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White Victims of Black Crime - 1408 - Nathan Dasher

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  1. 1408
  2. ----------------
  4. June 24, 2014
  6. Location: Montgomery,AL
  8. Victim(s): Nathan Alexander Dasher 27
  10. Attacker(s): Fredrick Shermain Simmons,Rodrick Bagby 17,”Lil Baby” 13
  12. Description: Nathan was walking to the store, when the group surrounded him. Bagby, who has a long criminal history, then pointed a gun at him. The juvenile, only identified as “Lil Baby”, took Nathan’s credit card and demanded his PIN. Bagby then walked up to Nathan and fired a shot at his head, which missed, before firing a second shot, which struck his neck, causing Nathan to collapse to the ground. “Lil Baby” then grabbed his cell phone, before all three fled the scene.
  14. Archive.is Link(s):
  15. https://archive.fo/eY1Qk Simmons is indicted.
  16. https://archive.fo/h5fpj A 13-year-old suspect is charged.
  17. https://archive.fo/22MnC Bagby is sentenced to 85 years. The other 2 suspects are still awaiting trial 12-18.
  19. https://archive.fo/BTOCu Nathan’s find a grave memorial.
  20. ----------------
  22. https://archive.fo/11SP1 Another story on the crime.
  23. https://archive.fo/ZvlWE Another story on Bagby’s sentencing.
  24. https://archive.fo/zF0Nt Additional story on Bagby’s sentencing.
  26. https://archive.fo/9IbQF Nathan’s obituary.
  28. https://archive.fo/jTBPr Gene Otto Dasher’s (Nathan’s father) find a grave memorial. 1960-2017.
  30. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/139715099/william-ivey-dasher William Ivey Dasher’s (Gene Otto Dasher’s father) find a grave memorial. 1909-1972.
  31. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/139715022/catherine-dasher Catherine Zittrauer Dasher’s (Gene Otto Dasher’s mother) find a grave memorial. 1916-1992.
  33. https://archive.fo/zzisW Dasher surname info Ancestry.com.
  34. https://archive.fo/RBgI5 Dasher surname info house of names.
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