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  1. game: 3 Ninjas Kick Back
  2. file: ./3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA).zip
  3. developer: Malibu Interactive
  4. publisher: Sony
  5. description: You must help an old samurai to retrieve a dagger he once got as an
  6.   award for his achievements in martial arts. The dagger was stolen by somebody
  7.   who envied the old warrior - now he cannot give this prize to the warriors of
  8.   the next generation. Choose one of the three young ninjas to help the old man!
  9.   .
  10.   This is a traditional platform game based on the movie 3 Ninjas Kick Back. Each
  11.   one of the three ninjas has unique weapons and abilities. All three of them can
  12.   run, duck, crawl, climb, jump, and hang on trees, ropes, etc. You'll encounter
  13.   many obstacles and enemies, both regular and boss-like, which you'll have to
  14.   overcome and defeat.
  15. release: 1994-06-19
  16. players: 2
  17. rating: 50%
  18. x-id: 2742
  19. x-source: ScreenScraper.fr
  20. assets.boxfront: ./media/box2dfront/3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA).png
  21. assets.video: ./media/videos/3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA).mp4
  22. assets.marquee: ./media/marquee/3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA).png
  25. game: 90 Minutes : European Prime Goal
  26. file: ./90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).zip
  27. developer: Ocean
  28. publisher: Namco
  29. description: 90 Minutes: European Prime Goal is a soccer game with the 14 teams
  30.   of the Japanese first division (J. League) to play with. In the European version
  31.   they were replaced by national teams, but the some playing modes are still
  32.   reminiscent of the origin. The available modes are exhibition matches,
  33.   tournament, league, cup and all-star (the teams are divided into two leagues and
  34.   the overall winner is decided with play-offs). With the option "You're a Hero",
  35.   the player can create a new athlete, change his stats with a few training
  36.   lessons and swap it with an existing one. The player either controls the athlete
  37.   who has the ball or, when in defense, the one who is nearest to it. The field is
  38.   shown from a slightly angled side-perspective. During most modes, all teams can
  39.   be taken over by human players, but only two can play at the same time.
  40. release: 1995-08-04
  41. players: 2
  42. rating: 65%
  43. x-id: 2678
  44. x-source: ScreenScraper.fr
  45. assets.boxfront: ./media/box2dfront/90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).png
  46. assets.video: ./media/videos/90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).mp4
  47. assets.marquee: ./media/marquee/90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).png
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