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  1. RandomBattleQueen: Dude
  2. RandomBattleQueen: the other people are keeping the topic going
  3. RandomBattleQueen: it's not my fault it's not dropping, so stop warning me for it
  4. +Gimm1ck: They weren’t being antagonistic or inflammatory like you were
  5. RandomBattleQueen: They kept it going after I told them to drop it
  6. RandomBattleQueen: and after I told them a mod warned me
  7. RandomBattleQueen: and you warn me instead after I ask THEM TO DROP IT so I can stop?
  8. RandomBattleQueen: are you high on glue right now?
  9. +Gimm1ck: Use of being punished for an action is not leverage grounds for moderating other people
  10. +Gimm1ck: I did what I see fit
  11. RandomBattleQueen: You abused your powers
  12. RandomBattleQueen: Get me the Global Mod right now
  13. RandomBattleQueen: I will see to it PROPER action gets done, and not your abuse, I asked them to stop
  14. +Gimm1ck: You can contact a global moderator, I can find one for you if you need
  15. RandomBattleQueen: you didn't ask them to stop and you penalized me for the continuation when I didn't continue it
  16. RandomBattleQueen: Alex's Sheep and alexander489 did
  17. RandomBattleQueen: where is their warning?
  18. RandomBattleQueen: Now unmute me
  19. +Gimm1ck: As I said, they were not being as inflammatory or antagonistic as you were
  20. +Gimm1ck: No.
  21. RandomBattleQueen: I am not being antagonistic?
  22. RandomBattleQueen: I said town game threw, which they did by turboing.
  23. RandomBattleQueen: Also really stupid for town to kingmake randomly with a scum alive, so that is throwing
  24. RandomBattleQueen: i have reason to be upset
  25. +Gimm1ck: You begin to swear and go at people individually for their actions during the fame
  26. +Gimm1ck: game*
  27. RandomBattleQueen: I said one swear word, holy fuck
  28. RandomBattleQueen: are you that sensitive?
  29. RandomBattleQueen: People make mistakes kid
  30. RandomBattleQueen: RandomBattleQueen: I literally get 2-3 seconds then die rofl
  31. +Gimm1ck: as I said in your first warn, take issues with users into pms with a staff memeber
  32. +Gimm1ck: you continued to persist in chat
  33. RandomBattleQueen: Yes and then the other users continued in the chat
  34. +Gimm1ck: as well as used your previous warn as leverage to minimod
  35. RandomBattleQueen: no I told them to stop and they kept going
  36. RandomBattleQueen: are you even reading or just spewing bullshit?
  37. RandomBattleQueen: Minimod? for what?
  38. RandomBattleQueen: For calling a gamethrow like i see it?
  39. +Gimm1ck: For stopping people from speaking their minds
  40. RandomBattleQueen: Except I didnt?
  41. +Gimm1ck: And being rude to them
  42. RandomBattleQueen: That I did by saying fuck you ONCE
  43. RandomBattleQueen: then I asked for them to stop continuing the topic
  44. RandomBattleQueen: sporeisgayaf69: this was ur defense
  45. +Gimm1ck: My points remain; if you do not have aggressive words and actions in chat post game, and had you not minimodded, I would not have warned and muted you.
  46. RandomBattleQueen: sporeisgayaf69: o nvm gimmick delt with it
  47. RandomBattleQueen: I didnt mini mod
  48. RandomBattleQueen: I asked them to stop because YOU WARNED ME
  49. RandomBattleQueen: are you fucking retarded?
  50. RandomBattleQueen: +Alexander489: sporeisgayaf69 tracked Alex's Sheep's to go nowhere, so he was conf
  51. RandomBattleQueen: RandomBattleQueen: the mod already warned me so drop it
  52. +Gimm1ck: RandomBattleQueen: the mod already warned me so drop it
  53. +Gimm1ck: Is exactly the issue
  54. RandomBattleQueen: How is that an issue?
  55. RandomBattleQueen: I asked them to drop the topic, because said topic got me penalized
  56. RandomBattleQueen: to remove the drama from discussion
  57. RandomBattleQueen: how is that a bad thing?
  58. +Gimm1ck: It is up to a moderater such as myself to make sure people aren’t being rude, antagonistic, or being bad presences
  59. RandomBattleQueen: I asked them to drop the topic I started though
  60. RandomBattleQueen: so all you really did, was go on a power trip
  61. RandomBattleQueen: I am allowed to ask them to stop things, NOT tell them to do things
  62. RandomBattleQueen: so you went on a power trip, bottom line
  63. RandomBattleQueen: now remove the mute please
  64. RandomBattleQueen: Oh wait no
  65. +Gimm1ck: I am not going to get into an argument with what you believe happened; I, as a moderater, did what I see fit; if you do not continue to be aggressive, salty, and minimoddy, you will not be warned and muted
  66. RandomBattleQueen: I told them to drop it before I got you involved, ur right
  67. +Gimm1ck: I am not going to remove the mute
  68. RandomBattleQueen: Power abuser
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