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  2. #### Hi, i'm Jimmy, i'm 18 Years Old, i live in a little communist country called Poland, i speak 3 Languages fluently, (Polish, English, German) also studing Japanese and Mandarin, currently enrolled in College for Business with the focus on sales, like salesman ship, E-Commerce, stuff like that, i also like to code on the side, i know decent amount of Web and Software Development languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, VB, C#, C++,  Lua, Python. I've been part of the FiveM Roleplaying community for around 2-3 years, i used to own my own server called Zero Hoots RP, it was quite popular at the time, but then one of my dev's went Rogue, the whole database was deleted and the RDP was then later infected with a Ransom Ware, i had no backup's of any of the data as i never expected any of this to happen so i kinda left the community for a while, came back couple of month later and started playing on couple of servers, one of them being Space Turtles Roleplay, that community was very welcome of me and was really nice, i was a part of it for around 3months before it shut down, later of which i again left the whole FiveM Scene, i later went on to some other server, playing here and there and now i landed on here with a friend, playing and enjoying it, everyone roleplays nice here and doesnt really fuck around, also its staff is active, but at times there can be a backup of players needing help and only so little staff to help out, i have only been part of this server for a week but i like it and plan on staying for a longer time.
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