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league of legends tr cassiopeia update

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  1. tr "game_buff_tooltip_CassiopeiaDeadlyCadence" = "<titleLeft>Deadly Cadence</titleLeft><mainText>Cassiopeia's spell costs are reduced by @f1@%.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  2. tr "game_buff_tooltip_CassiopeiaMiasma" = "<titleLeft>Miasma</titleLeft><mainText>This unit is poisoned, reducing Movement Speed and causing damage.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  3. tr "game_buff_tooltip_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlast" = "<titleLeft>Noxious Blast</titleLeft><mainText>The unit is poisoned, causing damage.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  4. tr "game_buff_tooltip_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlastHaste" = "<titleLeft>Noxious Blast: Haste</titleLeft><mainText>Cassiopeia's Movement Speed is increased.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  5. tr "game_buff_tooltip_CassiopeiaSecondSkin" = "<titleLeft>Miasma</titleLeft><mainText>Cassiopeia's Armor and Magic Resistance is increased by @f1@.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  6. tr "game_buff_tooltip_Health_Potion" = "<titleLeft>Eggnog Health Potion</titleLeft><mainText>Restoring Health every second.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  7. tr "game_buff_tooltip_Mana_Potion" = "<titleLeft>Eggnog Mana Potion</titleLeft><mainText>Restoring Mana every second.</mainText><postScriptLeft>Source: @SourceName@</postScriptLeft>"
  8. tr "game_character_description_Cassiopeia" = "The Serpent's Embrace"
  9. tr "game_character_displayname_Cassiopeia" = "Cassiopeia"
  10. tr "game_character_enemyTooltip_Cassiopeia" = ""
  11. tr "game_character_friendlyTooltip_Cassiopeia" = ""
  12. tr "game_character_lore_Cassiopeia" = "While her sister Katarina has always been the most celebrated member of the household, the Du Couteau family has a long history of service to Noxus. It has often been said that no soldier has ever been as fortunate as General Du Couteau to have been graced with daughters. His youngest, Cassiopeia - despite lacking her sister's killer instincts - was equally renowned in court for her stately character and elegance. Cunning as she was beautiful, the temptress could never be found far from the arm of any foreign dignitary, her wiles prying secrets from the lips of even the most wary attaché. With the Noxian barbarian pacification campaign having ground to a standstill, Cassiopeia had set her sights on a diplomat from a tribe of the Freljord region. Thinking him an easy mark, the scheming seductress set about beguiling him. He refused to confide in her, however, until she swore an oath of secrecy upon his sword - a strange weapon with a serpentine curve to the blade. <br><br>Once her tryst was over, Cassiopeia provisioned her father with information regarding the barbarian resistance. As she divulged this intelligence, a wave of revulsion washed over her. She screamed in agony as her silky skin hardened to scales, her lustrous hair thickened to leather, and her manicured fingernails sharpened to claws. Dazed, she fell upon a group of horrified servants, rending them limb from limb in a heartbeat. When it was over the blood soaked figure was no longer the ravishing jewel of the Noxian court, but a horror trapped somewhere between woman and serpent. Unable to serve in her traditional capacity, Cassiopeia departed for the League, continuing her service to Noxus on the Fields of Justice. <br><br>'Though she may have appeared the innocent flower, she was the serpent under it.' - Katarina, the Sinister Blade"
  13. tr "game_character_lore_Cryophoenix" = "In most lore, the phoenix is a creature of fire that rises from its own ashes.  What few know, however, is that phoenixes are elemental beings, formed by the eternal essences of their native world.  Anivia was conceived on a world such as this - a being of the coldest winter, a creature of pure elemental ice.  On her world, Anivia was the protector of the frozen wastes and all those with the spirit to endure in such unforgiving places.  She was consulted as a creature of great wisdom, one who could not die and who had seen the world renewed several times.  Somehow, Anivia knew that the day would come when she would be plucked from her home and pulled across worlds, and when that day came, she received the call with grace.  Seeing the imbalance and injustice on Runeterra, a world lacking elemental protectors, Anivia took her place at the League of Legends.<br><br>Since her arrival, the Cryophoenix has chosen to live among the highest peaks of the Northern Ironspike Mountains, adjacent to the frozen wastes of Freljord.  She has openly claimed this territory as her own protectorate.  Surprisingly, Anivia has struck up a friendship with the yeti of this region - a friendship that grows deeper and deeper with each passing moon.  She has formed a close bond with two League champions: Nunu (and Willump) and the nomad princess Ashe.  In a move that caught the League by surprise, the Cryophoenix recently entreated the summoners of the Institute of War to research a means in bringing across others of her elemental fellows.  As a champion, Anivia is revered with a sense of awe by most, but is not the most popular as most consider her unapproachable.<br><br>Some say the world will end in fire, some in ice.  Anivia awaits the inevitable latter."
  14. tr "game_character_lore_Nasus" = "The enigmatic creature known as Nasus came to the League from a faraway world, and served as part of a vast and learned desert empire.  There he was a respected and enlightened individual, having been made the Keeper of the Great Library.  However, he was also part of a race of animalistic creatures that served as the rulers and protectors of the people.  War was never more than a breath away, as others of his kind craved to enslave the people and claim totalitarian sovereignty.  In the midst of a heated battle, just as Nasus was about to slay his treacherous brother Renekton, he was summoned to Runeterra.  It didn't take much to convince him that Champions were needed to fight against the injustice here and he took up a place in the League of Legends.  These days, he is the Keeper of the Sands, feeling most at home in the crumbling ruins of the Shurima Desert.<br><br>''The Keeper of the Sands, though contemplative, is not to be trifled with.''"
  15. tr "game_character_opposing_tips_Cassiopeia" = "*Be wary of Cassiopeia's damage potential with Twin Fang when she has you poisoned.<br>*Turn away from Cassiopeia when she is casting Petrifying Gaze to get slowed instead of stunned."
  16. tr "game_character_passiveDescription_Cassiopeia" = "After casting a spell any subsequent spellcasts will cost 10% less for 5 seconds.  This ability stacks up to 5 times."
  17. tr "game_character_passiveName_Cassiopeia" = "Deadly Cadence"
  18. tr "game_character_skin_description_MissFortune_4" = ""
  19. tr "game_character_skin_displayname_MissFortune_4" = "PH Name Skin 4 Miss Fortune"
  20. tr "game_character_tips_Cassiopeia" = "*Use Twin Fang on poisoned stationary targets like monsters and units stunned by her Petrifying Gaze for maximum damage.<br>*Lead your enemy when targeting with Noxious Blast to ensure the hit.<br>*Don't hesitate to rapidly cast your spells since Deadly Cadence makes each additional cast cheaper."
  21. tr "game_item_displayname_2003" = "Eggnog Health Potion"
  22. tr "game_item_displayname_2004" = "Eggnog Mana Potion"
  23. tr "game_item_tooltip_2003" = "<titleLeft>Eggnog Health Potion</titleLeft><titleRight>Sells for:<font color='#FFCC00' > @Value@</font></titleRight><mainText><font color='#FF9900' >Click to Consume: </font>Restores 200 Health over 20 seconds.</mainText>"
  24. tr "game_item_tooltip_2004" = "<titleLeft>Eggnog Mana Potion</titleLeft><titleRight>Sells for:<font color='#FFCC00' > @Value@</font></titleRight><mainText><font color='#FF9900' >Click to Consume:</font> Restores 100 Mana over 20 seconds.</mainText>"
  25. tr "game_spell_description_CassiopeiaMiasma" = "Cassiopeia releases a cloud of poison, lightly damaging and slowing any enemy that happens to pass through it."
  26. tr "game_spell_description_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlast" = "Cassiopeia blasts an area with a delayed high damage poison, granting her increased Movement Speed if she hits a champion."
  27. tr "game_spell_description_CassiopeiaPetrifyingGaze" = "Cassiopeia releases a swirl of magical energy from her eyes, stunning any enemies in front of her that are facing her and slowing any others with their back turned."
  28. tr "game_spell_description_CassiopeiaTwinFang" = "Cassiopeia lets loose a damaging attack at her target.  If the target is poisoned the cooldown of this spell is refreshed. "
  29. tr "game_spell_displayname_CassiopeiaMiasma" = "Miasma"
  30. tr "game_spell_displayname_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlast" = "Noxious Blast"
  31. tr "game_spell_displayname_CassiopeiaPetrifyingGaze" = "Petrifying Gaze"
  32. tr "game_spell_displayname_CassiopeiaTwinFang" = "Twin Fang"
  33. tr "game_spell_levelup_CassiopeiaMiasma" = "<postScriptTitle>Next Level - click to level-up or press [Ctrl-@Hotkey@].</postScriptTitle><postScriptLeft>Poison Damage <br>Slow <br>Mana Cost</postScriptLeft><postScriptRight>@Effect1Amount@ -> @Effect1AmountNL@ <br>@Effect2Amount@% -> @Effect2AmountNL@% <br>@Cost@ -> @CostNL@</postScriptRight>"
  34. tr "game_spell_levelup_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlast" = "<postScriptTitle>Next Level - click to level-up or press [Ctrl-@Hotkey@].</postScriptTitle><postScriptLeft>Damage<br>Movement Speed % <br>Mana Cost</postScriptLeft><postScriptRight>@Effect1Amount@ -> @Effect1AmountNL@  <br>@Effect2Amount@% -> @Effect2AmountNL@%  <br>@Cost@ -> @CostNL@</postScriptRight>"
  35. tr "game_spell_levelup_CassiopeiaPetrifyingGaze" = "<postScriptTitle>Next Level - click to level-up or press [Ctrl-@Hotkey@].</postScriptTitle><postScriptLeft>Damage<br>Slow <br>Mana Cost</postScriptLeft><postScriptRight>@Effect1Amount@ -> @Effect1AmountNL@<br>@Effect2Amount@% -> @Effect2AmountNL@%<br>@Cost@ -> @CostNL@</postScriptRight>"
  36. tr "game_spell_levelup_CassiopeiaTwinFang" = "<postScriptTitle>Next Level - click to level-up or press [Ctrl-@Hotkey@].</postScriptTitle><postScriptLeft>Damage<br>Mana Cost</postScriptLeft><postScriptRight>@Effect1Amount@ -> @Effect1AmountNL@<br>@Cost@ -> @CostNL@</postScriptRight>"
  37. tr "game_spell_levelup_PoppyDiplomaticImmunity" = "<postScriptTitle>Next Level - click to level-up or press [Ctrl-@Hotkey@].</postScriptTitle><postScriptLeft>Increased Damage<br>Cooldown<br>Duration</postScriptLeft><postScriptRight>@Effect2Amount@% -> @Effect2AmountNL@%<br>@Cooldown@ -> @CooldownNL@<br>@Effect1Amount@ -> @Effect1AmountNL@</postScriptRight>"
  38. tr "game_spell_tooltip_CassiopeiaMiasma" = "<titleLeft>Miasma (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]</titleRight><subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight><mainText>Cassiopeia releases a growing cloud of poison that lasts for 7 seconds.  Any enemy that passes through it is poisoned, dealing @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#99FF99'>(+@CharAbilityPower@)</font> magic damage each second and slowing them by @Effect2Amount@%.  Continual exposure renews this poison.</mainText>"
  39. tr "game_spell_tooltip_CassiopeiaNoxiousBlast" = "<titleLeft>Noxious Blast (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]</titleRight><subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight><mainText>Cassiopeia blasts an area with a delayed high damaging poison, dealing @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#99FF99'>(+@CharAbilityPower@)</font> magic damage over 3 seconds and granting her @Effect2Amount@% Movement Speed for 2 seconds if she hits a champion.</mainText>"
  40. tr "game_spell_tooltip_CassiopeiaPetrifyingGaze" = "<titleLeft>Petrifying Gaze (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]</titleRight><subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight><mainText>Cassiopeia deals @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#99FF99'>(+@CharAbilityPower@)</font> magic damage to all enemies in front of her.  Enemies facing her are stunned for 2 seconds while enemies facing away are slowed by @Effect2Amount@%.</mainText>"
  41. tr "game_spell_tooltip_CassiopeiaTwinFang" = "<titleLeft>Twin Fang (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]</titleRight><subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight><mainText>Cassiopeia deals @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#99FF99'>(+@CharAbilityPower@)</font> magic damage to her target.  If the target is poisoned then Twin Fang's cooldown is reduced to .5 seconds.</mainText>"
  42. tr "game_spell_tooltip_LuxMaliceCannon" = "<titleLeft>Finales Funkeln (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]</titleRight><subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight><mainText>After a short delay, Lux fires a stream of light in front of her, dealing @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#99FF99'>(+@CharAbilityPower@)</font> to all enemy units in the area. In addition, ignites the target for Illumination damage if under its effect, and refreshes the Illumination debuff. </mainText>"
  43. tr "game_spell_tooltip_UrgotPlasmaGrenade" = "<titleLeft>Noxian Corrosive Charge (@Level@)</titleLeft><titleRight>[@Hotkey@]<subtitleLeft>@Cost@ Mana</subtitleLeft><subtitleRight>@Cooldown@ sec Cooldown</subtitleRight>><mainText>Urgot launches a Corrosive Charge at a target location. Enemies afflicted by the charge have @Effect2Amount@ reduced armor and take @Effect1Amount@ <font color='#FF6633'>(+@f1@)</font> physical damage over @Effect3Amount@ seconds.<br><br>Acid Hunter is able to missile-lock onto targets affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge.</mainText>"
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