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  2. [14:13] <xiando> I'm surprised you actually answer me for once. I did not expect that. I'm just wondering if you have a timeframe for when the "temporary unavailable" bitcoins will be available?
  3. [14:15] <MagicalTux> I never thought it would come to this but here we are
  4. [14:15] <MagicalTux> I'm gonna give a public statement later
  5. [14:16] <MagicalTux> I give you my word
  6. [14:17] <MagicalTux> For you see there is a lot of things we have to deal with now
  7. [14:17] <MagicalTux> It's up to the US govt when we can access the cold storage
  8. [14:17] <MagicalTux> We never got it back after they confiscated it last summer
  9. [14:18] <MagicalTux> I'm gonna be frank here
  10. [14:18] <MagicalTux> They let us keep running the exchange but they did freeze all our assets in relation to the SR to investigation
  11. [14:19] <MagicalTux> So you see it is really not our fault
  12. [14:19] <MagicalTux> So down to the deep truth
  13. [14:13] <xiando> truth?
  14. [14:19] <MagicalTux> It never accrued to us that we would have to access the cold storage
  15. [14:20] <MagicalTux> I'm gonna have
  16. [14:20] <MagicalTux> to run out shortly
  17. [14:21] <MagicalTux> hang around for a while so
  18. [14:21] <MagicalTux> you and I can talk some more
  19. [14:21] <MagicalTux> after desert
  20. [14:21] <MagicalTux> Now you should read the second word of everything I wrote
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