The Towering Titaness

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  1. “Nora, please, no...not again..!”
  3. Blake felt his head being pressed into a toilet bowl for yet another swirly in the school restroom. The gross fluid washed over his bespectacled face, and he spat some out immediately after being released from his bully’s hold. Most onlookers broke into uncontrollable laughter at the young man’s suffering, but one yellow-clad brunette - Aria - stood distraught at seeing her friend go through all of this. The pudgy, dark-haired perpetrator, Nora, showed no remorse for her actions, even delighting herself in her victim’s agony.
  5. Her aggressive ways began back in middle school, when Blake refused Nora’s advances in favor of Aria. Nora was heartbroken, but heartbreak quickly turned into bitterness, then anger. She made it her mission to make that boy suffer as much as possible...and then some.
  7. Blake, utterly embarrassed in front of his crush, felt tears sting his eyes and sprinted out of the restroom as a good chunk of the student body continued to openly mock him. Aria, on the other hand, let out a sad sigh as she exited the room.
  9. “Poor Blake...” The brunette said to herself. “I just wish he’d try to stand up for himself!”
  11. Later, Blake retreated to the darkness of the janitor’s closet, a crystal ball in his hands. So he was able to use magic and all that...the boy adjusted his glasses and began his incantation.
  13. “With nerves of steel and no more fear, bring the spirits over here!!”
  15. The orb in Blake’s grip emitted a ghastly green glow as three familiar ghosts of the same color rose from below to greet their summoner.
  17. “What is it THIS time, kid?!” One large spirit complained.
  19. “Is this about Aria again?” Another specter, thinner and taller, chimed in.
  21. “Actually, no...” Blake replied. “Nora gave me another swirly today, and I need your help to get a bit of, uh...payback.”
  23. The third soul was taken aback. “You’re not serious, are you? Revenge spells never go as planned, you know.”
  25. “As serious as a zombie attack.”
  27. Satisfied with the torment she’d put her target through, Nora trotted out of the restroom, smiling. That smile quickly faded as an unnatural pang stung the chubby girl. Her surroundings seemed to gradually shrink, and Nora’s head hit the ceiling of the school hallway in seconds.
  29. “Ow! What the hell..?” Nora interjected.
  31. Observing from the janitor’s closet, Blake’s eyes widened as he witnessed the true power of the spell he’d recently cast. But rather than the joy of getting sweet revenge, the boy’s expression was one of horror.
  33. “Darn it..!” Blake reacted. “Nora was supposed to shrink!”
  35. “She IS shrinking…” one of the spirits spoke up, “in REVERSE!”
  37. Blake couldn’t believe his ears. “You mean to tell me the spell is turning Nora into a GIANTESS?!”
  39. “Sounds a little severe when you phrase it that way…but yes.”
  41. It didn’t take long at all for Nora’s growing form to break through the ceiling completely, collapsing the school’s entire west wing. The bully’s growth thankfully ceased once she reached a new height of fifty feet tall. Unfortunately, her towering frame led terrified students to scatter in mass panic.
  43. Blake stood in shock as his face turned pale. “What have I done?!”
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