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  2.       I remain firmly opposed to this plan and in truth the MoFA Spanish himself, absent from the discussion, find it wobbly and says he laughed at it's sight. For various reasons the main being the fact that it is complicated and risky
  4.     They pass through France and then what?
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  6.       They NE Germany and attack Romandie? Or RW this region, then NE Switzerland?  And get stuck with a 7 days NE they do not care for and that other countries could benefit. Besides their plan involves too many countries to be stable
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  9.        For them and out of the signe fact they impose their wishes to their enemies: this plan is bad
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  12.        What qablo (MoFA ESP) would propose is to wait until we recover Poitou and then exchange one of our Rubber regions for one of their Deers Region.
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  17.        Here is why I myself am opposed to this plan:
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  19.   14.
  20.       * What remains of our beliefs?
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  23.        I know it has suddenly become fashionable to say that Germany and Portugal we are so important. Yes it's true, we are overflowing so many faithful allies!
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  25.        Portugal has already rejected an earlier peace including two of their regions for Spain, portugal denied it again yesterday by the voice of his CP.
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  28.       Germany, which has, remember you  well supported at the beginning of the military campaign, Germany which was ready to be crushed by Poland if it only could give us time to organize ourselves (They refused when Poland asked for a passage to us) and with whom we enjoy excellent relations. Does this Germany deserve that we sell them to Spain?
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  30.   21.
  31.       Is this what we want, a NE of Spain against Germany even though they have also Poland at home and does the same now?
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  33.   23.
  34.       *  Diplomatically this agreement would be disastrous.
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  37.        We would have demonstrated our ability to sell our allies under the pressure of a single nation. Do we really want people in future to know we retreat in front of the enemy by letting our friends down to save our butts? Especially in the current period where it is to forge new alliances?
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  39.   27.
  40.        * Militarily it would be dangerous.
  41.   28.
  42.   29.
  43.        Do not think only about the present!
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  45.   31.
  46.       Curiously Poland also requires a region from Germany in Switzerland "Deutschschweiz" which would border the Spanish Romandie.
  47.  Curious isn't it?  We would thus have in the middle of Western Europe, where some people still want to build a future alliance, two of our visceral and fatal ennemies, side by side and from who we already know that there is no chance to be friendly in the future!
  48.   32.
  49.   33.
  50.        So what do you think it will happen if by chance the two of them decide to crush us? the Hispano-Polish Bridge brings back memories to you?
  51.   34.
  52.   35.
  53.        This perpetual threat over us, regardless of our future alliance will handcuff us, every move we would make, we would make it full of fear of being happily taken in a sandwich.
  54.   36.
  55.   37.
  56.       * In terms of image and communication, it would be catastrophic
  57.   38.
  58.   39.
  59.        France, which lowers his pants, abdicates in face of adversity and complies with the demands of the enemy, it reminds you  something?  Anyone? (our former CP)
  60.   40.
  61.        Is this what we want to be compared to?  Is this the image we want to leave from the time we spent here?
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  63.   42.
  64.        By way of Official Newspaper or declaration, such an agreement would be unjustifiable.  We started this war because of "hearsay", trumpeting our determination to defend our Portuguese ally. Not it would have fail militarily, but moreover we would sacrifice not one, but two allies in the hands of those we wanted to release them from, just to safeguard our territorial unit?
  65.   43.
  66.   44.
  67.       Are the words "sold" and "Cowards" the words you want to be linked to our end of our term?  The fact our allies from Brazil Russia or Turkey have dropped for various reasons, cannot justify that we do the same for our own allies.
  68.   45.
  69.   46.
  70.       * What would we gain?
  71.   47.
  72.   48.
  73.        An uneasy peace which we know very well that it could be re-check by every spanish new government or congress?
  74.   49.
  75.   50.
  76.        A region at any time may be taken back by Spain?
  77.   51.
  78.   52.
  79.       We sign peace in a week they'll say we are bored and the economy collapses. What can we do, we attack England, because we still haven't jabbed a knife in their back?
  80.   53.
  81.   54.
  82.   55.
  83.   56.
  84.        Other solutions for peace are possible, we saw at the beginning of this post, even among themselves the plan is far from unanimous, even their own MoFA find it silly.  Let's use it!
  85.   57.
  86.   58.
  87.       And until that well hey! fight!  Yes we are bloodless, but is Spain much better after having RW's in Venezuela, a campaign in Portugal it's hard to finish and our own attack?
  88.   59.
  89.   60.
  90.       Yes Spain if she was angry could take us regions. So What? Is this the first time?
  91.   61.
  92.   62.
  93.       Spain, do not forget it is still threatened, will she embark on a costly new military campaign against us?  Spain has no way to conquer France in its entirety and keep it economically and militarily. She knows that action oriented directly against us would be likely to awake our allies more than our own actions against them, more than their own action against Portugal. She can not put us down in 7 days with a signe NE, she also remembers that during his previous NE she was taken from behind.
  94.   63.
  95.   64.
  96.        This agreement will have serious consequences for our future, I will not sign and if it should be signed I'll take my responsibilities and will leave the government.
  97. Stop changing our minds, at least have the courage to take on this war we started, do not add to the military debacle, the cowardice and treachery, do not add to our precarious present an uncertain future.
  98.  Let us have our beliefs and do not forget them in front of each difficulty we meet.
  100. It will not be said that we gave up.
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