MG roulette (Satyros)

Apr 18th, 2017
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  1. Neville woke up to the sound of his phone ringing on the floor. He lurched out of bed and yawned as he picked up the phone out of his trousers. `Who is calling at this hour?` he thought to himself as he answered his phone. “Hello?”
  3. “Nev! Did you see the video link on facebook?” His friend Lee was excited, too excited for Neville's liking.
  5. “You woke me up in the morning to look at a facebook video?” He asked annoyed. He hated pointless things.
  7. “Morning? It's one PM.” Lee said confused.
  9. “...What?” Neville glanced at his alarm clock and it was like Lee said. “What the hell?” he had slept the morning away? Why?
  11. “Well it makes sense, given what you got up to last night, that must have given you one hell of a hangover,” Lee said sniggering.
  13. Last night? Hangover? He didn't feel a headache and he usually had that when he drank. But last night was a blur to him, so maybe he followed that taking water before sleeping advice for once... “What do you mean? What happened last night?”
  15. Lee started to laugh down the phone “Just watch the link, you wouldn't believe me if I tried to explain it. You're gonna go down as one hell of a story!” He said. “I'll talk to you after you've seen it, Tell Natasha to bring more of that awesome stuff next time we go drinking.”
  17. Before Neville could ask who Natasha was, Lee hung up the phone, leaving him confused. What had happened last night? And what did this `Natasha` have to with it? He racked his brain for answers but it was still not coming to him, what he did remember for now was that he had gone Friday drinking with lee, so that was a start.
  19. Sighing, he put on his bathrobe and headed for the kitchen, thinking that fruit juice would clear his head and help him remember. He opened the door to the kitchen and froze at what he saw.
  21. There was a woman at his kitchen counter, a woman with wine red hair, purple eyes and gray horns curved like goat's sprouting from her head above her pointed ears. She was wearing a blue shirt unbuttoned and he could see a tail the same color as her hair gently swaying. She was happily stirring a jug with a spoon while humming a song he didn't recognize.
  23. It was a monster in his house? He was starting to worry what had gone last night. He must have used that game while he was drunk, he knew the more he drank the more Lee made him so stupid things like the paint incident.
  25. Putting that aside and taking another look at her, he voiced a thought. “Is that my shirt?”
  27. The horned woman looked up from her stirring. “Ah, your awake! I didn't have anything to wear after our time together, I hope you don't mind,” she said with a smile.
  29. “No I don't mind,” he said as he kept looking her over. It was starting to annoy Neville that he was having trouble remembering last night. He was sure that he would the enjoy the memories if it involved this monster, she seemed nice so far. “...What are you making?”
  31. “This? This here is my most recent drink mix.” She said as she picked up the jug and poured what looked like wine into a glass and sipped some, nodding to herself and passing it to Neville. “Have a taste,” she said with a grin.
  33. “Isn't it a bit too early in the day to drink?” Neville questioned with a raised eyebrow.
  35. There was a glint in her eye. “My mixes are for any time of the day. Go on, try it.”
  37. He took the glass and sniffed it. `Grape wine?` he thought as he sipped it. The taste was better than the store bought stuff, that was before sure, and he ended up drinking half the glass before he put it down. “That was good, what's in it?”
  39. “Mostly fruit from back home, half of it was in last night's batch,” she said filling up another glass for herself. “You'll have to wait till I can move some of my brewing stuff here before I can make more, good wine takes time, as all great things,” she said.
  41. Last night's batch? If it was better than what he just drank then he would eagerly wait for... Now it made sense, the batch she was talking about must have been the `good stuff` Lee had mentioned. That would make her Natasha.
  43. “Hmm? Was something wrong with last night?” she asked with concern seeing the look on his face.
  45. “I can't say I know, I can barely remember reaching the bar yesterday.” He said staring at his glass. “I know your name, Natasha right?” she nodded. “Beyond that, most of the last night is a blur.”
  47. She put her hand to her chin and chuckled. “Was last night so good it blew your mind?”
  49. Neville laughed with her. “I hope so. Still, my friend said there's a video of last night so I might as well check it out,” he said, moving to the living room. He stopped when he heard the sound of her following and turned round, getting a full look at her legs that looked like they belonged to a goat. “Umm... not to sound rude but what actually are you?”
  51. “Satyros, my good man.” Natasha declared proudly “I know it won't be a problem with you if last night was anything to go by.” she said grinning.
  53. “Seriously, what did I do with you last night?” He asked.
  55. “More like what didn't we do together.” Natasha said in a sultry tone. “you just kept going and going, remembering how good you made my feel makes me so...” she drifted off before she took a swig of her wine. “We could have a repeat session,” she said.
  57. She had leaned a little forward, showing off her cleavage in his shirt. Neville was a little hot under the collar. “Right now?”
  59. “Why not? I've got a decent supply of drink so it should be all we need for some fun!” She said getting closer to him.
  61. “You know I could get some beer from the fridge as well.” He said as was about to got back when Natasha stopped him, the look on her face was like she was just insulted.
  63. “Those cans of depression? Ha! When we party, we do it right!” She said, “Bacchus would be ashamed if I let you party with that tasteless trash.”
  65. “Bacchus?” He questioned.
  67. “Of course!” she said with a half bow as she was holding her glass and the jug. “Worshipping the wine god one drink at a time!” she laughed before downing the glass and pouring herself another before pausing. “give me a second.” she downed glass again (Neville was a little impressed with how fast she drank and went back into the kitchen.
  69. Neville heard the garden door unlatch and wondered what she was doing before she came back in carrying a barrel. He didn't have to guess what was inside it.
  71. “I forgot I brought this with me.” She said as she put the barrel down beside her. “we could go all night with this, so let's get this party started!”
  73. “Right after I see what happened in that video.” He said.
  75. “Wouldn't you rather just enjoy yourself with me?” He said pressing up against him.
  77. Neville's mind was screaming at him to go for it, but he really wanted to see what went on at the bar. “Believe me I really want to squeeze those grapes, but I...” his eyes widened as he realized what he just said. He looked at the glass in his hands, he wasn't that drunk already was he?
  79. The Satyros grinned. “You said the same thing last night... I guess we could drink while we watch the video.” She said following him to the living room.
  81. Neville powered on his laptop and soon enough they were sitting in front of it (Natasha was snuggled up to him though he didn't mind) and on youtube. It looked live the video was taken from Liam's phone and had started in the middle of an argument.
  83. ~X~
  85. “Are you really going to do this?” Lee asked.
  87. “Damn right I'm going to do this!” Neville said taking off his jacket. It was clear that he'd had a few drinks but his eyes were alive. “This is the best night ever! Good drink and good women, all we need is a song!”
  89. “You've drunken too much Nev!” Lee tried to protest. “you're not thinking straight.”
  91. “I've never thought more straight in my life! You ain't stopping me!” Neville declared
  93. “You don't have to do this for me, Neville,” Natasha said with a light laugh.
  95. “Of course i don't, But you got sent to me, and until you disagree, that makes you my girl! And a wise man once said to do something special for your girl on day one!” he bellowed. “So as much as I want to squeeze those grapes, I've got a job to do!”
  97. A man on a mission. Nevile walked up to the stage, taking his wine glass and pulling Natasha with him. Sitting her on a stool he grabbed the mic and cleared his throat. “Evening people, you guys ready for the next song!” the bar goers cheered “Come on, we can do better than that!” the cheering got louder. “Lee! Track twelve on the mix! You know what to do!”
  99. “Don't blame me if you screw this up!” he said as he got the barmen to put the next karaoke song on.
  101. “My name is Neville and I'm doing this for this woman right here!” he said pointing to Natasha. The crowd cheered as she waved. He downed the wine and gave the glass to the satyros as `Hell yeah` by rev theory started to play.
  103. Apparently, he was not tone death and his pre-singing hype had worked, before long, the whole bar was drawn in with singing. And he did two more songs in a row. Natasha, being new to the world, didn't know the words but managed to clap along to the rhythm.
  105. At the end of the third song, Neville gave an exaggerated. bow and then kissed Natasha deeply on stage as the crowd chanted his name. The video ended as Neville picked her up and carried her off stage.
  107. ~X~
  109. “Holy crap...” was all Neville had to say when it ended. “That must have been some special wine, what was in that stuff?”
  111. “Just fruit and my own magic, I can't guarantee the taste every time. But I keep the ingredient mix to every mix I make,” she said.
  113. “That explains the no hangover.” He said thinking aloud.
  115. “Of course, what good is alcohol if you suffer for enjoining it to its fullest?” she said. The both laughed before they both down their drinks. "My drinks are for people to feel free, not drown in sorrow.
  117. “That is true, still, I wish I could have just remembered it myself.” he said.
  119. “It doesn't matter,” Natasha said as she stood up and took off the shirt, leaving her naked.
  121. Nevile savored the view before saying anything. “What do you mean?”
  123. “If you can't remember last night then we'll just have to party so hard you'll have every second committed to memory” she said pouring herself another glass out the barrel, but the nakedness was doing things to Neville things he welcomed.
  125. “You sound like this party won't stop,” Neville said chuckling.
  127. “It won't, I'll never stop for as long as we have each other." She said before drinking some of her wine before putting the glass down, straddling Neville and french kissing him, making him realize she kept the wine in his throat.
  129. After the wine kiss, The goat monster licked her lips. “Now then, let's start this private party, shall we?
  131. Neville reacted with a slap to her ass and she bleated in surprise. He grinned, maybe there was something to discovering things all over again. With no more things occupying the do to list, Neville started squeezing grapes.
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