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Serverinfo SCP Heaven for Gamers, Finally

Byeman Jan 5th, 2019 221 Never
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  1. <color=blue>Hello, Welcome to the SCP: Heaven for Gamers Server! Here are the Rules:</color>
  2.                                Dont Troll (Locking People/SCPs in a Keycard room)!
  3.             If you are a big Asshole, Admins have full Permission to Abuse their Powers on you.
  4.                                           Do not ask for Admin
  5.             <color=blue>MTF</color> can Team with <color=orange>Class-D</color> and <color=red>SCPs</color>      Nobody Else, and no other class! (Except for <color=green>C.I Agents</color> can Team with              <color=yellow>Researchers</color> and <color=blue>MTF</color> Thats it with Teaming. Hacking is strictly      forbidden, and well handle it with a Permanent ban, followed by a VACation. These Rules are to follow! Have fun on this Server! :))
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