Cuddly Doom (Chapter 1)

Apr 27th, 2017
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  1. >It was good to finally be home
  2. >I quickly got to unlacing my shoes and took one off before a noisy rhythm of steps caught my attention
  3. >They seemed… faster? And I guess… sharper… than footsteps?
  4. >I stood up tall to try and get a better view of the room
  5. >After a few seconds, a small figure, about three feet tall, poked its head into view from around a corner
  6. >Shifting my head to cut down on the window glare, it looked to be…
  7. >Some sort of a pony?
  8. >“Friend! So glad you’re here!”
  9. >Her voice was feminine, just a touch squeaky, and full of enthusiasm
  10. >I must have taken a pretty bad hit to the head at some point
  11. >Although, I guess hallucinations of a pony were better than walking in on a home invader rooting through the drawers
  12. >The purple pony stepped into the room and galloped towards me
  13. >Now able to see more of her features, I could make out a pair of wings adorning her back
  14. >So I guess that makes this pony a Pegasus, that’s pretty neat
  15. >She stopped just short of me, sliding a bit at the end
  16. >Smiling widely and with eyes beaming, her wings twitched in excitement
  17. >“We are going to be the greatest bestest of friends, right, right?”
  18. “Uh… yeah, sure we are… little pony”
  19. >For a horse, she barely even came up to my waist – the moniker seemed appropriate
  20. >Something about the whole situation felt odd, but I decided to roll with it
  21. >She shifted back and forth on her little hoofsies
  22. >“You can call me Storm Cloud. So we can cuddle?”
  23. “Sure, why not?”
  24. >I didn’t have anything better to do, really, why not?
  25. >“Ah, yay, I’m so happy!”
  26. “Don’t mention it, Storm Cloud”
  27. >“Thank you thank you!”
  28. >With that she stepped forward and wrapped her forelegs around one of my legs
  29. >I was quite glad I’d worn shorts today, even though it wasn’t terribly warm outside
  30. >I could feel her soft fur enveloping my leg in a cozy embrace – it felt very nice
  31. >After a few seconds of Storm Cloud running one of her hooves up and down the back of my leg, it became apparent she was quite committed to the hug
  32. >I didn’t mind though, she was indescribably soft and positively adorable
  33. >My mind began to wander; I’d been needing a chance to relax for quite some time, and it was so welcome
  34. >The sensation of the fur against my leg had a soft pulse to it, a sensation that felt just a bit stronger and more focused with each passing moment
  35. >Come to think of it, why was I standing?
  36. >It was hard to really relax while standing anyways
  37. “You know, you’re a bit short for me, I could, I dunno, kneel down or sit down or something?”
  38. >“Oh, don’t worry about that, you won’t be on your feet much longer now”
  39. “What do you mean by that?”
  40. >Snapping back to the situation at hand, I glanced down at Storm Cloud, who was now rubbing the side of her face against my leg
  41. >She broke her rhythm of nuzzling and retracted her head to make eye contact, smiling all the while
  42. >That’s when I noticed
  43. >Why did it feel like her fur was still against my leg… why did it feel like it was still climbing… why was the sensation growing stronger with each passing moment?
  44. >That isn’t…
  45. >I don’t…
  46. >Abruptly and unignorably in plain view, I caught sight of the fine blue hairs pushing out where Storm Cloud’s head had been just a moment ago
  47. >I caught my breath as my heart began to race
  48. “Woah, woah!”
  49. >I tried to jerk my leg back away from the offending pony, but she wasn’t budging
  50. “Storm Cloud, please, stop hugging me, something’s wrong!”
  51. >“Don’t worry, silly, it’s going to be great when you’re a pony! And the more we cuddle, the sooner you get to see how marvelous it is!”
  52. “Storm Cloud, I’m serious, I-“
  53. >I tried to pull my leg back again, this time emerging victorious as my hoof tore free of Storm Cloud’s grasp
  54. >Wait, hoof?
  55. >At the base of my leg, a hardened, shiny hoof had burst free from my sock
  56. >Up and down the length of my lower leg, patches of blue fur were growing denser before my eyes
  57. >Whatever this transformation was, it was moving fast
  58. >Attempting to stand, I couldn’t even manage to support my weight on the new equine feature for more than a second before succumbing to gravity
  59. >Falling to the floor onto my back, Storm Cloud was waiting right there for me
  60. >She pounced onto my other leg, then moved up to cuddling my chest
  61. >Rapidly, I kicked off my remaining ill-fitting shoe and watched as my other sock slid off to reveal a second hoof, also catching a glimpse of a frontier of blue fur marching its way up my leg
  62. >In moments it covered the entirety of my thigh up to my hips
  63. >With a resounding tear, a long, flowing tail grew to full length from the base of my spine, splitting my shorts at the seams
  64. >Its length swayed with each anxious twitch
  65. >The whole of my lower body was tingling at this point, and it felt
  66. >…Good?
  67. “Storm Cloud, what the hell are you doing to me?”
  68. >A glimmer of gold near her neck caught my eye
  69. “And why are you wearing my roommate’s necklace? Where did you get it?”
  70. >“Oh, guess I must’ve forgotten to take this silly thing off. As you’re finding out, ponies don’t need human clothes!”
  71. >Storm Cloud grabbed the thin collar of my shirt and yanked, tearing it in two and leaving a large swath of skin exposed
  72. >At first I could feel her soft pony skin brushing up against my chest, then the unmistakable sensation of pony fur pushing out from my skin
  73. >My pony fur
  74. >My pony skin
  75. “No, but Storm Cloud, I’m… I’m not a pony.”
  76. >“But that’s what’s so wonderful about us being friends, you will be soon!”
  77. >My arms, which had been by my side, were still unscathed by the transformation
  78. >I could throw Storm Cloud off my chest and make a run for it
  79. >Find a doctor, or at this point a veterinarian, and get this all fixed
  80. >There had to be some way to reverse this, to not spend the rest of my days as an adorable little horse
  81. >I raised one of my arms, swiftly wrapped it around the pony, and… rested it there
  82. >As another wave of calm bliss washed over me, I paused
  83. >My breathing was still fast, but it calmed
  84. >It was as though I’d momentarily forgotten what was going on, or stopped caring
  85. >The tickling sensation quickly overtook the parts of my arm touching Storm Cloud, before a familiar warmth wrapped around the rest of my arm
  86. >Gradually, I lost feeling in my thumb, then numbness overtook the rest of my fingers
  87. >The feeling of space between each finger gradually faded, replaced by a hoof, and a short, fuzzy fetlock
  88. >I set my transformed arm back on the ground
  89. >Trying to prop myself on what may have once been an elbow, I glanced at my still-human arm, then into Storm Cloud’s eyes
  90. >I could still get out anytime I wanted
  91. >But as another wave of pleasure washed over me, I question why I’d want to
  92. >Somewhat distantly, as if in a dream sequence, I hear the clip-clop of a white unicorn approaching, and hugging my untransformed arm
  93. >Gradually, the same sensations I’d just experienced grew and faded - a hardening hoof, fur growth, the alien shifting of bone & muscle
  94. >Resting gently again on my back, Storm Cloud embraced me and peered into my eyes
  95. >She was smiling again, and it was as calming and relaxing as when she first hugged me
  96. >I just needed to stop fighting her about this, that’s all…
  97. >She and the other pony just want to make friends…
  98. >Her eyes were like saucers, and in them I could make out the reflection of blue fur enveloping my face
  99. >For a moment, my hearing cut out, as my ears travelled up the sides of my head, reforming and twitching into their new pony forms
  100. >They swiveled about, picking up every noise from the ticking of a clock to my markedly more feminine breathing
  101. >“Boop!”
  102. >Storm Cloud touched her muzzle to my nose, and a new pony muzzle pushed its way into my field of view
  103. >A single lock of hair from my mane draped lazily over my face
  104. >I was absolutely adorable, and in the reflection, the blue pony smiled
  105. >Storm Cloud stepped back and let me rise to my hooves
  106. >“There’s just one more thing left to do, friend!”
  107. >Storm Cloud and the white unicorn wrapped their hooves tightly around me in a giant group hug
  108. >A broad, sweeping wave of ecstasy washed over me, numbing my mind of every negative thought
  109. >It carried away all my past memories with it, leaving a pure canvas behind
  110. >For a moment, I considered whether I should be trying to save these memories – a voice somewhere deep inside told me to be concerned
  111. >It’s probably nothing – I’m a pony now, what do I have to be concerned about?
  112. >Ever since her days as a filly, Sky Meadows has never met a situation she couldn’t tackle!
  113. >I returned the hug, embracing the other ponies
  114. >A happy jolt shook my body, and the other two ponies released the hug
  115. “Thanks everypony - that felt absolutely wonderful!”
  116. >“Of course! Isn’t it great to make new friends?”
  117. “You better believe it!”
  118. >Storm Cloud’s ears swiveled toward the door as a new sound came to life
  119. >“Hey, it sounds like the neighbors are having a get-together! You guys want to be friends with them?”
  120. >A round of smiles signaled our approval of her idea
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