Ivan’s FREE DIY SEO Guides, Courses, and Tutorials

Oct 1st, 2019
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Ivan's FREE DIY SEO Guides, Courses, and Tutorials

I have an Extremely Robust FREE DIY SEO Guide, which you can Access from both my website, as well as my YouTube Channel.
Accessing it from my Website is a bit better, because you get both the Videos AND the Docs.

DIY SEO Master Page, with Table of Contents:
DIY White-Hat SEO Guide

DIY SEO YouTube Playlist:
Ivan's FREE DIY SEO Guides, Courses, and Tutorials

DIY SEO Table of Contents:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. DIY Flash-Fire White-Hat SEO Guide
  3. The Only 2 SEO Ranking Factors
  4. DIY SEO Keyword Research Guide
  5. SEO Content CRO Template
  6. SEO Mass Page Building Template
  7. Template for SEO Content and Blogging
  8. Long-Tail SEO Content is Better than Backlinks
  9. Off-Page SEO Engagement Tactics
  10. Long-Term SEO Implementation Strategy

Summary of Ivan's DIY SEO Training...

My Observation, over the years, has been that 95% of the Average Business Owners, out there, will seek SEO Services before they even have content.
The two go hand-in-hand, but many are looking for a quick-fix, or a scheme, before they even have a foundation to build on.

Businesses that take action, and build content, are rewarded by a multiplying factor, and business that chase short-cuts, usually end-up going no-where, for years.
So, take your time, build your content, build good site navigation and structuring, build clean on-page, and THEN you can focus on promoting your content, and acquiring backlinks.

Hope that Helps someone out-there, and thanks for Reading! :)
This FREE Content is Courtesy of Quora, because they won't let me Publish Posts with too much Value, apparently. :/

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