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Jul 19th, 2020
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  1. #Alert Notifications:
  2. #Here you can set how many ores or spawners have to be mined to trigger these notifications!
  3. CoalOre: 6
  4. IronOre: 9
  5. GoldOre: 5
  6. LapisOre: 6
  7. RedstoneOre: 8
  8. DiamondOre: 5
  9. EmeraldOre: 5
  10. #Triggered when Zombie, Spider, Cave Spider, and Skeleton spawners are broken/
  11. Spawner: 3
  12. #Violation Amounts
  13. #Here you can set the amount of violations a player has to have before they are removed from the notification data type.
  14. #Messages
  15. #Here you can configure Mine Alert Messages
  16. MineAlertPrefix: "&7[&aMA&7] "
  17. MineAlertEnabled: "&7You have &aEnabled &eMine Alert&7!"
  18. MineAlertDisabled: "&7You have &cDisabled &eMine Alert&7!"
  19. #Mine Alert Notification Messages
  20. MineAlertMinedCoal: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined &0Coal &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  21. MineAlertMinedIron: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined &8Iron &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  22. MineAlertMinedGold: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined &6Gold &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  23. MineAlertMinedLapis: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined a &3Lapis &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  24. MineAlertMinedRedstone: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined a &cRedstone &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  25. MineAlertMinedDiamond: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined a &bDiamond &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  26. MineAlertMinedEmerald: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined an &aEmerald &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  27. MineAlertMinedSpawners: "&e%time% &6%player% &7has mined a &e%mobtype% &7Spawner &7[&e%amount%x&7]"
  28. #Mine Alert Settings Messages
  29. ItemPickUpIsAlreadyDisabled: "&7Your item pickup is already disabled!"
  30. ItemPickUpIsDisabled: "&7You have disabled item pickup!"
  31. ItemPickUpIsAlreadyEnabled: "&7Your item pickup is already enabled!"
  32. ItemPickUpIsEnabled: "&7You have enabled item pickup!"
  33. NightVisionAlreadyEnabled: "&7You already have Night Vision!"
  34. NightVisionEnabled: "&7You have enabled Night Vision!"
  35. NightVisionAlreadyDisabled: "&7You don't have Night Vision!"
  36. NightVisionDisabled: "&7You have cleared your Night Vision effect!"
  37. SpectatorModeAlreadyEnabled: "&7You're already in Spectator Mode!"
  38. SpectatorModeEnabled: "&7You have enabled Spectator Mode!"
  39. SpectatorModeAlreadyDisabled: "&7You're not in Spectator Mode!"
  40. SpectatorModeDisabled: "&7You have disable Spectator Mode!"
  42. #MineAlert Interval
  43. #Here you can set the interval for how long it'll take for the data types to clear!
  44. Interval: 150
  45. #Whitelist
  46. #Here you can whitelist players that won't set off any alerts!
  47. Whitelisted:
  48. - "Nose"
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