Onyxia Session 53 deleted scene

Oct 19th, 2015
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  1. Shima: Onyxia and Steel's fused form finds themselves in the damaged hallways of one of Canterlot's Castle wings, much of the stone decor peeling literally off the walls as a result of Obsidious' magic. You are in search of Princess Celestia following leaving Shining to the mutated changeling husk, and you have found her nearby.
  3. She is being briefed over evacuation details and damage reports, holding a levitating scroll in the air as three guards explain all of what occurred outside during the attack. You see her sighing in relief. "This is good news. I was afraid what the mist outside would do to the evacuees, and residents too close to the castle, but that everything was handled so smoothly considering the circumstances is welcome news. Good work, guardsponies."
  5. Khazard: Onyxia hangs back, stepping behind the nearest corner as her stomach twists into knots. ("Steel, I don't think I can do this. what if she isn't as accepting after what happened today? Wh-What if me asking is what starts that guard search?!") She whispers in a panic, stopping ato slow her breathing. ("Maybe I should just take having him back and hope for the best. That couldwork out, right?")
  7. Shima: Your metal lips move in response, "Have heart, Onyxia. You must at least try. There is every possibility she will not take the news lightly, that is understandable. But you can't let fear of that control your actions. Better she hear it out front than find out herself and assume the worst. "
  9. He puts his hoof on your chest, "And these ponies speak so highly of her. It would be disappointing if she jumped to judgments so quickly, wouldn't it?" He pauses. "I'll be right beside you."
  11. Khazard: Onyxia takes a moment to calm down with Steel's ecouragement. "Thanks Steel. You're right, if I didn't try i'd kick myselfif he did have to leave again after everything." She peaks around hte corner to look back at the Princess. "I hope I can talk to her along though..." She waits a few seconds to see if the guards leave, then approaches Celestia once the coast is clear, heart pounding with every step.
  13. Shima: "It is nothing. And they should leave soon enough..."
  14. For a few more minutes, the guards speak with Celestia at length over the issues present in and outside the castle, but after a few more reports they leave her be, letting her stand alone in the hall lightly rubbing her legs, bandaged from the combat the princess had seen earlier. She is now free to be spoken too with no interruptions nearby.
  16. "There's your chance." You feel your hooves moving forward without your consent at first, Steel taking the first few strides with confidence to get you moving.
  18. Khazard: Onyxia stumbles at the more sturdy pace, but follows into Steel's lead. She approaches Celestia from behind, not thinking about her changed appearance since hte last they met. "Um, Princess. I-I need to talk to you, about something..." She asks, her voice wavering and light, still full of butterflies.
  20. Shima: Celestia's ears perk up at the sudden voice, her neck craning behind to turn and look at who she heard. "Hmm?" she looks at Onyxia and Steel's fused form, turning about to face them as her muzzle turns into a smile. "That voice... Onyxia?" She takes a few steps forward, putting her hoof on Steelnyxia's pauldron-like shoulders.
  22. "It really is you... I hardly recognized you at all, when Honey and I met up with the crowd earlier, but the guards who saw you save poor Lavender's life were quite clear about who I had to thank." She leans down, hugging Onxyia's metal form with her warm neck. "You did so well to return her love to her. I can't thank you enough, Onyxia."
  25. She lets go of the hug, but still smiling, "It's been so long since I saw you. You seem like you've changed a lot in that time." She looks closely at your body, "Maybe even more than a lot."
  27. Khazard: "O-Oh, you don't need to thank me. I was just, doing what I could to help." Onyxia says as she's hugged, calmd and a little more confident thiswould go well. "Yea... its, a long story." She says in response to her appearance, shuffling her hooves a bit. "But about what I needed to talk about. You see, the thing is... Well..." Onyxia mumbles, trying to find the right way to word it. After a few seconds she throws her hooves up on Celestia's chest, looking up as she practically begs on her knees. "I know what you might be thinking after today, but you can't send out a search for changelings! Y-You can't, please!"
  29. Shima: Celestia shakes her head, "Forgive me if I heartily thank you regardless. Lavender is very precious to me, and I am sorry to say I had no idea how close she was to dying until after she was clear of danger. I should have been there for her, but wasn't. For returning her love, you deserve a hero's gratitude."
  31. As you explain your appearance and then your request, she's taken aback as you rear up and put your hooves on her chest, eyes opening wide with surprise and smile gone as you plead. She props up a brow, "What? Onyxia, we have to. There could still be more in hiding should Chitus had prepared a contingency, and the castle could very well have been destroyed. Why shouldn't we take precautions?"
  33. Khazard: "I know that, b-but I..." Onyxia holds her tongue for a second, Celestia's reaction giving some worry. But at this point she can't back out. "I can't lose my dad again! I don't him to be scared off this time!" She nealy shouts, tears starting to well up as she expects the worst.
  35. Shima: Celestia pauses as she hears Onyxia cry out about her father, her brow softening as she takes a magical levitation to Onyxia's hooves, forcing them off of her chest and into her own hooves. "It is alright, my friend. Take a moment, breath, calm yourself." She instructs, waiting for Onyxia to do so before continuing.
  37. "Now, what does your father have to do with this?"
  39. Khazard: Onyxia takes a few deep breaths, holding Celestia's hooves tightly as her stress still runs high. "My dad... He's a changeling." She says through some sniffles, eyes still wet. "I-In the future, before I was caught up in these time travels... He had to leave before I was born ecause of some changeling search. And... A-And he never came back..."
  41. Shima: Celestia pauses, looking down at Onyxia carefully as she holds her steel hooves in her own. "Your father is a changeling...?" She pauses, contemplating the revelation. "...'insectoid shapeshifters'. I have to admit, over six centuries, I had very nearly forgotten about all that was said at that breakfast."
  43. She puts your chin up, "That IS a very unique parentage. All the changelings I've known, I don't believe I have yet met a fatherly type. You say he had to leave because of changeling searches? I take it then he is still with your mother?"
  45. She takes a wing, dabbling at the wet part of her eyes. "And, you would prefer that is where he remains?"
  47. Khazard: Onyxia nods her head as Celestia lifts her chin. "H-He left so my mom and me wouldn't be caught in any trouble if he was found out. And yes, he's still around now." She sniffles again as Celestia dabs away the tears, still in a state of worry. "I would. I-I want him to be safe at home." She says meekly.
  49. Shima: Celestia nods her head. "I understand your concern, Onyxia. I can easily tell how much he means to you, and I can tell that to gain such admiration and loyalty from you, he must be a very kind, noble changeling. One of very few that I have known."
  51. She leans down, offering Onyxia another hug to calm her down. "If your parents are both in the Empire, then that is outside of my jurisdiction. But I can see what can be done... I would also care to meet him, if it alright. I have much to do before I can leave Canterlot without worrying for its safety, but later this evening, would you introduce me?"
  53. Khazard: "Y-You will?" Onyxia questions with some hope, her metal coat shining a bit brighter as she takes the hug happily. "Thank you Princess! I was so worried I was going to lose him again, after everything we went through the past few days." Onyxia releases and steps back, still with tears but of joy now. "Oh, s-sure. They'd love ot meet you, especially with this good news."
  55. Shima: She embraces the hug readily, returning it as her smile lightly fades into a neutral position. "You're welcome, Onyxia, and I'm glad to help however I can. But I have to reiterate, I can't dictate what happens in the Empire. I will see what can be done after I meet your father, but I cannot make any promises to you yet. There is much that needs to be taken care of here."
  57. Khazard: Onyxia's coat dims back to normal, but she still holds some uplifted spirit. "I... I understand. But hearing that you'll help, instead of going after him. It makes me feel better about this." Onyxia looks around the ruined castle surroundings. "And I understand that too, you eed to fix here first and take care of your own." She says with just a little bit of glumness.
  59. Shima: She lightly nods as Onyxia's shimmering metal coat dissipates, putting her hoof on her shoulder again to comfort her. "It is the least I can do for you. I only wish I could offer more at the moment. I'm sorry for the delay, but I need to see that Canterlot is well before going, and before anything can be guaranteed, speak with Nero and Cadence. I promise we'll leave soon, Onyxia." She looks up and around, sighing, "I just need to see at least some of this mess is cleaned up first.
  61. Khazard: "Oh, right. *He's* in charge there..." Onyxia says, with a little more dimness in coat, but returning back to normal fairly quickly. Onyxia looks at the rubble and brokness as Celestia sighs. "I could help with some of that, before we go. It's the least I can do for your help."
  63. Shima: Celestia smiles, turning around at the rubble, "That would help a great deal, and I'll accept whatever help is offered, but you've already done so much today. You should be resting, don't you think?"
  65. Khazard: "Well, I don't really need to rest now. And its no trouble, if I can help I'd rather do what I can than sit around."
  67. Shima: Celestia nods, "Only if you are sure then. Like I said, it's a big mess. The sooner things are settled in here, the sooner we can go as well."
  69. In a hushed whisper only you can hear, you can feel your lips moving.
  70. >("I knew you could do it.")
  72. Khazard: "I'm sure. And I should be able to fix up the bigger problems quickly." Onyxia comments as she looks to the rubble, stepping over to move it to any holes, cracks, or missing portions in the walls and the structure. She smiles, coat returning ot a light polish at Steel's congratulation. ("I'm glad it worked out. And soon, we'll be having your family worries at rest too.") She says, feeling a bit more confident that things will work out.
  74. Shima: >"...I can only hope. I am dreading what we may uncover on the Order before this is done.... but if nothing else, I'll see your family is safe."
  75. Khazard: "And I'll see yours is too. I'm sure they're not at fault for what we've heard."
  77. *******TIMESKIP*********
  79. Shima: Hours later, evening comes, and Celestia and Steelnyxia after much work taking care of Canterlot have left the city in a less precarious state have left the mountain capital to arrive in the pristine Crystal Empire. You find yourselves on the front lawn of Esmeralda's home, lights on and ponies clearly at home.
  81. Celestia looks around the yard, "Your parents have a lovely home. Is this where you grew up?"
  83. >("They look to still be alright. No signs of trouble in our absence..."
  85. Khazard: Onyxia feels relieved as she sees her home is alright, nothing apparant to have followed on the figure her mother saw the night before. "Yea, spent my whole life here. Never changed over all those years, seeing it in this time." Onyxia reminices. ("Glad they're alright. Hope Mom didn't need to use the shield at all.") She steps up and gives the door a knock. "Mom, Dad! I'm back, and we have company!" She says, to let her parents know its her so to not worry.
  87. Shima: Celestia nods, "That is good. Some things are better left unchanged. It looks very comfortable."
  89. The door flies open as you knock at the door, and out of the corner of your eye you can just catch a flash of green from the inside as Sharithik takes on the form of Hematitus once more. The green crystal mare at the entry way throws her hooves around you, pulling you in tight. "Onyxia! Oh, thank the gods you're alright. Are you and Steel hurt? What happened to that poor girl, is everything okay?"
  91. Celestia clears her throat. "Things were hairy, certainly, but they will recover soon. Lavender in particular you have this young mare to thank for saving."
  93. Esmeralda looks up, gasping while holding her muzzle, "Y-you're... oh my... Princess Celestia, forgive me, I heard there was company but I wasn't expecting...."
  95. She waves a hoof, "It's fine, it's fine, please, be at ease. May we come in?"
  97. "Of course! Onyxia, c'mon in, you must be starving." Inside, you can see Sharithik laying on the couch, though in the guise of a black crystal pony. He has a small plate of pie at his side, and a book in his hooves. He smiles at you as you come in.
  98. Khazard: Onyxia gives an equally tight hug back, glad that her parents are fine. "We're fine Mom, everything turned out fine." Afterthey seperate and enter, she looks over, smiling at her dad with the knowledge that it will be a normal sight for years to come. "More than fine, actually."
  100. Shima: Esmeralda smiles back, looking up at Princess Celestia nervously. "Th-that's great to hear, Onyxia! Please, come in, I still have a few crystal tarts left over. I'm sorry again Princess if they're a little cold."
  102. "They're fine, I assure you. Thank you." Celestia follows in behind Onyxia as your mother pulls you in, your father still disguised on the couch.
  104. "I'm glad to hear everything went well, Onyxia. Your father wasn't feeling well enough for going for the palace like we hoped, but thankfully nothing has happened all day." She looks up at Celestia, "Please, pardon my asking, but, what is the Princess doing here?"
  106. Khazard: Onyxia hurries in at her mother's pulls. "Nothing came from that figure you saw? That's a relief." As she questions Celestia's attendance, Onyxia shuffle in place a little. "Well... We had a little talk about dad." She says a little slowly, a bit akwardly after all the work to get him back here and his secret still kept. "N-Nothing bad though! It's all good, great even." She quickly adds.
  108. Shima: Sharithik shakes his head, "Not that we saw. Could be they couldn't get a decent shot at us or something, or maybe Chitus called them back just to keep us indoors all night." He struggles to get up from the couch, groaning as he does so. Both Esmeralda and Sharithik look to Onyxia and then to each other a little shocked as they mention talking about dad with Celestia.
  110. Esmeralda gulps, "She knows... You sure...?"
  112. Celestia steps forward, "It's alright, Esmeralda. It sounds like your family has been through enough recently, I'm not here to do any more harm. I just wanted to meet you both." She smiles, "You seem a very kind soul."
  114. She blushes, "Thank you, Princess."
  116. Celestia then turns to Sharithik's disguised form. "And you must be the father?"
  118. Sharithik sighs, "Please, Princess, whatever Chitus or my kind did this time, I swear I had no involvement in it. None made of my own free will, anyhow."
  120. She nods her head, "I know that. Your daughter speaks very highly of you."
  122. Khazard: Onyxia moves around to stand between her mother and father. "I told her about what happened, back in my future. We dealt with Chitus, so you don't need to wory about that anymore. The only thing left, is making sure you get to stay here." She says, looking at her dad, then up to Celestia.
  124. Shima: Sharithik's eyes beam open. "You guys beat Chitus?! That's amazing!" he starts to laugh a little to himself, leaning back into the couch, "That's such a relief... I don't think he told another changeling about me. I'm safe here... at least from my hive, I mean." He looks up at Celestia, somewhat concerned.
  126. Esmeralda steps forth, "Princess, my husband really is a different changeling than the ones you know. I already spoke with the Emperor about his disguise, he knows, and he promised me Sharithik would be safe here..."
  128. Celestia nods, "I'm not disputing that at all. I had a chance to speak with Nero before arriving, and he told me as much himself." She grins at Esmeralda, "Changelings have been around for some time. I'm aware there's a few good seeds among them. And I can sense you," she turns to Sharithik, "are certainly no ordinary changeling. Nor is your wonderful daughter."
  130. Khazard: Onyxia beams at the compliment, at both her and her father. "So he's alright? We won't have to worry about any fallout or searches after what Chitus did?"
  132. Shima: Esmeralda and Sharithik both look with hope to Celestia as well, who turns her head with a slightly sad look. "I came here so I can judge his character for myself. And I'm very glad I did." She shakes her head, "But I cannot promise those to you yet, Onyxia. For the Empire, those are ultimately the Emperor's decisions to make, and after the damage caused by Chitus and the sons, I can't say for sure if we will forgo a search."
  134. She puts a hoof on Onxyia's shoulder, "But it is a request I intend to make sure is heard this evening, and if there was any doubt to Sharithik's character following this disaster, I promise I will vouch for him as well. But whether there is a search or not, Nero does not overturn his decisions lightly: I am certain things will still be okay for your father to remain here when the dust has settled."
  136. Khazard: Onyxia heart sinks a little as she hears its not finalized, and it lies up to Nero. But hearing Celetia say she's on her side lifts her spirits back at least. "If there is a search, he's alright to be in Equestria, can he? Maybe... If, whatever happened to him in my time, comes towards the Empire... You can say he's alright to be in Equestria without worry, right?"
  138. Shima: Celestia turns down to Onyxia and her family, leaning down to hold her hoofs, "Onyxia, consider your father as free to be in my country as he is here." She closes her eyes, "I need to discuss things with my sister, about whether Canterlot will be undergoing searches as well... but should your father is ever found unwelcome among the Crystal Ponies and in need of a home, and should he be happy in Equestria, then yes, Onyxia: I can promise my home is open to him."
  140. Esmeralda sighs, "Thank you Princess... though, I am hopeful he can remain here. This is my home... OUR home."
  142. Khazard: Onyxia looks up to Celesia happily. "Thank you Princess. Knowing there's at least somewhere safe for him is wonderful to hear." She looks back at her mother's sigh. "I do hope we wouldn't have to move. Rather not change time too much, if it canbe helped..."
  144. Shima: Celestia leans down, hugging Onyxia one more time. "Have faith, Onyxia. I'm highly confident the Emperor will not force your father from the Empire, nor anything else. I have a feeling things will work out well for all of you..."
  146. She turns to bow to both Esmeralda and Sharithik, "It was a pleasure, meeting both of you. Onxyia saved someone very precious to me today. You should both be proud of the girl you will come to raise."
  148. Esmeralda smiles, looking at Onyxia, "We already are. Trust me." She gasps, "Oh! Please, here are those tarts I mentioned." She moves over to the table, picking up a tray to hand to the princess, "Like I said, they're a bit cold, but..."
  150. Celestia smiles, levitating up a couple into her mouth, "Hot or cold, I've never had a bad sweet. Mmmm...."
  152. Khazard: "I'm feeling better that it will too." Onyxia follows with. Her metal coat shines brighter with the added compliments and pride her parents have. As her mother brings over the tarts, Onyxia takes one herself and Steel, something nice after the exhausting day they had. "Never had anything better than Mom's desserts."
  154. Shima: Celestia moans again as she takes another bite. "Mmmm, I'm inclined to agree. These are wonderful, Esmeralda, thank you." She fluffs her wings, looking for the door. "I hope you will forgive me if I leave you all to spend some time together, but I think the sooner I inform them of this request, the better. It's getting on in the evening and everyone's having a busy day. Esmeralda, thank you again for your hospitality."
  156. She turns to Sharithik on the couch, "I hope you continue to recover well. It gives me hope for all your people whenever a changeling of your character comes around. I look forward to meeting you, and your daughter, soon."
  158. He nods his head, "'re too kind."
  160. As you plop the pastry into Steel's mouth, you can feel his elation at the sensation of sweets.
  161. >"Hmm... desserts are almost even better than breakfast. Here I was thinking I might not care for it again."
  163. Khazard: Onyxia turns to Celestia as she leaves. "And thank you again Princess, for all your help with this." As Steel gushes over the tart, Onyxia smiles. "They're even better fresh, but no dessert has beaten Mom's crystalberry pie."
  165. Shima: Celestia puts her hoof on Onyxia's back, "It is no trouble at all, Onyxia. I would stay for longer, but there's a few things for me to do. And, I sense you all have a little catching up to do before tomorrow comes. Rest assured, I'll plan for a longer visit at your earliest convenience if you'll have me, Esmeralda. I would love to see what those tarts taste like warm."
  167. Esmeralda holds her muzzle, "Um, of course! A dinner with a princess? My goodness, these last few days have been busy..."
  169. Sharithik chuckles, "You always said you'd kind of like more guests."
  171. Celestia bows her head one more time, "I'll see you all very soon then. Have a good night Onyxia, and don't worry."
  173. >Steel meanwhile, swallows the tart. "I will have to taste that soon then. I admit, I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before I was turned, and even less of one after: Discord's love for sweetstuffs in his mischief soured my view of it."
  175. Khazard: "Good night, Princess." Onyxia says as Celestia leaves. Once the family is alone, Onyxia throws a hoof around her mom, another around her dad, pulling him fromthe couch a bit. "That went soo well. After everything that happened to us the past few days, this turned out better than I could have hoped. We can finally be a whole family." She says joyfully, armor shimmering. "A few meals here should fix that up Steel." She adds after the tart is finished.
  177. Shima: Esmeralda smiles, hugging back her future daughter, "I can hardly wait... after all that's happened, I want nothing more than just sitting down with you and Shar, and just having a few good meals together." She says holding her stomach.
  179. Sharithik sighs, "I hope so... Celestia had a point. I wouldn't blame anyone if they needed to search the city for changeings now, after what Chitus just pulled."
  181. Esmeralda hushes him. "Honey, please. Whatever happens, I know everyone is on our side now. Let's just relax, for now? It's the most relaxed i've felt in days."
  183. >Steel chuckles. "She'll need a lot of meals to do that."
  185. Khazard: Onyxia sits down on the couch, pulling her mom tosit next to dad and ignoring the strain and groan her metal form will put on it, but wanting a nice moment with her family. "She's right. Even if they search everywhere, the Princess knows you now, and you'll have as much citizenship as anypony. And even if anything new happens, I'll be right back to fix it. Nothing's going to stop us from being a family" Onyxia says with an added hug, pulling her parents close. "No problem, we need to make up for your lost time eating anyways." Onyxia responds with a laugh herself.
  187. Shima: Sharithik relaxes himself, untransforming to his natural state as the changeling besides you tightens the grip around your metal form, couch straining to support your weight. He sighs, "Let's just wait on till tomorrow to make sure everything's fine before celebrating... ponies can change their minds."
  189. "Will you please just relax, honey? No one blames you for anything that happened. Now you need to stop focusing so much on what's going to happen. Focus more on us." She pats her stomach again, "Focus on Onyxia. You want me to tell her her daddy was such a worry wort when she finally comes?"
  191. "Pff." Sharithik rustles Onyixa's metal mane. "She knows better than to listen to you, don't you kid?"
  193. Khazard: "Yea, I don't need to listen when I cna see it right here." Onyxia jokes, resting her head against her dad's shoulder, eyes closed. "I'm a little jealous of myself though. She'll get to have a whole life with you around while I have ot wait until I get back to my time."
  195. Shima: Sharithik laughs, rubbing his muzzle in to Onyxia's head and nuzzling, "See? Smart kid you raised here, Esmeralda."
  197. Esmeralda chuckles, "I think I meant to raise her to listen to her mom over her dad."
  199. Sharithik looks hurt, "Oh, you sneaky little larvae. Well that's it, I'm gonna start taking her to work with me if you're gonna turn her against me. I'll have one of those little harnesses around me while working on the temple and everything. She can hold my tools, can't you?"
  201. Esmeralda tugs closer and hugs them both, "Okay, I'm gonna need some more food if I'm gonna have to fight you for her."
  203. <TIMESKIP>
  205. (Following hearing their response at the palace)
  206. With Onyxia's elated attitude and positively beaming smile, Isha simply responds. "That is what my husband decided and that is how it will be. So yes, I do mean it."
  208. As she is thanked, she nods her head. "It is not me you should be thanking."
  210. >After the meeting, Steelnyxia is swiftly returning home with the grand news, Steel smiling at Onyxia's beaming happiness, returning his own feelings of happiness for her to feel along the way.
  212. As you approach the door, you see your mother opening it up slightly, preparing to greet you.
  214. Khazard: Onyxia charges up to the front door, armor sparkling like a disco ball as she sees her mother standing there. She practically shatters the door from the speed and impact of the armor on it as she grabs her mom in a hug, making a half circle spin. "They said yes!" She shouts happily. Setting her mom down, she turns on her heels to sprint to her dad on the couch, pushing him into the cushions from the speed she grabs him by, lifting him up into near crushing embrace. "You don't have to leave! We don't have to lose you this time!"
  216. Shima: "GAH! Onyxia!" Your mother screams as you full on tackle her, taking the door off the hinges indoors and causing a loud yelp to sound from inside the couch.
  218. "What the..." Sharithik shouts from the couch as you spin her about. "Onyxia, I know we said we have savings but 'a new door' wasn't on the list of..."
  220. He 'oofs' as you target him next, jumping on the couch full weight of your iron body behind you. You hear a few springs go 'SNAP' as the couch collapses inwards before you take him up and off into a crushing embrace.
  222. "Oooof! That's... great.. . 'Nyxy..." he hacks, "But... you may lose daddy to suffocation, heh..."
  224. Esmeralda spins in place, trying to get her bearings as she hears what Onyxia has to say. "Wait... they... they decided?!" She looks up excitedly, "He's safe??"
  226. Khazard: "Oh, sorry! Still adjusting a bit to this body." Onyxia apologizes, still holding the grip for a few seconds more then setting her dad back on the couch. She turns back to her mother, smiling wide. "They did, and he is! He's a citizen like anypony else, we don't need to worry about anything!" Onyxia turns and gives her dad another hug, a little lighter this time, too overjoyed at this finally being settled. "But you better be safe still, I don't want you taking any jobs that bring you out of the Empire while Im gone." She says, almost like a scolding parent, but with a joking tone.
  229. Shima: Sharithik takes in a few deep breaths as you let him go, chuckling as he takes a moment to grip your shoulders, "It's fine, it's fine. I've got a tough shell." he pats you on the back, then turns to Esmeralda, who is tearing up.
  231. "I knew it! I knew he would keep his promise." She smiles, gripping at Onyxia as tightly as she can. "If it wasn't before, it's official now, Shar. You're a crystal pony."
  233. He chuckles, gripping at both his girls. "Alright, promise promise. I guess I'll look past that courier position at the mail office? It had this great route past some abandoned changeling caves I thought looked like a nice route, may even check inside and..."
  235. Esmeralda hits his arm, making him stop and rub it, chuckling.
  237. Khazard: "Don't joke about that after all we did, or you'll wsh you were still dealing with Chitus." Onyxia teases. "I can hardly beleive it. It felt so far away these past few days, but now you're here to stay. I'l get to have my dad back..." Onyxia trails off as her mind wanders, starting to think of what her childhood would be like. She snaps out, looking over ot her mom. "OH! Mom, do you have that shield I gave you last night?"
  239. Shima: Sharithik holds up his hoofs, "Jeez, okay okay. Hehe." He rubs your mane again, "You know you take jokes about as well as your mom. I'll have to make sure you get a sense of humor."
  241. "And I'll teach her when you're not that funny." Esmeralda sticks her tongue out at her husband, smiling as she thinks of all three of them together. "Four days ago I never even would have dreamed it would be in danger... and now I never have to worry about it happening." She sniffles, "Thank you, Onyxia... we're so lucky to be the ones who had you."
  242. Sharithik smiiles, holding Esmeralda, "And trust me, love: I'm not going anywhere."
  244. Esmeralda gasps. "OH! Yes, I barely put it down the night before." She reaches behind the counter, pulling back the Sound Board. "Thank goodness I didn't have to use it... whoever those shades were, they never came back."
  245. Khazard: "Hopefully they just moved on, but we won't have to worry about them since you don't need to hide." Onyxia says as she takes the shield. Focusing for a moment, black steel spreads over the shield, compressing the disc to a small lump, then splitting into two halves, one in each hoof. One lump morphs into a replica of her cutiemark, a hammer striking an anvil. The other into the cuteimark of her father's pony dsguise [you can make this one]. THe metal receeds, leaving hte two emblems in her hooves, the remaining metal forming teh strings to the new necklaces. Now finished, Onyxia hands the one of her cutiemark to her dad.
  246. Shima: Esmeralda nods her head, "I hope so too... Sharithik's sense of smell is back in working order, and he hasn't smelt any other changelings at all. Whoever they were, I think it's all done and over with."
  248. Both parents look on at Onyxia as she takes the shield and transmutes it, Sharithik looking at the cutie mark of his future daughter engraved into the half of the now small necklace she gives him. The cutiemark bearing the disguised symbol of her father, ironically also a shield made of black stone as his disguise, remains in yours. Sharithik and Esmeralda can only look down at it in silence, looking at you in return after it's completed.
  250. After a few more moments, Sharithik reaches in for another embrace, tugging you close. "Onyxia... I can hardly believe it's been so fast. I'm really going to miss you... this you, and I can't wait to meet the you that's coming and... oh gods." He sniffles.
  251. Khazard: "I know. I've gone through so much trying to find you and get you back, and I can't tay to enjoy having you around..." Onyxia says as se's pulled in, starting to get teary eyed herself. She pulls back, grabbing hte neclace she handed her father from his hof, and putting it over his head. "That shield amplified sound, but I reworked it t echo instead. So now..." Onyxia takes hers, putting it over her head, then taps the emblem, a 'ping' coming out from her father's. "When I get back to the future, when I left, I can find you right away." She leans back in for another hug. "You better keep that with you, I don't want to run home and see it on the table when I get back." She says with a laugh, chocked by a sniffle.
  253. Shima: Sharithik rubs the corners of his eyes, looking at it around his neck with a chuckle. "Hehehehe... you're so worried you had to put a cat-bell around me huh?" He smiles, Esmeralda and him both pulling themselves into that hug.
  255. "He won't take it out of his sight. I'll make sure of that."
  257. "Yeah, trust me. I won't missing a second... I just can't wait." He rubs his eyes.
  259. Esmeralda smiles, "So, last chance: anything we should know in advance? If there's something you do that you want us to be less mad for, we'll go easy if you tell us now." She gives a faint chuckle but you can see she's very much wanting to keep the moment going.
  261. Khazard: Onyxia rubs at her eyes too, smiling. "Well there was the time I wrecked up Brimstone's forge by mistake, after I fond out I could shapeshift." Onyxia says, nudging her father. "Should be expecting that coming with you around though." She looks to her mom. "And you should make the soaps and shampoos a little more child proof before you stat bringing me over." She says with a chuckle, bittersweetness making her yes water again as she reminisces over her childhood with her parents, both of them this time around.
  263. Shima: Sharithik nods his head, "Sure thing, kid, don't worry: I'll see you're shapeshifting like a pro before you can pick up a hammer."
  265. Esmeralda rubs your metallic mane, reaching up to kiss your forehead, "Its a deal. Sorry if I messed that up the first time." She chuckles, "I-I'm a little embarrassed I let it happen to begin with."
  267. "Ha. I would never let that happen to her. Points for dad."
  268. "Sh-shut up, you..." she chuckles, bumping into him. She turns towards Onyxia again, "And, Steel? It was so nice meeting you as well. I wish you two the best. You're such a good boyfriend."
  270. >"Ahem.." Steel clears your throat nervously. "Your thanks are appreciated. And, it was nice meeting you as well. Both of you. Thank you for... understanding what happened."
  272. Sharithik shakes his head, "Heh, I'd be lying if I said I did all the way, but I get the inkling Onyxia trusts you. And if she trusts you, you're alright."
  274. Khazard: Onyxia giggles at Steel's nervous response. "We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his help. I don't know if trust is a strong enough word to describe it." Onyxia looks over ot the door, not wanting this moment to end. To have to leave home again, even if for a short time. She looks back to her parents. "Before I go, can we have lunch. One more family meal, before I have ot head back out?"
  276. Shima: Sharithik, "Lunch? But, we just had breakfast..." before he's paused by Esmeralda, who eagerly smiles. "Then we'll just have to call it brunch then. And sure, Onyxia. Let me get you two set up for your trip, I have a few more dishes I wanted to try any how..." Sharithik smiiles as Esmeralda heads back into the house, looking at Steelnyxia to come back in. "Okay, to celebrate my citizenship and all."
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