Chapter 59 of Shieldbro,Tanuki,Firo,and Melty

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. And this is why Firo is amazing.
  2. Chapter 59
  4. Firo's Secret
  6. The crackling of the camp-fire was the only thing that could be heard while we sat around.
  7. There haven't been any enemies so far, but we cannot just take it easy.
  8. In the first place we are in disguise.From the first glance it would be hard to tell that I am the Hero of the Shield.
  9. But that's to be expected.
  11. "Ahahahahahaha Firo-chan"
  12. "Ahahahahahaha"
  14. The second princess and Firo are running around the clearing without a care in the world.
  15. Pleasant things in life include food, sleep, and a close friends.
  16. Since I participated many times in school events in a country school and excursions to seaside summer houses, I understand how they feel.
  17. Once I became a university student I also lodged at my friend's house.
  19. But...... To think these two would be so chummy.
  20. It might be because ever since Firo was born she never had anyone around her age or size to communicate with, so it is understandable.
  21. No, the feeling I'm getting is what an owner feels for their domestic animals.
  22. This second princess is a little surprising though.
  23. I thought that this culture looked down on animals and such.
  24. It might also be how she is coping with this unexpectedly long journey that she had no say in.
  26. "Don't be too loud! We may be found."
  27. "Okay~"
  29. After replying they go right back to playing.
  30. Seriously, after Firo made a friend it's gotten very noisy.
  32. "Mel-chan, Firo will show you a treasure."
  33. "Yay!"
  35. After saying so Firo opens a bag that is concealed within the wagon, and shows the second princess it's contents.
  36. I wonder what's in it. I am a little worried.
  37. The treasure of that bird. Is she just collecting the stuff I throw away?
  39. "Master wants to see too~?"
  40. "Ah, yeah."
  42. I approached Firo and took a look inside.
  43. Oh, a piece of a broken sword. Also trash jewels which I threw away after failing to make accessories with.
  44. An empty bottle. Glass marbles.
  46. "It's shiny and beautiful"
  47. "Yeah, it's beautiful."
  49. The second princess is putting on quite a subtle mask.
  50. Well, it's just garbage.
  51. Is it because birds like shiny objects? I heard something like this before, it was an uproar caused by a crow stealing valuables.
  52. This might be related.
  53. Hmm?
  55. "What's this?"
  57. Since there was something strange mixed in the bag I took it out.
  58. A big brown...... furball? It has the shape of a ball, but it is very soft.
  59. It kind of stinks.
  60. I have a really bad feeling about this.
  62. "That is...... something that came out of Firo's mouth."
  64. It came out of the mouth...... of the bird.
  65. Is this comparable to a cat's hairball? In human terms it's barf.
  66. Bullet of the bird = Vomit.
  67. In other words the hard objects like bones and whatnot that Firo eats are dissolved into......this.
  69. "It's finished!"
  71. What is? I just realised I'm still holding onto the hairball.
  72. I threw it away.
  74. "Ah Firo's treasure!"
  75. "That's not a treasure! That's waste! If I see another one of those in your bag I'm throwing it all away!"
  76. "Boo......"
  78. Firo and the second princess seems to have a few subtle exchanges in front of me.
  80. "Hey, Second princess."
  81. "Hm?"
  82. "When Firo changed into her human form you were not surprised."
  83. "Yup. Because I saw it yesterday."
  84. "I see."
  86. So you already knew.
  87. Well that's good.
  88. Today's dinner is grilled skewers consisting of meat from the demons we encounter.
  90. "Master is good at making food!"
  91. "How is this skewer so delicious!? It's just meat on a stick!"
  93. The second princess eats anything without flinching. It seems my fears of her not eating barbaric cuisine is groundless.
  94. I was expecting her to take a while before she was able to eat this stuff.
  95. My expectations were betrayed. It seems the queen brought her up nicely.
  97. "If it's with Naofumi-sama we can eat this everyday."
  98. "Yay~!"
  99. "I see, that's good."
  101. Now then,for my spare time time. I'm getting quite used to camping out.
  102. Should I study the beginner class magic book and try to learn new magic?
  103. After a few minutes the second princess and Firo quiet down.
  104. They are probably tired and sleeping.
  105. Raphtalia is going to take a nap.
  106. I can't sleep soundly if Firo or the second princess is watching the fire.
  107. And I have to prepare for any night attacks.
  109. "Hmmm......"
  111. Despite it being beginner class, there are various kinds of magic.
  112. There is a ranged version of Fast Guard and Fast Heal.
  113. Though I haven't read the book completely some beginner class magic was learnt.
  114. I now have magic that will increase offensive ability and speed.
  115. I would like to learn the more difficult spells, but deciphering difficult concepts and grammar is hard.
  116. As the firewood burns, time passes.
  117. While mixing medicine I am unable to calm down. I haven't advanced much in poison compounding, but I can sort poisonous herbs and understand a few recipes.
  118. There is no time to look for materials though.
  120. "N......"
  122. Raphtalia woke up with an absent-minded look.
  124. "Oh? Did I wake you?"
  125. "No......Do you want to change?"
  126. "If you're fine with it."
  127. "Okay."
  129. Since Raphtalia is taking my place I decided to lay down.
  131. "Umm, Naofumi-sama?"
  132. "What's up?"
  133. "About Firo and Princess Melty......"
  135. Raphtalia points towards Firo's Philo Rial ยท Queen form with trembling fingers.
  136. The second princess's clothes are taken off and lying around Firo who is sitting alone and rocking back and forth in her sleep.
  138. "Ummmm"
  140. Based on circumstantial evidence......Where is the second princess?
  141. There is nothing behind Firo either......
  142. Even her shoes are there......Where is her body?
  144. "No way......"
  146. No matter how much of a glutton you are......
  148. "Naofumi-sama, I don't want to believe it but it seems you threatening other humans with Firo eating them may not be a bluff......"
  149. "Nonono! No way!"
  150. "But......Firo is"
  151. "U....."
  153. Can it be?Did you recognize Friend = Edible partner?
  154. Is that what you meant by wanting to help her no matter what?
  156. "Raphtalia, let's do our best as fugitives."
  157. "Yeah. Our crimes are certain now......"
  159. Seriously, this Fat bird does the most outrageous things.
  161. "Funya?"
  163. Firo wakes up and tilts her head.
  165. "Raphtalia Onee-chan? Master? What happened?"
  166. "Firo, where is princess Melty?"
  167. "Melty-chan? Melty-chan is sleeping within Firo's feathers."
  168. "What? Not inside you?"
  170. This is something that must be verified.
  172. "Melty-chan. Wake up"
  174. Firo lets her feathers on her back stand on end.
  176. "N~?"
  178. It is a strange sight to see, the second princess appearing from within Firo's back.
  180. "What!?"
  182. How is there enough room for a person inside of Firo's feathers?
  183. But it is undeniable that the second princess came out of a strange place.
  184. "Firo-chan How did you do that?"
  185. "Master did you wake me up to look for Mel-chan? Here she is."
  186. "Firo's back is very warm......"
  187. "......Why did you take your clothes off?"
  188. "Because it's hot."
  190. Ah......That's not surprising.
  192. "How did you get so deep?"
  193. "Firo-chan's feather's are soft and fluffy, they are also mysterious and thick you know? You want to feel it?"
  194. "Ah, Yeah"
  196. What the heck is happening in Firo's body?
  197. Since the princess is becking I stretch my hand out.
  198. The princess catches my hand and puts it into one of Firo's feathers.
  200. "Uwaa......This is quite deep."
  202. I can put my whole arm into her.
  203. As I thought, her temperature is hot.
  204. If the princess snuggles up in here I may not notice.
  205. It seems to only swell a little.
  207. "What the heck is with this bird's structure."
  208. "I know right......"
  209. "Should we examine by plucking all her feathers? I might even make a profit from selling the feathers."
  210. "No~!"
  211. "No roughing up Firo-chan!"
  213. Hmm......Today it seems I have had a glimpse at the strange anatomy of this bird.
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