MGE Side III Five Flowers

Jun 19th, 2021
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  1. Five Flowers’ Spirit Restaurant
  2. Wow, there’s a lot of people today...!
  3. This place, the Five Flowers’ Spirit Restaurant, just opened recently, and is now very popular in Mira♪
  4. Ufufu, this place is run by five monsterized elemental sisters, and it’s both a bar and a dining house.
  5. They have a somewhat different way of running the place, and today is a holiday, so all five sisters are in the restaurant♪ Yeah, holidays are an exception, but usually, the girls are in the store individually depending on the day of the week, the eldest on Undine Day, the second eldest on Ignis Day, and so on.
  6. All of the sisters are song maidens, and they’ve all received proper bridal training at a Spirit House, so they are outstanding song maidens, and each of them has their own specialty they use to add their own color to the restaurant♪
  8. Ufufu, to give you a brief introduction, the one guiding customers over there is the eldest sister, an Undine♪ She’s patient, very reliable, and as the mediator of the sisters, she is the best at housework. She is a very caring person, and even gives pure water to those that have become flat drunk from drinking too much of Mira’s delicious alcohol, nursing them back to health♪
  10. The second eldest, an Ignis, is a little crude at first glance, oh, look, she’s the girl cooking over there, ara ara, she’s scolding a customer for stealing a bite♪ Ufufu, she may not always be honest, but she is a very helpful person... See, it looks like she’s serving customers this and that♪ She’s lining up more dishes than anyone could eat♪ She’s very good at cooking, so she often listens to the worries of other song maidens who have crushes, teaching them the best dishes to win over a man’s heart♥
  11. The third sister, a Glacies, is... Ummm, oh, if you look into the back of the kitchen, she’s the girl focused on making sweets.
  12. She’s always calm, yet taciturn, but she’s kind at heart, and very skilled with her hands♪ The sweets she’s making right now are frozen desserts made with ice, they’re very delicate and beautiful, aren’t they? Her sweets are so suuuper popular that, especially when she releases a new one, a ton of people line up in front of the store...! Fulafel-chan also loves her sweets and, ufufu, I actually often line up with Fulafel-chan too♪
  14. She also decorates the restaurant with her ice sculptures at night, and when you light them up with lamps, it becomes a very beautiful and fantastic space♪
  15. And then there’s the fourth sister, the Sylph singing cheerfully over there♪ She’s so cheerful and innocent that you can feel it from here, and she’s the best singer among the sisters, she’s also in charge of promoting the restaurant, and she still comes to Spirit Houses, teaching apprentice song maidens how to sing♪
  16. Ufufu, the fifth sister, a Gnome, is, oh, as I thought, she was in the field in the back♪ She’s the one in charge of this restaurant’s roots, that is, its Spirit Field, and she’s the most self-paced of the sisters, sometimes seen snacking on new dishes in the kitchen... It seems she’s also in charge of food tasting♪ She not only works at this restaurant, but sometimes she is called to other stores as well, and if there is a field that isn’t doing well, she lays down her earth mana so that it will more easily grow healthy crops. That’s why, even though she looks slow-paced like that, she’s a very earnest and dependable girl♪
  18. These girls may all be different kinds of elementals, but they were born as spirits here in Mira at the same place, at the same time, so they are considered five sisters.
  19. Strange, isn’t it? Even though they are different spirits they were born in the same place, and strangely enough, they look just like each other.
  20. These girls are wonderful, aren’t they? We’ve been living together with spirits on Mira for a really long time, but these five sisters were actually the first spirit song maidens in Mira. That’s why their influence is so big, and now Mira’s Undines are aiming to become song maidens, there are young Slyphs training to become song maidens on Matori, and the spirits on Mira are slowly changing after seeing them♪
  21. As a song maiden myself, when I see a wonderful shop like this one, I realize I have a lot to learn♪ Fufu, jeez, how long are you going to gaze at those girls? Uh-uh-uhn~, as your punishment, this time you have to feed me these ice sweets, aaahn~♪
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