Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon grow up

Nov 6th, 2015
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  1. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Diamond Tiara? And aren't we getting a little old to have 'slumber parties' together?"
  2. "Of course it's a good idea, and we need to have one last slumber party before our internships start and we can't get together like this whenever we want! Besides, I've got the house to myself this weekend! "
  3. Silver Spoon declines to mention that she's home alone most weekends. "Okay, okay, but drugs?"
  4. "They're not drugs, they're potions. It's basically magic except you don't have to be some shut-in nerd to reap the benefits! Look, I read in one of daddy's magazines that there's a correlation between height and income. Do you want to earn average money for your average height? Fuck off if you think I'm earning short girl money for the rest of my life!"
  5. "Uh, alright... Where'd you get these, anyway?"
  6. "Long story short, Applebloom thinks she's taking a correspondence course in potion making. I got her to make two of these as a test of consistency. "
  7. "... And she knows what she's doing?"
  8. "How should I know, I'm not an alchemist. Look, are you going to ask questions all night or are you going to relax and get taller? I've got wine coolers!"
  9. Knowing it was easier to play along when Diamond Tiara was in one of her moods, Silver Spoon took one of the bottles, uncorked it, and slammed it back. Diamond Tiara grabbed the other and choked it down.
  10. "Alright, up against the wall. I want marks so we can compare later."
  11. After marking Silver Spoon at 5'6", Diamond Tiara grumbles a bit at her own 5'0".
  12. "Well, what now?" Silver Spoon asks.
  13. "Swim while we wait?"
  14. --
  15. Silver Spoon cried out as Diamond Tiara splashed out of the water next to her.
  16. "Look who's got some 'personal floatation devices'" Diamond Tiara said with a lecherous grin.
  17. It was true, Silver Spoon's chest had swollen from a modest C to a heavy D. Before she had a chance to react, Diamond Tiara had grabbed her wrist and started swimming for the edge.
  18. "Come on! My legs feel longer, I want to go measure up!"
  19. With practiced grace, Silver Spoon turned and kicked for the stairs. Emerging from the water, she couldn't help but admire the extra heft on her bust.
  20. Diamond Tiara was practically squealing as she toweled off. "Ohmygosh look! We're eye to eye now! I feel so tall!" She paused for a moment to eye up her friend. "Totally jealous of your tits though."
  21. Dried off and robe-clad, the two scurried upstairs. Back against the wall, Diamond Tiara was begging to be measured.
  22. "Well? Come on already!"
  23. "This would be easier if you could stop squirming for a second... There, five eight. Not bad."
  24. "Eight whole inches? That's amazing! Your turn!" Diamond Tiara practically forced Silver Spoon up against the wall.
  25. "Ha, five-seven. Looks like all your gains are going to your chest, shorty. Speaking of, let's see 'em!" Diamond Tiara threw open Silver Spoon's robe, revealing the fat, teardrop shaped breasts within.
  26. "Woah, you're huge!"
  27. "They're not that big." Silver Spoon blushed as Diamond Tiara felt her up.
  28. "Bigger than mine anyway." Diamond Tiara ran a thumb over her nipple, causing Silver Spoon to shudder.
  29. "Why are they growing anyway, I thought the potions were just supposed to make us taller?" Silver Spoon stepped aside and closed her robe, but failed to conceal her generous cleavage.
  30. "I guess it's making you big all over? I hope I get some of that too, I could use it." She was taller, sure, but Diamond Tiara still considered herself woefully flat. "But enough about that, I think Real Housewives of Las Pegasus is on!"
  31. --
  32. Diamond Tiara was bored. In the fifteen minutes they had been watching TV, the same commercial was repeating for the fourth time. She was hardly even growing! If she stopped before she hit six foot she was going to throw such a fit.
  33. "Hey Silver, how are you doing? You can still feel it, right?"
  34. "You mean that energy? Yeah, I can. If anything, it's getting stronger."
  35. "Aw, I think mine's starting to fade. What a rip, I barely even got an extra cup size."
  36. Diamond Tiara got off the couch and started to stretch. While not exactly a yoga expert, her flexibility only seemed to increase with her newfound height.
  37. She started to take off her robe, when a sudden surge of warmth made her pause.
  38. "Maybe I spoke too soon?"
  39. Silver Spoon looked up. Way up, in fact, as her friend loomed above her.
  40. "Wow, this is way more intense than before!"
  41. Diamond Tiara couldn't help but put on a show, flexing and posing as her legs stretched and hips swelled. With a grin, Silver Spoon cheered her on. She was happy to let Diamond Tiara take the spotlight, even as her own subdued growth continued. With perhaps a bit too much vigor, Diamond Tiara cartwheeled into a handstand, causing her already ill-fitting robe to fall to the floor.
  43. "Well, it's not like it's anything you haven't seen before. How am I looking, anyway?" Diamond Tiara asked with a giggle.
  44. "Flawless as always, of course"
  45. "You always know what to say, you little flatterer. Too bad though, I'm not feeling the magic anymore. I think that growth spurt was my last." Diamond Tiara sighed as she donned the robe once more.
  46. "Well, it sure was a doozy"
  47. "I know, right? Get up here so we can see what the damage was." Diamond Tiara reached out a lengthy arm and pulled Silver Spoon off the couch. While she wasn't that much taller, she was perfectly positioned to stare down her friend's cleavage. Rather than let the jealousy take hold, she pulled Silver Spoon over to the wall and gave her the tape measure.
  48. Climbing on a stool to reach (and leaning in to give Diamond Tiara a fateful of boob), Silver Spoon took a moment to draw out the suspense.
  49. "Are you ready for your final number?"
  50. "Yes! Come on already"
  51. "And are you suuuuure you're done growing?"
  52. "Ugh, yes, how tall am I?"
  53. "Drum roll please… a quite impressive, six foot three!"
  54. Diamond Tiara practically squealed, if only for a moment, before regaining her composure.
  55. "Well short-stuff, when are you going to come up here and join me?"
  56. "When I'm good and ready. How tall am I, anyway?"
  57. "You are… Five-nine. All this time and you've only gained two inches?
  58. "Two inches of height, maybe." Silver Spoon hefted her chest. "Besides, it's not like I can control it. Blame Applebloom, I'm just along for the ride."
  59. "Fair enough. As fun as this has been, I think I'm going to turn in for the night. Looks like we'll have a big day of shopping tomorrow, eh? The guest bed is made up for you."
  60. "Thanks, but I think I'll stay up a bit. Maybe watch a movie."
  61. "Suit yourself, blankets are in the closet if you get cold. Goodnight!"
  62. Diamond Tiara had spent plenty of time admiring herself in front of a mirror, but this was different. There was just so much more to appreciate! It was a surreal experience, but an exciting one nonetheless. Finally, she pulled herself away from the mirror and over to her closet.
  63. "Tomorrow I'll decide what gets altered and what gets trashed." She told herself, picking out her baggiest pajamas. "For now I'll just try these."
  64. A formerly ill-fitting set from some aunt or grandmother or whatever, the outfit now clung to her body, nearly skin tight. Sure, it left her ankles and midriff exposed, but it would do for now. Blowing herself one last kiss in the mirror, Diamond Tiara extinguished the lamp and quickly fell asleep.
  65. While not typically a morning person, Diamond Tiara practically sprang out of bed. All but skipping down the hall, she noticed the guest bedroom was empty and untouched. Bounding down the stairs two at a time, she headed to the kitchen to fix herself breakfast. No longer did she have to reach for a bowl, or get on her tippy-toes to grab the cereal. Indeed, she was already feeling more comfortable with her new height than she ever had before. This was the way she was meant to be.
  66. Walking in to the living room, she was at a loss for words. The bowl dropped to the floor as she pulled out her cell phone and dialed the only person she could trust to help.
  67. --
  68. A nice Saturday morning bath, ruined by that damnable ringing phone. Almost letting it go to voice mail, she remembered how rarely it rang during off hours and the kind of business it meant when it did. Slamming the glass of wine, taking a deep breath, and drying her hand, she answered. "Rarity's Boutique, this is Rarity. How may I help you?"
  69. "I must apologize, Diamond Tiara, but I'm afraid I'm only available on Saturday by appointment. And even if you had an appointment, I don't typically do deliveries or 'house calls' as you put it."
  70. "May I ask what exactly entails a 'fashion emergency' in your mind?"
  71. "Yes, I can receive a picture message."
  72. After a brief pause, her phone dinged. She had to grab her glasses to comprehend what exactly she was seeing. It appeared to be one of Sweetie's friends, passed out and sprawled over a small loveseat.
  73. "Dear, what exactly am I looking at here?"
  74. "I see. So that's a full size sofa?"
  75. "mhmm, and her chest?"
  76. The phone dinged again. This time it showed a selfie of the girl flashing a peace sign, next to a breast that was clearly larger than her head.
  77. "Well then. I'll be over in an hour."
  78. She decided to leave herself time for a second glass of wine.
  79. --
  80. Having taken the time to get in some solid ogling and take a few more selfies, Diamond Tiara decided it was time to wake the heavy sleeper.
  81. "Go on, get up already"
  82. "Hmm? Oh, hey"
  83. "You, uh, outgrew your robe."
  84. "Seems like I outgrew the couch, too."
  85. "Yeah. You're officially huge now, how's it feel?" Diamond Tiara was in awe as her friend sat up.
  86. "Pretty great." Her new perspective was quite a bit off, and her boobs were practically in her lap. "Really great."
  87. Diamond Tiara couldn't help but stare, when Silver Spoon stood up her tits were right at head level. "You look pretty great."
  88. "Smooth. Are you lezzing out on me, Dee-Tee?"
  89. "I... Guess so?"
  90. "You always were the cutest little thing, I was concerned I was going to lose that." Rather than give her a chance to respond, Silver Spoon loomed forward and picked her up in a smothering hug.
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