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  1. pidgeLast Friday at 10:37 PM
  2. The party wasn't as loud as Yeru thought it would be. He was actually enjoying himself as he sat on the couch in the living room of a mutual friends apartment. He sipped at his bourbon, one cube of ice to keep it lightly chilled, and set his arm over the top of the couch. His black hair was slicked back on one side, and hung just barely over his eye on the other. It had a sort of wavy look to it. His red and blue eyes gleamed a bit in the dim lights as he stared across the  room at the other party goers. His tatted arms flexed as he stretched, getting a bit bored with the mood of the party until he spotted a small, smaller than him at least (though everyone was smaller than him), ladybug girl. He smiled softly, admiring her cuteness as he tapped on the side of the couch. His rather wide chest and shoulders raised in a sigh as he stared, thinking about getting up to talk to her, though for some reason he didn't. Maybe she would come to him, he thought. It was as if something was moving them closer together, and as he watched her mingle with the other guests, he happily took another sip and waited calmly for the girl to come to him.
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  5. BugsyLast Friday at 11:17 PM
  6. “Oh god oh god oh god....” was running through Bugsy’s mind. She scanned the room again, looking for someone to attach to. This wasn’t like her parties. How was she supposed to get the word out? There were always new people out there to please, and she was determined to find at least one here. Scorpion boy? No, looks like he came here with a hyena girl. Oh, a human? Pfff they are happy enough. She closed her shell more tightly, hiding her wings and making herself smaller. She guessed there just wasn’t going to be anyone to talk to. Wait, what is this? She felt eyes in her direction. Scary eyes? No, that wasn’t it. Curiosity. It was coming from... that... oh gosh... total hottie over there! Oh my oh my oh my... what would Bugsy do? What could she do except let her legs move on their own, toward the source of the curiosity, possibly toward the source of affectionate eyes glancing at her. She took a step towards him and hoped he would notice. Another step. She readied herself with each new step. “Please don’t trip,” she pleaded. “Not again...”
  8. pidgeLast Friday at 11:30 PM
  9. Yeru watched with a grin as the girl sheepishly made her way closer to him. A bug girl, huh? Not bad...He tapped his fingers on the couch some more and tapped his foot, as if trying to get the girl to notice that he didn't like waiting. When she got a bit closer he finally opened his mouth, his low and rough voice seeming to break through the noise towards the girl. "So, wings huh? Can you fly?" He asked, not caring about the answer, though it was always nice to find out things that he could control. "You seem kinda lost...If you can fly, why not fly away with me for the night? I think I could show you a good enough time..." He said. He liked to get straight to the point, and he figured if the girl was alone, he could get her out of there easily. He just had to wait for her answer.
  11. BugsyLast Saturday at 1:45 PM
  12. “H-hi!” was all she was able to eek out before tripping over herself. Luckily, she was no stranger to falling. Before smashing her face on the ground, she spread her wings and hovered. She was proud of her grace. Proud her reflexes. Proud of... the... hot guy in front of her who was now angry... and the drink. The drink in his hand was now empty. Her wing hit something on her way up. His shirt was wet. Oh no. “O-o-oh my goodness!” she squeaked. “I’m so s-sorry! I’ll get you another drink and then I can leave you alone...”
  14. pidgeLast Saturday at 2:02 PM
  15. Yeru blinked as he was splashed with the bourbon. Great, was she always this clumsy? He reached up with his white shirt to wipe some of it off his face, the tight cloth raising to reveal his rather chiseled abs. He tried to hold it together, only to find himself standing up, towering over the bug girl, and taking a deep breath. "It's fine..." He said through gritted teeth, not wanting to raise his voice, though he did still grab ahold of the bugs arm, dragging her away from the crowd of people. "You're fixing this." He whispered as he glared at her, dragging her to the apartments laundry room which had absolutely no people in it.
  17. BugsyLast Saturday at 8:13 PM
  18. Bugsy didn’t know what to do. Everything went through her head - why was this sexy guy so forceful? But there lied an empty room. A room that could help make up for her blunder in multiple ways. “No, don’t think like that, he’s too mad at me anything like that, right?” she thought. Amidst her thoughts she realized she was standing in silence, unmoving. It was time to fix this problem. The object of her curiosity and her affection was now someone in need of help, and she wasn’t about to let the opportunity slip by. “S-so,” she started, regaining some of her composure and confidence. She pointed at his top. “I guess we will have to... take that off in order to wash it, huh?”
  20. pidgeLast Saturday at 8:43 PM
  21. Yeru Grumbled, but saw how the girl was eyeing him. However too angry to smirk, his frown had almost disappeared as he took off his shirt, revealing his chiseled abs, there being a 6 pack of them, as well as his rippling pectorals. The only hair on his body was on his happy trail which would seem to be guiding the girls eyes down. His pants sagged a bit on his waist, showing off the V shape that led to what the bug probably wanted. If she was staring, he wasn't paying attention as he threw his shirt at her and sat on the dryer, his legs spread as he leaned over on them. "Wash it." He said sternly. "Make sure it doesn't have any stains afterwards, little beetle." He finally, broke out in a small smirk as he rested his head on his hand, his arm flexing from the position he was in to show off his rough cut arm. "If you do a good job, I'll reward you." He said, watching her intently.
  23. BugsyToday at 10:32 AM
  24. “Of c-course!” Bugsy was still stuttering, but she realized that her shyness was turning into horniness and she tried to keep it in for the time being. This was something she had to do to make up for her mistake, and she couldn’t think of enjoying herself just yet. Bugsy grabbed the shirt that the Adonis figure in front of her had just thrown at her face. But as she pulled it down, her face couldn’t conceal her bed eyes lusting in his direction. Oh, those abs. That body. She couldn’t contain herself. “What a nice...” Bugsy paused, “...shirt! That I got dirty! I’m so sorry!” She quickly loaded the washing machine next to her and started the cycle. “Luckily the stains should come out since we rushed to wash it. Now all we have to do is wait.” Bugsy inched forward, trying to gauge the hottie’s reaction.
  26. pidgeToday at 10:45 AM
  27. Yeru blinked at her reaction. "Yea...nice shirt...nice $5 shirt" he snickered as he watched her inch closer to her before leaning back on top of the dryer. His abs flexed and creased, and his pants fell in a way that his bulge was visible, especially in the awkwardly lit laundry room. "I haven't completely forgiven you yet, you clumsy bug. But I'm sure you can make it up to me somehow..." He said, reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone. The action pushed his pants down just enough that his happy trail showed connecting to his slight bush. It was trimmed of course, but the hair was still there. Black as could be. He didn't take much notice to showing more skin, he just checked his phone for a sec, not paying any attention to the ladybug girl. If she was going to "help" him, she was going to have to make a move. This was something that he made sure of.
  29. BugsyToday at 11:02 AM
  30. Bugsy couldn’t help but stare now. She had to give in. The shirt would take time, and here was this... work of art in front of her. She needed this. She needed to help more. “Hey,” she moved closer. “Are you sure nothing spilled on these, too?” Bugsy grabbed the sides of the hunk’s pants, started to get down on her knees, and looked at him for approval.
  32. pidgeToday at 11:06 AM
  33. Yeru let out a small sigh and set down his phone before looking at the girl between his legs. "Well, maybe something did...but I don't have anything underneath~" he said with a wink. He let the girl slide down his pants, and with a loud schlop! His cock came out into full view, veiny and curved sitting at about 5 and a half inches while it was soft. "Oh and I might of forgot to wash today...maybe you could help clean me up down there too?" He chuckled, leaning forward to pat the girl on the head.
  35. BugsyToday at 11:16 AM
  36. “Wow... that’s a lot to clean... I’d better get started right away if I want it to be done by the time the shirt is ready.” Bugsy inched forward, gently stroking the beast in front of her, reveling in her headpats. She noticed it start to grow. And grow. And grow. And rise, pointing directly at her mouth. It was time to really let the fun begin. She needed it in her mouth. She was so ready. She moved forward and began to wrap her delicate lips around the rod in front of her. She caressed it with her tongue. She couldn’t contain her excitement and let out a little moan. She looked up to him for approval, hoping to see some sense that she was helping.
  38. pidgeToday at 11:22 AM
  39. His length eventually grew to its full ten inches, something he was quite proud of. The veins on his cock pulsed and his shaft throbbed with each touch. When her lips touched him he let out a soft grunt, but immediately went back to his phone. He used his free hand to guide her farther down on him and peeked every now and then to watch her. He was secretly loving it, but he was the type to not show his satisfaction, though a small blush did appear on his cheeks when her tongue ran across the head of his cock.
  41. BugsyToday at 11:28 AM
  42. She noticed he was still on his phone. Fine. If he wasn’t going to give her the signs, then this sweet sausage in her mouth would instead. It was time to slide deeper into pleasure. The top of her throat began to touch the tip, but she struggled to get the huge member further. She needed him to help her help him, so she started to stroke his thighs, hoping he’d notice.
  44. pidgeToday at 11:35 AM
  45. He grunted again, a bit louder this time, as he felt the head of him hit the back of her throat. This was fine though. If she wanted to try, then maybe he would just help her out. He chuckled lightly as he put pressure on the back of her head, shoving his cock up into her for about 7 inches. Then, with a light thrust and a small moan from him, he pushed the last 3 in and held her head to his base, making sure her lips were in his bush. He smelled musky at his base, the scent would fill the girls nose like a harsh perfume only more manly. He snickered a bit and set his phone down. " really took it all. What a good girl" He said, though he for sure wasn't releasing her for a breath anytime soon.
  47. BugsyToday at 11:45 AM
  48. She was lost in a trance. She’s never deepthroated something so massive before without warning. But this was pure bliss. She was being used. She was fulfilling her purpose. She noticed the pleasure coming from his face as she pushed her nose deeper into his crotch. She was being pushed, so she wanted to go harder instead of pushing back. Time to really move around in there.
  50. pidgeToday at 11:52 AM
  51. He groaned and watched her. He frowned a bit as she stared up again, not liking the reaction she was giving. He wanted a struggle. He wanted her to fight back. But there were just some things about her he didn't understand. He reached up and grabbed ahold of her antanna, yanking her up and popping his cock out of her mouth. He was soaked now, and pre was gushing out of his tip mixing with her saliva. "Alright then, bug. Let's do something a little more extreme." He said with a snarl. "Strip." He released her from his grip and folded his arms, his cock throbbing against his abs as he watched her. He secretly was wanting to see her body, but he wasn't going to admit that.
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