Goetz - Geli on serial

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  2. Hi there,
  4. first of I wanted to thank you for the awesome show and Allan for the
  5. changes to zfsboot, that allows to boot from an encrypted disk without
  6. using grub.
  8. Now to my question:
  9. My server is running FreeBSD 10.3 / TrueOS with enrypted disk using geli
  10. and grub as bootloader.  This works fine, and I'm able to enter the geli
  11. password using the serial console.
  13. My new test setup, uses FreeBSD 11.0 and also encrypted disk using geli,
  14. but with zfsboot instead of grub.  This also works fine on VGA, but as
  15. /boot.config is on the encrypted disk, it's not read before the system
  16. prompts for the geli password.
  18. Do you have any idea how I tell zfsboot to use the serial console, or
  19. better yet dual console.
  21. Thanks and keep up the great work,
  22.     Goetz.
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