  297. "Look, Anyway! The point is that the changelings need to stop being so passive and rise up and fight to defend their home...that's all"
  298. >"But that's the thing Anon. They don't want to go back to fighting. Nopony does. It brings up terrible memories for them, they just want to live in peace. We all do, that's why luring the maulwurf away is the better plan. I-I think so anyway." Thorax said
  299. >"Yeah Anon, what gives! You should know better than that! I mean, think about the breezies. They can't defend themselves at all and need our help. It's the same with the changelings. They can't fight, and they are our friends! So let's help em out!" Scootaloo adds, feeling Thorax had the right idea.
  300. >"Anon, you know I'm right. I don't want to see my brethren get obliterated by a dumb mole! We have to fight!"
  301. >All three of them were giving their own views of the matter at once. yelling at you, telling you their viewpoint was the best point.
  302. >What were you even supposed to think?! Should they have to fight? Yes, they should! They can't rely on help ALL the time. But could they fight in their new form? did it make them piss weak that they have to be noncombatants?
  306. "Feels Forum! I call for a feels forum!"
  307. >"Um, it's erm. It's called a feelings forum actually. And, why?" Thorax was utterly confused, he didn't think this was a good time for this.
  308. >"...Anon..don't tell me you became a pussy too" Pharynx groaned, losing hope in his cause.
  309. >Scootaloo was pondering, then she swung her hoof when she realized "what you meant". "Ohhhh! I get it! You want to gather all the changelings together to see how THEY feel about all this, right Anon?
  310. >No....but that's a damned good idea.
  311. "Exactly! Exxxxactly! I knew you'd pick up on it Scoots!"
  312. >Just inflate her ego a little, just to make sure nobody realizes you goofed.
  313. >"Really? Heh" Scoots smiled, pretty proud of herself. Then she looked at you, with some admiration "Y'know Anon, even though we don't agree right now. I can see why ponies consider you a hero. You're really goofy when you're at home. But when you're on the job. You're really kinda amazing!...kinda..."
  314. >Awww....Scoots....
  315. >If it wasn't for your human heart, you might actually feel bad about the fact that you didn't think of that.
  316. >"...hmph, I already know how their going to feel. It's a big waste of time!" Pharynx however, had no faith in the plan.
  317. "Woah woah! Now hold on Pharynx. Remember, I'm with you on this one. I for one think..."
  318. >You look at Thorax as you say this
  319. "You should be able to fight your own battles. C'mon Scoots, it's a kingdom. They used to take over a ton of them. They can at least defend their own home."
  320. >"....but they only USED to do that Anon. And like I said. There are entire species who don't fight at all. You don't have to even fight to bring good to the world. Technically, this changeling kingdom is a new one under a new king and they haven't even gotten a chance to really grow yet. Maybe they can learn to fight, but not now! We should at least take care of the maulwurf first!" She argued.
  322. "Well, that's why we're going to have this forum. To see what the changelings think after I have my say. Remember, I had them in my basement for a pretty long time. I think I know how to convince them. What do you say Pharynx? Will you give it a shot with me?"
  323. >Pharynx looked at you, then looked to Thorax. His eyes became soft for a moment. As if he just wanted Thorax to fight. That's all and nothing more. He then looked to you and nodded with a sigh "I guess it can't hurt. Well, it does hurt to listen to them be all "cute and happy". But you know what I mean."
  324. "Good! Let's do this!"
  325. >Of course, one feelings forum later...
  327. >You and Pharynx were walking towards the maulwurf. Alone.
  328. >The feelings forum ended in a gigantic failure. Not only did the changelings not want to follow their foul mouthed kin. But they brought up the point that you were friends with Chrysalis and that humans are nasty and violent.
  329. >Scootaloo actually spoke up to defend you at that point, saying you were a hero and such. But they wouldn't hear it.
  330. >Pharynx got pretty angry and said he'd take care of the problem himself then. And show them that defending the hive should be a fucking basic instinct all of them should have.
  331. >"I told you they wouldn't listen...." He said with a huff
  332. "I know..."
  333. >"And I told you not to follow me, I don't want you to use that horn"
  334. "I know..."
  335. >"I can handle this myself..."
  336. >There was something else you noted as well. He wanted to mobilize the hive for this fight. You since figured out during the forum that he IN FACT might not be able to do it himself.
  337. "I don't believe you"
  338. >"You're stupid. Even the old queen knew that."
  339. "And you're a liar. If you could handle it yourself you would have done it already. That's why you need the hive."
  340. >".....You're stupid..."
  342. "Ha! I knew it. Actually, that's what surprises me. You seem to have a heart in there somewhere. You didn't drain my friend when you had the chance. You want the hive to survive despite them being "pussies". And you haven't tried to murder the king at all..."
  343. >You say king on that last part, because you knew he cared. Despite losing at the forum. He still tried. So you baited him to say...
  344. >Pharynx looked away and lowered his head as he grumbled "Well...he's my brother. He's a pussy, yeah. But that's why I'm here, to slap his shit whenever he screws up. He's been a pussy all his life, to the point I had to protect them back when things were good. None of the other changelings liked him."
  345. >One, you kind of wish he stopped cursing. It was really weird when he did it. You could almost understand why the other changelings get antsy when he does it. It's probably not the highlight of human culture.
  346. >And two, that clenches it. He does care and even loves his brother. And yet, he didn't change like the rest of them.
  347. "But you do?"
  348. >"I DIDN'T SAY THAT!...ngh...It's just...he sucked really bad. he was an embarrassment. I just wanted him to be better, that's all."
  349. >ugh, you should have asked this shit earlier. Maybe Thorax would have budged better if he had heard this himself.
  350. "So another question. If you like the old ways, why not go and find Chrysalis?"
  351. >"....Because...."
  352. "She's not your ruler anymore?"
  353. >He didn't answer.
  354. >He seemed rather embarrassed by it actually.
  355. "Look, it's me. I'm not going to call you a pussy or anything. I'm with you all the way. Besides, their the ones being pussies. So tell me what it NGH!"
  356. >Pharynx turns and brings his horn just under your neck
  357. "W-what are you doing?!"
  358. >"Threatening you....because if you tell anypony..." He brings his horn closer.
  359. >F-fuck, what was it that made him suddenly react like that?!
  360. "Ok ok, I won't. I promise. Geez...C-can you lower that thing already."
  362. >Pharynx let out a low distrustful hiss. But turned back around anyway as he sighed. "When Chrysalis wanted Thorax dead. I may have started questioning a few things about the survival about the hive. I-it wasn't about Thorax really...It's just. If he was expendable, and the old captain was expendable. What about the rest of us? It wasn't r-really about Thorax...He abandoned, y'know. Screw him"
  363. "Then why follow him if he abandoned you all in the first place?"
  364. >"........"
  365. >He didn't answer. But fuck, it was as clear as day now. He started to stop caring when Chrysalis wanted Thorax dead. If he was serious about not caring about a deserter, he wouldn't be following said deserter
  366. "Heh, no wonder Thorax nearly lost it when he thought I blasted you"
  367. >"...what?" Pharynx looked back, confused.
  368. >Ahhh, so he didn't hear that part.
  369. "Yeah. He thought I obliterated you with my horn. Pretty funny, right? What a pussy...GNGH!"
  370. >He brought his horn under your neck again
  371. "U-uhhmmm.."
  372. >"I'm the only one that can call him that. Got it? He's my brother, I get to make fun of him. Not some stupid pony...I don't even care what you were before. But you don't get to say that about him either way" Oh yeah, the way he poked his horn once? He made his point.
  373. "Y-yeah, got it...ehe"
  374. >"Good...Besides, you're one to talk. You lost too. You lost to a girl, your marefriend at that. How much of a pussy do you have to be to lose to your marefriend?"
  375. >WUT?!
  376. "AHRM! Excuse me, she's not my marefriend. I actually have one and that's not it."
  377. >And boy, if she ever heard ANYONE say that. She'd go on a murder spree.
  379. >Pharynx cringed "ehhhh. Actually, that's worse now that I think about it. You're a human and you can't even force your opinion onto a stupid foal. No wonder you were the old queen's plaything. You suck."
  381. >You slap on the horn and point it in front of Pharynx. Large patches of ground start to explode violently. Leaving behind scorches earth and smoke rising from the center of each large crater,
  382. >Pharynx jumped back in surprise. Even he was frightened by the power you used just now.
  383. "I am not a goddamned plaything! Got it?! Not to her, NOT TO ANYPONY! Goddamnit! I don't suck. And truthfully? She's gone, it's over. There's no reason to mention that at all and...."
  384. >Your eyes go wide for a moment.
  385. >You slap the horn back on and look to Pharynx with worried eyes.
  386. "....Off topic but, what do I look like right now?"
  387. >Pharynx looked rather speechless. Mostly from the huge explosions you just caused.
  388. >"....."
  390. >"..Like...a guy with eyeliner so strong it's smoking. What's with your eyes?"
  391. >...oh shit....You used your second charge. You used your first one before the trip...but....FUCK
  392. "......oohhhhhhh......we're doomed..."
  393. >"What are you talking about? I said we're not using your horn. So if you're planning to...wait. Why would you even say we're doomed?" Pharynx was confused.
  394. "....Uhh....because I can't use my horn for the rest of the day..."
  395. >Pharynx went wide eyed when you said that. As if he realized his own bluff.
  396. >Suddenly, he lifted you by the cheeks with his hooves and shook you "THE OLD QUEEN WAS RIGHT! YOU'RE ALSO AN IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT YOU IDIOT! YOU BIG BIG IDIOT!"
  398. >He was shaking you too hard to answer.
  399. >He drops you as he takes deep breaths.
  400. > you were right after all.
  401. "ngh...Pharynx..I thought you said-"
  403. >"You moron! It's one changeling versus a huge maulwurf! Don't you even know what those are!?"
  404. "...Not I've never even heard of one until today"
  405. >"......." Pharynx gave you a hard glare, then began to continue his march "Well, there's not much else I can do now. Do whatever you want. I'm going to try stopping it anyway."
  406. "By yourself?"
  408. >"Yeah, it's that or extinction. I'd rather go out fighting then hide like a pussy anyway."
  409. >......You had to stop him somehow...
  410. "I'm going with you, I can't let you do it alone."
  411. >"....ok. Not my fault if you get obliterated. But good knowing you're not a pussy. C'mon" He starts walking forward.
  416. >How could you bow out now?
  417. >....what would Fluttershy think if you were gone?
  418. >Starlight
  419. >Scoots...
  420. >Diamond...
  422. >But of course he wouldn't. He didn't know you were in danger.
  423. >And so, you followed Pharynx to your doom.
  424. >Eventually, you both came across a cliff. Down below was a huge blue mole with massive claws. It was chewing and eating the vegetation below like a glutton.
  425. >...holy fuck, it looked like it could split you in two with a damn tap.
  426. ".....oh that the maulwurf?!"
  427. >"That's the maulwurf. Looks like it's busy eating dinner. Perfect, that might give us a slight chance to tear it to pieces. Maybe" Pharynx then looked to you with confidence, and nodded "So, I'm going to fly at it and whack it a lot until it falls. What are you going to do?"
  428. >Your mind went blank
  429. >"You really had no plan, did you?"
  430. " But...I can see why you said this would obliterate the hive...this is Shadow of the Colossus levels of mole right here."
  431. >"No idea what that means. But think back to the war against klandathians. You humans have a powerful spirit to overcome this kind of opposition. So I know that despite you're crappy body. You're capable of great things...." Pharynx sighed as he looked back at the maulwurf ".....I guess since our chances are low. I can thank you for believing in me. And..."
  432. >He takes a deep breath, and slowly lets go "...Since I GUESS I need to calm down just a little, because stupid reasons, that I can thank you for not ending my brother despite what Chrysalis told you"
  433. >You look at him when he said that. Dammit, he really wasn't that bad a guy. Stupid pussy changelings.
  434. "Well, y'know. It's what I do"
  435. >"I'd hope so, because if you did end him. I would have opened your bedroom window while you were sleeping. How's the old captain ,by the way? Does he still want to destroy everything?"
  436. >....good god..WHAT?!...g-geez...l-lucky you that you spared Thorax.......oh god...Ohhh
  438. "U-um...y-yeah, he still wants that"
  439. >"Cool....He was a pretty good changeling. Then he became a freak." Pharynx started to flitter his wings and looked down with determination "Ready Anon? We're going to ride into battle and destroy that thing by ourselves!"
  440. >"NO YOU'RE NOT!" Said a timid yet booming voice from behind
  441. >You both turned around, to see Thorax landing and lowering himself to let Scootaloo off his back.
  442. >"Thorax?! What are you doing here? Ugh...let me guess, you came here to stop me? Like a pussy?" Pharynx immediately went back into a hostile tone.
  444. >Thorax shook his head "No Pharynx, I fight with you!...i-if you don't mind teaming up that is"
  445. >'re still dead
  446. >Pharynx narrowed his eyes at him "Are you kidding me?"
  447. >Thorax shook his head "No, when Scootaloo said that Anon had a chance of using his horn before you both even reached the maulwurf, I realized I could lose you forever to it. So....." Thorax took a proud stand "I decided to rush over here as fast as I could! You protected me so much when we were, now it's my turn to protect you!"
  448. >....Dammit Scoots....T-that wasn't actually...y'know....dammit...fuck
  449. >As Pharynx and Thorax started to go on a back and forth. Scootaloo rushed over to you to check on you. "Anon! Woo, thank Celestia we made it in time"
  450. >You smile while your soul breaks deep inside.
  451. "H-hey Scoots....uhhh. How's you?"
  452. >"Anon...are you ok?"
  453. "Y-yeah..."
  455. >Scootaloo sighed as she put her hoof to her forehead "You really did use your horn early, didn't you? I knew it! Should have gone with you. But you were being so dumb all of a sudden! least...mnnn" And then, it seemed she wanted to admit something "But, you also came here anyway without your power to fight for the changelings. That's pretty brave of you Anon...super brave. I'm glad when I made that speech for you that it didn't turn up to be a lot of hooey"
  456. >Speech?
  457. "You made a speech?"
  458. >Scootaloo nodded "Yeah...I guess I sort of got mad when you guys left. They just wouldn't even give you two a chance. I didn't even expect them to act like you were loyal to Chrysalis. And then when Thorax explained more about the maulwurf, I kind of had a thought of you using your horn early and uhhhh....I lost it. I just started yelling at them how they could just let you and Pharynx go and fight the maulwurf while they sat there and hid like pussy cats. You may have been human and all, but you were like a foal human...right? Right, I think I remember that. Anyway! A foal went to go fight a monster while they hid like sissies. And then I told them I was going too...and here I am, to uhhh..." Scootaloo walked past you and looked down the cliff, her pupils shrunk when she saw the maulwurf down below. It scared her to no end ".....cheer you on"
  459. >Despite her suddenly backing down. You still gave her a warm smile. If anything, you didn't expect her to try to fight this monstrosity anyway. In fact, you'd never let her do it. No matter what. You knew the reasons.
  460. "Thanks Scoots....wait"
  461. >Hold on...
  462. "Does that mean the changelings came to help us out too?"
  463. >", they still decided to hide...sorry" Scootaloo looked down in shame "I really tried though"
  464. >You put a hoof on her shoulder to give her reassurance
  465. "No worries Scoots. You did your best......mnnn...ok"
  467. >You turn around, and look at the brothers. Who were themselves ready to fight together. It seemed they had truly worked out their differences.
  468. "You guys ready?"
  469. >"We're ready, but you're not coming with us Anon" Thorax said to you as he opened his wings.
  471. "W-what?! what do you mean?"
  472. >"I know how your horn works. So we're going to try to beat it on our own. And you? You go back to those pussies and try to wait it out a day so you can use your horn." Pharynx tells you
  473. "Are you serious? I can't just leave you guys..."
  474. >"Yeah, that thing will tear you both apart! C'mon, maybe we should just try to wait it out together..." Scootaloo added
  475. >"Nope, that would be dumb. Don't be dumb. I won't think you two are pussies for running, just the rest of the hive." Pharynx replies
  476. >"...Yeah..but again..can we stop calling them that? They just...y'know.....mnn" Thorax also wanted to defend his subjects and their decisions as well.
  477. >"Came to help?"
  478. >"That's right, we are! We're not..y'know...that!"
  479. >"Mhmm! If a couple of foals think they can take a maulwurf, then we can too!"
  480. >"We don't want to hide anymore!"
  481. >"..It hurt, everypony went to fight that monster while we hid. We had two more feelings forums after you two left and we still didn't feel any better."
  482. >...oh god, just like Pharynx and then Thorax, changelings just started popping up like fucking batman.
  483. >" all came?!" Thorax was astounded
  484. >"After what Scootaloo said? Yeah....we felt awful"
  485. >"We're sorry King Thorax..."
  486. >"And we're sorry too're not so bad...sometimes"
  487. >"We didn't mean to make you feel outcasted...we we're just...y'know...pussies....ngh"
  489. >"..You guys" Thorax started to tear up
  490. >Pharynx stepped up and looked at them all silently for a moment then smiled "Finally! a full force! And....I guess...I'm sorry too...erm..ANYWAY! Thorax, you're the leader. Lead us to victory!"
  491. >"Right..." Thorax nodded. and began to ponder "..Plan...all we need is a plan. C'mon...C'mon.."
  492. >Meanwhile, Scootaloo just looked on in amazement and excitement with what was happening. "Anon, look!"
  493. "Yeah..woah. Looks like your speech worked after all Scoots. I'm impressed."
  494. >"Yeah, they have to be able to win now! GO TEAM CHANGELING! WOOHOO!" Scootaloo cheered.
  495. "Yeah, it's like a million to one here. They can do it! They can win!"
  496. >And with that. Thorax and his army made up a plan to just attack the damn thing the best they could.
  497. >It didn't turn out well as they mostly got slapped around left and right. Pharynx was probably doing the best out of them. But apparently the maulwurf was tough. Nothing was hurting it, and if this went on...there would be casualties.
  498. >"Oh no Anon...I-I thought they could win for sure" Scootaloo said as she looked down at the fight with worry.
  499. "...So did I. But the thing is too strong. If only there was a way to trap it. Then there wouldn't be an issue."
  500. >"...A way to trap it..yeah..WAIT!" Scootaloo suddenly tackled you
  502. >"Shh! Hold on!" She started rummaging through your saddle bag and pulled out... "HERE IT IS!"....your map.
  503. "Uhhhh...What's that supposed to do?"
  504. >"Simple, we'll get the maulwurf to step over some water and throw the map and trap it in your room! It'll never be able to get out from there!" Scootaloo said as she began looking for a water source over the cliff.
  506. >....wut?
  507. " Do you see how big he is?! He'll"
  508. >Scootaloo was giving you a hard stare, as if you didn't want to help at all.
  509. >......
  510. "....ok..fine. But where are we going to get the water?! It's the badlands, there's almost no water anywhere."
  511. >"Then we won't use water. Didn't you say that any kind of liquid works?"
  512. "Yeah, but...OHHHH! B-but...wait. I don't think I can make that much pee and-"
  513. >"What?! Gross! I didn't mean that. I-I meant what if we get the changelings to all spit in one place at once? and then throw the map when the maulwurf steps over it? That'd work, right?"
  514. "...o-oh..heh, that's what you meant. Well. Yeah, that'd work and GYAGH!"
  515. >Thorax gets thrown right at you, smashing right onto your head as he slides across the ground.
  516. >you just laid there, dizzy from the gigantic hit you just took.
  517. >"ANON!....well, never mind. Y-you've taken worse....Thorax!" Scootaloo turned to him "Are you alright?!"
  518. >Thorax slowly got up, he looked like her had stars above his head. He shook his noggin and looked to Scootaloo with a groan "I-I'm alright...b-but things aren't going as well as I thought they'd be..if we don't beat the maulwurf soon..."
  519. >"Don't worry, I got a plan. But you have to get your subjects together for this, ok? Anon will do the rest..."
  520. >So she explained her plan to him. And without hesitation, he made his way to regroup.
  521. >Scootaloo ran back to you and gave you a shake as she slammed the map into your hooves. "Anon! Anon! You need to get ready!"
  522. >You started to snap out of your own daze as she shook you
  523. "W-wut?"
  524. >"Anon, the map. You have to throw the map when the changelings make a pool of spit. You have to lure the maulwurf to that pool somehow. Use your wings! You can do it!" Scootaloo cheered.
  525. >...Oh right. you had those too.
  526. >....oh man..your poor room...fuuuuuck.
  527. "...If it for any other reason. I wouldn't agree to this....but fine, lives on the line.."
  529. >You clutch the map tightly in your foreleg
  530. "I got this...I'm ready! I'M READY! I'M HYPED! HERE I GO!"
  531. >goodbye poor room...
  532. >You rush towards the cliff's edge as Thorax returns to battle as well.
  533. >But as you jump, you notice you start to fall straight down.
  534. >Scootaloo rushed towards the cliff's edge and yelled down at you "YOU FORGOT TO PUT ON YOUR WINGS!"
  535. >.......FUCKING
  536. >You quickly flip over in mid air and reach into your saddlebag for your wings.
  537. >Luckily for you, you actually manage to get it and put it on in time before crashing to the ground...where would you be without Scoots?...ehehe....a pancake thats what.
  538. >You flew about as the changelings got into position away from the maulwurf and released a storm of green loogie onto the ground a few feet away from the beast.
  539. >Now one could say that the struggle became worse after that. But getting the maulwurf to step into that spot was actually easy. The hard part was throwing the map. Sure, you could use your horn to get the maulwurf out of your room later. But knowing Discord....he probably wouldn't let you do it...or just find a way to make things worse.
  540. >With the battle over and all the changelings being proud of what they have done. the usual things played out as they obviously would. Thorax regained the respect of his subjects. Scootaloo got her little statuette. Changelings learned to grow some balls in the face of danger. And you and Scoots kind of had to wait it out a day anyway because without the map, you had no real way home. Which probably wasn't going to sit well with anyone when they find out.
  541. >But the changelings were cool with it. They had made special preparations anyway. It was for the princesses, but it'd work just the same for you two.
  543. >Of course, there was also the final issue.
  544. >Pharynx himself, who didn't really feel like partaking in the festivities. Considering everything that happened. You thought you should have a talk with him before the night's end. So you asked him to follow you out to the front of the hive. He agreed, he wasn't being as asinine as he was before. Seeing his kin actually step up, and most important of all, reconnecting with his brother. Yeah, it really softened him up.
  545. "So, how ya feelin?"
  546. >".....Weird. I feel happy. Or I happy as ponies should be. But I'm a changeling. And yet, well..." Pharynx looked up at the night sky "Thorax doesn't see me as a changeling. He only sees me as his brother. And I guess that's how I always saw him too since he was a failure of a changeling. And thats probably the biggest part. I feel better being seen as a brother than a I broken?"
  547. "No, you're you. I guess Chrysalis hated any changeling even having a hint of a soul so much that she made sure to keep everypony hateful and mean the best she could. She was right about staying strong and ready to fight, but that's about it really when it comes to you guys. Look, Pharynx. I think you're alright just the way you are. You're the tough guy. The guy everypony needs when things look bleak. When everypony else gets weak hearted, they can count on you to pull everything together."
  548. >"...Really? You really think I'm like that? Protecting those bretheren is important to me. I've known them all my life and I guess...well, I never really hated them. I just found them annoying after they changed and became like Thorax. Well, almost like Thorax. Thorax at least did his best to keep me from being hated out of the hive." Pharynx sighed and laid on his belly "I'm feeling glad,if that's what you call it."
  550. "Good, that's exactly how you should feel. And if you're worrying about if you have to change into what they are now, don't. You can look like an old changeling while still caring deeply about your kin and friends."
  551. >"mnnn, I guess. I mean, I do feel like I can maybe be friendlier to ponies too. Your filly friend seems ok."
  552. "Yeah, Scoots is cool. So what are you going to do now?"
  553. >"I guess I'm going to become nicer...I guess? Not too nice, but nice enough. Or, I could be nice to everypony I like. And still be mean towards everypony I hate. Yeah, that sounds good. That way, it'll be extra funny when I stuff them into a bag."
  554. >That makes you chuckle. it was cute
  555. "That'll work fine Pharynx, that'll work fine."
  556. >And with that, your work was done. on the next day, with your horn charged to make a portal back to Ponyville. You and Scoots said your goodbye to Thorax,Pharynx, and the rest of the hive.
  557. >When you got home however. Not everyone was pleased with either of you considering Scootaloo hadn't told a soul she was leaving and you yourself had taken her without telling anyone.
  558. >Even Fluttershy was disappointed in you. She was proud of what you both had done. But damn, not telling anyone really soured things.
  559. >As for the maulwurf? As it turned out, it was so big that it couldn't actually fit through the dimensional stream properly and came onto the room in a much smaller size. About the size of an actual mole, which Discord had decided to have a little fun with by "accidentally" letting it out near sweet apple acres. Nopony ever was the wiser that it was Discord's fault.
  561. The end.
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