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  1. G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed>mbed import mbed-os-example-blinky
  2. [mbed] Working path "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed" (directory)
  3. [mbed] Program path "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed"
  4. [mbed] Importing program "mbed-os-example-blinky" from "
  5. linky" at latest revision in the current branch
  6. [mbed] Adding library "mbed-os" from "" at rev #b6e5a0a8afa3
  8. G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed>mbed compile -m arch_max -t GCC_ARM
  9. [mbed] Working path "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed" (directory)
  10. [mbed] Program path "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed"
  11. [mbed] WARNING: Could not find mbed program in current path "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed".
  12.        You can fix this by calling "mbed new ." in the root of your program.
  13. ---
  14. [mbed] ERROR: The mbed tools were not found in "G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed".
  15.        You can run "mbed deploy" to install dependencies and tools.
  16. ---
  18. G:\Stuff\devel\led\mbed>
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