(FR) This isn't Gorequestria guize (B-)

Dec 17th, 2012
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  1. >Day what are you niggers doing?
  2. >You've been waiting all day for Flutterhy's daily fetish guess, but she hasn't shown up at all
  3. >Slightly aggravated you decide to see what she's up to
  4. >She's usually punctual about this shit
  5. >Strolling up to her house, you think you hear a discussion going on
  6. >You take a peek through a window
  7. >Her and her friends are sitting around a dead body discussing the finer points of gore related paraphernalia
  8. "Flutterhy," you shout to get her attention, "what are you doing?"
  9. >Everyone in the room just looks up at you confused
  10. >"Oh umm... we're discussing gore Anon. Do you want to join in?" she asks with a disturbing air of innocence
  11. "No, but I'm curious as to why you haven't shown up for your daily fetish guess today."
  12. >All the girls in the room suddenly freak and disappear
  13. >wut
  14. >Entering the home you check around for any signs of them
  15. >You find Fluttershy tied up in a closet
  16. >While you undo her binds, she explains what happened
  17. >Apparently, those ponies were in the wrong Equestria, and that it happens occasionally
  18. >She then asks if gore is your fetish, but you tell her no before asking her about the body
  19. >She shrugs and tosses it out the door with unusual strength
  20. >The two of you share some afternoon tea as you try to contemplate what the hell happened
  21. >Fluttershy tries to rape you during your contemplation, but you hold her back with your hand
  22. >She struggles in an adorable and comical fashion while whining about hot monkey dick
  23. >Fucking gore ponies
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