Down a Peg by Pan (Granny Smith/BigMac)

Oct 17th, 2014
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  1. Down a Peg by Pan (
  3. Author's note: Without giving too much away, I'll warn you that you may not like this story.
  5. ---
  7. There were weeds on the property. Big McIntosh helped his sister Applejack remove them. Weed removal required digging or cutting them out of the ground, then dragging them with a net or tarp to a compost pile. Earth pony anatomy made it a team effort; a unicorn could drag a pile by himself or herself. If the weeds had thorns, finding an accomplice was especially necessary: holding one's mouth up to a pile of sharp stems would require hazard pay.
  8. >Hazard pay should be double or triple what I'm getting for this job. Two to three times zero is what, again?
  9. Two ponies could each hold a corner of a net with one hoof, then pull it towards its destination.
  11. It was hard, annoying work, especially the weed pulling. By the end of the day, Sweet Apple Acres had beaten back the invasive menace. Big Mac chose, yet again, to be a gentlepony and let Applejack take the first shower.
  13. Granny Smith and Apple Bloom thanked the two at dinner for their efforts to keep the farm operational. The three siblings played tag and catch and organize the pantry (a bit less fun than the other two games) and eventually were tired enough to sleep. Granny Smith got a head start, but they all made it to bed at a reasonable hour.
  15. The dawning sun shone through Big Mac's window, waking him up as it did every morning. He went downstairs. Granny Smith first turned to see him, then blocked the way before he could make it to the kitchen.
  16. >"Hold it!"
  17. >"What?"
  18. >"You've got poison ivy, Big McIntosh! We've gotta get you cured!"
  19. She pointed a hoof at his leg, where like his other three there was a discolored patch of pink.
  20. >"Oh-kay. How?"
  21. >"Eeeh, I supPOSE you can eat yer breakfast. But wash your hooves with soap first! We gotta do everything we can! I need to do some shopping, for your sake. Don't scratch and DEFINITELY don't take any more showers!"
  22. >Sheesh, how bad could it be?
  23. >At least I can eat in peace.
  24. >Did Applejack get it too? It must've been in the brush we cleared.
  26. Halfway through breakfast, he found out.
  27. >"Oh no, Big Mac, did you catch poison ivy or somesuch? Was it in all that yard trash? Ugh! What a bummer! Do I have any? Look me over."
  28. She turned in place.
  29. >"No, AJ, your coat still looks orange."
  30. >"Phew. Sucks that you were the unlucky one, though. I'm sure Granny Smith'll fix ya up. We earth ponies have a natural resistance to poison ivy, but when we get it, it's a doozy. All the same I've never seen it before. Remember how Granny Smith would tell us stories about it? Maybe that was just to scare us away from playing in weedy, tall grass. ... Looks like she should've scared you more, huh?"
  31. Applejack poked the side of his stomach.
  32. >"Where is she, anyway?"
  33. >"Shopping for supplies to help me."
  34. >"That's nice of her. Always looking out for us. You'll be fighting fit in no time."
  35. She slapped Big Mac on the back.
  37. He read the paper while he waited for whatever tonic, pill, or ointment Granny Smith would come back with. The shocking thing was how often they worked.
  38. >Granny Smith can usually see through charlatans, as long as those Flim-Flam Fuckers aren't involved.
  39. Big McIntosh finished an article on a new construction project and was done with the subheadline on another about the sofa shop (apparently its owner was branching out into the quill business and doing well for himself) when Granny Smith returned.
  41. Supplies, more than Big Mac was expecting, were dropped on the table. What they actually were was not immediately obvious, since they were in two cloth bags.
  42. >Maybe she had some shopping to do and combined two trips into one.
  43. >"What's in the bags, Granny?"
  44. >"So nosy! You'll find out soon enough. I hope we never have to use half of this stuff."
  46. >"First off, I need to explain some things to you, Big Mac. Round up your sisters."
  48. Applejack wasn't far; Apple Bloom was still asleep.
  50. >"Apple Bloom, Granny Smith wants to talk to us."
  51. >"Whaaa-?"
  52. >"Granny Smith needs to talk to you."
  53. >*yawn* "Okay."
  55. Granny Smith took charge.
  57. >"As we know, Big McIntosh has poison ivy."
  58. >"Really? That stinks, Big Mac!"
  59. >"Okay, NOW we all know. Anywho, you three are too young to have ever seen poison ivy do its dirty work, but let me tell you it is not pleasant. First off, we need to be nice to Big Mac for these next few days."
  60. >"Aye-aye, Granny."
  61. >"Sure thing."
  62. >"Next off, and this will take some adjustment from all of us, Big Mac especially, we need to decide how to treat it."
  63. >"Yeah. How DO you treat it?"
  64. Applejack wondered.
  65. >"The old way was long and arduous. Month-long infections were common, even LUCKY!"
  66. Big Mac gulped in fear.
  67. >"B-but there's an easier way, right?"
  68. >"Depends on how you look at it. I think ye'll be fine, Big Mac, since you're so stoic 'n' whatnot. But a prissy, shy pony like Sweetie Belle might sooner take the month of agony than try the earth pony cure. Not that it would matter. The ivy works differently on the different kinds of ponies. Our cure is for earth ponies only."
  69. >"Earth ponies only? Finally something goes our way."
  70. >"Heh, good one, Applejack."
  72. >"A few centuries ago, one pony noticed that foals never seem to get poison ivy. This was part of a larger trend. Ponies infected their kids so they get an immunity later in life. Some diseases are really bad for a mare or stallion."
  73. That brought up some bad memories for Apple Bloom, the youngest of the group.
  74. >"That's what you were always telling me when you gave me 'horrible painful illness number 20'."
  75. >"And we were right to do it!"
  77. >"So, hoping to give his daughter an immunity to poison ivy, this pony tried putting a small bit of the plant onto his daughter."
  78. >"It didn't work. Days later he tried a larger dose. Then a larger dose. This puzzled him. He asked around. 'Have any of you ever seen a foal with poison ivy?'"
  79. >"Nopony had. He consulted a medical journal. There was no record of that kind."
  80. >"Ever a scientist, he continued to study the phenomenon."
  81. >"What made his filly special? Age? Gender? He tested. Gender had nothing to do with it. It would have been unethical and uncomfortable to infect ponies with what everypony knew was already bad for them, so he opted to skip intentionally infecting older ponies with poison ivy. Science took a hit, but morale could stay high."
  82. >"He mimicked his daughter's mane style, mane color, and what she was wearing. For a filly her age, it was just a diaper."
  84. >"Wait, WHAT?"
  86. >"You heard me. This stallion was a scientist first, and somepony who wasn't made fun of second. He took the hit to his pride in the name of knowledge."
  87. >"Ew. How embarrassing."
  88. >"And it worked. He was unable to get any kind of poison ivy rash while he was dressed that way. Puzzled and intrigued, he controlled for each variable. The mane style by itself didn't change anything. The color had no effect. Yet the diaper was found to completely prevent this risk."
  90. >"Amid what must have been loud bouts of laughter, he wrote down his findings and mailed them to the Canterlot Medical Society. It was recorded as an interesting curiosity of pony physiology, and a full experiment was conducted. He was right. The experiment found that not just diapers, but other foalish attire and treatment prevented poison ivy rashes from developing."
  91. >"And, (this is where you come in, Big Mac), in ponies who already had a rash, the group treated foalishly saw a much quicker reduction and elimination in negative symptoms as compared to the control group."
  93. The victim of the poison ivy was blushing.
  95. >"Are you saying that I've gotta dress like a baby if I want this itching to stop?"
  96. >"'Fraid so, Big Mac. Or you can try the 'no treatment', 'month of agony' method. Basically, two things have been known for a while. Poison ivy takes pity on foals and doesn't effect them, and with earth ponies' special connection with nature, they can fool the plant into leaving them alone too."
  98. He groaned.
  100. >"FINE. Just tell me what I need to do."
  101. >"This will be a family project. Big Mac, we will of course need your cooperation."
  102. A nod of approval.
  103. >"Listen to what we tell you. That includes me and my two favorite fillies. Nothing breaks the illusion like a foal bossing other ponies around."
  104. >"Got it."
  105. >"Today we'll start with just the diaper. If the symptoms persist we will introduce other foalish treatments."
  106. >*Sigh* "Toss me the garment and let's get this over with."
  107. >"Wish it were that easy, Big McIntosh. Let's set up a changing station outside. Keep everything sanitary 'n all. Besides, putting on a diaper by yourself is easier said than done. Follow me outside, gang!"
  109. Like a prisoner marching to the gallows, Big Mac complied. Applejack's interest went beyond a mere desire to help her brother, and it showed a bit on her grinning face. But Big McIntosh knew it was one of two ways to beat the infection.
  111. >"Lie down on the table, young colt."
  112. >"We're starting this up already?"
  113. >"You bet yer hiney we are. Do you want to get back to normal, or not?"
  114. >"Yes ma'am."
  116. Big Mac used the bench of the picnic table as a step, stood tall above his family for a moment, then resigned himself to the subservience that would be expected of him for the coming days. He lied on his back.
  118. >"Applejack, help me lift up his leg, will you?"
  119. >"Like this?"
  120. >"Perfect."
  122. Granny Smith and Applejack lifted his legs and slid a white plastic diaper under his rump. Big Mac wanted to die. The picnic table was now a changing table. All of Equestria could be watching him. What would they think?
  124. >"Just like old times..."
  125. By making comments like this, Big McIntosh pretended the attention didn't bother him. It may have made him look strong to his family, but he felt weaker than ever. Especially when his comment was competing with cuts to his pride like this:
  126. >"Kids, you tape him up. I may not be around for diaper duty 24/7. It's good practice."
  128. >"That about covers it, Apples. Sorry to inflict this on you, Big Mac. Try not to scratch and don't do anything stupid."
  129. >"Uh, Granny?"
  130. >"Yes, Big Mac?"
  131. >"Do I have to... uh... 'use' this diaper?"
  132. >"Goodness, no! You can still keep a little dignity. But ye'll have to ask one of us when you need to use the bathroom. As I said it's hard to get in and out of one of those."
  134. Hours later, he enlisted Applejack's assistance.
  136. >"AJ, can you get me out of this?"
  137. >"Okay. Let's go to the changing table, 'Little Mac'. Heh-heh."
  138. >"Do you have to make comments like that?"
  139. >"Watch your attitude, mister. You heard what Granny Smith says. And treating you like a stallion would make this more awkward."
  140. >"You're right. I'm sorry for getting upset."
  141. >"No need teh apologize. I'd be mortified if I were in your horseshoes. ... Hey! Hold still! I guess these diapers really are foalproof. I can barely get this off."
  143. Previously squirming in embarrassment, Big Mac stopped his lateral motion. Soon, the diaper was off.
  145. >"Run along now, BM."
  146. A sisterly slap on the butt.
  147. >"Holler when you need me again."
  149. >I can pretend I'm a stallion for a little bit. I can't believe it's only been a few hours.
  151. Yet all-too-quickly he was on his back again, returning to the foalish world he thought he had abandoned for good years ago.
  153. Normally the day's chores would already be started. The three Apple siblings made up for lost time.
  155. >"We need to trim off the dead branches from the trees in this field. After that we can plant those golden delicious apple seeds in that little empty patch."
  156. >"No can do, Little Mac. I'm in charge for the time being. And *Ah* say the branches can wait but we really need to get those seeds in the ground."
  157. >"What? AJ! We always do branch removal first in case it rains later in the day and the ground gets too unstable for ladders."
  158. >"That would be a good point, but the skies are clear and I'm not arguing with a foal."
  159. >"Don't be silly, AJ. I'm still your brother-"
  160. >"Little brother."
  162. >"Wow, Applejack, you're taking this to heart!"
  163. >"Hush, Apple Bloom. I'm trying to talk some sense into Little Mac. Mac, you remember what Granny Smith says. You gotta look and act the part if you want to come out of this quickly. I know it takes some getting used to but ya gotta swallow your pride sooner or later. I'm getting tired of explaining it to you."
  164. He rolled his eyes.
  165. >"Let's go get the seeds..."
  166. >"That's the spirit!"
  168. Big McIntosh went ahead of his two sisters, out of earshot.
  170. >"You handled that gracefully."
  171. >"What can I say, I learned from raising you. Remember?"
  172. >"Sadly, yes."
  173. >"Any more backsass outta him and I mighta rinsed his mouth out with soap."
  174. Apple Bloom's eyes doubled in size.
  175. >"Really? Your own OLDER brother?"
  176. >"You gotta do what you gotta do. Big Mac got some smaller britches and he's too big for them right now. If what Granny says is true he needs to snap out of it."
  178. They planted the seeds, but Big Mac was just carrying them while his sisters dug the holes, buried the seeds, and watered them. Normally he'd be the one on the ladder chopping up branches but Applejack took on that role.
  180. >She really enjoys this. Maybe it's the power. I've been 'Big Mac' for so long.
  182. It was easy to think. Holding a ladder wasn't very intellectually stimulating.
  184. The branches could wait, and did. Because of the morning's diaper shenanigans, they didn't finish before sunset. Speaking of:
  186. >"Where's Granny?"
  187. >"Probably asleep somewhere. Need something?"
  188. >"I need to-"
  189. He whispered,
  190. >"Go."
  191. >"Oh. I'd do it for ya but I'm cooking. Get Apple Bloom to do it!"
  193. He went upstairs and had to talk himself into it.
  195. >She's busy. Better not bother her.
  196. >Then what? Wet myself?
  197. >She's just your sister. You've done the same to her...
  199. >"Apple Bloom, can you help me out of this? I need to use the restroom."
  200. >"Nope!"
  201. His mouth went agape.
  202. >"Ha! Just kidding. C'mon, Big Mac - I mean - come on, Little Mac!"
  204. >Ugh. She caught on to that nickname too.
  206. A brief indignity on the changing table, multiplied by two and divided by it being dark out so nopony could see him. He ate dinner with the family and didn't say anything abnormal, but something was on his mind. Afterwords he investigated.
  208. >What if Granny's pulling my leg? I put up with this today but I'm not sure how much more I can take. What if it's just some junk made to sell diapers?
  209. >I wonder if there's anything at the library?
  210. >Am I going out like this?
  211. >...
  212. >Do I have a choice?
  214. Big Mac was not a fan of street lamps that night. Ponies definitely saw him, but at least he had a medical reason to be doing this. He hoped.
  216. He knocked at Twilight's door.
  218. >"Hi, Big Mac. Wait a second, what are you WEARING? Is that a..."
  219. Twilight didn't want to say it in case she was wrong.
  220. >"Yeah, it's a diaper. Let me in and I'll explain it. I need your help."
  222. ...
  224. >"Basically, I'm wondering if my Granny is crazy with this idea."
  225. >"What idea? You haven't told me. I'm guessing it involves that diaper. By the way: I didn't even know they made them that big!"
  226. >"Oh, right. I'm getting ahead of myself. Granny Smith says there's a cure for poison ivy that only earth ponies can use. She said a few hundred years ago earth ponies found out that foals, and earth ponies dressed like foals, don't get poison ivy. Would you know anything about that?"
  227. >"No, but I could find out. It's probably in a medical journal or something."
  228. >"Yep, that's what Granny was saying."
  229. >"Now, first we check the index..."
  230. >"I know how to look stuff up, Twilight."
  231. >"Sorry! The diaper is throwing me off."
  233. >Earth ponies dressed and treated like foals overcome a poison ivy affliction much faster than control groups.
  235. >"Read here. Looks like Granny Smith is right."
  236. >"Figures. Thanks for the help, Twilight. I should get back to the farm."
  237. >"No problem. Hey, Big Mac?"
  238. >"Yeah?"
  239. >"You look nice."
  241. She patted his padded hindquarters and they parted ways. Big McIntosh didn't appreciate the physical contact.
  243. >Ponies used to leave me alone. Now I've got this thing on and I can't walk five paces without being bothered.
  245. Despite his exaggeration, nopony stopped him on his way home. But Granny Smith did stop him from taking a shower.
  247. >"What do you think yer doing?"
  248. >"Taking a shower. Today was hard work."
  249. >"Sure was. But foals don't take showers. Apple Bloom!"
  250. Granny shouted downstairs and Apple Bloom shouted up.
  251. >"Yeaaah?"
  252. >"Come up here and give Big McIntosh a bath, okay?"
  254. Apple Bloom's hoofsteps drew closer.
  256. >"Aye-aye!"
  258. Big Mac saved his breath. Maybe there was some foalish thing he could get out of with the right plea. It didn't look like this was such an experience he could avoid.
  260. The tub was full of water.
  262. >"Get in, I guess."
  264. >This isn't too bad. Some stallions take baths. I don't think baths are as clean as showers...
  266. Granny Smith opened the bathroom door and set a bottle of "tear free foals" shampoo on the counter.
  268. >She's going all-out.
  269. >Stay positive.
  270. >Sometimes I wish shampoo in my eyes didn't hurt so much!
  272. >"You did well today, Little Mac."
  273. >"Thank you, Apple Bloom."
  274. >"Let's just getcha cleaned up so you can sleep comfortably."
  275. She scrubbed him with soap and spread it around with a bath brush. She put some shampoo in her hooves and rubbed it on his coat.
  277. >"That tickles."
  278. >"Sorry. I'm new at this."
  279. >"Close your eyes, if you want. I can't remember if they're telling the truth on how painless this stuff is."
  280. Eyes closed, Big Mac had a response.
  281. >"I'm not taking my chances. The itching is bad enough."
  282. >"Good boy."
  284. Although he was allowed to wash his lower body by himself, Apple Bloom told him to re-do it since the first time wasn't thorough enough.
  286. >"This is fine. I never do more than this when I'm alone."
  287. >"I don't care. That's stallion you talking. *Foal* you needs to do it again or get spanked for disobedience."
  288. She reached for the brush Big Mac was holding.
  289. >"And I have just the hard-backed hairbrush for the job!"
  291. (gulp)
  292. He opted not to call her bluff. Corporal punishment on a wet bottom hurt enough that he didn't care if she was joking or not.
  293. >"Here I go, washing myself again!"
  294. >"Excellent work!"
  296. >"Lookin' good, kid."
  297. Apple Bloom started draining the water.
  298. >"Now get out of the tub and I'll dry you off."
  300. >Not the worst thing in the world. It's like I'm a prince and she's my servant.
  302. >"Ah!"
  303. He instinctively brought his back legs closer together.
  304. >"Sorry, Little Mac. Just doing my job."
  306. He was completely dry and had about an hour before his usual bedtime. Naturally, Granny Smith had other plans.
  308. >"Hi, Apple Bloom. Was he well-behaved?"
  309. >"Sure thing, Granny!"
  310. >"That's good. I'll take it from here and get him ready for bed."
  312. >"Bed? But it's--"
  313. He stopped himself. This was another fight he couldn't win.
  315. >Early bedtime. I've been tired lately anyway.
  317. >"I got ye some pajamas, Big Mac. You remember how foals wear pajamas to bed."
  318. >"Sure do. Can I go to the bathroom first?"
  319. >"I'll wait out here."
  321. ...
  323. >"Looks like the rash is already going away a bit."
  324. >"I hope so. What do the pajamas look like?"
  325. >"Here."
  327. He could have put them on without any problems, but Granny insisted on helping.
  329. >"Aw, that's sweet."
  331. Big Mac was dressed, top and bottom, in foal-blue pajamas with a train engine pattern. He noticed (it was impossible not to) that the bottoms came out in the rump area to provide space for a diaper, which he still had to wear to bed. He made it through most of the day without his treatment getting to him, but for this, he blushed.
  333. >"Now get in bed..."
  334. He did. She pulled a sheet over him and up to his arms.
  336. >"Sweet dreams, Big Mac."
  337. >"Thanks, Granny."
  339. >One day at a time. I can do this.
  341. It took him 40 minutes to fall asleep, but even foals sometimes had that problem.
  343. Morning came - he was awake even before sunrise. He had to use the restroom. It wasn't urgent but it was at the point of making him uncomfortable. Big Mac removed the previous night's pajamas (but not his puffy diaper) and noticed to his horror that his poison ivy rash was worse than it was the night before.
  345. >Must've scratched in the night. Ugh.
  347. He went looking for Granny Smith's help with his bathroom problem. She noticed the rash immediately.
  349. >"Oh brother. You must've scratched in the night!"
  350. >"Seems that way. Can you get me out of this so I can go to the restroom?"
  351. >"Okay, but tonight we're going to have to try to get that rash contained."
  353. ...
  355. Just like the night before, the rash seemed to have subsided by the time he was going to bed.
  356. >Granny Smith was talking about some 'secret weapon' I'd use tonight. Wonder what that could be. Definitely not anything normal. That would be too easy.
  358. She reached into her bag of terror and pulled out a two-piece outfit with long sleeves for each leg. It looked like a straitjacket.
  360. >"Lemme guess, I'm gonna have to wear that?"
  361. >"Sorry, Mac. It's the only way. You're itching while you're asleep so we have to swaddle you."
  363. After putting on the clothes, Big Mac proclaimed:
  364. >THIS is the greatest injustice I'm ever going to suffer as a born-again foal. The reason it's a 'secret weapon' is because if Princess Celestia knew about what Granny was doing, it'd be banned under the Geneighva Conventions.
  366. His rear legs were bound together and his forelegs were attached to his side. He wouldn't be doing any subconscious scratching tonight. If it weren't for the swaddle, he would've fallen asleep much sooner than the night before. The discomfort brought by this new device meant that he fell asleep around the same time as he did after his first day as a foal.
  368. And, Big McIntosh woke up around the same time the next morning. He was ready to use the bathroom, but he couldn't go downstairs in his outfit. He'd have to crawl to the top of the stairs and shout down for Granny Smith. He pivoted out of bed,
  369. (thud)
  370. taking the fall on his rear.
  372. >If I were a foal, they'd put me in a crib to stop me from doing that.
  373. >Let's hope Granny doesn't have the same idea.
  375. >"Granny Smith?"
  376. He tried again, louder.
  377. >"Granny SMITH?"
  379. He shouted one last time and still didn't hear a response. He crawled to Granny Smith's room and knocked. Absent any response, he opened the door to find she was gone. He tried sliding to Applejack's room like a snake, but his theatrics were pointless because she wasn't in bed either.
  381. >What is going on? I'll check on Apple Bloom and go back to bed if she's not there either.
  383. After seeing a third empty room, he remembered she and the crusaders was staying overnight at Fluttershy's cottage.
  385. Big Mac dragged himself back to his room, and realized with frustration that he couldn't get back IN bed without assistance. He dragged the covers off the bed with his teeth. He was lucky enough for the pillows to fall down as well. It took some getting used to, but he was able to sleep some more.
  387. An hour later, Big McIntosh woke up with discomfort in his pelvis.
  389. >I'd REALLY like to pee.
  391. But he shouted and made his rounds again and the house was still empty.
  393. >Looks like I have to get this off myself.
  394. >Argh! Easier said than done.
  395. His rear legs were still bound together but he thought he could maybe shimmy out of his restraints.
  397. >Then if I do that I can use them to free my front legs.
  399. After a minute, he tried using his teeth to help the cause. They weren't budging.
  401. >Foal-proof, nothing. I can't get out!
  403. He crawled to the bathroom. The toilet mocked him. So close, yet still so far from being a true stallion.
  405. ...
  407. Big Mac was ashamed. Sitting in front of the toilet didn't help him; if anything, it made him want to pee more. He knew the inevitable was approaching, in sort of the same way he could tell when he was about to throw up.
  409. >What am I going to tell Granny Smith?
  410. >She got me into this mess, she can clean up this mess.
  411. >One last diaper change for Big Mac. Fuck me.
  413. ...
  415. >"Fuck, fuck... Fuck!"
  417. Relief overpowered his other emotions and senses. But a few seconds later they were flooding back. He was wetting himself and he couldn't even stop it partway through. Warmer, warmer. His privacy felt violated as his hindquarters were enveloped in warm liquid. Lots of mixed emotions. He was disgusted. For example, his diaper felt squishy under him. Gross. But, every waking moment didn't hurt anymore.
  419. >Maybe I can look back at this and laugh...
  421. He got the real foal experience, wallowing in his own warm urine, for 20 minutes. Applejack and Granny Smith finally came home.
  423. >"Granny? I need your help."
  424. >"Coming, dear."
  426. >"Oh my. You've been like this all this time?"
  427. >"Yep. And I couldn't get out of this darn thing so I... *ahem* had an... uh...
  428. He almost couldn't even tell her. He did it in a low whisper.
  429. >"accident."
  431. >"Aw, shucks. Well, lemme getcha outta that and we'll clean ya up."
  433. >"But look! The rash is mostly gone!"
  434. >"All thanks to the swaddle. That thing was torture."
  435. >"But it was for your own good. Don't forget that."
  436. Big Mac made a childlike whine.
  437. >"I know, Granny Smith."
  439. Freed from his prison but not his diaper, Granny and Big McIntosh went downstairs.
  441. >"Applejack and Big Mac, meet me outside at the changing table. I gotta get some wipes."
  442. >"Wipes? You mean...?"
  443. Applejack howled with laughter.
  444. >"Ha-hah, that's rich. Guess we shouldn'ta left you alone for so long, huh?"
  445. His cheeks went red and he didn't want to make eye contact.
  446. >"Eeeyup."
  448. Big Mac was on the changing table and Granny Smith came out to assist Applejack in this dark deed. Big Mac and Applejack tried to keep calm about the intensely embarrassing situation. Big Mac did not relish the broad-daylight changing experience. By necessity, despite his most innate wishes, Applejack and Granny Smith brought wipes obscenely close to his unmentionables. Big Mac would later block this memory as much as possible.
  450. Then they were at the part where he got a fresh, non-soaked diaper, and Big Mac noticed far too late that something was different about it.
  452. >"Sorry, squirt. Today just isn't going your way. They were out of the normal kind."
  454. Big McIntosh groaned upon seeing his pink diaper.
  456. >"I'm not a filly..."
  457. >"We know, sweetheart. Just be good, okay? You've done a great job of not scratching so far. The rash should be gone soon."
  459. ...
  461. The Apple family hosted a small luncheon that afternoon. Rarity and Applejack wanted to congratulate Fluttershy for being able to sing in front of other ponies. Appetizers were served and Applejack and Granny Smith were putting the finishing touches on the main course.
  463. >They're all staring at me. I know it. Me and this stupid pink diaper.
  465. >"Hey, Granny Smith, can I use the restroom?"
  466. >"Not now, Big Mac. I'm helping Applejack with this casserole."
  467. >"And I don't want to leave our guests starving either. It'll haveta wait."
  469. >"I kind of have to go *now*, though."
  470. >"Nonsense. Worst that could happen is you wet yourself again."
  472. >"Again!?"
  473. Rarity was incredulous.
  475. >"Yeah, we left Little Mac alone this morning and he couldn't get out of his diaper. This poison ivy is really messing him up."
  476. >"Oh my. Sorry, Big Mac."
  478. Big Mag went red at Fluttershy's comment.
  480. >"But! It's almost gone and it's hardly been any time at all. Earth pony edge and all that."
  481. >"I'll say. Maybe we can trade if I ever get it. Applejack, would you like me to help Big Mac out of his diaper, since Apple Bloom isn't here?"
  482. >"Sure. Go with Rarity, Little Mac."
  484. >"NO! I'm not getting a diaper change from Rarity."
  485. He pouted, and Granny Smith noticed.
  487. >"My, my. Sounds like someone is cranky. Go with Rarity, okay kiddo?"
  488. >"I don't wanna."
  489. >"Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do, mister. Go with Rarity or I'll make you wish you did."
  490. >"Lemme guess, you'll send me to bed without supper like I'm a fucking two-year-old? Or maybe you'll get Applejack to make fun of me pissing myself again."
  491. The room went deadly silent. Granny Smith's mouth was wide open and she was clearly embarrassed.
  492. >"Big Mac, WE DO NOT USE THOSE WORDS IN THIS HOUSE. Everypony, please excuse us."
  493. She took Big Mac by the ear to the changing table.
  494. >"Ow! Hey..."
  495. >"Hush."
  496. Curtly, Granny Smith told him to use the restroom and immediately return to the table.
  498. >I'm walking by our guests, totally naked!
  499. >Wait, I'm usually like this.
  500. >This foal business is warping my mind.
  501. >Wish I could take longer and give Granny a chance to calm down before she yells at me.
  502. >Heh, in the old days she'd spank me for something like this.
  503. >Wait.
  504. >Oh fuck.
  505. Now he *really* wished he could take longer in the bathroom.
  506. >Granny Smith is crazy enough to do it.
  507. >And I was crazy enough to misbehave as a foal.
  508. >She rules this house with an iron hoof.
  509. Big Mac was on his death march back. He came to the kitchen in time to see Granny Smith take an unused wooden spoon from the counter.
  510. >Apple Bloom, Applejack, and me all have seen our share of spankings.
  511. >Apple Bloom still does. She can be a brat sometimes. Now I'll be the brat with the crimson bottom.
  512. He blushed.
  513. >She's pretty upset with me. But I haven't been spanked in so long!
  515. He once again laid on his back on the table, half expecting a new diaper. Granny Smith lifted his legs all the same, and his denial almost seemed to work, but soon Granny started spanking his rear-end with the wooden spoon.
  516. >"Granny! What's the big idea?"
  517. But he knew he anticipated this. If only he anticipated a spanking before he acted like a naughty foal.
  518. >"Nopony uses swear words in MY house, Big McIntosh. You are aware of this rule?"
  519. (SMACK) (SMACK)
  520. >"Yes, Granny..."
  521. >"Furthermore, it's unbecoming of a FOAL. LIKE. YOU. You'll undo all of the HARD. WORK. by acting like a stuck-up adult."
  522. >"I'm sorry. You're right. Can I go now?"
  523. >"No way. You need a lesson in obedience."
  524. It was apparent that it wasn't a lesson as much as it was Granny Smith exposing and slapping his behind. Previously Big Mac had thought that getting a diaper change on this table was extremely embarrassing. Now he'd love to trade "screaming as much as a foal being spanked" for "looking like a foal getting his diaper changed".
  525. >"I shouldn't have done it! It was stupid!"
  526. >"Yer darn right it was! But this isn't the first time you've been spanked for having a potty mouth, is it?"
  527. >"Ow! No- ow! Granny I ah! Havebeen-ah! Spanked- ow! Ow! Ow! For swearing ah! Before!
  528. His legs were kicking, but his movement was restricted by his spanker.
  529. Someone told Granny Smith long ago that you should spank foals as they recount what they did wrong, so they associate the pain with the reason they're being spanked. Big Mac was old enough for a simple talking-to and a silent spanking but Granny treated him as a whiny little foal all the same.
  530. Big Mac was pinned to the table. Granny was pushing down on his legs as she fiercely spanked his butt, which was hard to overcome even for Big Mac. Besides, running away would mean a repeat of this awful spanking and another one for disobedience.
  531. >"And I'm not the ONLY one who had to spank you for CURSING, am I?"
  532. >"No! Rarity's mom spanked me too!"
  533. The correct answer, but he was only rewarded with four more spanks to his ever-reddening rear. In this position the flank muscles were tightened, making Big Mac's attitude adjustment all the more painful.
  534. >This one hurts more but the other was more embarrassing.
  535. Granny's spanks brought Big Mac back in time to that living room, where he had been spanked in a rhythm just like this by somepony he barely knew.
  536. >She put me over her knee in front of all of Rarity's friends. Applejack never let me live it down.
  538. Granny Smith snapped him out of it.
  539. >"I want ya to GO. BACK. in there and APOLOGIZE. to those poor ponies who aren't eating lunch right now, because I'm OUT. here SPANKING. YOU. when I could be using this SPOON. to serve casserole!"
  540. She paused. Big Mac was breathing heavily.
  541. >"Eh course I'll be using a different spoon now, with all this hubbub."
  542. Tears weren't quite flowing but Mac was sniffling.
  543. >"Smart."
  545. >"Anyway!"
  546. A spank to restate who was in charge.
  547. >"Can you behave?"
  548. Big Mac would do anything to make the punishment stop. Granny had made a stallion whimper and shriek. The embarrassment of the whole ordeal was not lost on him either. She let him get up off the table. He was rubbing his backside. Meekly and very conscious of how silly it looked for a grown stallion to be massaging a freshly-spanked bottom, he said
  549. >"Yes ma'am."
  550. >"Good. March in there and apologize to everypony in there."
  551. (WHAP)
  552. >"Aaah! Okay, okay!"
  554. >"We heard the whole thing, Big Mac. Sounded pretty rough."
  555. >"Applejack, I'm sorry for swearing and acting stuck-up. I should have listened to you."
  556. >"Apology accepted."
  557. He turned around. Applejack got a good look at what happens to foals's behinds when they break rules.
  559. >"I'm sorry, you two. I should've went with you, Rarity, and not whined so much about it."
  560. >"And?"
  561. Granny Smith prompted him for more with a final smack.
  562. >"Ow! And I'm sorry for swearing in front of you."
  564. >"That's better."
  566. >"We accept your apology, Big Mac. Looks like you learned your lesson."
  567. Fluttershy nodded in agreement.
  568. >"Your um... tush is really red..."
  570. >"Ya got that right! Now Big Mac, stand in the corner and don't come out until I say so."
  571. >"Yes ma'am..."
  573. >I feel like a foal again. I guess that's what all this is about.
  575. >"Everypony, I think Big Mac's rashes are gone! He's cured!"
  576. >"Wait, I still see one."
  577. Big Mac was rubbing his rump.
  578. >"Well, the spanking marks will take a day to fade..."
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