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  1. Game 1
  2. Princesś: if you do i'll afk
  3. Princesś: fucking trolls
  4. Princesś: a good support bring exhaust
  5. Princesś: it's worth it
  6. Princesś: unranked nami 1 lsos in ranked. i get it now
  7. Princesś: lucky me
  8. Princesś: lol
  9. Princesś: yes please
  10. Princesś: can't take this troll support
  11. Princesś: we can't
  12. Princesś: she already connected
  13. Princesś: all we can do is open mid but i know you guys won't
  14. Princesś: well i'll play till 15 and that's it
  15. Princesś: if you refuse to ff i'm out
  16. Princesś: why the fuck did you go that way
  17. Princesś: you know what i'm done
  18. Princesś: report me
  19. Princesś: it's 5v4
  20. Princesś: we aren't gonna win
  21. Princesś: i ahve a troll support
  22. Princesś: i'm already tilted
  23. Princesś: wtf popy
  24. Princesś: i'm gold 5
  25. Princesś: you are wood 5
  26. Princesś: lol
  27. Princesś: ofc it wouldn't
  28. Princesś: and ofc no sight stone
  29. Princesś: i'm just gonna sit at tower the rest of the game
  30. Princesś: i told you i'm sitting at tower rest of the game
  31. Princesś: our troll nami is diamond
  32. Princesś: i told you i'm not leaving tower
  33. Princesś: you brought tele support
  34. Princesś: please don't talk
  35. Princesś: for what?
  36. Princesś: i'm playing
  37. Princesś: if you brought exhaust
  38. Princesś: you know
  39. Princesś: you teled mid
  40. Princesś: and died instantly
  41. Princesś: i'm not unranked like you
  42. Princesś: yes
  43. Princesś: yes
  44. Princesś: damn trolls
  45. Princesś: holy fuck
  46. Princesś: get baron and finish they won't surrender
  47. Princesś: you can press yes
  48. Princesś: look at the score
  49. Princesś: what are you guys doing
  50. Princesś: get baron
  51. Princesś: you keep going into their jg
  52. Princesś: and we have no sight stone
  53. Princesś: lol
  54. Princesś: is there a report option for people who refuse to surrender yet?
  55. Princesś: damn it
  56. Princesś: 15-41. they think we got this
  57. Princesś: this isn't ranked
  58. Princesś: well we defintely came back and won
  59. Princesś: come backs don't happen
  60. Game 2
  61. Princesś: yorick is a troll. he said he always trolsl if he doesn't get his bud buddy as his adc
  62. Princesś: I was playing vayne
  63. Princesś: lol how
  64. Princesś: me?
  65. Princesś: yorick started it
  66. Princesś: lol
  67. Princesś: so it's ok for me to suffer just not oyu
  68. Princesś: got it kayne
  69. Princesś: well i would
  70. Princesś: imagei if we win this
  71. Princesś: well top lane isn't our fault
  72. Princesś: LOL
  73. Princesś: lolololol
  74. Princesś: loloolol
  75. Princesś: that was the funniest thing i've ever seen
  76. Princesś: why would you play mid
  77. Princesś: then
  78. Princesś: play support
  79. Princesś: zed is all about kills
  80. Princesś: tyrn is so strong
  81. Princesś: dunk on that bronze backboard
  82. Princesś: zed has 7 kills brand
  83. Princesś: but don't report kayne who has been feeeding
  84. Princesś: kha zix who you pay to boost you to gold i. those are some amazing 100 cs imporovements and alamost plat improvements over 1 season
  85. Princesś: brand is afk to now
  86. Princesś: they won't
  87. Princesś: ?
  88. Princesś: you just realized i have smite
  89. Princesś: nah i think it was tops fault tbh
  90. Princesś: and brands crying the entire game
  91. Princesś: you gave tryn like 10 kills
  92. Princesś: yup
  93. Princesś: look at the replay
  94. Princesś: you died to tryn like 5 times
  95. Princesś: every minue
  96. Princesś: lol
  97. Princesś: what
  98. Princesś: i don't play with anyone
  99. Princesś: i always solo
  100. Game 3
  101. Princesś: ok i'm muting everyones pings
  102. Princesś: no she is gold
  103. Princesś: don't fight her
  104. Princesś: how do you do that
  105. Princesś: to ltae
  106. Princesś: fuck
  107. Princesś: how did you lose your last game riven. 17-2
  108. Princesś: you live in the middle of nowhere?
  109. Princesś: ew
  110. Princesś: you have a sight stone use it
  111. Princesś: you should of killed yourself
  112. Princesś: to late
  113. Princesś: reported
  114. Princesś: report mid and top told me to kill myself
  115. Princesś: i told karma she should ahve instead of getting killed and they got butthurt
  116. Princesś: or not
  117. Princesś: wow
  118. Princesś: i should of flashed
  119. Princesś: they are 1 shot
  120. Princesś: yorick is a split pusher
  121. Princesś: lmfao
  122. Princesś: they are at baron
  123. Princesś: do something
  124. Princesś: 12 deaths
  125. Princesś: we can tell
  126. Princesś: or the face you are building MR
  127. Princesś: for a entire ad team
  128. Princesś: lmfao
  129. Princesś: hey riven how you liking yoricks MR against a entire ad team
  130. Princesś: you told me tok ill myself. excuse yourself
  131. Princesś: yes you did
  132. Princesś: exclude broznecrank
  133. Princesś: with 0 ap scaling ablilities
  134. Princesś: no karma get getting caught
  135. Princesś: i was typing
  136. Princesś: lmfao
  137. Princesś: while typing
  138. Princesś: i destracted riven long enough
  139. Princesś: np
  140. Princesś: at least riven didn't get ga
  141. Princesś: glass cannon irelia?
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