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Revenge of the Sith: The Solo Prequel

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Aug 6th, 2023
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  1. Link:
  3. Cut List:
  4. - Whole movie is saturated. Will add grain at a later date.
  5. - No buzz droids.
  6. - “The Return of the Jedi" plays as the Jedi fight the droids.
  7. - Anakin and Obi Wan immediately head up to the Chancellor.
  8. - Palpatine doesn’t warn the Jedi that Dooku is a Sith lord.
  9. - Added some of "Dooku vs Obi Wan" from Attack of Clones during the first part of the Dooku fight.
  10. - Palpatine making weird noises cut.
  11. - Cut away as the railing starts to damage Obi-Wan.
  12. - Anakin quickly defeats Dooku.
  13. - Cut out Palpatine wanting to leave Obi-Wan behind. He is trying to not look like a jerk to Anakin.
  14. - Our heroes get captured hanging off the elevator ledge. Music added. This first section of the movie ist filled with weirdly silent moments, come to think of it.
  15. - Obi-Wan interjects during Anakin’s joke to Grievous, also some music added.
  16. - Obi-Wan’s line is changed so he says “you won’t escape."
  17. - The bridge fight has “The Return of the Jedi" track.
  18. - As Grievous escapes, play a bit of his theme. The ship crash is trimmed in places, with some silent parts having music added. For example, as the ship crashes, the end of Yavin 4 battle theme plays.
  19. - Obi-wan interrupts Anakin when he numbers the times he’s saved him. Added Skywalker theme from "Moisture Farm" song.
  20. - Removed “So love has blinded you?” stuff. Anakln calls her beautiful, and Padmé says he’s probably right. Kind of cute, actually.
  21. - Anakin tells Padme about his nightmare ends on “We don’t need Obi-wan’s help.”
  22. - The next scene is Anakin missing the mission briefing. Removed him asking what’s wrong with Palpatine getting new powers.
  23. - The next scene is Anakin summoned to the opera. Cut out mentions of Grievous and Anakin spying on Palpatine.
  24. - After Palpatine’s line “Not from a Jedi” in the opera, we have the scene where Yoda tells Anakin to get over potential death. Jerk.
  25. - Deleted scene in Bail’s apartment, cutting the reference to Palpatine having control of the Jedi council.
  26. - Palpatine appoints Anakin to the council. Added dialogue where Palpatine tells Anakin he knew him as a boy and saved his life.
  27. - Before the Jedi council meeting, the “plot to destroy the Jedi” scene. Removed lines used later.
  28. - Anakin’s appointment to the council trimmed to not make Anakin look like a brat.
  29. - Trimmed Anakin’s pauses in his argument with Obi-Wan, and added a interruption.
  30. - Yoda doesn’t explain that they want someone with more experience to go fight Grievous.
  31. - Added a version of the Force theme from the extended end credits suite during Anakin and Obi-Wan’s friendhsip scene.
  32. - After Obi-Wan heads to fight Grievous, deleted scene of Padme and friends speaking with Palpatine.
  33. - Transition from there to the next nightmare… of Anakin seeing his mother die from Attack of the Clones. We can understand his mindset and paranoia easier, but also get the sense he can go to some dark places for his revenge.
  34. - The scene at the apartment is recolored to be sunset, so Padmé saying Obi Wan was there this morning makes more sense. New transition added.
  35. - Cut out Anakin saying he’d like to kill Palpatine.
  36. - When we go back to Utapau, we get a bit more battle before Obi-Wan goes to engage Grievous.
  37. - Cut some dialogue as Windu and his gang confront Palpatine. Trimmed a small part to make Palpatine seem faster.
  38. - Palpatine doesn’t use Force lightning or reveal his true face until Anakin cuts off Mace’s arm,
  39. - Anakin doesn’t refer to Palpatine as “master,” Palpatine doesn’t specifically say Obi-wan as an enemy. When Palpatine says the Jedi are to be destroyed, Anakin doesn’t say anything.
  40. - Next is Anakin telling Padmé their problems will be over soon. One last humanizing moment before his darkest act...
  41. - Anakin’s march on the temple is rescored with a slower version of the Imperial March.
  42. - We only see Order 66 on Utapau and Kashyyyk. A part from Battle of Endor Part 2 plays during these parts.
  43. - Yoda doesn’t talk to Chewie.
  44. - Bail doesn’t respond to Mas Amedda.
  45. - Cut a bit of Yoda and Obi Wan entering the Temple so Yoda doesn’t flip around too much.
  46. - Cut Obi-wan entering the closet on Padme’s ship.
  47. - Added Krennic’s Aspirations to when Anakin is talking to Palpatine via hologram, before Padmé arrives.
  48. - Cut out the cringier dialogue parts between Anakin and Obi-Wan.
  49. - Yoda vs Sideous is kept in parts, the beginning of their duel and the Duel of the Fates section. We don’t see Palpaine hanging off one of the senate seats.
  50. - Cut out Anakin and Obi-Wan wrestling on the conference table.
  51. - No “High Ground.” Anakin goes for broke and Obi-Wan slices him in half.
  52. - Both instances of Anakin being referred to Chosen One have been cut. Now, it's just a tragedy of a good Jedi gone bad, and the best friend who had to fight his brother in arms.
  53. - Padme doesn’t lose the will to live.
  54. - Vader’s “No” replaced with the Japanese version, as it sounds better.
  55. - Obi Wan and Yoda don’t talk about Qui Gon.
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