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  4. I will call these power's as MSCBR, MSCBR appeared when decades of experimentation on ourself's finally payed off. There are 5 types that these 'powers' are classified as.
  8. - Magic: Obviously the most broad type as magic can be anything. I consider types like 'Death Magic', 'Holy Magic', 'Fire Magic' and so on as types where pretty much anything goes. For these, there are less rules than for the next last 3 types.
  9. - Sorcery: Magic's evil counterpart. Sorcery is usually viewed as malicious, and it will often corrupt both the wielder and the target. So if you need healing, choose 'Healing Magic' instead of 'Healing Sorcery'.
  10. - Conjuring: I consider conjuration magic as magic which requires some form of energy, whether it comes from the person itself, from the arcane in the air or from life itself. Conjuration cannot be done without energy (in my opinion anyway). So 'Dream Conjuring' creates specific dreams and 'Life Conjuring' will create some form of life, but always at the cost of energy. How much depends on the power of both the wielder and the spell.
  11. - Bending: I consider bending as magic which utilizes existing energies to literally bend them to the will of the wielder. So with 'Gravity Bending' somebody will be able to bend the powers of gravity and focus them or take them away from a certain area. With 'Electric Bending' you'll be able to use electricity, whether in the form of lightning, batteries or other, and both power your gadgets and destroy your enemies.
  12. - Ritual: Rituals take time and, in some cases, more than 1 person. Rituals are often extremely powerful, but unless done correctly, they can and will backfire. Rituals are more easily interrupted, so they're often done under high security or in hidden and remote places.
  14. Some magic types can also be interpreted multiple ways. For example, 'Emotion Magic' can be seen as the control of emotions in other people or as magic which changes and grows stronger depending on how you feel.
  15. 'Dragon Magic' can be seen as magic belonging to dragons only, as magic created by dragons and given to others, or as magic which merely mimics dragons, like their fire breath.
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