Rashoumon Event

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  1. You Ley Shift into Japan at some unspecified point in order to investigate some slight irregularities that Roman detected. It doesn’t seem like anything big, but he’s worried that it might turn into a Singularity if left alone so you start by looking around.
  3. >Mashu: “The sakura petals are gorgeous. I might say they’re terribly beautiful.” (She says “beautiful” in English)
  4. >Roman: “Sakura petals huh? How nice. I wanted to go flower viewing too.”
  5. >Mashu: “They’re as far as the eye can see… and there’s a sweet smell too.”
  6. >Protagonist: “Yeah, it’s a beautiful scent…”
  7. >Roman: “Hmm. Smell… smell… what is it? I need more information. You are roughly in the time of the Heian Period, but that’s a range of about three hundred years. Wait for me to measure the exact date and continue investigating in the meantime.”
  8. >Mashu: “Understood. But really, they’re so beautiful…”
  9. >Protagonist: “Mashu is beautiful too.”
  10. >Mashu: “Ah, uhm… My colours are purple and black, so I don’t fit well with the cherry blossoms. But, uhm, I’d been thinking for a while, there’s a mountain of flower petals piled up over there. No matter how you look at it, there’s a huge shape.”
  12. Kintoki then sneezes and bursts out of the flower pile, cursing about how it isn’t even morning anymore.
  15. >Roman: “Ehhh, if I do this… Eh?! Hey, there’s a Servant signature real close! There’s no mistaking that brawny magic energy, it’s a Servant with sweltering muscles!”
  16. >Mashu: “Yes doctor, Mister Golden is right in front of us. Sakata Kintoki-san is here.”
  17. >Roman: “Ah, it’s Kintoki-kun. I understand this level of physical power then… Wait, him!? Did you bring him with you!?
  18. >Kintoki: “Ughh, my head hurts. I got carried away and partied too much with the bear…”
  19. >Protagonist: “Golden Morning, Mister.”
  20. >Kintoki: “Ahh, good greeting, General! Being GOLDEN since morning is GOLDEN for sure! It’s good to start with a greeting, it shows you’ve got manners. A complete day starts with a good greeting, a good breakfast and a good wood-chopping. That’s what my general said… no, not you, my original general, my foster parent. That was the great general Raikou you know? That person followed that rule to the letter. Even though they were usually easy going, the manners during breakfast had to be perfect.”
  23. Mashu politely cuts off his rambling to ask him what the heck he’s doing here.
  25. >Kintoki: “Ah, sorry, I got carried away and started blabbering about old times. I… uh, wait, please don’t come closer.”
  26. >Mashu: “Eh?”
  27. >Kintoki: [Thinking] (I’m still drowsy from waking up…. Agh, even though I’m the man who was called the Beast of Ashigara. DANGEROUS. Surely a dangerous beast, this lady’s armour is like a continuous attack!)
  28. >Mashu: “Senpai, he’s averting his eyes. Could it be that he hates me?”
  29. >Protagonist: “I don’t think so.”
  30. >Kintoki: “No no, it’s not the lady’s fault. Rather, it’s something I should praise. As a man I mean.”
  31. >Mashu: “Eh? Uh, I don’t really understand, but thank you.”
  33. Tits. Kintoki gets flustered by tits.
  35. He slaps himself awake and says that he heard something unknown calling him from the mountains, and that he’s going to lend you his help to save the world. You are then suddenly attacked by… what were those? I forgot and the text doesn’t say. Anyhow, you fight.
  39. >Roman: “I have ascertained your present location. North latitude approximately 35º, east longitude 135º 45’. The cultural and political centre of the age’s Japan. In short, coming down from that mountain is-”
  40. >Kintoki: “Going by the dancing sakura petals and the sky, it’s gotta be Kyoto.”
  41. >Roman: “Kyo--You stole my line! You didn’t even get the latitude and longitude!”
  42. >Mashu: “It’s alright doctor, there might be a scene where the fate of the world rests on a geography test. This information might be useful then.”
  44. He grumbles a bit and then tells you that the smell in the air is freshly made sake, which makes Kintoki cringe. Roman asks him about his reaction, but he doesn’t want to answer, and Roman laughs saying that he’s not surprised, since alcohol related stories are mostly confessions of drunken misbehaviour. Kintoki agrees, though he says he’s got a bad presentiment.
  46. Roman asks you to go check out an area with strange reactions, and Mashu asks Kintoki if he came to do that himself. He says that he thinks you’re the one who called him there, and since he had nothing to do, he just “practiced” with the bear, went to sleep, and then it was morning. Then he tells you not to sweat it and you go investigate.
  50. You end up in a mist-covered residential area where the civilians are all acting weird and overexcited, including one guy shouting about wanting to screw a woman. Kintoki and Mashu warn you to watch out, when a gust of wind blows more sakura petals and she suddenly goes silent.
  52. >Mashu: [Smiling weirdly] “…………………! Senpai, watch out!” (Mugyuu~)
  53. >Roman: “What is it!? An attack!?”
  54. >Protagonist: “Mashu hugged me all of a sudden…”
  55. >Mashu: “Hum, it was dangerous. There were flower petals falling on Senpai’s face.”
  56. >Roman: “……..Eh?”
  57. >Mashu: “Senpai bears a heavy burden, so I can’t overlook something that could add to that. Mashu Kyrielight wants to become Senpai’s strength. More, more and more and more. So… Ah! A mystery scent trap! Perhaps an enemy Noble Phantasm!” (Mugyuu~ Mugyuu~)
  58. >Kintoki: “Uh, no, that’s just a toppled-over manure tank. It just got exposed after falling over.”
  59. >Mashu: “…eh? That’s bad Senpai, your face is a little red. Could it be that you have a fever? Maybe a cold? Is it okay? It’s not difficult? Should I pet you? Speaking of that, you were sleeping with your stomach exposed this morning. That’s bad, but it’ll be fine if I’m there. Let’s sleep together today. This Noble Phantasm is a sure victory card even against viruses or the obstinate cedar pollen. I’ll shut out any irritating enemies!”
  60. >Protagonist: “Mashu’s been acting strange for a while!”
  62. In case it’s not clear, that sound effect is almost definitely her squeezing you against her tits.
  64. Roman asks Kintoki if he’s feeling anything, but he just answers that he’s GOLDEN. In fact, he’s feeling even more pumped up than before to go adventuring, and Mashu blabbers a lot more about how she’s gonna protect you at all costs.
  66. >Kintoki: “Hey, General, is this girl always like this?”
  67. >Protagonist: “Honestly… sort of.”
  69. Roman reports that her vitals are showing a slight disturbance, just as if she were drunk. Turns out the air is making all who breathe it get drunk. Kintoki is immune because he’s resistant to alcohol, and you’re fine since Mashu’s natural resistance as a Servant seems to have been transferred to you (similar to the immunity to the demon mist during London maybe?) He says it’ll be fine so long as you are there to command her, but you’ll be in deep shit if you lose your wits too.
  71. >Mashu: “Senpai, senpai, don’t talk only to the doctor. Come on, let’s go. Our objective is ahead.”
  73. Kintoki says his bad feeling’s just getting stronger, but you’re interrupted by a bunch of crazed drunkards who try to mug you, which prompts Mashu to go on the offensive for daring to threaten you.
  75. After the fight, a more clear-headed-sounding Mashu notices that Kyoto seems oddly deserted as you head towards the centre, and that there are corpses lying by the wayside. Kintoki say that this was nothing like the Kyoto he knew, and you get the idea to go check the Kinkaku-ji (look it up). On the way, he mumbles about how the smell of sake is bringing him memories he didn’t want to recall.
  78. As you arrive at the temple, Roman detects a signal on the level of a dragon-class enemy, and Kintoki realizes that the enemy is no small fry, but a true Oni.
  80. >???: “Ku, ha, kuhahaha, kuhahahahahahahaha….!”
  81. >Kintoki: “You’re here, Ibaraki Douji!”
  82. >Ibaraki: “Who would have thought it, Sakata Kintoki! It’s been a while! It’s been a long while! Are you alone? What about Yorimitsu? Or Tsuna?”
  84. If you’re curious:
  88. >Kintoki: “It’s as you see. But you’re not alone. Answer me, who’s that floating behind you?”
  89. >Shuten: “………”
  90. >Ibaraki: “You already know! This is my master, and my sacrifice! Our King of the Oni of Destruction, the heavy drinker Shuten Douji!”
  91. >Kintoki: “-------!”
  94. >Ibaraki: “Ohh, you got angry! I can see it through those glasses, looking at me with that burning glare. You can barely hold your anger, can’t you? Hum, but I feel even worse. Why are you anxious over the body of a drunkard after all this time, you backstabber? You shouldn’t mind if I ate Shuten Douji, shouldn’t you?”
  95. >Kintoki: “Of course I mind! This has nothing to do with your ways, don’t involve unrelated people if you’re quarreling between allies! And besides, do you have any idea how dangerous that shitty woman is? After you eat her, she’ll eat you up from the inside in turn.”
  97. >Ibaraki: “Hum, surely. The previous me would have never been able to defeat Shuten. Then… take flight, Sougen-bi!”
  99. Something flares up, nearly smashes Kintoki and then returns to her.
  101. >Kintoki: “That’s… your arm?”
  102. >Ibaraki: “Yes! Yes yes yes! Behold my arm of destruction! Christened again, Rashoumon Dai Engi!
  104. Rashomon probably refers to one of the ancient southern gate of Kyoto, which had become famous as an unsavoury and dangerous place full of criminals and is also the place Ibaraki used to haunt. The other part roughly means “Genesis/Source of Great Resentment.”
  107. >Kintoki: “That’s a damn Rocket Punch! Didn’t Tsuna cut that off?”
  108. >Mashu: “That is… a Noble Phantasm. She’s using her own injury, her severed arm as a Noble Phantasm.”
  109. >Ibaraki: “Kuha, kuhahahaha! Woman, woman, woman! Is this the first time you’ve seen something like me? Then engrave it within that body. Cram it in in place of the organs that’ll be devoured by insects after death. Violent like a rampaging beast, terrifying as a god, miserable as an insect! Knowing neither human weakness nor a warriors’ pride, lowly so as to wield one’s rotting arm as a weapon! That is an Oni. One who terrifies humans with all they have, a man-eating demon!”
  111. Read the link about Tsuna if you wanna know what’s with the arm thing.
  113. >Ibaraki: “----Devour. DevourDevourDevourDevourDevourDevour DevourDevourDevourDevour-----“
  114. >Ibaraki: “’Devour the people. Devour you. You are people, meat for me to devour. You are Sakata Kintoki. My sworn enemy. I am Ibaraki Douji, the leader of the Oni of Mount Oe! It is inevitable! You will not leave this place alive!”
  115. >Kintoki: “…Foolish. That bastard Ibaraki is even more foolish than before.”
  118. Kintoki say that while Ibaraki was always a menace to human, she would at least only go killing people when she was hungry, whereas now she’s just slaughtering uselessly without distinction. He and Ibaraki challenge one another, and his attention turn to Shuten.
  120. Kintoki: [Thinking] (What trickery did that Oni girl stumble on? Mount Oe was supposed to be your territory, idiot.)
  122. Ibaraki gets fired up and prepares to fight, and Kintoki stops you for a moment to warn you that she’s much stronger than he remembers, and then you begin to fight.
  125. 2)
  126. The second chapter’s just a quick blurb. Kintoki is frustrated by how hard it is to beat Ibaraki, and she mocks your efforts before she retreats. Kintoki tries to pursue, but Mashu tells him to hold, since you’re all exhausted. He apologizes, remembering that it’s not just him fighting, and you all retire for the day to a food house Kintoki knows. He recommends you try the Kinton and the Kintsuba (google it), the obvious joke being that both have the kanji for “gold” in the name.
  128. 3)
  129. You’re back to fighting Ibaraki, and things go on as before.
  131. >Ibaraki: “Kuha, kuhahahaha! How nice, how nice!”
  132. >Kintoki: “This isn’t nice at all! Your eyes aren’t laughing at all, damn you!”
  133. >Ibaraki: “….mu, don’t insult me. I’m not used to laughing. Laughter from the bottom of my heart, huh… I can’t do it like Shuten.”
  135. She escapes again, but Mashu says that she can tell that you’re slowly chipping away at her strength, so you should keep fighting cautiously until you succeed.
  137. >Protagonist: “Mashu is always so calm.”
  138. >Mashu: [Blushing] “I-is that so. It’s be nice if it were like that.”
  140. You go back to you camp to rest and tell Roman what’s been going on. He apparently can’t see very well what goes on around the gate since there’s too much interference.
  142. >Roman: [Whispering] “By the way… how’s Mashu? With the drunkenness, I mean.”
  143. >Protagonist: (Point silently to your side)
  144. >Mashu: “I finished preparing the food, Senpai! It’s the golden omurice that Golden-san requested. This is a battlefield, so it’s everyone’s favourite curry flavour. Sadly, it might get your hands sticky, so… [Smiling] There is only one way to prevent that. Alright Senpai, say ‘ahhhhh’.”
  145. >Roman: “…ah. No change, huh? I thought she seemed to be acting normal when fighting at the gate. Seems she can gather her bearings when in a dangerous situation, even if it’s just superficially.”
  146. >Protagonist: “Feels stronger than usual during battle.”
  147. >Roman: “Hum. Maybe it’s the same reason for Kintoki’s gushing power…?”
  148. >Mashu: “Senpai, aren’t you going to eat? Come one, say ‘ahhhh’….”
  149. >Protagonist: “Alright, alright!”
  150. >Mashu: “Good. Alright, ‘ahhh’. Is it tasty? Want seconds?”
  151.  >Roman: “Mhh, oh well, so long as it’s not a problem during battle.”
  153. He says that the “drunken feeling” emanating from the mountain must be connected to the enemy boss, and cuts off saying that he has an idea.
  155. Roman: “If possible, I would like to try this out…”
  157. 4)
  159. You’re back fighting and Ibaraki retreats again, so Mashu calls a break so you can all recover.
  161. >Mashu: “I was thinking about what the doctor said yesterday…”
  162. >Protagonist: (Listen while cramming rice balls into your mouth)
  164. Mashu says that your main goal is neutralizing the disturbance in the area caused by the oni, but she wonders if beating Ibaraki is really necessary to do that.
  166. >Kintoki: “Letting her go? That ain’t GOLDEN at all…”
  168. She says that’s not what she means. Rather, Roman’s idea was trying to find the source of Ibaraki’s power, the real enemy boss who’s likely inside the temple. You can’t get through the gate without fighting Ibaraki, but there might be a way to find another entrance. Simply climbing the wall is out of the question though since there’s a suspicious mist above it. They’re not sure what it is, but they’re pretty sure it’s bad news if a Servant were to touch it. Following this, you go investigate the circumference of the temple trying to find another way in.
  170. As expected you find nothing of the sort, but having finally taken a good look around, you realize something bigger: the geography is all kinds of fucked up. There are huge cliffs that should be way farther away, and the Japanese archipelago itself seems to have been crammed together and shrunk, so much that the sea is nearby on the west side of the city.
  172. Nobody has any idea what’s up, but you conclude that you have no choice but to beat Ibaraki after all.
  174. 5)
  175. Ibaraki escapes again after battle, and Kintoki says she’s always been that good at getting away, recalling how she ran after getting cut by Tsuna’s Higekiri.
  177. >Kintoki: “It’s not a fluke, it’s that girl’s nature. She’s got something similar to the Disengage skill. It’s a pain.”
  179. Mashu asks Kintoki about knowing Ibaraki during his life, and he answers that he fought with her a bunch of times.
  181. >Protagonist: “And that captured girl, Shuten Douji?”
  182. >Kintoki: [Cringing] “……. Eh, well… similar to Ibaraki, I guess.”
  184. He kinda dodges the issue and Mashu asks them about their rank. He explains that Ibaraki was the boss of mount Oe, while Shuten lazed around like a freeloader, but that Ibaraki regarded Shuten as her superior even though their rank as Oni was more or less the same. He says he kinda gets Ibaraki’s feelings, because although Shuten is largely an evil coward, she can be unexpectedly loyal and generous at times.
  186. >Kintoki: [Grinning] “Well, Shuten Douji’s a natural-born crime-boss-type. It’s always a pain to be around her.”
  187. >Mashu: “I see, I see.”
  188. >Kintoki: “W-why are you grinning like that?”
  189. >Mashu: “Sorry, it just seemed like Kintoki-san looked unusually gentle. But now, that Oni Boss has been imprisoned by ibaraki Douji. She’s completely knocked out, why would…”
  190. >KIntoki: “Well, maybe Ibaraki’s patience finally ran out.”
  193. 6)
  194. >Shuten Douji: “What are you looking at, youngster? Well, there’s no problem if you want to stare at me…”
  195. >Kintoki: “I’m not staring, you’re just standing in front of me.”
  196. >Shuten: “Fufu, how cold. Very well, let’s begin. I don’t even know how many times it’s been though.”
  198. I’ll be honest, I can barely read half the shit Shuten says with the way she speaks, so I’ll just sum it up: this seems to be the scene where Kintoki defeats her. She says that she’d be happy to fight him head on, but seems disappointed that he’d take a roundabout method to kill her, though she’s still teasing him throughout the scene.
  200. >Kintoki: [Grinning] “That’s fine, that’s fine by me. Oni are evil. That’s how things are between us, Shuten.”
  201. >Shuten: “Well said.”
  203. Then something about how she’s actually angry and won’t be satisfied just with pulling his bones out, though she’s still playful about it.
  205. >Protagonist: “…That dream.”
  206. >Kintoki: “Tch. Sorry about that. I was tired and ended up reminiscing about old times in my sleep.”
  208. He then talks about how he and Shuten seemed to be fated to fight over and over, but then narrates the story about how Yorimitsu tricked the Oni into drinking poisoned sake that put them to sleep. Kintoki then cut off Shuten’s head while she slept. However, she woke up and laughed while she was dying, saying that’d she’d “go on ahead.”
  210. >Kintoki: [Grinning] “Really, what a woman. Even now I don’t feel like I actually won. I can’t stand the thought of Ibaraki doing whatever she wants with her…”
  212. But then he says he was just airing his troubles and tells you not to mind him, since you need to prepare to continue the fight.
  214. 7)
  216. >Ibaraki: “Guh… oh…”
  217. >Kintoki: “It hurts, doesn’t it Boss!? Time to pay your dues!”
  218. >Ibaraki: “Not yet… not yet! You thought you’d kill me that easily!? You should know better! No matter how many times I am cleaved by your swords, no matter how many times I am pierced by your spears! I will not stop! I will not stop ‘till the end! I am the pinnacle of all vulgar life forms, the avatar of life prolonged by devouring others! That is an Oni!”
  220. Ibaraki gets pissed and uses her Rashoumon Dai Engi again, though Mashu manages to block it. Ibaraki uses the opening to retreat again, though Mashu and Kintoki note that she seems to be reaching her limit. Kintoki remarks on her violent nature, comparing her to Shuten, whom he says usually has a refined disposition.
  222. You decide to retreat once more to rest, talking about how you need to gather strength for the following day, which Mashu says should be the last fight.
  224. 8)
  225. >Kintoki: “Disappear! Killing blow: Gold Impact! GOLDEN SPARK!”
  226. >Ibaraki: “Guhooooooooooh!”
  228. You finally drive Ibaraki to her limit and deal a serious wound.
  230. >Ibaraki: “Why even chase me this far!? I am now the King of Oni, even if you are Heroic Spirits, this should be none of your…”
  232. Kintoki tells her not to talk stupid shit, since she doesn’t have the willpower to be the king, and Ibaraki gets pissed and demands to know where he says she’s lacking.
  236. >Kintoki: “Can’t you tell? Bah, whatever. Hey General, can you tell her?”
  237. >Protagonist: “It’s because you haven’t eaten Shuten.”
  238. >Ibaraki: “Y-you human! Don’t say such a cruel thing! Eating Shuten was just a manner of speech! That... like hell I can eat her! I would never injure the Shuten that I respect so much, you fool!”
  239. >Kintoki: “See? She’s like that.”
  240. >Protagonist: “…a chicken.”
  241. >Ibaraki: “You… I don’t really get it, but I can feel that was a really cruel insult just now, human! Where is my so called weakness!? You, give me your name!”
  242. >Protagonist: “It’s [name]”
  243. >Ibaraki: “Alright, I’ll remember! I will curse your for eternity, so feel as terrified as you want!”
  244. >Mashu: “It might be rude to say this, but it feels as if the one afraid here is the other way round…”
  245. >Ibaraki: “Wh… that black… why!? Why do you not fear me!?”
  246. >Kintoki: “Heh, how interesting. Your voice is sounding strange.”
  247. >IbarakI: [Blushing] “C-can’t help it, this is an Oni’s custom! An Oni must always put on airs! That’s what Mother taught me!”
  248. >Kintoki: “Yeah, that’s right. Honestly guarding the Oni’s custom is your strong point. So what about your sorry state? You trapped an Oni despite being an Oni yourself and you’re giving humans sake to make them self-destruct. Not like you at all. ”
  250. He keeps teasing her and telling her to stop acting tough.
  252. >Ibaraki: “Gh, fine! I’ll admit defeat, I acknowledge your willpower! But I am not broken yet! I’ll make you regret your insults!”
  254. 9)
  256. Mashu confirms Ibaraki’s total defeat and retreat and Roman congratulates you for succeeding even though this is the first time you’ve done something like this. He says he though he detected a faint Servant signature in front of you, but that it must have just been noise, but Mashu says that it’s not and Shuten Douji wakes up.
  258. >Kintoki: “We’re going for the extra inning, huh.”
  259. >Shuten: “Huuu? Oh, it’s the youngster. It’s been a while. Are you healthy?”
  260. >Kintoki: “ORA!”
  262. Kintoki attacks Shuten without warning, and you end up getting roped into the fight.
  266. Kintoki stops his attack just before hurting her gravely, and Shuten’s acts amused at being attacked just after waking up.
  268. >Shuten: “You had a lot pent up, didn’t you? I don’t mind.”
  270. >Kintoki: “Hey, why were you in such a sorry state?”
  271. >Shuten: “What do you mean? I am as always. The whiteness of my skin, the swelling of my breasts, the roundness of my butt… you know all of it, don’t you?”
  272. >Kintoki: “I ain't looking at that! Why do you gotta be so straightforward!?”
  273. >Protagonist: “Golden… you had that sort of relationship…”
  274. >Kintoki: “I’m the victim here! This one’s like that with everyone!”
  276. Kintoki gets back on track and he and Mashu ask Shuten how she ended up captured by Ibaraki. Her memories are kinda hazy, but she does recall seeing you fight.
  278. >Shuten: “Wasn’t the youngster fighting frantically to save me?”
  279. >Kintoki: “I wasn’t frantic! You’re just like a bonus boss, that’s all!”
  280. >Shuten: “Huhu, it was half like a dream, but I got to taste what it’s like to be a princess being rescued. What a refreshing happy feeling… Should I give you a thank-you kiss? Come on, here…”
  281. >Kintoki: “SPARRRR----K!“
  282. >Mashu: “What an amazing leaping retreat!”
  286. Mashu asks Shuten to explain what happened again, and she takes you aside to show you something that resembles a faint Grail. Roman identifies it as the source of the whole disturbance, noting that it seems to be filled with a weird liquid. Shuten says she and Ibaraki suddenly woke up there beside the Grail, and decided to pour themselves some sake from it.
  288. >Mashu: “Don’t tell me…”
  289. >Shuten: “Yes, we drank it.”
  290. >Roman: “I don’t really want to hear this but… why?”
  291. >Kintoki: “That’s what those two are like. Ibaraki hates it though…”
  293. Ibaraki opposed drinking something they just found lying around, but Shuten convinced her with crocodile tears, which prompts Mashu to mumble that you probably should have been kinder to her. Shuten then fell asleep after drinking the Grail’s contents.
  295. >Shuten: “I had my powers drained by Ibaraki and became as a captured princess, and the youngster sought my body and soul with such burning passion…”
  296. >Kintoki: “I WASN’T SEEKING ANYTHING!”
  298. I like how Kintoki’s just offscreen running commentary while she just keeps going on her own.
  300. >Shuten: “By the way, I have been hearing a man’s disembodied voice since a while ago. I thought I was still drunk, but maybe it’s a sorcerer? Feels like a really physically feeble voice though.”
  302. Now I remember why the Zero event felt so wrong: nobody had shit-talked Roman. It's like a tradition by now.
  306. Long story short, the Grail mixed with sake turned its wish-granting powers volatile, so it brought up a hidden wish in Shuten’s heart just like how drunks start getting chatty about their secrets, and it also ended up resulting in a really volatile influence all around, hence everything being messed up. Servants like Mashu are also affected since Ibaraki probably wished for someone to have a tussle with, or so does Shuten guess, and Kintoki felt stronger than usual because…
  308. >Shuten: “Ahhh, the youngster’s the same. You wanted to play with me to that extent? To bare ourselves to each other and clash as we lock eyes, and let out our beastly voices…”
  309. >Kintoki: “T-that’s wrong! You i-i-i-i-i-idiot! There’s no way that’s it!”
  310. >Shuten: “Sorry, I was in such a sorry state that I couldn’t measure up to the youngster’s imagination. Ahhh, but you ended up letting it all out on Ibaraki, didn’t you? So you just shifted who to let out your desire on…”
  311. >Kintoki: “………”
  317. Anyhow, Shuten says you must destroy the Grail in order to set everything back to order. Kintoki then stops her and asks her what her wish was.
  319. >Shuten: “To make you worry about me. You’ve always been handsome in both mind and body. I may be fickle, but I like earnest men above all. It feels wrong to throw away sake, but oh well.”
  321. She gives a little speech about how the twisted desires and so on and finally breaks the Grail, saying that it’s time to wake from the drunken stupor.
  323. >Shuten: “Wake up. And get ready to go again. When the time comes, I will return the favour for ‘that time.’ I’ll make you pour me sake as one of my harem of handsome men. Fufufu, good bye.”
  324. >[Shuten disappears]
  326. Kintoki is predictably conflicted and seems to be left with a bad taste from the whole thing, but he shrugs it off and says that his job is finished, though there’s still the matter of who gave the two the sake-filled Grail.
  328. >Kintoki: “But that’s all for this time. The Rashoumon Oni Extermination has ended. I’m going home.”
  332. Roman confirms that there are no more servant signatures around and congratulates you for your work.
  334. >Mashu: “Alright, let’s go back to Chaldea, Senpai.”
  335. >[Mashu gets a blushing grin]
  336. >Mashu: “Jiiiiiiiiiiii~”
  337. >Protagonist: “What is it Mashu?”
  338. >Mashu: “Ah, sorry. I was wondering what Senpai would be like drunk. I’m a bit interested… Ah, maybe if Senpai wanted, I could be your drinking partner back home. Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk at all. I understand that now. So? Want to drink? It’ll be a chance to see an open and honest face of yours I can’t normally see.”
  339. >Protagonist: “Why is Mashu still drunk!?”
  340. >Roman: “Hey, you two, I just gotta say one important thing: No drinking until you’re twenty!”
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