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galaxy nexus sailfish camera

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Aug 5th, 2014
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  1. [nemo@Jolla ~]$ GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/bin/gst-launch-1.0 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink
  3. (gst-launch-1.0:18239): GStreamer-WARNING **: External plugin loader failed. This most likely means that the plugin loader helper binary was not found or could not be run. You might need to set the GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER environment variable if your setup is unusual. This should normally not be required though.
  4. Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
  5. ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
  6. ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDroidCamSrc:droidcamsrc0: Could not initialize supporting library.
  7. Additional debug info:
  8. gstdroidcamsrcdev.c(403): gst_droidcamsrc_dev_open (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDroidCamSrc:droidcamsrc0:
  9. error 0xfffffff4 opening camera
  10. Setting pipeline to NULL ...
  11. Freeing pipeline ...
  12. [nemo@Jolla ~]$ GST_DEBUG='*:2' GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/bin/gst-launch-1.0 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink
  13. Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
  14. 0:01:15.586334228 18247 0x2ba9a0 WARN droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrc.c:407:gst_droid_cam_src_get_hw:<droidcamsrc0> cannot find back camera
  15. 0:01:15.586700439 18247 0x2ba9a0 WARN droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrc.c:411:gst_droid_cam_src_get_hw:<droidcamsrc0> cannot find front camera
  16. 0:01:15.588012695 18247 0x2ba9a0 WARN droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrcdev.c:403:gst_droidcamsrc_dev_open:<droidcamsrc0> error: error 0xfffffff4 opening camera
  17. ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
  18. ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDroidCamSrc:droidcamsrc0: Could not initialize supporting library.
  19. Additional debug info:
  20. gstdroidcamsrcdev.c(403): gst_droidcamsrc_dev_open (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDroidCamSrc:droidcamsrc0:
  21. error 0xfffffff4 opening camera
  22. Setting pipeline to NULL ...
  23. Freeing pipeline ...
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